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Funeral providers must give price information

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Planning a funeral can be challenging, but accurate information can help you sort through your options. Under the FTC’s Funeral Rule, providers have to give you information about the funeral goods and services they offer. But, according to the FTC, the Bradford-Connelly & Glickler Funeral Home didn’t give shoppers that timely information. The business has agreed to pay a $6,500 civil penalty to settle charges that it violated the Funeral Rule.

The Funeral Rule makes it easier for you to compare prices and make decisions about arrangements. Under the Rule, you’re entitled to get information in person or by phone, when you ask a provider for it. You also have rights to:

  • get an itemized price list before you talk about funeral arrangements
  • see price lists for caskets and outer burial containers before you discuss or view those items
  • buy goods (such as a casket) and services (like a memorial service) separately
  • buy only the items you want and need, instead of a “package”

Read more about shopping for funerals. If you think a funeral provider broke some part of the Funeral Rule, file a complaint with the FTC.

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Thank you FTC, it's why I am hoping to go via a Sink Hole in a few years... /s

Thanks for the information concerning the Funeral Rule. It's a good thing that there's a law that allows people to compare prices to make funeral arrangements easier. I agree, planning a funeral is a challenging task for anyone, especially for someone who had a loved one pass away. It's important for the funeral process to be made easier for people to make their passing easier to handle.

Thanks for the information about pricing from funeral homes. I'm helping a neighbor plan a funeral, and she doesn't have too much to spend on it. We'll be sure to ask the funeral provider for an "itemized price list before we talk about funeral arrangements", like you said.

You know, I did not know that funeral providers must give price information out. It is a good thing though, because the last thing someone wants to deal with after the death of a loved one is hidden fees. I know for a matter of fact that is something that I would not want to deal with at all. Really good thing that funeral homes are required to give out this information.

My wife and I are getting ready to plan my grandmother's funeral, who unfortunately isn't going to live much longer. I'm glad that I read this article, because I was a little bit unsure about how to compare and know reasonable prices. It sounds like there are certain types of information that must be shared by law, so I should be okay. Thanks for informing me.

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