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Is that gadget internet-connected?

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When we think of being connected to the internet, mobile phones, tablets and computers pop to mind. But lots of things are connected these days. Refrigerators, fitness wrist bands, smoke detectors and even light bulbs could have digital sensors that transmit information about you to other objects, databases or people over the internet.

The FTC calls this interconnected environment the Internet of Things. And today, the Commission issued a staff report summarizing important points raised during a workshop we hosted on the Internet of Things. Panelists at the workshop explored the many benefits and risks of the new technologies associated with things connected to the internet – including privacy and security issues that may affect people’s lives.

So what does the Internet of Things mean for you and me? We may want to ask some questions about devices, products or gadgets before we buy:

  • Does it connect to the internet or other devices?
  • What kind of information will it collect or transmit about me?
  • Who will get that information?
  • How will my personal information be used, stored and protected?

Want to learn more about how your personal information is shared and used every day? Watch this short video.

Sharing Information: A Day in Your Life


Most people don't seem to be aware just how much information they're putting out on the internet. And, even though I am aware - I don't know how to stop it from happening. I've been clearing cookies, use a search engine that doesn't store data, take advantage of privacy settings - and yet - I'm clobbered with adds that are obviously linked to any recent sites I've visited. Does anyone know how to control this without just totally not using the internet? It's obnoxious.

8:30 A.M. EST Jan. 12, 2017 I know that your post is nearly a year old but, I hope by now you have installed an ad blocker extension for your browser.

The internet age has provided much in the way of convenience but only at a high price to its users...the exchange of privacy for convenience. It may be a trade-off we will come to regret.

Gadgest it's ou future!

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