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Get ready for National Consumer Protection Week!

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It’s about that time again. Are you ready?

Every year, National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) encourages people and businesses to learn more about avoiding scams and understanding consumer rights. This year, NCPW takes place March 1-7, 2015. NCPW highlights free resources from government agencies and consumer organizations to help people make smarter buying decisions and spot rip-offs.

What can you do besides checking out the materials for yourself? Share the NCPW partners’ free consumer publications with friends and family, co-workers and other people in your community. By sharing information about how to avoid frauds and scams, identity theft, staying safe online, using credit wisely, managing debt, and other topics, you can help protect those you care about. Order free materials from the FTC for you, family and friends.

But there’s more that you can do to join us in National Consumer Protection Week: host an event — through a club, a place of worship, your office, or anywhere you feel like gathering people to talk about consumer protection issues. You can host a consumer protection event any time of the year, and we have resources with ideas on how do that. If you’re joining an event during the March 1-7 week, please order your FTC materials by January 30, 2015. That will give us time to deliver the materials to you.  

Meanwhile, please be sure to visit the NCPW’s free resources page to find out about consumer education materials available from NCPW partners.

Here’s to making your NCPW 2015 event a success!


This is very interesting, even though I never got help. I have ongoing seizures, get so tired, but never want to give up. The ones that scammed me was Support@TechLiveSupport I didn't know it cost anything. What kind of professional company would call you and say "____Off"? Underneath them were Avangate and Drivers Support. I saw a ad with Microsoft's name with it. (But Microsoft said it was a scam). I called them up in November, said I hadn't heard from them, until the "---Off" call. Microsoft said get on your charge card and put a block on it. He said do it now. I hung up called my bank to put a block on it, they had already taken the money out. Now what isn't fair about this, Diane, head of the charge card said she would not touch my money until both people were satisfied. She didn't. I was over drawn $352.00, and I tried to call her but she would not return my calls. How could she do this when it happened in June 24th, now it was November? She was a liar. We got our charge card number changed, and she asked us what it was. I kept falling asleep on the phone and the drivers were not fixed properly. We are raising our grand-daughter since she was 7. Really all her life. She is blind in her left eye. She has no thyroid, and has DuWayne's Syndrome. We live week to week. My husband has worked with polio. He has had it since age 4. Did he try for disability? No. He instead worked two jobs most of his life. We have never been on a vacation. I owe around $28,000.00 on my house. We have had nothing gave to us. My husband put me in a above swimming pool in 1998, the same year Jenna was born. I found out the year I had obstructive sleep apnea, so I could not be on a raft without someone watching me. Then I kept jumping... Went to a doctor, and I had non-stop seizures. Again I couldn't swim alone. I gave up. I had stomach surgeries for bleeding ulcers. My life has been a nightmare. I have never hurt a fly, and I got scammed and there is nothing I can do about it. I have never smoked and drank very little. And I have hated myself over this incident since it has happened. You can ask anyone on Facebook, I don't judge, unless they have it coming. Thank You.

I am going to suggest an event to our local Legion. I just know everyone will be interested in this. Thanks. Its good to think there is something you can do.

Everyone needs to know about all the computer scams and how spam...etc..causes problems. The trouble you can get into with your laptop and how they get in to computer. This happened to me and I still don't know what I did to cause the problem. You can't spend too much time on this. because it is new to most people.

You can't spend too time discussing computer problems. spam and viruses are out of control. The public needs all the info you can give them. I got into trouble and I still don't know what I did to cause my pc to be taken over by illegal people. This is a new problem. We need help.

Is there a site where someone can locate NCPW 2015 events/programs in a particular city or state?

i bought a new doublewide home and was cheated and the worst case of Fraud, Misrepresentation and Predatory lending Practices I have ever heard of bot I now can not afford an attorney and every agency just says good luck and refers me to another agengy. Where can a victim rurn to get help? This is so frustrating. I am a disabled senior citizen and need help or we will soon lose our mobile home too. I will talk with anybody and drive anywhere in Georgia just to have my story heard. I hate to think of all of the other people that are being victimized like this and no place to turn for help. Please contact me.We really need help badly.?

You can find information for consumers from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on mortgages here. If you have a complaint against a specific mortgage company, you can file a complaint with the FTC here and tell us your experience. Complaints go into a database that is accessed by hundreds of law enforcement agencies. If they are investigating, the company you are complaining about, your complaint may be helpful.

My wife and i are the victims of the worst case of consumer Fraud, misrepresentation and predatory lending practices that I have ever heard of. We can no longer afford an attorney and every agency we contact just refers us to another agency. I am a disabled senior citizen and do not know where to turn. Please Help us.

I need help with a mortgage servicer. Last year Everhome mortgage was bought out by Green Tree Servicing. I was working on Loan modification with Everhome due to layoffs and unable to work due to health issues.
1. I sent a letter asking for a detailed statement of balance.
Response: was a letter with a extremely higher amount no detail information where they came up with that amount.
2. They called my house then cell several time and my ex husband. I sent a letter to only contact me by email or letter.
Response: they still call
3. I sent a letter with every payment check to request a statement and to contact me by email or letter.
Response: they now send nothing address to me everything is addressed to my exhusband.
I've been divorced for seven years.
Honestly I see several violations here.
I need someone to help me now.

If you'd like to file a complaint with the FTC you can do it at Also, there's a lot of mortgage information that can help you at

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