Happy Data Privacy Day!

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Sorry, folks, I don’t have any cake to share for this celebration, but don’t let that stop you from participating in Data Privacy Day. There are practical things you can do today, and every day, to protect your personal information. Here are a few scenarios where people may share more information than they intend.

Scenario 1: At the coffee shop, you decide to use an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot to check your bank balance with an app.

Yikes, I wouldn’t do that! If you send information through sites or apps while connected to an unencrypted Wi-Fi hotspot, someone else on the network might be able to see it. Other things not to do on public Wi-Fi, besides banking? Don’t shop with a credit card, or send other personal information. Just don’t. Instead, use a secure wireless network protected by WPA2 security or your phone’s data network. Can’t tell if a Wi-Fi network is secure? Then assume it’s not.


Scenario 2: You look at your phone’s privacy settings and see that your location is turned on for most of your apps.

It’s a good idea to check the privacy settings on your devices and apps. Do you want your location turned on for all of your apps? Maybe so — but maybe not. And if you don’t want to broadcast where you took every selfie, consider disabling the location on your smartphone’s camera. Learn more about your privacy on mobile apps.

Scenario 3: You make up a long and strong password. You use it on all of your accounts because it’s so much easier that way.

Hackers have a tougher time cracking long password with a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. But don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. If it gets stolen — either from you or one of the sites where you use it — someone could use that password to take over all those accounts. And who wants that? Learn more about making strong passwords

See, a little practical advice is way better than cake. And fewer calories, too. Happy Data Privacy Day!


On this FTC-named "DATA PRIVACY DAY", I ask a most
important, impertinent and on spot question for
the appropriate FTC departmental/division decision-maker.

Truth be told, millions of Americans remain subjected to daily privacy recklessness, injury
and physical & emotional stress in the aftermath
of HOME DEPOT's corporate incompetence and
malfeasance which triggered the largest retail
security breach of all/varied customers' credit
card types and personal profiles.

Exactly, please specify, what IS the FTC's status, disposition regarding HOME DEPOT Inc.?
The American people ARE reading and watching.

There is little to be "happy" about on this FTC-designated 'DATA PRIVACY DAY'.

I, for one, and certainly millions of other American consumer-citizens desperately need to know. To date, it has been impossible to get a reply/response from the FTC website and contact sources. IS HOME DEPOT CURRENTLY BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE FTC AND/OR AN ACTION ON FILE
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Experian is still sending credit reports all over and have again assigned my name 4 X-tra "coded" numbers they say are mine and I have nothing to do with there adding another report to my name with other person's Driver's license number on the on the bottom of their reports. Now, ch. 7 bankruptcy cleared it up for maybe 6 months, Experian repeat these acts for now 20 some years...The Identity theft, de-frauding and embezzling is only a little of the problem here. Globally Expreian has spread my name, falsified on there teports informations tjat os mpt trie. statements,and other falsified jobs, when is someone going to put a stop to all the fraud, identity theft, and thebusiness sites, they are all fake and sucking up monies (embezzling) monies on my name). My name is only a million sites all over since Experian has somehow assigned this other person-my good name, credit , family, ect.
the real ms. wright here has been ruined financially due to their dishoesty and lying to me and stealing my credit reports going back to the 1990;s.
Now, Obviously, O meed agood attorney ! is there one out there?
I don't see anything private about my life since it is used and aubused by our nations credit data companies who should not be in business.

How do I get my daughter's phone number off the Do Not Call list. I can not receive any phone call from her. Please advise.

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