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Kids’ game claims to boost brain power, draws FTC’s attention

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Imagine if you could permanently improve your child’s attention, memory, school performance, and behavior. Well, that’s just what Focus Education claimed its Jungle Rangers computer game could do - with as little as 12 hours of play. 

As they say in infomercial-land, “But wait, there’s more.” Focus Education said they had a pilot study to prove their claims. But the FTC is calling foul. It says the study doesn’t support the company’s promises. Focus Education has agreed to settle the FTC’s charges. Under the settlement, the company can’t claim their product improves children’s focus, memory, attention, behavior, and/or school performance unless they have scientific evidence to prove it.

You can be skeptical of any product that says it can improve your child’s memory or brain power quickly and easily:

  • Does it claim dramatic results for a variety of problems? Products that claim to quickly and permanently turn around a poor memory or improve bad grades can’t deliver.
  • Does the ad rely on testimonials? Testimonials aren’t the same as scientific evidence. If a company claims it has scientific proof that its product can improve your child’s memory, check it out with your child’s doctor or another health professional.
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Excellent advice, FTC. Now please put a stop to the largest pyramid scheme in existence- Herbalife where thousands are exploited daily.

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We do post these blogs on the FTC's Facebook page at but we don't have sharing on the site right now.

I need to get google this stupid fcs is in my way

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