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Shutting down an income scam

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We began 2014 by announcing that a court ordered Oro Marketing to temporarily shut down operations for bogus business practices. This phone fraud targeted Spanish-speaking Latinos, promising them packages of high-end goods that they could – supposedly – re-sell to make extra money. The company charged between $400 and $490 for the packages, but only delivered low-quality, off-brand products that were impossible to sell. According to the FTC, no one made any money – except the defendants, who misled people to steal their money.

Now, at the start of 2015, we are announcing that the FTC reached a settlement with Oro Marketing that bans company and its mastermind from doing business in the telemarketing industry.

The Oro Marketing lawsuit is the basis for the FTC’s fotonovela, a Spanish-language graphic novel called Estafa de Ingresos, or income scams. Our heroine, Fátima, gets targeted by a Spanish-speaking scammer who promises high-end products at low prices, and tells her it’s a great way to make extra money. But, when the products arrive, she can’t inspect them – and cash or money order payment is required right away. Readers learn with Fátima how to spot the signs of an income scam.

Estafa de Ingresos is part of the FTC’s fotonovela series, a campaign to help Spanish speakers avoid frauds targeting their community. We also want to tell people how to file a consumer complaint with the FTC, which helps investigators catch and stop the bad guys. To order free copies of Estafa de Ingresos, visit Estafa de Ingresos is available only in Spanish. You can find information in English on avoiding work-at-home scams and business opportunities scams at

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Why isn't the FTC stopping the largest income scam in history- Herbalife???

Herbalife isnt a scam at all. It is a multi level marketing organization same as Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, Scentsy, Pampered Chef,. All require capital to start, with no guarantees of anything except if you do work you will get compensated. That is all, a lot of people fail or hire people who dont understand that so they feel mislead, that isnt the company, just poor distributors not knowing what they are doing and inviting people without fully explaining the business structure causing people to feel mislead.

I am reporting the following email address which is, I believe, a scamming business, and thousands, if not millions of online business opportunity seekers could be victimized:          Its authors are highly sophisticated technicians and capable of stealing financial records and funds of victims. I think said scammers should be investigated as soon as possible. I almost fell victim to this scheme. Luckily I thought of researching the matter and I found something about the operators in the website below:

I request that government authorities should look into its apparent scam operators.

If you want to file a complaint with the FTC, go to You can provide details that will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

This is the blog. The comments you post here do not go into the database that law enforcement uses.

Thank you FTC..!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 1:15pm I received a phone call from 630.752.9984. This was an a voice recording that informed the caller they were being sued by the IRS. They recording offered a phone number of 202.239.1851 to call and follow up with the IRS. The telephone number rings a couple times and discounts. Working with IRS in the past, I know mail is the preferred method of communication.

I love getting the e-mails from the FTC about all the different types of scams people should be aware of. Keep the information coming please. I always learn something new. Thanks.

Can you help me is about scam people from new York make me spend $488,000 us dollars regarding enherited fund is being almost two years and they never give me the fund

If you think you've been scammed or you know about a fraudulent scheme, you can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at It's important to submit a complaint because investigators from all over the country access the FTC's complaint database and the information you provide could help if there's an investigation. Watch this video to learn more about how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

Way to Go FTC!!! :-)

You have saved a lot of seniors and elderly a lot of heartache with the info you have shared please continue to do what you do best which is to protect us Elad

This could read like an Herbalife story. It's one of the biggest income scams in history...please shut it down before more are harmed!

I just filed a complaint for the 2nd time against MJMinistries. They use several phone numbers and they have been calling me since 2013. I have logged the calls. I asked them several times to stop calling me and that I was not interested in their ministries. They have a recording telling you that that had a word for you from the lord and that they give about a 15minutes talk on what the lord said to them but tell you about donating so much money to hear what the lord has to say. On the end of the recording, a woman or man comes on the phone to take your information and to give you the PO box to send the money. They do not give their name just a PO box in NY, NY. They called me Christmas day, New Year eve, New Year day and Sunday morning, Sunday evening the call never stops. This is my 2nd complaint and they both contained the phone numbers. I asked about this ministry on FB and told me to goggle him. And he is all over the place. Can someone stop him?

We appreciate you taking the time to comment on this blog post, but your comment is not a formal complaint. You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam to the FTC and why it matters.

how about multi million company?
phone 876-880-0453

I just receive a threatening phone call from (804) 916-8700, but want to me to return the the call at (804)993-1011 about tax fraud. Now, I don't owed the government tax. The person sounded like from India.

there is a man out there who prays on single sites. He connects with women and I was one of them and tells them they are the only ones he has spoken to and after a continuous conversation over weeks tells you he is a road engineer.
His name is David Brooke . If you look up David Brooke on Google you'll find his name linked with so many people with the exact same story. His wife died of cancer, he has a small daughter that lives in France with his mother. He is on a job in Malaysia and his credit card and bank have frozen his account. So you must send him money right away or he will be in trouble. And he loves you to death and blah blah blah.. He gives you the name of the person to send it to and an address at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.once again his name is. DAVID BROOKE and that is the name he goes by at least and the number he calls from are Verizon. have two phone numbers, two Yahoo addresses

If you have a complaint against a specific person or company, you can file a complaint with the FTC here and tell us your experience. Complaints go into a database that is accessed by hundreds of law enforcement agencies. If they are investigating, the company you are complaining about, your complaint may be helpful.

Susie's story is EXACTLY 100% the acme as my story with this so called David Brooke;everything! This man is an expert is lying, conning, saying just the right thing to make you belive him. He got me. ..and all the money I had in the world x over 100k. This man is evil!

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You can also report to your state Attorney General and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

If you sent money by wire transfer, contact the wire transfer company. It might collect the name and other information you can give about the scammer.

the caller said he was with the Federal grants administration , AND I fell for a scam ,telling me I have a federal grant money ,all I had to do is send $102.00,and then they said there was a tax lean on the money ,,and needed to pay it to get my money $195.00 ,then I got another call I had to pay 495.00 for money they were going to give me and gave it to someone else ,and I need to pay the bank $9050.00 to get my money ,I fell for it ,but I did not send the $9050.00 that was it ,and they refuse to refund my$800.00 I had all ready sent them .1 David,#951256 then Marshall in Virginia ,then Gary $495 in Chattanooga Tn.and said James Foster was the manager I was taken ,but never again there phone # is 1-315-210-8569 said this was my case # 9658727742 .

Hi Sherry, Do you or did you happen to ever have a PayDay Loan in your name? Often times (from what I have seen and experienced) if in default these harassers will call non-stop and trick you into paying/sending funds for which they apply to the oustanding (outrageous) interest then principal balance. A $300 PayDay Loan that goes unpaid into default can quickly add up to over $1,200 based on accumlating interest. Now I'm not saying that this was the case for you but based on the information you provided I have had this similar situation cross my path before.
Remember, do NOT EVER give out ANY personal information if someone calls YOU. If you initiate the phone call (to IRS, your bank, credit card, etc) then as long as you call the right number you will be fine. Otherwise tell the caller you are not comfortable in giivng out your personal infrormation and ask for a phone number to call the company back at and also ask to speak to a supervisor to verify their information. If it is a LEGIT company they would have NO problem giving you their details. Once you hang up (without giving any information) research the data provided to ensure that they are who they say they are.
Remember legit companies do not call you and often MAIL any correspondence as a first step in reaching you (including the IRS).
Sorry you were scammed but live and learn and now you know and can help inform others. Sometimes I laugh reading posts where people were scammed saying how blind can you be except when it happened to me I was pretty nervous and scared. No one likes the feeling of someone threatening jail or legal action. Or showing up at an employer. And some spammers are starting to get pretty good at their made up stories. Always er on the side of caution and don't be afraid to be polite but firm and feel free to hang up or just put the phone down so they waste their time and money (I used to answer and blast the radio in the phone until they would hang up). Good luck in the future.

Oh, the one I hate the most is when you answer the phone and these cruise scammers have a LOUD ship horn right into your ear! All scammers- I hope karma catches up to you quickly

Same problem as many others. Receiving calls from the IRS threatening jail time. The calls come at all hours from Wash.DC area code 202-506-9803 and I am ordered to call 202-864-1332 to avoid going to jail. The voice calling usually has an India accent..NO ONE in our US Government pays any attention to stopping these calls.

I was contacted by two scam artists. 1) Scammer calls about a grant in the amounts of $7K to $8K. They are saying it if from the government. You need not send and money to get it. But... they want you to do a transaction at Walmart to set up an account, and they are foreign speaking. 2) This scammer is saying I own money to a bank I have never banked with who is collecting for a mortgage company I have not had business with in over 4 years.

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