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Today’s news, tomorrow’s scam

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When the headlines change, scammers follow: Natural disaster? Charity scams will follow. Medicare open season? Health care scams will follow. So we know from experience that, when immigration is in the headlines, scams will follow.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re in the immigration process – or would like to be – regardless of what’s in the news:

  • There are people who can help you. Look for help that is authorized by the U.S. government. You’ll want an immigration lawyer or an “accredited representative” – which is someone with experience who is authorized by the U.S. government to help you.
  • There are people who will not help you. These people might use the title “notario” or immigration consultant. They sometimes guarantee you legal status, or a higher place in line to get legal status – for a fee, of course. They are after your money, so don’t believe their promises. Only accredited representatives and immigration lawyers can help you.
  • Before you pay for anything, stop and check it out. Never pay for immigration forms – the government provides them for free. Never pay for the promise of legal status. No one can guarantee you legal status.

The scammers who target people in the immigration process count on the headlines to get your attention – but they also count on the confusion that changes bring. Whatever changes might come, and whatever offers you might see, stick to these tips. And you’ll find more ideas here on how to avoid other tricks that scammers use.

If you know someone who’s run across a scam: tell us. You can give us as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with. We would like the chance to stop the scammers, and your report could make the difference.

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So many times,they knew about your immigration situation they used it against you,because the undocumented do not have legal right as any lawful resident to bring them to justice.

Great tips, FTC. I know of a big scam. It's called Herbalife and it targets the latino community. It is fraud. Please put a stop to Herbalife.

Very good and I must point out there are a small percentage of lawyers that are certified in that field.

I really enjoy the e-mails I get from the FCC on all the scams out there. They are informative! Thanks so much. Keep them coming! :)

I meant to say the FTC, sorry for the typo.:)

I received an email, that purported to be a job listing.
It had the domain
I went to the purported website first which only had a login page that said to "Just click Login"
This appears to be fraudulent and possibly of a nefarious nature.

I recently had someone contact me saying I had applied for money from the Government that I would receive after they ask what I needed it for and I told him personal. Their accent sounded like someone from India. I could not imagine America using someone from there. I told him I had no credit card to use for the $3.50 that he wanted. I ask him for a phone # that I could call him on . I kelp the numbers but he never called back . I have lost the paper with the numbers on it. I don't know if it is spam or true.

How can I feel safe about not getting my identify use fraudulently what precautions do I need to make sure I'm secure on tax scammer using Internet info to get a return 2015

I received a call on y answering machine that said he was from the Federal Consumer Agency and I had won a prize, so I thought I would check with you as I thought you wouldn't be giving prizes. There is a group that is trying to scam me. I called my Attorney General & was told to call the Federal gov. I learned their phone # is Jamaican. They have changed phone #s many times, Now I've also gotten an e-ml. so I'm sure it is the same people. How do we catch them?

Received a call today from a man with heavy Asian accent, said I was entitled to a $6,000 grant that did not need to be paid back. It was listed as an "unknown" on my cell phone. That number is on the government "Do Not Call" list. When I asked him about it he said it was a government number and wouldn't come. He verified my city and when he got to the zip I told him I had no way of verifying his identity. I finally made up an excuse and ended the call.

Yes, the best thing to do is hang up the phone. Also, you can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at The details you provide could be important if there's an investigation.

I went to the Navy Federal Credit Union Tax Site for low income people. They told me to never carry my SSN with me. My Medicare instructions for 2015 inform me to always carry my Medicare Card in case of emergency. This card had my SSN on it. Everyone knows this. Wallets and purses are stolen all the time. When is the all powerful US Govt, who issues laws and rules for everything under the sun, get the simple nerve to decide one way or another; carry the number or not? They invade countries, have a tax code that runs thousands of pages, and so forth without end; yet they can't get a SSN off a Medicare card without paralysis of the worst sort. Or is this another example of neither party voting with the other, or maybe it's Pres. Obama's fault. Everything else is I'm told. If the FTC is the nation's protection agency, I suggest you take a big leap and make a decision. No Guts, No Glory. Find some executive ready to retire and make a decision. Do Your job.

I'm sure my previous rational and important need for a decision on SSN's on Medicare cards will be filed way in the back, never to be seen again.
Not one person of thousands of Government employees paid to make decisions, dares to make a decision. Cowardly and pathetic. just one more small example why the American people has no respect for their government. You people even send us to war and get thousands of people killed, without having the guts to take a simple yes or no vote. Someone MIGHT get blamed. Oh the horror.

My son recently got a multipage letter claiming that the Selective Service System website was attacked. And that 359 Social Security Numbers were possibly compromised. They said to contact the FTC website for more information. Is the letter accurate/legitimate? I see nothing on FTC site or the SSS site about this breach. Nor did I see anything in the news.

This scam caller with the strange bad number 458-206-7324 just called me this evening while my parents and I weren't even home! What's up with that and what's the big idea for them to make such a robo-call and will never accept incoming calls at anytime? Why is this scam caller making such random phone calls? Why is this scam caller using a robodialer in order to get after anyone they don't know and will never leave them alone?

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