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Anthem Hack Attack, Part 2: Phishing Scams

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Last week I told you about health insurer Anthem’s data breach affecting more than 80 million customers. This week, I’m telling you about scam artists who are sending phony “Anthem” emails that pretend to help customers, but actually phish for their personal information.

The phony email is designed to look as if it comes from Anthem and asks customers to click on a link for free credit monitoring or “credit card account protection.” Don’t let that fool you. Anthem says it will contact current and former customers by postal mail with specific information on how to enroll in credit monitoring. Anthem also says it’s not calling customers about the data breach or asking for credit card information or Social Security numbers over the phone.

So, if you get an email that says it’s from Anthem offering you services in response to the data breach, don’t reply, click on any links, or open any attachments. Instead, forward it to the Federal Trade Commission at, and delete the message from your inbox. To learn more, read our article on how to deal with phishing scams.


Received call from 866-670-1467 and they left a message saying they were from Anthem and to call them back to discuss preventative care options I might have available to me. I called the member number on the back of my Anthem card to see if this was a light call and the representative told me that NO ONE from Anthem had called me. They don't generally call members, especially about updates to benefits - they would either email or send a letter in the mail. THIS IS A SCAM/PHISHING CALL! DO NOT CALL THEM BACK!

I received a letter in the mail from what looks like Anthem but I do not trust it. The letter suggests my minor son needs credit protection related to the previous Anthem hack and the letter asks for copy of his birth certificate, SSN card, utility bills, my DL copy etc... They are basically asking me for everything a scam artist needs to make theft easy. Some people in this world really suck.

We received a letter about credit protection, wants Birth cirt. SS#, state ID, light bill cell, pay stub bank statement.
From Anthem, wants this in sent to equifax experian and transunion.
This the info we don't want anyone to have.
this sounds like a scam

I've been searching for information about a letter we received, too. It looks like a scam...
We got initial letters from Anthem way back in '15 to sign up for credit monitoring. Yesterday, I got two more (one for each child). I'm fairly certain it's a scam. It asks for a ton of sensitive information.

I keep getting calls from all over the country. As I'm very ill, I have been blocking them. I finally answered an "unknown" caller today just to see, however a computer began to tell me to please hold - I hung up. Anthem called on a 1-866-670-1467 # to enroll me in a free preventive care program. All I was asked for was my date of birth. I have a disease with no cure, and I'm in a crazy amount of pain. Please make this stop as I also believe in death with dignity. I just want peace and happiness in my final days.

Just got a call from 866-670-1467. Looked it up, saw the last comment, and blocked immediately

Just received 2 calls from them today claiming to be Anthem and not realizing it could be a scam, I did verify my date of birth and email, but calls are now blocked after seeing it's a scam! People need to get a life! This gentleman was very nice, but almost TOO nice... what a snake in the grass!

I got a piece of postal mail about preventative care stating that I'd receive a call. I then received a call from the number in this post. They'd updated their methods of phishing...

I received 3 letters from Anthem dated February 27th 2017 offering free credit lock for my two children, only one of which was previously identified as a victim of the 2015 data breach. Further, I received TWO identical letters for one child and all three letters request birth certificates, social security numbers and a host of other information be mailed to the 3 credit agencies. I cannot tell if this is real or not, and even if it was legitimate, there is absolutely no way I would provide that information to Anthem or any other agency. There has to be a better settlement than 2 free years of credit monitoring for a minor.. It's quite likely that anyone in possession of the data stolen can/did wait 2 years before using it. Is Anthem seriously asking for people to blindly mail everything a scammer would want and more?!?

Just received a call from 289-800-0303. The caller stated he was from the Anthem Verification Dept and needed to verify information. I gave no information but did report this to the CT state Police.

This is Horrible! I don't know what to do from here!

At&t Lets The Thiefs in!


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