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Claims send bag makers to FTC’s doghouse

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Being a dog owner isn't just about walks in the park. Your furry pal needs supplies too, like nutritious food, safe squeaky toys and waste bags for cleanup. Chances are, you rely on ads and product labels when you shop, so it’s important they tell the real story. The FTC sets standards for truth in advertising, and holds companies accountable for the claims they make to ensure you get sound information.

The FTC recently sent letters warning 20 marketers of dog waste bags that their green claims about the bags may be deceptive. The companies claim the bags are biodegradable, but most pet waste goes to landfills or incinerators — places where the bags won’t degrade. Some marketers say their bags are compostable, but most municipal composting centers don't accept pet waste. And composting pet waste at home isn’t practical for most of us; it takes special procedures to insure harmful pathogens are destroyed. The FTC advised the companies to review their marketing materials and tell us what they’ll do about the claims.

You can read more about going green, and learn what biodegradable and compostable mean when they’re used in advertising.

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the ftc is alsome,keep up the good work

How do we find out which bags are good? Would you tell us?

When will you guys make it easier for me to share an alert with friends using social media? With Other government sites, it is a one step process,,, Why not with Consumer FTC?

This page lists some ways to follow the FTC and get news via social media.

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