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Does your app know where you are?

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Who knows where you are right now? The apps on your smartphone might — even if you’re not using them.

You might find this helpful — for example, a map app that tracks your location in the background may give you directions more quickly. Or a shopping app could send you a message about a sale at a store close by. Other apps might collect and share your location information with advertisers, which then send you targeted ads.

Maybe you want quicker directions, sale deals, or ads. Maybe you don’t. But this kind of tracking also increases the amount of information apps collect — and potentially share — about you.

So how do you know which apps keep tracking your location, even when you aren’t using them? Check to see what types of settings are available within your apps and on your device. If it’s not clear from the app itself, read the privacy policy or the app company’s website. Look for information on what information the app collects, when, and how they use it.

Depending on your device’s operating system, there might be system settings that can help, too. For example, Apple’s recent iOS 8 operating system lets you make decisions on an app-by-app basis. You can choose to share location information with a specific app “Never,” “Always,” or, in some cases, only “While Using the App.” Search online to find out what options your operating system offers. For more on apps, read Understanding Mobile Apps.

(The last paragraph of this post was updated on February 11, 2015.)

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Thank you for stating this and updating our cellular know-how. -signed, a loyal At&t customer.

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This is what we already know.You have to make list of fake app and disclose it on your page.That helps better.Thanks

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Thanks for the information, but i kinda agree that you can atleast list some Apps that will work out for us, i mean just like what you stated, an app that knows where you are.

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