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The FTC swats company’s claims about mosquito repellent bands

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Imagine you’re sitting on the patio sipping a cold, refreshing drink, or you’re watching your kid’s afternoon game. Then, without warning, those annoying, unwelcome guests swoop in and ruin the fun. Come on, now, I don’t mean your in-laws! I’m talking about those pesky mosquitoes, buzzing around and bugging everyone in sight. We’ve all been there, right?

Now, I bet that if there were a product that could keep those little buggers away, you’d be itchin’ to buy it. Before you make a rash decision, you should know that the FTC is swatting down a company’s claims that its mosquito repellent bands can protect you from mosquito bites. The company said its bands — sold under the names Viatek Mosquito Shield Bands, Viatek Mosquito Bands, and Viatek Bug Repellant Bands — could protect you from mosquito bites for up to 120 hours and create a vapor barrier that protects anyone within five feet. But the FTC says those claims weren’t backed up by scientific evidence and that’s a violation of the law and a previous agreement the company made with the FTC.

The law says a company’s advertising has to be truthful and can’t be deceptive. It also says that a company must have evidence to back up its claims. Sometimes it’s hard to know if a company’s telling the truth, so take some time to learn how to evaluate product claims before you buy.

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I was wondering how I can make sure a company on line that offers to find good doctors for you for a fee of course is legit? I can't seem to find anything that will help me

If you have health insurance, contact your plan and ask for the names of doctors in your area. You can also search online yourself. You don't have to pay someone to tell you the names of doctors. If you want check a doctor's record in your state, check with your state has a Board of Medical Examiners .

Did they violate EPA's pesticide laws?

You could check with the EPA about that.

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