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The FTC’s new Hall of Shame — Banned Debt Collectors

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There’s the “A List,” and then there’s the “D List.” I know which one I don’t want to be on.

Now the FTC has its own version of the “D” List — its list of banned debt collectors.

Consumer complaints to the FTC about abusive debt collectors have more than doubled over the past seven years, coming in second only to identity theft, which has held the top spot for more than 14 years.

The law is clear: debt collectors can’t use abusive, deceptive, or unfair practices. Debt collectors who cross that line will end up in trouble with the FTC. Some are fined, punished, promise to comply with the law going forward, and are monitored by the FTC to make sure they do. But the behavior of other debt collectors gone bad is so egregious that the FTC asks the courts to permanently ban them from participating in the debt collection business. You can learn about the lawsuits that resulted in the bans, including press releases and links to the legal complaints, by visiting the FTC’s list of banned debt collectors.

As this list highlights, the FTC has been cracking down on illegal debt collection practices. In 2014, the FTC:

  • filed 10 new cases against 56 new defendants;
  • resolved nine cases and secured nearly $140 million in judgments; and
  • banned 47 companies and individuals from the debt collection business.

Since January 1, 2010, the FTC has sued over 180 companies and individuals who broke the law, banning 63 from the industry, and securing more than $220 million in judgments.

It’s important to understand your rights if you’re contacted by a debt collector. And if you believe a collector has violated those rights, the FTC wants to hear about it. Your complaint gives us a lead to follow, and may stop a collector from mistreating someone else. Got a minute? Watch our short video about Dealing with Debt Collectors.

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Should have added Portfolio Recovery to those lists. They are the rudest people and with them still trying to recover a debt that is well beyond the Statute of Limitations...Really?

I agree!

Very rude......I have disputed.Need to remove me from their collection List. Thank you.

Portfolio Recovery, don't say their name to me. Paid them off. They resold my debt and I was sued for more money by someone else. My credit was destroyed. I tried to get a loan to help my dog when he got sick, I couldn't. My dog didn't make it.

Had you paid your debt, even by setting up a nominal monthly payment plan, they would not have sold your debt and your credit would not have been destroyed. Have some personal accountability.

Jerk! Good people go through hard times. One shouldn't judge. Everyone that experiences bad times in their financial life are not deadbeats who don't want to take responsibility for their debts.

You are happens all the time. Keep all your checks/m.o./whatever you paid them with - faxes, names, numbers - still fooling with one that is over 10 yrs old and I have all paperwork showing everything - just have to fax it now and then.

I did pay them. They even have documentation that i paid them. The debts on my credit reports weren't mine. Oh am I supposed to pay other people's debts too. How about educating yourself and not talking about what you don't know.

What did you come here for? Did you think it was going to be praising predatory lending and illegal collection attempts? Life happens, no one got there on purpose! Take you high horse on over the SEC..

The real question is why did you come here? All you've done is troll the comments. You should be reported and banned. You don't add anything to the conversation. You're a bully.

Dude, really? These scum debt collectors use scare tactics and illegal practices to scare people into paying them, they make these people believe that they have done something wrong, then when they get money from them they will then illegaly sell there debt to another scum collector like themselves to make money off this persons account twice only to have the new scum collector try and collect off the person a second time. Ruining the persons credit. So seriously man, its not these peoples faults. Its these low life scum bag debt collectors who dont follow the law and do things right.

Thank you!!

These people sell debts all of the time that is part of the scam and how they ruin people. You obviously wrote this to insight people. Youi have no decency or morale fiber. People are tired of companies taking advantage of them and selling debts often not correct to a predatory company for revenge. They do this everyday. WAKE UP

I realize this thread is from 2015 but I still have to say something about this jerk Buckeye. I am guessing he is one of the "business people" that purchase old debt at pennies on the dollar. I had Portfolio Recovery after me for an ATT phone bill. I had been out of country when the bill came due and although I had them on auto-pay a change in policy blocked the auto-pay. I owed $198 for 2 months worth of service. When I returned to the US I paid the bill and that was that. PFR decided that they should collect on this debt, because at one time or another ATT had posted this. I even went to ATT and asked if I owed them any funds and was told that had I owed them my cell phone service would have been cut off. I finally went to all three Credit Beuros and filed a complaint. 30-45 days later it was taken off of my credit score and almost a year later I received a letter from Portfolio Recovery that they are closing my account.

So DONT say that everyone owes money or debt that these jerks are trying to collect. They go for intimidation tactics which I am sure Buckeye you have used yourself. My Karma take care of you as you age..

Have some personal accountability and don't waste your time on forums making others' lives worse.

buckeye / who ever you know nothing wait till medical bills / lost job / etc happens to you see if you feel this way and remember were human iam anyway we make mistakes buddy

Don’t judge some people have had health problems and out of work,

Threaten to sue them under the FDCPA. You don't really need to wait for the FTC to step in. Take thorough notes, record, calls, and send certified letters. Dispute everything!!! Don't take any crap from these scummy debt collectors. If they don't take "no" for an answer, respond with a lawsuit. They will think twice next time.

I have had paid off debt, resold, AND... Been taken to court over it! It was a long time ago, 10+ yrs., but I am glad you informed us of its some fraudulent recurrent behavior. I mostly wanted to say I'm SO sorry for you & your dog. This is heartbreaking! You should inform the Humane Society, ASPCA, etc... Post it on the little bird, social media.

I've officially reported them twice to FTC.

Likewise here. Very rude. Should have added Portfolio Recovery to those lists. They are the rudest people and with them still trying to recover a debt that is well beyond the Statute of Limitations...Really?

Could not agree more!!

Portfolio Recovery is one of the worst. They have a Better Business Bureau rating of F. They buy phantom/ zombie debts for pennies on the dollar, and whatever they recover is pure profit. Most of those debts are far past the statute of limitations, and most are no longer valid. They violate the fair credit collections Practices Act again and again.

You can help law enforcement by reporting to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

"The law is clear: debt collectors can’t use abusive, deceptive, or unfair practices."
Thank you FTC,

Good article having calls from Allied interstate co? Will try to get them to send me a letter of verification

Been getting calls from allied now for about a month, maybe 5-6 calls, looking for a relative who doesn't live here anymore. They don't leave a co name, only a person's name and # to call back; and no creditor name or amount due. Called back 2-3X, you get put on hold, no one picks up, even waiting 5 minutes. Did hear that the co name is Allied though....

These companies don't seem to verify the person they are calling is the "correct person to collect their debt". I keep getting calls from debt collectors but "I am NOT the person they are looking for" maybe the same name but that's where it stops & it takes a while to get that thru to them. I even get that other persons debt collector mail & its embarrassing no wonder they can't collect monies owed they are going after the wrong person. They need to verify that the person they are reaching is the correct person & stop annoying others..

Nana41, I sympathize with you and totally agree. They do need to verify the information they are using. However, they want my social security number in order to verify that I am who I am. I will not give that to these callers, ever. They might engage in a bit of identity theft as well.

collection companies are harassing me for debts one is SCR Recovery p# 501-776-2626. Synchrony Bank. AT&T . The SCR Recovery threatened to take my Social Security or put a lien on my house so I couldn't get a Reverse Mortage to pay my debts.

Pressler&Pressler is a law firm out of NY&NJ that buys old debts and is aggressive and has no problem calling non-stop with threatening tactics. They will report you to credit bureaus but when I faced them in court? The supposed debt was so old,they missed half the required paperwork. They are awful and hide behind their law firm to commit erroneous acts of debt collecting.

I am going thru the same thing with pressler and pressler. They won't accept my offer and are nasty.

Same here they have harassed me for several years now over a check I supposedly bounced at a gas station in upstate New York. Given that I live in Virginia, have never been to New York, and only have a savings account and debit card I'm not sure how I'm supposed to have bounced a check. This "debt" is way past the statute of limitations but they just keep calling and threatening.

Please write an article about "Rachel" & her pals who constantly call from everywhere re: Credit Card Services" and wanting to lower your credit card debt. How do we get rid of them?

they call me all the time. I just hang up on them. Sick and tired of the calls.

They also call me and I have no credit card debt or unpaid loans! I just hang up but it ought to stop.

I block their number on my phone so if they call again they only get two rings and are automatically disconnected

Most debt collectors are so rude. They don't seem to understand that debt can happen to anyone at any time. The debt collectors talk down to people and threaten them.

Fantastic work by the FTC and the courts over the last few years! I have actually benefited by having most spam dry up, almost no scam and phishing, and even telephone scams and harassment calls from pretenders to be the IRS and threatening all kinds of things. KUDOS

PS - I would post more if the reCaptcha were one of th types that were easier to read; this current method keeps more real people out than robots. Please do some more research on how to accomplish a readable captcha.

Put them to shame they have done it to me when they owed me money reversed charges like I owed them when they owed me refund. AT&T Comcast, PA Gas York County Courts.

Can/t post; too many tries to get past this old fashioned and legit poster captcha; it's just unreadable and chases legit people, not bots et al. IMO this must be addressed if you really wish to receive good input.
Also, wiping out entered data because a code is wrong is amateurish and an indication this is likely one of those captcha uses that are easy to crack, which method is all over the web if you know where to look. It really has to be fixed and brought forward to current successful code.

Thank you so much for monitoring this notorious business. It has given me peace of mind to know I have somewhere to turn to.

Interestingly the IRS IS A DEBT COLLECTOR. Any fraud there?

Of course, they charge an excise tax on human beings. Not how that is supposed to work... Interesting enough that the IRS mission statement states "voluntary compliance." If you don't enter into contract with them they are just another corporation. We all did not knowing and not getting full disclosure. Our entire system is compromised and imploding on to itself. There are great people in our government who are fighting the good fight. Unfortunately the system itself was high jacked. Good luck out there people and thank you for your hard work and dedication to a better world. And to you agents of evil, we know who you are. You can't hide from people like us... you feel it don't you, like the walls are slowly closing in and you can't even see the walls. There's a word for that, I'm sure you will figure it out. Take care all!

I asked the FTC to inform me if anything is being settled with Jackson Hunter Morris&Knight a debt settlement company.They have $5700.00 of my money.I want it back.They have caused me to have a bad credit rating because they didn't give the money to Capital One

I never pay the collection company.. I pay the creditor,and send a letter to the collection agency
that the bill has been paid,time date and method.

I kept getting calls from Credit Card Services and I told the man to take me off his calling list and do not call this number again. I haven't heard from them since.

I've been getting calls from Harris and Harris, sometimes A. Harris(same company)posing as a law firm for over a year. I put the number on the Do-Not-Call registry and they continue to call. Looked them up on the internet and they are debt collectors for Chicago. Debt collectors can get around the statues of limitations by re-selling the debt and the debt continues to grow. I spent countless hours writing letters to these companies trying to fight the unfair practices, even paid about $1500 to Chase Receivables, the bill was $1600 and when I was almost thru paying them they sold the remaining $100 to another company! I even got bills for another person, doesn't matter. I could go on and on.

"Rachel" and her pals are old scammers who violate the do not call act and pretty much are just out to call people and steal info to use for identity theft. There is a robo call stopper that works with some phone services; that might be worth looking into if you want to get rid of "Rachel". My only issue with robo calls is they often call at obnoxious hours (I work nights).
Just wondering; is it legal for a debt collector to call friends/family of the person who owes? I get phone calls at obnoxious hours from people who say my sister isn't paying her bills...dude, she owes me over $4k, I don't need you waking me up at 5am to tell me she owes you money too!

Under federal law, debt collectors are not allowed to call you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m., or harass othe person who owes the debt, or anyone else they call about the debtor. Report any problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Many states have their own debt collection laws that are different from the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your Attorney General’s office can help you determine your rights under your state’s law.


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