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National Consumer Protection Week in every community

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When National Consumer Protection Week starts on Sunday, it will mark the 17th year of a growing partnership. NCPW now includes 89 federal, state and local agencies and non-profits working together to connect people with the best consumer education resources.

NCPW 2015 imageAt, you’ll find resources to help you manage your money, handle credit and debt, stay safe online, avoid identity theft, and more. Read the latest news from consumer protection experts on our blog; share videos, articles, audio tips, and blog posts; order free resources; or file a complaint when you spot a scam. You’ll also get ideas on how to get involved so you can help us spread the word about consumer protection.

Earlier this week – in keeping with NCPW’s partnership theme and the FTC’s commitment to fighting fraud in every community – we participated in a roundtable with the US Department of Justice and the US Postal Inspection Service, both NCPW partners. We were joined by legal services organizations, consumer advocacy groups, and other non-profits to discuss scams that target older adults and the Latino community. 

The message we heard? The three agencies have done a lot to protect these communities from scams, including law enforcement actions and creative consumer education – but there’s still more to be done. And, as Jonathan Olin, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the US Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Branch, said, “The Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Branch and the FTC continue to work together to stop fraud schemes that prey on all Americans. With the help of consumer groups, we hope to increase awareness so that people know how to avoid these schemes when confronted with them.”

What scams do you see in your community? And what will you be doing for National Consumer Protection Week? Please tell us in the comments, below – or join us on Twitter: follow @FTC and tweet #NCPW2015 to join the conversation on Tues., March 3, 2015 at 2:00 pm ET.

But let’s not stop with NCPW. We’re here every week of every year, working to protect you from frauds and scams. Join us. You can help: talk about the scams you see. Report them to us. And use the NCPW resources, this week and throughout the year.


Was awakened by a woman who claimed to b from Washington, DC, could not understand a word;clearly Nigerian or other country from same region? So she gets her partner in crime (sorry couldn't catch the names if illegally USA names) but then wide awake as I listened to their scheme, because after getting a few; they're more & more convincing; this call was intended to getting as much info to steal my computer info. Luckily I told him "hey slow down, if I do have this virus he knew sooo much about, I'd send my newly bought LTOP back. He then replied no, all I need is $144.99 & he'd fix it right up! So GOD was watching over me! Thank you, dear GOD! He's always pulling me away from the devils nasty arrows Anyway, please update & add this new scheme to your last of the newer ones? Sure would like to have a list to keep my ears open for any more 2-legged dirty people, trying to make our lives even more hellish, than it already is in this non-GODLY WORLD WE HAVE TO B IN 4 now. Please take this seriously because it happened not even a week ago which this is already Thursday ,2/26th! Hope that's correct!

I continue to forward my SPAM e-mails to and the same, same old SPAM + new ones arrive daily still!?!

I hope this includes kern county calif. because there has never been one resource that has helped my husband and I and he is 70 I am 50 taking care of our 19 year old grandson. so I will keep watching and looking to see and let me explain why I say this in 2013 kern county had not updated there programs sense 1998 and I am talking state mandate orders so who and what divison looks into these crazy issues. this past week I have had to call sacramento ca. and both times they helped me or put me in touch with a person here that did assist me. it is a funny thing when you read the feds have released 300 million dollars BUT kern county told me all 2015 funds where placed on hold try back maybe around march 15 2015 well to be honest we will have starved to death by then and frose to death I don't no which way would be the worst way to go hope you get my mess: thanks

I am 55 years what is wrong with the system not allowing to use my email address.

The FTC's Blog Commenting Policy says please do not include personal information. It is is your choice whether to submit a comment. If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment. The user name should be different from your email address.

I am sick, my animals keep getting sick...why?because I was scammed and the seller committed fraud when I purchased his home. I have been fighting this for a year and no help to be found. I am 69 years old, 2 weeks after moving in, the basement began to flood. He completely painted the basement so no one would notice...even FHA!!! I have written to every Health Dept, Consumers Protection Agency, President Obama, the Attorney General's Office...the list goes on and on. I don't have the money to have this house fixed or to pay a lot of money for an attorney. Some Consumers Protection Agency, and I know, you'll say we don't get involved with cases like yours!! Am I right????

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