Sending money out of love, or sending a scammer money?

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Love is a powerful thing. So when a loved one calls or emails, saying they’re in trouble, you’d want to help, right? If they ask you to send cash immediately — should you follow your heart?

The short answer is: no. Unfortunately, scammers pretend to be someone you know to trick you into sending money. They might pressure you to wire money quickly to help with an emergency — to get out of jail, pay a hospital bill, or leave a foreign country. 

In the rush to help, you might not stop and think: does this make sense? But even if the story sounds legitimate, take a minute and run through these steps:

  • Stop. Don’t act immediately, no matter what they say the crisis is.
  • Check with the person who seems to be in trouble. Use a number or email address that you know is right. Check out the story. If you don’t reach the person immediately, check with someone who might know his or her situation. If the caller says not to tell any other family members or friends, that’s a sign of a scam.
  • Don’t wire money to anyone who asks you to. Wiring money is like sending cash — once you send it gone, it’s gone. The same goes for prepaid debit cards. Nobody ever needs to be paid in prepaid debit cards.

If you think you’ve responded to a scam, report it immediately to the FTC or call 1-877-FTC-HELP.

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Thanks for the valuable input.
But the FTC is unable to render any help despite the facts even if the all the information/profiles of the scam ester are provided?

I sent my complaint into the BBB.

You can also file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at it's important to submit a formal complaint because investigators from all over the country access the FTC's database and these complaints could help in their investigations.

I have been scammed big time!

We recently had an (80 yr.old) lady in our neighborhood who responded: not once, but twice !!! to the tune of $3,000 each time to a frantic call from her 'granddaughter' whom the caller stated that she needed bail money. The elderly lady didn't do any of the (above ) and was out $6 grand.

I am a real Investigator who is investigating this group of scammers. I need phone numbers of the scammers.

The FTC's Consumer Sentinel Network provides civil and criminal enforcement organizations immediate and secure access to identity theft, internet, telemarketing (including do not call), and other consumer related complaints. If you're a member of law enforcement, read more at the Consumer Sentinel site.

i have both phone numbers of the scammers - it just happened to my father this evening.

I got someone saying they need money to get their inheritance and it sounds fishy, we've been friends on fb for a year and she's constantly trying to get me send money he she tried to get me to open accounts with capital one and American express and PayPal, anyways I'm still getting more info but if you wanna check this out her number is 331  and the name on facebook is angel br from Chicago but she has an elgin Illinois address I think it's 309 W avenue Elgin Illinois 60123 I've checked yellow pages for that address and there is no records of her anywhere but the address is legit

Sounds like the girl I'm talking to

well I don't have a phone number for him but I have his name on Facebook. He is a military soldier and he have been talking on Facebook for about a little over a month. He asked me to send him some money so he can apply for vacation and come home. He wanted me to send it to his agent and then his agent will sent it to him. His Facebook name is Rodney Scott and I want to know if he is who he say he is

FACEBOOK! Ohhhhh just hearing your words makes me want to cry. This is where I met a young white army guy thought I looked pretty or some crazy something. Well, such remarks always make me think SCAM! I will chat a bit and not be rude, but always end up blocking when it becomes blatantly obvious, which many times has been within that first conversation.

Well, I'm deeply hurt to realize I may well have fallen for ONE of these guys. They always have some military affiliation it seems. Tis very likely they have never been in the military in any way. If they promise to visit you, don't expect them to show. If you question events, they will get quickly irritated and/or explain your concerns away.... they do not divulge details of anything you question either. My guess is that's a no no!

And it would APPEAR that they are more than willing to invest a good amount of time in convincing you they are sincere and love you and oh so many other mind & heart manipulations you will get dizzy tryin to keep up..... until at last you accept that you have truly met your soulmate.

Honey, if you use Facebook, you SHOULD know that ANYone with internet access can create an account (or SEVERAL) and use absolutely any name they like... even legit accounts. I don't use MY real name on there. People who KNOW me are aware of that. You can report them, as I have done, but they will either create a NEW account or just use one of the others that have not yet been reported.

I've found that most have next to nothing on their wall. A few profile pics and maybe a handful of likes or even a couple comments - either by potential family members or others they have been scamming. And if their story is convincing enough, even Facebook does nothing about it.

I could say so much more, but at this moment I am in heart break pain. more than 4 months and I was finally convinced... today I felt I had reason to check it out more and found this site. There IS a specific "Facebook scam" at LEAST in Africa.......... I called him on it early on and he admitted it, but then he swore on everything right that he would never lie to me again......


The same has happened to me! I fell big time for a bloke who said he was a petroleum engineer. His profile suggested he was middle aged and respectable. I didn't send money thankfully as alarm bells started to ring but I have been left heartbroken by this man as I fell for every line!
You're not alone!

Dear mr. Robert My name is Christina , I has been scanned by the guy name Finn Pham ( it's not his real name) his phone number is 646 844 5146. He creates his new face book goes by Michael Nguyen ( the one in red shirt and holding his iphone, I know this photo is not belong to him, he stole someone photo to use as his. I still have information of the deposit happened in July 2015...thanks mr. Robert

I was proposed to ny ariko terry yellow rose and blue flower profile nothing about him at all he kept twxting son larry 14. orphan and widower.agent walter natty alias ogban marvellous and godbless eko guy says combat engineer on ship 57 14 stone he looks 40 on webcam and really slim about 11 stones.hes a liar wanted 1.200 for flight home told him i had to rest for a month hes stopped texting im a widow of 1 year its heartbreaking to be scammed after 35 years wed.a

The number given as of 09/30/2016

Someone just call my grandma saying it's was my brother he in DR 8298153877 stuck n needed $ to come back home to send it to adam white. Im glad my grandma call me cuz he not in DR like the caller claim. Had to tell my brother to call her so she can relax n not think the worst has happen to him cuz he was in a car accident. This just happen today 11\10\2016 at 1157am Florida/NY

I got scam for love $3000.00
His name is Sandro Giovanni 44-759-420-3376
a person played as a shipping company
Douglas Jones 313-437-8701

My mother was almost scammed out of $800 by a caller who said he was her grandson and needed money to get home. She was to wire the money to a Ryan Wilson at 18292289518. Thank goodness she called me to do it for her and I called my nephew. Hope you catch this scumbag that preys on old people.

Same guy got my mother-in-law yesterday for a total of 11063.00 she is elderly and didn't call me until it was too late!

My mother in law just fell for this scam big time wired initial money to Dominican republic get of jail money for 908.00 then sent 9000 cash to an address in NY I have addresses and phone number!! 829-228-9518

I'm a recent victim of a scam he asked me to send the money to dhl or money gram but staff there warned me about it. Sad thing us that i've sent photos and even my address to that person who told me that he is from US military and now assigned in Senegal. He has sent me some photos which seems to be real but i read his messages to me again and found out that there is something wrong with it, specially when it comes to grammar and spelling. I still have his email messages and his number including his friend whom he wants me to send the money to. He wants me to send an amount of money to his friend for him to send the package to me since the money he gave for the posting isn't enough and according to him he's in the training zone now. It doesn't make any sense.

just scammer my son and deposited altered checks in his account and now is threatening my son. I have pictures and phone number and facebook of this Ricky White.

Hi i met sumone on a dating site awhile ago, hv been talkin for a while but hvnt met in person. We got into a relationship and so she asked money for carious things and said things like she was in hospital or needs to leave where she is and move. Stupid me has sent her money and now im stuck, because she says she works in an modelling agency and therefore i hv a contract with them, where i hv to send a crrtain amount of money to them a week. The reason i cant leave and stop is they hv threatnened me, by using my family and says bad things will happen if i do leave. Also i would be breaking the contract they said. Its killing me finacally and emotionly. I dnt know what to do

If someone is threatening to hurt you or your family, you could talk to the police near you, or where the other person is.  If they say you have a contract and you have to pay, you can ask them to show you the contract so you can have proof that you really owe money. You can show the contract to someone you trust. Ask them if the contract looks legitimate.

I have been conned out of a lot of money. I have 3 numbers and I can go back further. 202-601-5841 202-999-1307 202-407-9517 larrydave87 wendylarry123

+27634030099 this says his name is HANS and he needs money to get his cargo transported to storage

I would never send money to anyone, cause I don't have it and im barely getting by, myself

I keep getting calls from 800-880-2116 to call Med Core at 866-716-2588. This does name a person or reference number, etc. I have not returned the calls or corresponded in anyway. ???????????? Thanks!

If your calls are coming on a cell phone: block that number and you will prevent them using your answering service.

Sign up for Check with your phone company to block the number. If you use a mobile phone, check for a reputable app which has the ability to block numbers. If all else fails, you may want to consider changing your number.

It does nothing at all.
There is zero actual enforcement, as in you will never, ever meet anybody that has been punished by the do not call people, if they actually have people.

Local law enforcement does nothing; the banks do nothing.

The only way to stop scammers would be a "redo" of the internets IP system to include physical router addresses of originating messages/call requests. That won't happen. Non-U.S. messages/IP Calls should be segregated from U.S. ones; but that won't happen unless/until a European country insists on it for their citizens.

i had a very amusing call from young man saying he was my son and needed bail money in Mexico. I strung him along for a while before I told him I didn't remember having a son. Needless to say, he didn't get anything out of me!

Good for you, Sally! Sometimes these calls can be a form of entertainment. Also, a number to watch out for is: 202-213-6569, and the names: Steven Smith, Steven Bradley, or Brady.

A caller from the number 331-928-0700 tried to scam my grandparents for $1800. The guy claimed to get into an accident on the way from the airport.

My grand father got the same call from the same number 331-928-0700 . In this case they told to my grand father that one of his relatives crash a Mexican car in a US's highway. They were asking for US$ 900 that had to be send to a relative from the the Mexican car in Jalisco Mexico to pay the demages. Thanks GOD and FBI we found it was a scam.

My mother got the same scam from 331-076-2393 from a cousin and it was very believable. She got scammed 2,000.

Totally not stranded in Vegas, don't need $2000. Glad you checked first, Grandma!

i need help i being sending money for more than two years this people conveinced me that after we pay all fees the going to release the fund to us and they lie to us .They still in contact asking for more money but how i get my money back i send $488,500 that's my question i'm broke and i have a big debt

Never give money to anyone!!!!!

I work at a law firm in Las Vegas. We've received 3 calls from Texas over the last month from people who had a phone call from a man named Richard Murphy, purporting to be a lawyer here in Las Vegas. They're told their son/grandson is in jail here and they need to send $2,000 to bail him out. Don't do it! It's a total scam. Dial *69 to get the caller's number and then call the FTC at 1-877-FTC-HELP to report it immediately!

This one takes the cake! A con artist trying to extort money from a law firm, and then being dumb enough to say he was an Attorney in the same city!

*69 does not work. Police dept said they use a phone app so it is not a legitimate number so there is no way to trace it. Ask for a number so you can call them back or ask a personal question that only you and person they are referring to would know. This happened to me today. I told them I didn't have the money so they hung up because I didnt buy into giving them money.

my sister and I were trying to get a service dog for my nephew and we got scammed for $3900 we are trying to get the money back probably won't happen but whoever these guys are should be drug out in the street and shop

I responded to one. The contact sent me US post office money orders. To varify I went to FBI who took the money order they said it was fake. I still wonder if it was. It looked so real. Can I follow up with FBI about it?

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at Investigators from all over the country access the FTC's complaint database.

My mother has received three calls from a guy claiming to be her grandson. He tells her, he's in trouble in Mexico and needs her to send him some money so that he can pay the courts and come home. I'm so proud that she has listened to her family about how to avoid being scammed. On 2-18-15, he called again. She asked which grandson, birthdate, and home address? He avoided answering by pretending to be crying. Then my brother intervened in the conversation, and the guy hung up. Hopefully, this guy has learned that not all elderly people are easily manipulated. Especially, if their family is constantly reminding them of some individuals wicked intentions and looking out for their safety/security.

My parents just received a call that their grandson was in a wreck in Louisiana and was in jail and they needed him to BRING the money to bail him out. Has this ever happened to anyone?

What was the phone # he called from?

I remember a couple years back I was selling a coat online, one I bought from value village. Something I paod $26 for. I had a girl from the states interested and would pay $800 for it. Hire a driver to pick it up, but wanted me to wire her the money first. Glad I didnt


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