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Technology tips for domestic violence and stalking victims

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We love technology. So it’s disturbing when it’s used to threaten or harass people – especially domestic violence and stalking victims.  

With computers and mobile phones, abusers have more tools for stalking. They can install spyware to hack into your email, use Bluetooth or GPS to track your every move, even secretly turn on your device’s camera or microphone to watch and listen to you.

Online safety is important for everyone but for domestic violence victims, these tips may be particularly useful: 

  • Use strong passwords and change them frequently. Make sure you have passwords on your phone, computer and all online accounts. Keep your passwords private.
  • If you think someone may be monitoring you, then try to use a safer computer – one that the abuser does not have access to. It’s especially important to use a safer computer if you are researching an escape plan, new jobs or a place to live.
  • Change usernames and passwords of your online accounts on the safer computer. Then, don’t log into those accounts on any computer that you think is monitored.

Abusers may not stop at your computer. If you’re using a mobile phone, here are a few more things to consider:

  • Know where your phone is at all times. Malware, spyware and tracking apps can be installed in just a few minutes.
  • Check your phone’s settings. Bluetooth and GPS can be used to track you. A victim advocate can help strategize a specific tech safety plan for your situation.
  • If you think your phone is being monitored, get a new one. The safest thing is to get a new phone with an account that the abuser does not have access to. Remember to put a password on your new phone, then disable Bluetooth and GPS.

Additional information and resources on domestic violence are available through the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. If you think you may be in danger right now, call 911.


All is true... Everything you have said ALL IS TRUE!!!

My ex dropped me after telling me about multiple visits from "cops". They were telling him that I am being monitored. As a result of the continuous gang stalking - for example: my bank account information being read by my neighbour in their driveway, my text messages to my dad being read out loud by the same neighbour, watching a cop give my brothers phone number to the same neighbour, we moved towns to protect my children. Not only have we been followed but within days of arriving in a town over 200kms from the previous one the bullying harassment and intimidation has started up again. I have a cop claiming to be "investigating" me. I have girls from the local Catholic school knowing not only my name but my age how old my kids are and talking about seeing videos of me and my ex having sexton that was recorded by my now ex neighbour!!!
I had my Sim card changed called my brother to give him my new number and within 2 hours my phone is being pinged for my location. I have read on a security experts site that the cops just go through the carriers. If they've got cop friends then of course they're going to use any tool they can to get back at you. It's been 7 years that this has been happening to me - ever since I first stepped foot in the local shelter and two of their other residents were caught photocopying my files and sharing it with the world because they were mad they were caught robbing my room - which didn't have locks on the door. Nice eh? Turns out the two women are part of a cartel - drugs stolen goods... I'm sure you understand.
Good luck to you all - keep strong. My stalkers are trying to force me to commit suicide. Aren't they Fun? They even brag about it standing outside my door at 3am. Any help would be nice but at this point I just try to ignore the prats as best I can.

It’s your Bluetooth.. unpair from all devices and put a password on it, Bluetooth and WiFi are not the same, they both need strong passwords

My hacking abd bothersome oproblenms have slowed down . i have been through the facebook havking.The stalking, getting harassed by women O dont even know?In business vincine stalked to nothing when I have an education.all friendships effected and familt rekatjonships due to social services fraud due to my husband lying to get out of child support gears ago? Just so stupid? These people make mistakes..then they stalk you forever. Do you know I just dont care? Rudiculous.

I’m sorry you are going through this, I as well am going through a lot of the things everyone is talking about , it seems like only woman are making comments on here ? Why would only woman be the targets?

Leaving and changing your name is an option. I have other strategies I implement however, that the other is not aware of, how much access they have. You have to think differently . . .get over the shock. . . realize law enforcement, courts, etc. are not going to help because they don't care about regular people, only their own corrupt enterprises which makes them money. Often they are involved directly or indirectly. I have done a lot of writing on these issues and taught for many years. You must think more strategically. Unfortunately if I explain, then I lose my advantage over these clowns and sadists. Try to go outside the box.

What if your abuser is being protected by the NSA?

That's where I'm at this person is being protected by law enforcement he has been able to get everyone to just think I'm crazy with ptsd and he is gang related so I'm not just being stalked and harassed by him but all his "goon squad" is what they call themselves, friends. I change my locks and they still manage to get in every time I leave my home and move my stuff and who knows what else I've tried to report this to housing because I'm in low income housing they won't listen to me or take me serious I've tried to report to police but they refuse to listen to me as well and my identity has been stolen and loans and bills on my credit that's not mine this is just to much to handle and I have a baby with this person which makes it even harder

We left a comment an becuase of Gov. deception was not accepted

I left a comment an it hasnt been posted,Why? Tis is the one sided part I was talking about.

This is a moderated blog; we review all comments before they are posted. We expect participants to treat each other and the bloggers with respect. We will not post comments that do not comply with our commenting policy.

Well said, Bridget.

You don’t think that maybe people just don’t know what else to say, do or where to turn? I get bad language or disrespectful comments to other people writing in.

I didnt want to offend anyone. It is real Truth.An you will not share it with the public .Im Offended. You are part of the problem not the soulution.

Being stalked by a neighbor who lives across the hall and her daughters. This started with she and the super who works in the building and other people who are friends of theirs. I lived alone and ended up leaving the apartment due to the harassment after living their over 20 years -- that's how bad it got. I now live in hostels and hotels and shelters for the last six months. I am now waiting to go to court with the landlord.

Currently I have not been able to get anyone to listen. I've tried the police, I've written to FBI, the attorney general, and have gotten no where. Now I am trying to get a lawyer or somebody to go to the police with me rather than going by myself.

The thing that's so weird about my situation is I am followed everywhere by these people. I work overnight for several lawfirms, and each computer I get on at the firms are hacked into. Same at the computer at the hostel, which tells me that somehow they are following me everywhere.

Before I left the apartment I could hear them literally reacting and talking about things I was doing in the apt, as if they were watching me all the time. So if I went to the bathroom to shower, they followed me in there because I could hear them talking as if they were in each room. I recorded them in the apt and eveyrwhere else. Same with every other room.

I could often hear things like a microphone being turned on or even the sound of a microphone being dropped, beeps going off and all the talking especially from the woman who lives across the hall. It was if they were right there in the apt. I started recording all of it and now have a ton of recordings of these people's voices everywhere I go.

What's very sad is nobody knows how these things are done especially the police, or if they know they seem to try and make you think otherwise. I am a middle-aged woman but I have never been a person who hears voices or anything like that.

Can you help me with finding someone who can assist me in going to the authorities?

(#2) If you have a chance to respond to my earlier post, could you list who I could contact for help with the police? I've also contacted the FBI--IC.3 division, via their online form -- 4 different times. I've heard back from no one. I live in NYC, so is their somebody at FBI (NY division) who I could contact specifically, otherwise they won't get back to you at all. This is so bad.

I wish I could adequately explain to you what its been like to be hunted, and homeless at the same time because of this. My computers at work are hacked every night, and I spend a lot of time having to double-check my work hoping not to lose my job as well.

Please please provide any help you could. Thank you.

You could call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or look at its online resources.  This American Bar Association list may help you locate a legal aid lawyer.

This FTC article explains how to detect and get rid of malicious software (malware) on your computer. We also have information about securing your wireless computer network.

I have had a couple who have been stalking me for years, for another person. It is a revenge thing for not doing what another person wanted. He is the manager of the building I live in and does all the handywork to boot. I am probably one of the longest stalking cases. However, unless you have video of any problems they/gov. will not respond.

Thank you, thank you and thank you~ I have felt so alone in my plight of 10 years now.

Now some certain people like hackers or revenge artists are blocking others life and home privacy and out door life with unlawful monitoring and with implants.. mocking professionals such as police ... and using and voice signal reversed technology or internet phone electric service calling them dangerous without any professional doctor, lawyer or any top authority knowing not even military and using your nationality or personal likes as a carrot in front of the donkey system!!!! the unlawful person investigates your total life for a set up later on editing the stuff they read or found or fixed illegally!

He stole my business,home,& my good name. Smear campaign. Ruined any chance of another relationship, damaged property & car. I'm isolated,everyone thinks I'm paranoid & police are not interested, even tho I've supplied them with evidence that prove's my word. He will continue to bully/stalk me & make my life hell because he can. I have no life, I excist

It's hard to believe, there is no help out there.

we moved to this tiny little historical town of Middlesex County.The homes were all brand new and beautiful. They take on a Desperate Housewives sort of look about them. Shortly after moving in a darker side to this new development began to grow as if over night,We were immediately shunned not one soul would say hello to us. We figured it was because we had the worlds friendliest dog who is quite larger than life.We can't have children so that could be it too.There were three indian ladies on the block who were absolutely horrified of us and I later heard at a conversation at whole foods how they were out to destroy the big dogs brand new house.I also could have sworn I heard how one person wanted to poison my dog and then I was in a state of shock.The husband and wife team kept on talking like they knew my life story I had no idea who they were but they knew about my husband how everyone liked him and not his wife. We were now building an extension because I needed help with my feet. The neighbors were also concerned we would destroy the design plan of the development. However my husband did a great job and everyone fell in love with it That's when I heard they wanted scare us away again because now it's a great piece of property. They seemed to ampp up their plan more by cutting out life size angry looking figures of themselves pressed against the windows directly facing our kitchen and dining room table.They would do this all day not a nice scene to look out at when your trying to drink coffee I did call the cops because I was getting sick of it .The cop came over and he saw them too and he was like what is that? He said lady you have called us weeks ago. He walked over to talk them and even though I was mortified I did that those people took down those ridiculous figures out of the windows. The cop also said if I ever hear the word poison and my dog in the same sentence again that's a reason to call too. He was very helpful . The whole thing is just so embarrassing.

May God help us and stop Gang Stalking...

Domestic neighborhood harssment internet class ( Free)for all people signed and sent to police to put in everyone's background check idea and you get a copy for your own record! This might keep them form pulling threats and help police patrol for other situations!

Hi, i am being stalked, harrassed. It started aprox 2 1/2 years ago. My personal belongings have been gone through and sometimes taken, my vehicle has been tampered with, i am on my 5 phone i am unable to recover several email accts. I have reported to local police and made to feel like im in the wrong. I just got a bew phone and i have found it has a hidden network and in the settings its lists 3 phones. Im not a tech person but when i got new phone when it started up it always said my carrier now it doesn't all the time. I have called carrier with no results. Many times ive texted people or they text me and i don't receive or they dont. Ots like someone has a switch and they control what i can and cannot do. Its destroying everything in my life. I think i know who is involved but nobody will listen or help me. Im not sure were to turn to anymore. I think my step daughter and our old neighbor are responsible. My step daughter lives on the computer and whenever i notice something is wrong she avoids me. My old neighbor she is very manipulating and she would always talk about doing really messed stuff to people thats when i felt i needed to separate myself from her and since then my life has been in termoial.just wish i could find a way to prove so someone would finally listen.

Checking in 2018. All of my electronics phone, wifi, bluetooth are hacked. Talking to others on phone, I bring up subject of gang stalking and get hiccup sounds loud gulping noises on phone. I cannot record any of these strange noises on this phone or 2 before it, that was 2 carriers ago. These noises were recorded on an analog tape recorder when speaker was enabled. It does not matter that I am at home or passenger in car, the pattern is always the same. If your driving a RED, BLUE, BLACK bunch of cars passes you. Be nice to others...

The laws need to be updated as of today because the old laws of revenge and or home made accusation control is way out of date with new technologies personal use and non military or police or psychiatry mind reading and telepathy and implanted non seen internal internet or phone implanted devices!
Home made by some gang mocking certain computer technology individuals on your own road in your own township, Stalkers using bugging devices and spyware/mind reading Audio implants to monitor hated or unlike victims or to sabotage people who are not under investigation, or not being held by law in home but now being deliberately interfered with so they can't enjoy life and their own way of thinking and or living and trying to start a problem with their family and make certain individuals move out! with dangerous threats and actual happing's made to a point police can't put finger on and covertly under minds the real laws! slow kill even that doctors can't explain! a type gang like activity of another family of fire lighting, hazing and gas lighting mixed attack system! In areas that are not really monitored by real police and hard to attempt control of the abusre!

Unknown people were overheard threatening another person with Mind control and brain washing using their rich lottery billionaire relatives! So whom do you report this to so if something is noticed and you think it might be criminals activity to try to force a different person out of you or trying to get you entrapped to be send to a mental hospital or ruin your total life or not being a sex offender but they set it up with fraud and attack or revenge or just want what you have or to screw up your retirements or even steal your hard earned money , because of jealousy or revenge activity!? People are learning how to hack everything by it through underground and illegally by impersonation, even making it them selves and it's sold everywhere on the internet and frightening stuff also! People could change any out come to anything if they do it criminally and underhandedly! I sent some information to White House just to read as this information scares the heck out of people now with implants of every kinds and hack able! You can correct this if that is not true! Thank you! Just a note as of the safety of our USA we all want for everyone living here!

For me even domestic violence national hotline has been unsafe to call and nobody is trying to keep me safe.

I got involved with a sociopath in Seattle and when I learned of the cyberstalking, microphones in my therapists offices, was food poisoned twice, and my ex who hired a PI got attacked and cut with razor blades I fled my home immediately. I relocacted and the psychopath sent out all of my information to a group of psychopaths and one relocated to my son's school street in California and pursued me romantically. 6 months into the relationship he told me he was a hit man and started terrorizing me. My son has made claims of molestation against him. He has a friend cyber stalking me now that he can't do it directly. I have had about 4 or 5 phones and have gone through about $200K. I've had 3 apple ids and keep getting new routers. They keep
breaking in and getting into my new therapists offices. It's easy for them to turn off wifi cameras and they brag about it. Police are a JOKE and no one will help. I have RFID detection to check my home and get creepy subtle death threats. These men know that no one will do anything. Women and children aren't protected in the US at ALL.

I too have been being physically stalked on my mother's wooded acreage and he has unfortunately targeted her as well beings I help take care of her property. It is scary he seems to think our privacy is his in that he feels he owns/controls us & our propertys. When he found out that we were 2 take action against him, he placed a restraining order on me, attempted to place an order on my 70+ year old mother for supposed conditions that arose on our property after he was asked to leave (&) he was the 1 that has been stalking us at home. He has done this despite warnings from police and in court. I have been researching stalking disorders (&) have been working with police to identify his stalking traits. My next course of action is to press charges. It scares me cuz I no longer know his actions and he only lives around a country corner and down a road, residing in front of a park behind our property so he could very well retaliate.

I am a TI and am convinced it's political group bullies with a gov. agency backing, either theirs or ours and in the US it's nation wide and will affect the 2020 election. if we don't get organized like they are, they own me physically and electronically , and paranoia as a write off for this problem is totally ludicrous , we must unite or fall, do not react it leaves them out in the cold looking like the cowards they are

I have tried to get helped against the stalker and hacker who had been hacking my iPad and automobile computer for sometime now, Is there anyone a victim can turn to? I am a senior citizen who had been a victim of computer crime for over a year. The harassment I get is constant and nerve wrecking! I have an idea who is behind this but I can’t prove it because I don’t have the means

You can install security software on your computer, and use the security software to check your computer. The software will search for computer viruses or malicious spyware on your computer. If the software finds a virus, you can delete the virus. The National Cyber Security Alliance has a list of security software companies on this page:

How long does it take for you to post a reply to someone else that’s being tormented? Why does this take so long?

It's more than a misdemeanor..... It's a Felony to do this stuff. It use to be a misdemeanor.... Now you can get 20 years for cyber-stalking. I have neighbor who is a former FBI agent . Contact the FBI....not the police.

Hi, how to stop someone who lives overseas from coming to the state to harm me? Someone told me that since i cannot be with him anymore then he would come here to the state and cut me up. He knows where i live so I'm living in fear. What steps i need to do? Is there a way to stop him from coming to the state at once? Who do i need to report this to?

This is exactly what happened to me

Coming from a victim of DV,who was granted a 5 yr no contact order and continue to be harassed,stalked, threatened,ect.. I can't believe they can offer this type of spyware to assist a psycho/stalker/ex-bf/criminal, in the app stores. I feel victims suffer more bc they are treated like the criminal and the criminal doing these heinous and disturbing acts to another human being relentlessly,is a disgrace.

I have had all of my email and social media accounts hacked. That's how it started back in 2014. Then my cell phone was hacked. It started to get super hot, I would hear echos, feedback, static mostly when speaking with fiancé at the time. The batterie would also run down really fast. I'd have to recharge it after 45 minutes. I ended up buying a new phone, same thing would happen. I kid you not I have bought at least 30 cell phones two of them being Iphones. All of the phones I had have also gotten stolen. I've just decided to keep this one now for awhile because I have basically given up. I can not create an email account. He or they have my phone number and other personal information so whenever I try to create any type of an account it either won't let me or it will be hacked and I won't be able to access it the next time because the password has been changed. I don't have WiFi because it will just get hacked again. Every time I leave my house someone enters into my home and moves things around or sometimes steals things and then will bring it back. Sounds crazy trust me I know because it is crazy! I can't make this stuff up, i wouldn't want to. There is so much more to this but bottom line is I know 100% what it feels like to be hacked, stalked, monitored have calls rerouted and be cut off from family and friends. This has been going on almost 7 years now. No one believes me. That's the saddest part. I pray for everyone to find peace and a solution to all of this madness sooner than later.

It's insane how alone cyber stalking can make one feel. It's refreshing to know this isn't unique. The FTC keeps re-posting that stupid link. Know what the domestic violence advocates told us? "If you don't have proof, we can't help you." Not only that, but not everyone has money to just buy a new phone. There needs to be more common sense laws. Wish there was a way to file a class action suit against rentia x studios.

I know my not yet ex has had access to all my cells and computers since he started sneaking up here while I was gone or asleep. Planting cameras, and little mics everywhere, instead of baby monitors and scanners. He's got the Geek Squad and his computer wiz brother in law helping him. And I know everytime he comes he has some jumpdrive type thing he sneaks into my computers that is more than a jumpdrive. But I am terrified of him and he gets mad if I ask what he's doing. And he is moving all this new stuff he's "bought" in here like he's moving back in. But talking like I won't be here? Now he has a whole new computer system he brought up a couple weeks ago and all my tv's computer cell phones are screwed now. I keep trying to do things on this one and all of a sudden it starts acting like someone else is controlling my mouse. Deleting what I type. Or things I save. And what ever a key logger is his friend told me years ago he had one on here. The more I read on this tech for stalking and domestic abusers the more scared I get that he meant what he said about what he will do to me this time?Just like that some thing keeps popping up in task manager when I push the shift key saying its a memory footprint what the heck is he seeing this now?!

I think maybe there might be some kind of spyware on my phone my battery drains fast and when I shut my phone completely off it turns back on I will lay my phone down and it will turn an app on like be asst. I don't know it's like my phone has a mind of its own it does what it wants

I am afraid of this woman if she is a woman I can not block her or find out any information about her she started texting me before Thanksgiving and I thought she took my answer NO and went on but she is back trying to get my home address I afraid that they are going to come here and robe me please help I am disabled

If someone tries to get in your house to bother you, you can call the police or sheriff.

You don't have to answer text messages or phone calls. You can block them, or turn down the sound on your phone.

Sorry but this is a legitimate question to the “FTC Staff”. Is this site even legitimate? If it is, then why aren’t very appropriate replies to other comments posted? I’m very weary of a site that doesn’t respond or post appropriate comments. How do we know this isn’t just another way of tracking? I’m very serious about this question and if there’s still no response or anything posted, I will report this site because it will not prove safe.

Many with stories on this topic, didn't know this page was here,

My soon to be xhusband still hacks on my info on almost every device and I have changed my phone more than 6 times way to many different numbers and it's just getting too much he still thinks I don't know that hes doing it and I need help

M ex after 13 new phones 210 new emails restraining order still continues to hack my life I am tired of hearing sorry we can’t help you I am going on dealing with this for 2 years and still no help and diagnosed withPTSD and loosing my. Home where can I actually get. Help

I have been atalked for 7 yrs by my exhusband and the physciopath boyfriend I threw out for 12 yrs. They both are in the same profession and has accomplished this through cisco, BlackBerry Spyware, key logging to changing my passwords on all accounts encluding security set up on my home, accessing my phone lines redirected to people hacking my phone to the degree before all the online security became available to the public it was illegally put on my home and phones tracking my every movement and word. I recently noticed they receive the Google voice in text even wheb mine isn't turned on as it isn't now. My key strokes are logged, phone calls traced. They've accessed medical files adding diagnosis of tje boyfriend who's suppose to be on medication for life, his mother told me after I threw him out.
I noticed voice reconition is a massive problem where ever I go weather my phone has the battery out or not, if at an appointment or library I'm detected immediately. I went to a library to form a new email yrs back which is under a RCMP Headquarters and the only email I could get was no miss : I changed it to NOMISS1 and don't have access to any emails again even my twitter was accessed numerous times. changing phone numbers is usless. I have been mentally, physically abused and agravated assault by the black belt boyfriend I dated. Police refused to believe me and refused reloets after seeing my son and myself beaten. I would classifiy many attempts on me as death attempts and state for a fact I'm not exaggerated the fact.
I hope to be phoning your contact help line soon and am waiting on a letter from special investigations . I read here their upset about the lettter : ironically I noticed years back I can read their communication as they can mine not as clearly always. I watch and feel I'm being studied like a serial killer ywt I wonder what they exspect to see in my eyes when I've the knowledge my lifes in danger everyday and worry constantly about my family.
Thabks for the privilege of leaving this message hopefully it'll help others kbow the extent and abilities others can use if they've a mental illness causing someone else to be stalked to the degree I am.


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