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Been hacked or hijacked? Read this.

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Your email’s been hacked — what do you do?

If you’re not sure where to start — or you’re the person everyone asks for help getting started — we’ve got two new videos, in English and Spanish, with the steps to help.

Don’t just watch — share the videos with friends and family, neighborhood listservs, groups you’ve joined. You’ll be spreading good computer karma.



How to prevent from hackers..scams..?

How do you know your computer has been scamed or hacked?

they tried to scam me by my virus protector saved the day

I was trying to get online when on the screen it said "Windows" do not turn off computer but call this #. The first time this happened I called. the man said it would take twenty minutes After a while I turned it off. But I went and changed all my account numbers. And got a new computer. Then it happened again, but this time I didn't fall and the number I was suppose to call was 1-844-826-1198. Can you stop these thieves?

Someone just hacked my email addresso
Please help to block the hackers.

Help!!!! My email has been hijacked too!.someone's getting into my accounts in RUSSIA!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!

May FTC prevent the hackers ,scams..doing bad to people who using computers...

Thank you for the information.

This a very resourceful application.

My steam account was hacked at march12,2015 and the email address of that steam account was already changed how can i retrieve my account ?

Does this risk also apply to Android cell phones? I use the internet in my phone often to check my email and accounts. I remember seeing a pop up stating that a cookie was detected. I quickly closed the browser. But I feel concerned that my phone can also be hacked into. How can I protect my phone?

my android was hacked and passsword changed locking me out of it.

Husband hacks all my devices

It has to be the very companies that sell us anti-malware that propagate a lot of this stuff! I'm mean its in their interest to write this sophisticated malware,its not some kid playing around with his computer in his bedroom is it? Fair enough there is some criminal hackers out there but common sense will thwart them every-time if you don't get lazy and open emails from strangers etc...

Thanks very helpful

I 2was hacked by someone wanting $500. and they turned my computer off for over a week

If you are hacked and sick in bed, you cannot get yo a store and downloading is asking the virus to mind his manners. Microsoft had a flaw in Windows 7 and eeevvveeennntttuuuaaalllllly changed the error message, BUT. If you walk a disc across the hall from tower on win8 to install old Win7 you cannot activate it. Who ever said that front page bring no longer supported by Microsoft meant it could no longer be activated by phone?

Im not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Cheers bakkfedcgfdc

I have a computer 'destroyed ' by hackers! I purchased a new computer but it seems to be that the hackers 'know because they called my home ! They used a 800 number that is unlisted
!!! The man noticed when I talked with him and mentioned the FTC that the 800 number was 'bogus' he admitted that it is !!!

Our HOME COMPUTER has been HIJACKED by a remote controlled subject how can we remove CELL PHONE if we do NOT know the cell number? our house & phones were HIJACKED ALSO! we have been NOTIFIED by the MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANIES & they said the FCC & proper authorities have been NOTIFIED! SS Numbers,INSURANCE & BANK ACCOUNTS . Still someone is doing it. How can we become secure again? We put SPYWARE ON & it gets turned OFF! New moniter & bank account numbers are changed & it is still happening. We see information on computer @ all times !

Thank You.


I think my computer's been hacked my laptop that is also my phone is not acting right my computer stating that I don't have a Microsoft account that's just crazy talk I've had an account for five years what do I do

This FTC article has tips for dealing with hacked email accounts. The Online Security page has other articles on related topics.

My computer has been hacked. Started with an Amazon popup that didn't work. Led to a live voice help (Matthew Massey) at 855-222-0786, who then took control of t My computer, showed me how I was being hacked by "torpig", and then offered to fix it for $379.99 lowered to $279.99 or call him back when I Can figure out what I. Can pay. Took my name and zip code also. Computer now asking for a password before it can reboot. This is very scary.

The pop up might have been a trick to make you call a tech support scammer, who pretended there was something wrong with your computer. Read about what tech support scammers say, and how they pressure you for money or credit card information.

If you think you downloaded malware or a let a scammer put malware on your computer, find out how to:

  • Get rid of malware. Update or download legitimate security software and scan your computer. Delete anything it identifies as a problem.
  • If you think someone got access to your personal or financial information, go to the FTC’s identity theft website. You can reduce the risk of further damage and start to repair problems.


my account name was mine that wasn't someone else so was hacked and my password was changed

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