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Checks in the mail

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Once upon a time, a long time ago, a company called Lane Labs marketed products made out of shark cartilage, claiming they could treat and cure cancer. Only, not so much. The FTC sued the company in 2000, they settled, and paid a hefty sum. The court also barred them from making claims about the health benefits of a product unless they had scientific evidence to support those claims.

Not long after, that same company started marketing a calcium supplement called AdvaCAL. They said it was better than prescription drugs, the only calcium that could help you build bone, and was “clinically” shown to be three times more absorbable than other calciums. Well, it turned out the company didn’t have the scientific evidence to support those claims. They were misrepresenting tests and studies on calcium to tout AdvaCAL’s supposed benefits.

So the FTC went back to court, saying that Lane Labs was still making unsupported-by-science marketing claims – in violation of the earlier order. There were several years of back-and-forth, but eventually, the court agreed that the company had, indeed, violated the order. It had to refund money to the people who had bought AdvaCAL.

At last, today the FTC announced that those refund checks – more than 17,000 of them – are in the mail. As you can probably tell, the FTC has a long memory and persistent attorneys. The total amount going back to customers is more than $954,000, but each person’s check will depend on how much they lost.          

If you get a check, you have until May 18, 2015 to cash it. If you bought this product lo, those many years ago, you don't have to do anything else. But if you have moved, changed your name, or you have questions, you can call the hotline at 1-888-287-4138.


Why can it be cashed only until May 18, 2015? Granted, why wait to cash a check but isn't that a relatively small window? What happens on May 19?

"If you get a check, you have until May 18, 2015 to cash it." Nice to know if you're a victim although I wasn't.

send info on check

I did purchase these items for those health claims and like a fool I believed in this product. But I guess it was for just another wasteful product and money spent foolishly.

Hi,It is naturally the scams exist everywhere,and how to oblige them to refund?Promising but no realizingI would say some but no everyone).Thank you.

Check an see if I have some money coming to me. I cannot recall if I used any of these products or not.

Check and see if I have some money coming to me.

If you bought this product, you don't have to do anything else. If you have moved or changed your name since you bought it, you can call the hotline at 1-888-287-4138.

If you get a check, cash it before May 18, 2015.

yes I purchase then, Today is the 19-3-2015 So what I suppose to do, iT CAME Throw in my email

I have 2 checks sent to me for a hammond orgean...i have been sent 4000.00 from the same company...KpexCorporation 8 covered bridge road, Branchburg, nj. Bank of Baroda,NEW York you know if this is legitimate

I am just curious...
In faith, I bought AdvaCal for several years and hoped for good results, which of course I didn't get.
Nowever I can't help but wonder why my check was for $72.75 which isn't even the cost of one order. Does anyone know how the amount of the check was decided?
Nevertheless, being a senior citizen living on Social Security with osteoporosis, I'm grateful to receive any amount.

my concern is: how does the FTC or Lane Labs know who bought this product and when?

is the refund check on the way?

On March 18, 2015, the FTC announced that refund checks were being mailed. If you get a check, you have until May 18, 2015 to cash it.

I brought both the acai berry diet pills and the colon cleanse. Because. Oprah said it was a good prduct i got charged several Times on my credit card.i didnt get the first settlement check i purchased these in 2007 it didnt work my mom got start feeling funny from the colon cleanse her heart start beating fast and she start getting dizzy

I thought I did everything right but the they got me too!! The check was for $4000.00. WOW was I happy,cashed it,spent some. Ten days later the bank tells me IT CAME BACK>>no good. Now I must pay it back. If you cash it,leave it IN THE BANK,until it clears!! Scammed all the way around.Never Again!!

They did the same thing to me. Overbilled me but I payed all year long. Why? I want it back.

I'm just reading this now 10/8/15 and I had used Advacal for over 5 years until they discontinued the supplement. I did not receive any check and I have not moved! Is there anyway I can get refunded all the money I had spent over those 5 yrs? I too was taking it specifically for its osteoporosis claims as I have osteoporosis. It never did help it. I'm still 62 and still have osteoporosis. Thanks for any guidance on this.

If you have questions, you can call the FTC's Consumer Redress hotline 1-888-287-4138.


A couple of weeks ago a person came to the door, handed my husband an envelope saying it had been mistakenly delivered to his address. The return address was Michael Carter, Premier Inc, 1508 W 3rd st, Alliance, NE 69301. The check was made out to me and was drawn on Wells Fargo bank, but the company name on the check was Blue Cross Blue Shield and the amount was $1990.00. I immediately started Googling and making phone calls and finally ended up at a Wells Fargo bank in Alliance, NE. I already knew this was a scam and spoke with the manager of the bank. She was going to report this to their Fraud Dept.

I did not actually buy anything, but thought this was odd because BC&BS would not send me a check since I never used their services. The addresses tipped me off that this was a Scam.

The company is still claiming Advacal is superior to other brands. Does anyone no if the new claims have been proven?

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