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It’s the IRS calling…or is it?

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Here at the FTC, we think about scams all day long. What are the scammers’ new angles? How can we keep ahead of them? We hear from people about the scams they see, and we turn that into tips people use to spot and avoid scams.

But scammers find FTC staff, just as they find the rest of America. My colleagues and I have even gotten calls on our work phones, offering reduced credit card interest rates, or claiming to be tech support calling about problems with our computers. We also get the calls at home. In fact, someone claiming to work for the IRS called my house just last week:

This has all the signs of an IRS imposter scam. In fact, the IRS won’t call out of the blue to ask for payment, won’t demand a specific form of payment, and won’t leave a message threatening to sue you if you don’t pay right away. Have you gotten a bogus IRS call like this? If you did, report the call to the FTC and to TIGTA – include the phone number it came from, along with any details you have.

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Please add 347-748-1634 to your list of "IRS" scammers. A woman called me and gave an "IRS case id number" and proceeded to ask questions about my accountant. When I asked about her name and information she said that police (!) would arrest me soon and hanged up. How these people find out cell phone numbers?

Got this call at work from 202-470-6025, Washington DC area. I knew it was bogus, the IRS isn't gonna call this way. Sheisters.

A certain person with a thick Indian accent calling from (347)450-5974 threatened that he will send the police to to arrest me, because of tax fraud??!!
Reported immediately to FTC.

Got a call today from 509-252-8896 claiming to be IRS, they are investigating us.

Received robocall from (Caller ID) Washington DC 202-684-6381. Said it was Dept. of Treasury and that a claim had been filled against us (by the IRS?). We needed to call 202-???-???? (it was too fast to take it down) right away to prevent being arrested. Since I knew it was a scam, I brought up the FTC complaint website and then called 202-684-6381 back. The phone was answered by someone with a very thick India type accent. He said "Dept. of Treasury." I asked to whom I was speaking and he said Kendrick Gomez. He took a couple of seconds and then said is this Joyce (he couldn't pronounce my last name.). He obviously had my Caller ID. I asked him what the call was about and he said a claim had been filed against me. I asked by whom and he said the IRS. And then he started asking me questions like - did I file my taxes last year and did I file on-line and how much did I pay. I told him that he should already have that information. How much did I owe? He then said something about my taxes being audited from 2005 - (I thought he said 2030). That if I didn't pay what I owed he would send Federal agents to my home to arrest me. I asked him if they were going to arrest me for not paying my 2030 taxes. He said yes and I said Good luck with that. He then said No, your 2013 taxes 2-0-1-3. I was just about to ask him how much and where to send it (so I would have as much information as possible for this report) but my husband started yelling in the phone that he would sue the IRS and the government and the treasury, etc. (He knew I was trying to get information without reveling any but he doesn't really grasp the concept of scams and fraud.) After my husband's outburst the "Dept. of Treasury" hung up.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

number they called me from is 5095887566

202.864.1205, exact same recording, these people need to go to jail.

Message left 10/9/15 on our machine from no. 360-851-4681 threatening IRS lawsuit. Caller ID said Washington call. It is very disturbing when these calls come thru even though it is an obvious scan. I had to reassure my husband that if it were an IRS lawsuit we would most likely receive an official notice of some sort. So tired of the scams and the constant credit card calls, etc.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

I got similar from 206-923-9793 on Today morning 10/19/2015. He is saying I hide the amount without tax paying since 10 years. silly, I came to US last year only. he also threatened that he will send the police to my work to arrest me.

IIRS SCAM ON PHONE NUMBER. 360-727-7241. Three times this week

Call from 202-738-1550 with an automated message saying that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me...I know it's totally bogus but seems they have a new number to scam from....

Dear Jon Morgan at the FTC: You say, "and we turn that into tips people use to spot and avoid scams." You don't seem to understand. We all know that these are scammers. We don't need tips to spot and avoid them. We need to stop being bothered by them and we need the Feds to arrest these guys and put their <rear end> in prison. How hard can it be - just play along with them and follow the money.

Caller with Mid East accent said he was from IRS and I owed money. Got him pissed off and he said "You are a dead man" "You and your country will soon be no more" POSSIBLE TERRORIST GROUP. It is time for all Americans to arm themselves.

IRS 937-9725970 SCAM OR REAL

Same number called me today with the same story, When I called his bluff, he started using the most foul language and I hung up. He then called back and continued with his verbal assault.

This morning, I received two robo calls claiming to be the IRS. The calls were from phone numbers 202/864-1311 and 858/201-8560. Both "callers" asked that I call them back immediately because we are being sued by IRS.

When I called back 202/864-1311 and asked to speak to a supervisor, the line went dead.

When I called back 858/201-8560 and spoke with Kalvin Jordin, badge number VS8511TX, he said (among other things) that a lawsuit had been filed, and the sheriff was coming to make an arrest. Mr. Jordin had quite a story about how the IRS had tried to contact us several times, and had sent someone out to the house. However, he is not able to send any paperwork in the mail because a lawsuit has already been filed.

The people who took my calls had heavy accents and were difficult to understand over the phone.

I sent information about these two calls to which is for email and phone scams.

Just received a call from 347-349-5444 that stated the IRS was calling and that I should call them back. The phone number that called me was 312-199-6477 and the msg. said to call the 347 number to get more info. must be a scam

Received call from 347-796-4299 asking for attorney's name and number. I asked why would I have an attorney? He had a thick accent, although I'm not clear on his origin. When I asked him again, he told me to stop interrupting and listen to him or I could be arrested. I said, "yeah, whatever." He stopped speaking. He eventually hung up when I asked him what this is about - I had heard about the scam and wanted to hear his pitch.

I have been receiving calls from 1206 8556576


Can anyone verify this number is the actual IRS?

PLEASE report these calls to FTC and TIGTA. If more people took time to do this maybe something would be done. I'm getting rid of my land line. 75% of the calls I get are from scammers. The phone has become an instrument of torture and we are paying to be tortured.

Got two calls on my cell phone today but I did not answer either one because one phone number calling was 10000063447 and one was "Russia" 700470045451. Both left the same message about IRS filing suit.

Hi everyone, I just received a call from a call from 904-302-8921 today that completely wigged me out. Stated that she was Sara WIlson calling from the FBI on behalf of the IRS same as all of you. Complete crap.

These fools and some chick name Rebecca Outlaw too. More # 3462048369, 2028641234,and 1131. I believe somebody knows who they are. I am not the 1 for this BS

Got a cal from 911 saying that an arrest warrant has been issued against me because of a legal suit filed by IRS. She identified herself by name Melissa calling from police Precinct office. she had heavy Jamaican accent. I just cut it short saying IRS can email me if they have any issues. The specifics about this call is they don't have our first name, last name and address correctly. they try to extract information from us.

(217) 498-3011 Rochester, IL Same creep pretending to be IRS. Left a voicemail.

I received a voicemail message today using a robo voice with virtually the same message that is in the audio file at the top of this article. "the purpose of this call is to inform you that the is has filed a lawsuit against you call 509-295-4458". Entering this text in the comments section here so anyone searching for it will be alerted to the scam as I was when I Google searched the exact text of the voicemail.

I live in California and the scumbags robocalled from #(346)204-2362. It went to my answering machine as I do not answer calls from telemarketers and scammers. I've been bombarded with so many telemarketing calls that's been totaly out of control! Obviously idiots must fall for the IRS B.S. scam, along with buying telemarketers scamming junk, or else these calls wouldn't be so rampant. SMDH To add insult to injury the vile scamming pests called at 7:25 AM! I was enraged to hear my phone ringing after working the graveyard shift!

ive just recieved another call thats 3 call since this summer claiming there the irs from new york i never worked or had employment in ny idk what they want from me plus if that was the case wouldnt the irs send a letter to my house informing of wahats wrong or even send the irs police to my house its a scam watch out for this number 347-708-0395 claiming to be the IRS

If you received one of their phone calls you'll know it's a lot more threatening than the voicemail. I got one from 212-203-0614. The fake "agents" are very aggressive and angry. They're attentive to details which make them sound legitimate. They set up that "urgency" in your mind first then tries to hook-line-sinker. While I suspected from the very beginning, it is the mentioning of sending cash via local Moneygram that put the nail in the coffin.

An unknown number left an automated scam message for me today. However in the message it said to call this number:


It sounded very similar to this one with nearly the same wording. The only difference is that it was an automated make voice instead of a female voice.

I've been receiving several phone calls with the same history IRS is filling a lawsuit against you to get more information please call to this phone # 954-635-5899 of course I never call back to them I'm sure this is a fraud plans to call back...beware of this people and thanks for all of your comments, great web page to inform people about this scam.

An automated voice called me early in the morning and said the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and to call them back. I called back they said I owed $4900 to the IRS and if I didn't pay I would go to jail and my license would be taken by the local authorities. They told me to withdraw the money and deposit it into a Bank of America account by the name of Shane Holden. Ashamed to say I fell for this but I would like know how do I go about getting my money back? Can I get it back? Ive already filed a complaint with the FTC, placed my credit on fraud alert, filed a police report, and reported it to Bank of America. Is there anyway possible to get my money back? Even half of it? Help please...

You might want to talk with someone at the bank where you deposited the money, and ask if they can recover funds.

Look for a call from 509-790-0548.

Just got call from Asa code 212 Washington DC. Same recorded message. BS!!!!!

Just had this happen today with 206-445-0569 as the number. I spoke with a Kathleen Wilson and Mike Johnson and was threatened with arrest before realizing it was a scam. They've now called back twice. SCAM!

The same story over and over and over. Yet our government is still handing out our hard earned money to the vary same countries that let this carry on. To add this to the pile of everything else wrong with these countries. The same places that harbor terrorists and as you can see by reading here annoy the crap out of us to STEAL even MORE money from us. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We are sick of filing complaints to have nothing done. WITH HOLD OUR MONEY FROM THESE COUNTRIES UNTIL THE CALLS AND TERRORISM STOPS!

Just today got call from 347 5041914. They posed as IRS, sounded very confincing - lot's of legaleze and burocratic expressions - said there is arrest warrant for me for tax evasion which was strange because I file religiously. They said I owed $7526 and in two hours there will be officer at my doors to escort me to prison. Also they instructed me not to contact anyone or have anyone on the phone with me which was strange. I don't think IRS would mind you getting any advice on a side. But they said for good behaviour, as only one time thing they might do OCR (out of court restitution). They instructed me to withdraw cash and go to moneygram locations nearby. No certified money order or check would do. According to them I had only one hour to settle this. Anyway, they almost convinced me. I went to the bank and withdrew money. The only problem they mentioned that moneygram doesn't take that big sum of money and I would have to go to different locations. Also I had to be on the phone all the time with him. "Do not mute or hang up". At that point my doubts reached it's treshold. I went to police and asked them if there is any warrant for my arrest. They looked puzzled and then they said it was a scam. At that point I hung on them and they called me right back despite prior threats that once I hang up it's over. At that point I informed the guy that I am at police and they don't know anything about arresting me. His tone changed and he hung up.

11/18/15 Received two calls today (2 more a couple weeks ago) with a message to return the phone call. They left the number - 866-382-3672. Why don't the news stations talk about this on the air to alert more people to be aware of these bogus phone calls.

Got 2 blocked calls from 'IRS' suing me, and that I better call back-WTF, disturbing my
sleep at 0500 and 0630 hrs- then another call from 509-591-0877, which naturally was 'busy'-who the f*ck are these A-holes who think we are gullible enough to believe this bulls*it. Think I better block my home number once again!

Recently my 87 year old mother has been receiving calls from this # 352-458-5535 claiming she owes taxes through the IRS. She just got another one this morning asking her if she has a criminal attorney, luckily I answered the phone this time. I asked the caller if they had a good criminal attorney because we submitted their # to the FBI. I then asked to please keep talking while their # is being traced. The joker on the other end of the line got silent. I said Hello say something don'y you have anything to say. Crickets... I then said well all I need is for you to stay on line for 2 more minutes so the FBI can get your address and come bust your door down. I received a dial tone after that. hopefully they won't call any more.

I too am receiving calls everyday and I'm fed up. I filed a false claim with the government and no reply. I'm tired of filtering these calls and ready to change my number. The call back numbers have ben: (941)900-0803 (727) 900-0725 (972) 671-2000 (202) 741-4061 (305) 230-4727 (773) 312-4021 (773) 312-3972 this is ridiculous !!! Sick of these jerks

I just got a call not to long ago saying that I owed the irs some money and that they had already filed a case against me then they told me to call some number to get more information about the case but it seemed suspicious so I wen online to search for the number to see if it was a scam and every where I look it said that the number didn't exist then I found this but the number they called me from was 235-655-4448

Report the number and other info by following the instructions that are posted here. Don't call the number or interact with theses scammers in anyway. The best way to stop them is theory them as well as post here and spread the word to your family and friends. Knowledge and information are the key to shutting them down.

Received a voice mail message stating that the irs is suing us, the number was (310)-362-4436 from California the number is managed by pac-west telecomm. Just another scam number to add to the list.

I got 3 robo call voice mails today from 509-228-3778. The "IRS" is filing a law suit against me and return their call immediately. India/Pakistani accents informed me I owe 7,800 bucks for a miscalculation of taxes for 2009-2014. Section 101 says if I don't pay up they'll take away my car, house, drivers license and be imprisoned to "burn in jail". They had my name, address, and phone number. They must have a sweat shop (overseas?) and have the capability to route the calls through the different area codes.

just get the same call from the number 1781 567 7615 and 1347 410 9322 The woman Indian accent tell me I will for JAIL about the IRS


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