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It’s the IRS calling…or is it?

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Here at the FTC, we think about scams all day long. What are the scammers’ new angles? How can we keep ahead of them? We hear from people about the scams they see, and we turn that into tips people use to spot and avoid scams.

But scammers find FTC staff, just as they find the rest of America. My colleagues and I have even gotten calls on our work phones, offering reduced credit card interest rates, or claiming to be tech support calling about problems with our computers. We also get the calls at home. In fact, someone claiming to work for the IRS called my house just last week:

This has all the signs of an IRS imposter scam. In fact, the IRS won’t call out of the blue to ask for payment, won’t demand a specific form of payment, and won’t leave a message threatening to sue you if you don’t pay right away. Have you gotten a bogus IRS call like this? If you did, report the call to the FTC and to TIGTA – include the phone number it came from, along with any details you have.

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Just got a call from 252-207-1440. Indian accent. Badge number IRM1161, he said his name was John Mark. Real intimidating, had my wife almost in tears. I could pay $6497 or have all assets frozen and go to court. I asked how to pay and he said go to a government building to pay. I asked which one, he said go to best buy and call me when you get there. I called best buy and they said they have no affiliation with any government agency. I left a message with the FBI in my area.

They are now calling from Florida. The number is 305 320 5688. Identifies themselves as IRS Agents David Parker, David Smith, and a female named Christie Cyrus. They are pathetic scammers.

Got this exact scam call/recording from (213) 308-6663.

Ugh! Trying to figure out how I got on this list. I have been getting a lot of telemarketers and scam calls lately.

I'm getting myself a nautical air horn, and I will definitely call them back. 5 calls today.

I received a call from 337-509-8558 and called it back because "the IRS has filed suit against me". I spoke to a guy there named "Officer Davies, GS7557". I told him that I've already spoken to the IRS and verified that there is no suit against me. I asked him his real name and he asked me to give him a real American name. I named him Larry Darnell. If you receive a call from Officer Larry Darnell with the IRS, you will now know that it is legit. He is also a Nigerian Prince, btw. :) The poor guy was very sad and after chatting for a few minutes, and asking him why he would do such a despicable job and steal money from people, he told me that he is all alone in the world and doesn't have any family. He is a loveless orphan. Poor fella. So I gave him $6000 and wished him well. Just kidding. I didn't give him any money and even gave him a fake first name when he asked for mine. He asked me to marry him. I accepted and I will be moving to Mumbai tomorrow. Everyone is invited to the wedding but you must pay us $2306 bitcoins to attend. We are going to live in his palace, happily ever after.

I just received a call from 1-305-515-2725 and 1-561-270-8490 both numbers out of Florida. They never leave a message. On Saturday morning I got a call from 1-305-515-2725 with a recorded message telling me that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and that I needed to call another number. Well I didn't get the number so I called 1-305-515-2725 to get the number and it said my call could not be completed as dialed. I will be calling IRS Monday morning to report this.

Received 2 calls from (562) 408-0709 saying they were IRS asking for $2,700! Heknew my name, address and telephone number! Very aggressive and threatened to send cops and IRS to my door then threatened saying someone might burn down my apartment!!!

I have been getting calls saying the IRS is bringing suit against us. The numbers are 310-908-8666 (2 calls) on 8/9/16. Two calls on 8/24/16 from 440-279-7529 and one call on 8/27/16 from 877-719-4201. I have not answered these calls, but the call said today would be the last before they file suit.

Received 2 call today from 626-319-4386 and got the same voicemail as the above.

Received several calls from "IRS" - All calls said they were filing a lawsuit against me - gave no reason why.
Then said "Thank you" and hung up.

They keep using different telephone numbers and recording their message on my answering machine!

I have never responded - knowing it's a scam.

I just this simalair call today and claimed the irs in a robot like indian womans voice i just the number which is 209-900-5816 im not answer the call again cause ik i owe nothing and i wont be scammed they should be caught for doing this mess and locked up for life

In the last month I have gotten 8 phone calls from this # 310 4317430 However I never answer my phone, only my contacts! SO! I finally called! It says no longer working! Last phone message said " This is IRS Last Warning, We are Filing a Lawsuit Against YOU" Honestly it did worry me. And I get stuff ALL the time in my mailbox & SPAM

I am sick of these IRS Scammers, I have a whole file of numbers and some are the same numbers you all are getting. I was a Reservist Deputy Sheriff and if the IRS REALLY has a situation with you, you will receive a Certified Letter First. They NEVER call, email or text. I even spoke to my mail man about these idiots. I am physically disabled and need my sleep. So please use reverse phone dial to get ALL the information you can on these idiots. I have noticed first they where using "PEERLESS NETWORK VOIP LINE" and now after blocking tons of their numbers, I did reverse phone lookup records and these people are using AT&T Mobile phone. I am so PISSED and I am being nice, trust me. Because I am going to make it my mission to find these smucks and nail them for impersonating a Federal agent. Which is a Felony, no if's or butts about that, but calling me all the time is also harassment. So, if in USA. which most numbers are being used, I am going to find them, but first report ALL NUMBERS, time of day, day of week. etc... The more information you give the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the real IRS Harrassment scam line the better. Forget your local police. Nothing they can do. Especially since impersonating agents with fake names, or in my case a real agents name, who was retired. But once they get your number I find it hard to stop. I decided to start recording my calls since if have mobile phone there are apps to do it. I am calling them back and telling them I have "trap and trace" on them and have turned them over to a Federal Task force. Two can play this game. I want to tie up there computer or India girl I ripped a new one with. So, I. Do not recommend doing what I am doing, but since unable to really work after 23 Major Spine Surgeries and I live in Chronic Spine Pain. So, now it's time to raise hell with these idiot's. Remember that I still have contacts, but do not believe you should be so bold like I am doing. But I am sick of them getting around OUR laws and international laws. So, for me I can have Verizon Wireless stop them from getting through, plus on my mobile phone, I use auto reject to stop some from getting through. If calling at your home number, use the white page reverse phone lookup to get all you can before giving the information to IRS or FTC. Go to radio shack and get a inner ear recording piece that will go to a digital recorder, if feel like it's going nowhere to try to report these idiot's causing so much harassment. I am extremely sorry for my long message, but I am going to put some of these USA scammers in the Federal LOCKUP Called, "Prison". Thanks and keep reporting them. Thank you, eguy.

I got a similar call from 408-514-9622.

Most recently I've gotten IRS lawsuit calls from 206-336-3529, 911-337-7466, 575-725-3924. All my calls are screened thru answering machine.

4044002533 - Georgia - I live in SC so i called these yahoos back a few times asking where are you located? they hung up until one guy said "we are based in Pakistan" probably not, but i want them to stop calling me. I have already dealt with real life IRS issues i dont need fake ones.

got the call from 253-203-1850. did not call it back. i am submitting a complaint.

just got again a IRS scam call saying I will be arrested (3rd time in 2 years) Indian woman with a NY phone number 347-649-7344, I immediately told her that I will report her phone number and she hang up.

was just called from 213-291-3221 and told a criminal law suit would be filed against me if I did not call back immediately and get a lawyer. Called back and a man answered with an Indian accent. He didn't even answer saying, "This is the IRS" or anything like that. I told him it was a scam and hung up. Who do these creeps think they are?

received this message today ask to call 360-561-1076

Here is another number to add to the scam list: 410-208-8715. This one came from Maryland and it also was a robcall from the IRS threatening with a lawsuit. I got the call this morning. I didn't bother calling the number back.

wow today I received a call from a woman who left a message on my cell phone no name just a number saying she was with the IRS and it was Urgent I called back and a MAN WITH A HEAVY INDIAN ACCENT TOLD ME i OWED BACK TAXES AND THEY WERE ISSUING A WARRANT WITH THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES AND I WOULD BE ARRESTED IN ONE HOUR AND I ALSO NEED A GOOD CRIMINAL ATTORNEY. I have a phone I am not familiar with and accientally deleted the number it started with a 866 area code that is all I can remember. Five hours later no one knocked on the door to arrest me. Oh yes and a warrant will be issued for my arrest also for 5 years of back taxes. REALLY!

I just got a scam call with that same recorded 'I owe the IRS from (270) 579-8562

Received 2 call today from 318 228-9003 and got the same voicemail as the above.
Internal revenue services the reason of this call is to inform you that I rs is filing lawsuit against you to get more information about this case file, please call immediately on our department number 318 228-9003 Pete 308 228-9003 you.

I received a voicemail from 413-356-4703 saying there was a lawsuit against me with the IRS. I called and an Indian person with a heavy accent told me the SS# associated with my phone number is red flagged with the IRS and that they were going forward with legal action. My cell phone is a company phone. I asked him if there is someway I could verify we actually works for the IRS and he got very rude and demanded my name. I told him I believe this is a scam. If you have my SS# then you already have my name. I finally hung up.
We live in a country where you can go to prison for shoplifting. This could have potentially been a much greater theft. What recourse do we have? Who do we call?

You can report IRS imposter scams to the FTC at and to the Treasury Inspector General.

I have received these calls from 848-456-8006 if you call them back the number just rings and rings! Stating they are the IRS.

We've been getting these calls. My husband finally called back and gave "Officer Jack" a boisterous F U! But it saddens me that there must be some people falling victim to these idiots or they wouldn't keep doing it.

New phone number for everyone's record (347) 906-8652. I got 2 phone calls in last two days. Second time they left me the electronic voice mail. Just going to block the phone number. Word of advise, if the number is unknown, don't pick up; a friend or a friends friend or a colleague from work can always send you text. AND ALWAYS CHECK UNKNOWN PHONE NUMBERS THROUGH GOOGLE BEFORE PAYING OR EVEN CALLING BACK!

I received a call today from 253-656-5042. It was an automated message with a male's voice stating that I was under investigation with the IRS. I am pretty sure if I was under investigation IRS would send an agency to meet me in person. The call originates from Kent, Washington.

i just got a call, i let it go to voicemail, but when i called my voicemail, it said it was the irs calling me to tell me they were going to file a lawsuit against me? how did i know if its true?

It's a scam. Don't answer. IRS will never call you.

Just got the call. They have changed their number lol I was told to call 575-706-4637 and the caller id matched that number.

I knew this was a scam the instant I heard the voice mail. "If you do not return our call within 24 working hours, you will be taken under custody by local cops ..." 24 working hours? What is that? LOCAL COPS? ha ha that sounds very professional. My call came from 305 515 8392

The scam is still ongoing 9/19/2016. I just received an automated call saying that the IRS was investigating me and to a call back at the (347)394-1534, number.

still going on. Sept 19, 2016 - 213 550-4700 - claimed to be officer Steve Parker from IRS regarding pending legal action.

The scams IRS number that has called me is 888-376-0714 it would be funny except that there are elderly and others who are not aware that get scammed.

Received the exact VM message above on Sept 21st, 2016 from (720)634-9658. Shows Denver, CO on my caller ID but it's probably just a burner number.


My call came from 213-361-3304 when I called back and said it was a scam she hung up on me.

September 22, 2016
I received a voicemail from 202-810-2994. The vm said This is the IRS and calling about suspicious activity that may result in arrest warrant and to call the number given.
I called the number and they did not answer phone saying IRS. The guy sounded foreign..They asked me for my first and last name. I said, no I don't give personal information out but will give the number they called (my number) to go from there. They repeated wanting my name, so I repeated NO, etc. As I had no problem cooperating except I don't know who they are looking for etc., and was trying to confirm if they were calling for me or not. Obvious a scam. I suggest you don't give out personal information as it only gives these scammers more to use. And no, I don't believe IRS will call out of the blue. The IRS loves paperwork, so they will always send postal mail threats first. BTW IRS taxes is VOLUNTARY. No law for taxes except with state taxes. Only taxes on profits, NOT income.

Got calls from 213 709-5964 (local to me) just now, saying that there was a warrant out on me for tax evasion, due to possible misreporting of income on my 2010-2013 ta returns. The guy said I had to pay $7,843 immediately, over the phone, or else the LAPD would be sent to arrest me. For whatever reason, I didn't pick up it was a scam until I started to ask if there was a website I could go to with some kind of verification of the number I called. That's when he screamed at me that he was doing his job, that if I doubted the credibility of the United States Government than it would be held against me in court.

So I kept him on the line while I did a little web search for the scam, and found this site/article. Thank God for that! I was genuinely on the hook. For the most part I consider myself a savvy, canny, cynical, suspicious guy -- but when the IRS is involved I turn into a terrified child. It's why I'm usually pretty careful and conservative with my tax returns -- and why I was so confused by the accusation!

(Oh, but if the LAPD DOES in fact show up to arrest me in the next hour, like he promised... tell my wife I love her!)

I got a call from 347-944-5037. Heavy accent saying I was going to be arrested in the next 45 minutes due to tax evasion.

New number 931-842-5866 same call same story and when I called back there was a loud noise like she been driving in a car. I told her don't call my number again and that I already reported her, she tried to explain that this is officer so so forgot name and this is no joke it's real

I've received multiple calls from 213 793 6771. I ignore them and check the v/m. Exact same wording as in the video.

I have been getting these calls daily on my house phone and cell phone. Sometimes 2-3 times a day. I enter the numbers into call block on both phones. I've had no,less than 20 calls already. Annoying.

Yesterday i received two call from the irs .they told me that they were suing me .too call them at this number 1 734 345 1466

my wife and i received a number of calls in the last few days from a heavely accented Indian man and lady stating that that were from irs. lady name was kezia parker badge # irm 7209 phone # 347 394 1552. sounds like a scam like all the rest

Here is the call transcript..."Is extremely time sensitive. I am officer Lauren Matthew from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 347-704-5836. I repeat it's 347-704-5836. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Goodbye and take care."


received a call stating IRS is filing a suit against me. just want to leave the #s for anyone else who might have received the call


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