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It’s the IRS calling…or is it?

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Here at the FTC, we think about scams all day long. What are the scammers’ new angles? How can we keep ahead of them? We hear from people about the scams they see, and we turn that into tips people use to spot and avoid scams.

But scammers find FTC staff, just as they find the rest of America. My colleagues and I have even gotten calls on our work phones, offering reduced credit card interest rates, or claiming to be tech support calling about problems with our computers. We also get the calls at home. In fact, someone claiming to work for the IRS called my house just last week:

This has all the signs of an IRS imposter scam. In fact, the IRS won’t call out of the blue to ask for payment, won’t demand a specific form of payment, and won’t leave a message threatening to sue you if you don’t pay right away. Have you gotten a bogus IRS call like this? If you did, report the call to the FTC and to TIGTA – include the phone number it came from, along with any details you have.

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I just received this call from +1(786)503-2063. It was a Florida number.

Just got a call from 360-851-4681,with the same story. I was thinking of calling and going along for some fun :)

I got a call from 509-588-7564 saying there was a lawsuit being filed and to get more this number! Total scam and no I didn't call back.


I have been getting calls I do not normally answer and let go to voice mail. The message they leave was telling me IRS has filed a law suit against me .Just got another call from 347-349-5325 and decided to answer. The was a woman on the other side with thick african accent trying to impose she was calling from IRS, same story. I told her I was recording the call and will asked her to state her name,so I can report her to police ,she refused and told me to shut up & hung up on me.
I called back ans a man with the same african accent answered with "internal revenue service, how may I direct your call" I asked him for his name. Ben Johnson he responded...of course very common name in Nigeria..LOL
I told him I was about to report them to police for fraud and insisted speaking to the woman who hang up on me. He said he was just front desk and will ask the "officer"call me back later. IRS knows which officer from the thousands working there called me :))) As you guessed he also hung up. I thought I won`t let go, called again and again, they won`t answer.
Will call them back later. They got no idea what trouble they got into with me :)))))

Because law enforcement WON'T do anything. you'd be better off setting them up with your local news station

I agree 100% and then we can sue them and become debt free along with rich.

I got a call from one today. He said he was from the US Treasury and I owed a lot of money and in big trouble. He had an Indian accent. I kept telling him how he was a scam and he told me the police were on the way to my house right now. I told him I was the Police. He replied Detectives would be at my house any minute. I told him I had kept him on the phone so I could trace his call and now we are locked into his location the Authorities would be at his door any moment. He hung up. LOL

I've been getting calls from 252-207-2730 stating they are the IRS and are going to file a lawsuit against me.

Received the same message from 904-452-9202

got a call from 904-677-2780 about arresting me in 30 minute and me owing back taxes and committing treason and breaking the law etc.etc.

That's what I'd like to know!

(360)208-0863 is the number that had called me TWICE!!! Telling me to call them back at the number they called from because they filed a lawsuit against me!! Knew it was a scam as soon as they said they were the I.R.S!! Sorry suckers my parents didnt raise no DUMMY!! Lol.. Just thought I'd share the number in case someone gets the same call from the same number!

I just got a call from a blocked # it left me a message and phone number to call saying they were going to take action. I didn't have time to write the # down. What should I do

If the IRS needs to reach you they will start by sending a letter.

I received 4 repeated calls same moment from 347.985.8652 a lady with an indian accent I told her I was busy. She left a message that she is from IRS and I have a legal case under my full name and I need to immediately call for any legal proceeding. Scam! Watch out on.

I have received many calls almost everyday from different numbers doing this scam some Washington Chicago numbers and 800 numbers even robo messages on my voicemail they are harassing me and i wish they would stop calling me even using 0000 to get though the block list.

Just a few moments ago i got a robot or whatever call from California. The number was (323)314-6724 saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. And that I have to call headquarters or something to get more info. I can't remember it all exaclty. Is it real?

If the IRS needs to reach you, it will send a letter. The IRS will not call you and leave a recorded message.

I got a call and knew right away that it was a scam because that's not the way they work. Here's the phone number: 1(760) 201-9364 from Vista CA.

I called them back quite a few times in one evening. On one of my first calls, after I gave my diatribe of righteous indignation, the man on the other end threatened me with sexual assault. Come on... impersonating a federal investigator and threatening sexual assault... something should be done. I am thrilled that I tied them up for over forty minutes with my phone calls (mostly I just played them the Deadpool soundtrack) because it might mean they couldn't connect with the one poor widow who might have fallen for this.

The #s I'm getting called from are 0000000000 & 10. Several times a day now. Getting frustrated.


Got a call and a voice message saying to contact directly phone #(347)560-7215, saying she was officer Susan Allen from the investigation department of the IRS and there was an arrest warrant and I needed to call immediately. I got scared so I called them back, put me on hold and then called me back within seconds. She said I had 3 charges against the Constitution, gave me a case #, that the call was being recorded and anything I would say could be used against me. She asked me some questions to "verify I was telling the thruth", if I had been arrested before, if I had any tickets and how I filled my taxes. When I asked questions she rushed and said the police was going to my house right away and that I could discuss with them.

Are calls from 202-570-7458 scams?

Hi, I keep getting calls from agents stating that they are calling from the criminal investigation dept from the internal revenue service and that they sent me 2 letters and I never responded and that a detective will be coming to my home if I don't call them back.It's always someone with a middle eastern accent and the number is 301-327-7190 and the other number is 240-200-8403. Is this a scam? I don't know if it's real or not. help?

If the IRS needs to contact you, it will send a letter first. If you got a letter from the IRS recently, and you want to talk to someone at the IRS, call the number on the letter, or call 800-829-1040.

If you didn't get a letter from the IRS recently, this is probably a scam. Scammers pretend to be from the IRS and tell people they have to make immediate payments over the phone. You can report an IRS imposter to the Treasury Inspector General at 800-366-4484. This FTC page has more about IRS imposter scams.

A message was left by someone claiming to be from the IRS asking me to call them before they issue a warrant out for my arrest. I was upset and tried to call them to get their information to report their scam to the police, only they did not pick up the phone.

I just received a call today with said voicemail. But the number was blocked. How can I stop it?

9044427354 just wanted to post this one for everyone to look out for

The number that called me was 509 792 3499.....Not sure if it was real...... But they said if I dont pay Or if I fight the case and loose...Id get taken to a prison in Alaska

I keep getting calls from an automotive service. The last call I received came from 864-302-3004, about 5 minutes ago. The message was identical to the one in the recording on this post. I am reporting it now to the proper people.

I had a robocall this afternoon saying the IRS has a lawsuit filed against me stating to call 3143287757. Thanks for the help on avoiding these people/scammers/crooks/lame-o’s.

robo call from 661-451-1032 i call back after i hung up , a man with indian accent bubbled around then said irs , i laughed at him and said yeah sure , i do know from a friend the irs will send a letter , if you do not respond after 2 or 3 times they will freeze your account, but robo calls i never heard of

I got a similar vm from 2092486625... What is sound legal advice to take action and stop the scammers?

I got a phone call for the last 2 days saying something about crime and I willl be arrested?? Ok I have never been intro me with the law and I pay my bills so I know it’s a scam the numbers area code 205-419-9089 and the same message came through yesterday I blocked it so same are code Just a different number

Thank You for all your good work.

Good work? That's laughable. The FTC hasn't done a thing except note this is a scam call on their website. Furthermore, in the comments section an FTC Rep goes on to state something to the affect "there's not much we can do to stop spoofing".

If the scammers are leaving a phone number, can't the IRS find out who "owns" the number and go after them? After all, the number must eventually lead to someone who knows about the scam.

Current technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information, so the number you see on caller ID probably isn’t real. Without more information, it’s difficult for us to identify the actual caller. Even so, the FTC analyzes information from complaints to identify illegal callers based on calling patterns.

The return call connected me with a liver person. FTC should be able call and trace it. Or play along and wait for them to request payment. Then shut down their finances. Or play along until they ask for key information like a social security number. Give them a fake one and track the usage of it. (like marked bills)

Please use your reading comprehension skills. The caller left a number verbally in the message. In order for the scam to work, the caller must leave contact information. The caller ID may be fake, but the contact information is not fake.

The FTC could combat this by making the 'do-not-call' list opt-out instead of opt-in. The FTC web site says that legitimate businesses will pay attention to the do not call list. This is incorrect. A legitimate business won't spam potential customers by calling them.

The FTC could further combat this by disallowing robo calls by government officials, particularly around election season. By limiting the number of spam calls, it becomes easier to detect unusual calling activitiy.

The FTC can additionally combat this by requiring phone companies to offer free call blocking for unverified originating phone numbers.

A lot of smart people have thought about this. Hop on the internet and do some research about various ways to combat these scams.

The problem is that these calls are very likely coming from foreign countries with little to no concern. The U.S. FTC can't have the attorney general call Pakistan and ask their intelligence services to spend resources searching for joe bob the auto dialer. Best thing we can do is be cautious and spread the word.

I got two of these calls back to back on April 22,2015 I did a reverse phone search, and found it was from a company in WA State. I Googled the number and found it was sent from a landline Telemarketer. The number I didn't call back was: 253-655-4857.. Caller: "Level 3 Communications Call Type:Telemarketer." I was going to be have a "lawsuit" filed against me. I'm 84 years old, and have never been in I don't want to start now. The body's shot, but fortunately the mind is still pretty much okay.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. These are useful details for a complaint.  Please go to to report this. We can't address complaints you report here in the blog comments.

I recieved a call from unavailable first then they told me i've been approved for gov grant money they owe me from 5,000 - 14,000 dollars. i would recieve a call from their manager so he gave me the number just in case. He said he would need my bank info well it was up to me but direct deposit or credit card up to me. I didn't have my bank information on hand so I told him If I could call him back. But he told me my address etc to confirm it was me then he said I've been selected for grant money that I dont need to pay back, it's government grant money.Before we hung up he gave me a file number "my file number" and whoever I speak to will ask for it. so present that number to them when they ask. When I called that number he gave, a male answered and I told him I was returning a call someone called me earlier. So he asked the number and he addressed my first and last name? then he went on and explained that I've been selected for the state of hawaii grant money they owe me? then he went on to ask so do you know how you've been selected and i said no I was just about to ask and he said yes, I will explain that to you. So because you have filed your taxes on time, paid taxes, good citizen, no criminal record, your name has been selected for the state of hawaii for this gov grant money. so mam let me pull up your file and check how much you qualify for ok just stay on the line with me pok mam. and then he came back on a few minutes later and said ok mam so you've been qualified for 14,566 dollars. theres so much more to say but I came home to kind of check it out about scams etc. my number area code is texas,469

I've received funny calls and someone took loans out in my name that's a school and home loan I never took out any loans all my life and now all this identity thieves please help!

If you think you've been a victim of identity theft here are some steps you can take to protect yourself. Find more information about identity theft at

Its time for the FTC to help. Telephone providers only allow blocking of 10 to 20 numbers. They also charge if you don't want your number published. Time to hold them accountable and remove the limitations and offer free unpublished numbers.

It won't do any good to have your number unpublished. we do and our bank sold our number to all kinds of places. we don't even answer our phone anymore because of it. Just got an IRS scam call to boot. Told me they were going to put us in jail if we didn't call them back. I know we haven't broken any laws so they are full of it. I sure wish they could do something about these people taking advantage of people with fear tactics. Isn't it illegal to impersonate the IRS??? I would think they would want to do whatever they could to catch them.


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