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Looking for a place to rent?

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How many hours have you spent looking at ads for apartments or houses to rent? Or asking people you know for leads on a good place?

Finding the right apartment or house might not be easy. Besides finding a place that meets your needs or wants, in an area that works, you might have questions like:

  • Can I afford the rent and any other costs?
  • What documents and information do I need to apply to rent a place?
  • Will I still be able to rent if I have a bad credit history?

Read the Renting an Apartment or House article at It tells you what you need to know before you rent an apartment or house, in a plain and simple style. 

You also can read about other ways to manage your money, and can order free copies of materials. Each topic has a one-page article with the steps to take to deal with that issue. Order as many copies as you want, and we’ll ship them to you for free.

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i am in need of some where to live because now i am staying with a relative

that is great.

I live in an acceptable senior complex and they still allow smoking. Smoke is entering my apt thru the vent. I have tried so many things and no one can do anything because they don't smell it. It does not happen 24-7.

My concern is why are apartment owners allowed to use credit ratings in a relationship that is not credit based. When a owner advertises a rental and a renter signs a lease and the owner accepts the lease, it is not a credit relationship, the owner is not extending credit, the lessee is not getting something on time. Moreover, unlike many credit relationships, owners have immediate and swift access to the courts and eviction in the event of nonpayment. I think this fact is a stark reminder of how credit ratings are inappropriately used and I think the FTC can stop this activity. Too many renters are being deprived of the basic tenets of live, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness because barriers are created to keep them out of decent places to live.

Georgia, The apt owner needs to be reassured that the new renter is going to pay their rent and not distroy the unit. Thus, the apt owner does credit checks to make sure of these criterias before signing any agreements.

When owners do a credit check, they want to make sure you can afford to pay the entire duration of lease, thus good and bad credit. The other part of credit check is calling other owners where you have rented. Because, court costs the apt owner substantiable fees if the renter defaults the agreement with owner.

Auto insurance is based on your driving history. Yes, it can be costly and seemed not fair because, by law have to have auto ins and penalized if you had claims and violations.

Have you ever needed some help because of lack of income and tried to recieve food supplements?. The auto you drive is counted as an asset in most cases, though the auto insurance doesn't count as an deduction from income. That ain't fair

I wholeheartedly agree with Georgia! Another example is automobile insurance companies do the same thing and again it is not a credit relationship. This should be stopped as it is getting out of hand. What has happened to our individual rights?

While I DO agree with Georgia regarding housing, I'm afraid that I have to disagree with you, Nevada 25. There is a key difference that makes automobile and even "renter's" insurance a "credit" transaction.

When you get insurance on your vehicle, there is a total price (aka premium) stated for the policy coverage period, say 6-month duration as an example. Unless you pay the policy premium up-front (and they generally don't even offer you that option), you are making monthly payment towards that policy premium. Therefore, they have give you credit for the cost of the premium and the payment duration is the length of the policy purchased.

So, sad to say, it truly IS a credit transaction. And they generally charge an nominal fee even for automatic payment withdrawal and/or "account maintenance fee". State Farm charges me a extra $1 each month for this.

My rent take majority of my disability check and I'VE been placing my name on waiting list for senior housing.It's been hard not. Being able to buy food or pay bills in full or purchase medicine when the price is only $2.65. Being able to move is my only answer even moving out of Chicago.

If I go to the bank for a loan...I might be asked for my drivers license as a means of Identification. The bank really does NOT CARE if I am a good driver or not...only that I have a valid license for IDENTIFICATIN!!!
On the other hand.. If I submit an application for car insurance...what does my financials.. or my academic accomplishment have to do with my driving history??? The ONLY thing that is relevant (for assessing my application) is whether I am a historically good driver (accident reports, driving records, etc).
Think about these:
1. YOU ARE A HOISTORICALLY GOOD DRIVER.. but your rates are increased because of where you live. Wher you live has NOTHING to do with your driving record, but because your car MIGHT be ar "risk".. YOU ARE CHARGED MORE!!
2. YOU HAVE A GREAT DRIVING RECORD.. but because you did not graduate high school.. or do not belong to any of the "REQUIRED" organizations.. or may have some credit challenges, YOU ARE CHARGED MORE. WHY? Because the Insurance companies have found out..over time.. that applicants who have the challenges listed above.. ARE MORE LIKELY to have insurance claims (accidents) than those who do not! SO YOU ARE CHARGED MORE..not because you are BAD driver.. or a bad risk...BUT BECAUSE YOU A THE MEMBER OF A GROUP WHO MIGHT (Emphasis on.. "MIGHT")
have a higher accident risk!!
Credit scores.. and credit reports have been used to assess appicants' risks to meet there financial obligations! Every other data are there to move that score upwards (YOU PAY LESS) or downwards.. YOU PAY MORE!
Credit scores have NOTHING to do with opening a bank account..but the Bank will check your credit report to make some assessment (assumptions??) about you.
Credit scores have NOTHING to do with your driving ability.. but the INSURANCE company will check your credit scores(report) to make some assessment(assumptions??)about you.
The whole "CREDIT SYSTEM" is there to allow good finacial decision. Yet..the CREDIT(THREE) COMPANIES
have found ways to sell their products. and the oRGANIZATIONS/CORPORATIONS have found ways to use these reports to make money!
It has become a way of life.
Perhaps when (IF) GOD comes, it may change. Til then, GOD HELP US!!?
(The only way out of this spider web.. IS TO HAVE SUFFICIENT MONEY to pay cash for some things, to own outright some things (car, home, etc!)

Good job !!find out rent place is too difficult to live better with comfort.....There are so many things must consider when you look for rent place ..Like your budget criteria, your requirements, location ..Good Luck guys !

can I us my granddaughter to cosign for a house to rent

That could depend on many different facts, like your granddaughter's age, your landlord's rules, or state law.

hello my name is Ronald I have sec8 housing and iam looking for a place too rent

Please talk to people at the housing agency in your area.

Use standardization of fees and credit checks to limit abuse from big box apartment complexes, deposit theft, abusive late fees, monetizing of utilities, and black-listing of tenants and the ability to damage your credit score. They are in the business of selling living spaces and not trying to ruin people credit standing.

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