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Feds call out national mortgage servicer

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The Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau don’t play games when it comes to making loan servicers pay for illegal and unscrupulous behavior. Case in point: Green Tree Servicing LLC.

Today, the FTC and CFPB reached a settlement with Green Tree. In a joint agency complaint, the FTC and CFPB alleged foul play: Green Tree committed a slew of unfair and deceptive practices in loan servicing, debt collection, and credit reporting that affected homeowners nationwide.

Among Green Tree’s alleged swing-and-miss-behavior:

Strike One — Loan Servicing: Green Tree misrepresented that customers had to make additional payments to be eligible for a loan modification; failed to honor loan modifications from previous loan servicers; and misrepresented the time it would take to respond to a request for a short sale, causing people to fall into delinquency or even foreclosure.

Strike Two — Debt Collection: Green Tree falsely represented how much people owed or the legal status of their debts; told third parties, including employers, about people’s debts; and called people repeatedly and used abusive language.

Strike Three — Credit Reporting: Green Tree furnished credit reporting agencies with customer information it knew was inaccurate, and failed to correct inaccurate information in a timely manner.

Under the proposed settlement, Green Tree will pay a total of $63 million: $48 million in refunds to consumers, and $15 million in civil penalties. In addition, Green Tree must create a program to test the accuracy of its data, cease its illegal debt collection and credit reporting practices, and implement a home preservation program to ensure that it honors loan modifications.

If you’re having trouble paying your mortgage, or your loan has been transferred to another servicer, learn about your options and your rights.


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When you going to do something about ocwen maybe never

All these criminal "mortgage companies" do is change their names when too much SHTF. Greentree, Nationstar, Morequity, Ocwen...all in bed together...and the attorney generals/judges/lawyers must all be tucking them all in at night because there's so many complaints and obvious proof of criminality a child could clearly see it. It hasn't stopped despite all the hoopla in past years about investigating and 'getting tough'. Media hype is all that was.

And they continue to do business. In 2012 and 2013, Green Tree earned 4 STAR Servicer Awards from the Federal National Mortgage Association. We have achieved top quality marks from independent rating agencies like Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.
So no responsible individual? Just pay a fine and be done?

Ihad problems with my bank and insurance company no payment history stated they did not have to keep records of payments.received notice from Irs no records from 2001-2011 microfIlm records destroyed no equIty.Inurance company refused to pay for vanderlism, thieves destroyed my house filing fraudulent claims flipping property.people you know will steal you blind.they will do you end messed up my name body would not listen no complaints were taken. Awful way for law enforcement to be as an American citizen.

My hopes is in the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. In the name of JESUS I know on day will be my turn to buy an house for my children to be out of humiliations, assault, negligence, abuses, nonfeasance,

They need to do this to Ocwen, AGAIN !!!!!!! They didn't learn their lesson last time. They use this same type of tactics. When will these people go to jail instead of a slap on the wrist??

I know exactly what you mean. They are relentless in their tactics. Tacking on all sorts of charges on the mortgage statement and half of their customer service reps do not know what they are talking about. Frustrated In Florida

I also noticed charges/adjustments when I received my first statement from GT. Everyone get an Amortization Schedule and a Green Tree Account History document and check to see if there are any amounts in the Princ only Enc column on the amortization and check for adjustment amounts in the principal and interest columns on the GT account history. If so, notify the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

To whom it may concern,

I have been experiencing issues fabricated by this servicer since day one. I feel that they are being bank rolled by a larger institution, which is so far not been called out. Even though, I had an attorney address the issues fabricated by GT, they continue to send in correct statements, make inaccurate claims against my property and (I assume) report fabricated information to credit agencies. I commend the commission for latching on to these folks, however, as the commissions recourse is clear, I cannot see how any of it will compel the servicer to correct the personally directed and documented infractions caused by them. Is the commission aware of how much effort and resources it takes for the average Joe, to have false information removed from his or her financial history records. Though, I applaud the commissions efforts to "call these folks out", I just do not see them going out of business as they should for farthing the nations' disparities of income and equality. If, only your institution can afford to put these sorts of activities in check, and you do not, or do so little... where does this leave the common man/woman who cannot even afford representation.
That said, we thank you for your efforts thus far. God bless America.

Well FTC, you did do something, Green Tree changed their name... No longer Green Tree servicing. Thanks, Hhans

when are you going up against nationstar mortgage i know you have thousands of complaints whose the real loser these servisers steal billions and are fined millions no win situation for them and the fines do they ever go back to the consumer?

This is 2017 and Nothing done about Nationstar Mtg Loan Officers were specifically trained to Con and Lie. First lie about Available Govt programs, next state that I'm not eligible because I'm not behind on my Mtg, Dude, I have been making ends meet with student loans, Can't you see that from my credit report, my son (student) was behind on car payments because I had to ensure as a parent we have a Roof to live under after BOFA sold us to Ocwen and later Nationstar. They claim to be debt agencies and that we are losers and don't deserve any low income Govt Programs then jack up our monthly mortgage, so we'll loose our homes. How do the Govt allow these Mortgage Companies to operate and screw up peoples lives. I'm ashamed to call myself a US Citizen when Govt Programs help the actual losers such as these scamming culprits called Nationstar who will make the American Dream come true by ensuring that we all loose our homes.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

what was done about suntrust mortgage?? I see new court orders for new policies....I see nothing regarding the (past) homeowners being compensated!! I lost my house in 2011. it was covered by the mtg foreclosure compensation - that was a joke! I also lost $85000.00 down payment (inheritance). I earn 23,000 a year!~ I will never be able to recover!! I could of spent that on dentistry I need or bought a car newer than 1997 (i drive) or taken my family on a vacation (a first) now what?

What about Wells Fargo. They promised a construction to perm loan. I reeived a good faith letter to finance construction at 5.0%. At initial closing they told me I had an interim finance company for construction, the interest on that loan would be 10%, not the 5 promised in good faith letter and had to pay for a additional closing fees of $9,000 for this closing and had to do an additional closing for additional closing fees of another $12,000 to modify that mortgage and assign to Wells Fargo at final closing

What about mortgage companies that do not communicate except via welcome letters over and over. When CitiMortgage reassigned me to a new contact I received one call by my new contact to notify me that he was replacing the old one and that was the last time he called. Sent numerous faxes but never received a confirmation of receipt, even mailed them but no response. Tried calling but could never get him on the phone, instead wanted to speak to another contact person. Off course they turned me down for the refinance with the wrong information. If this not the type of complaint you monitor, sorry, just had to get it of my chest....

What I want to know is HOW did I get oVERLOOKED for this settlement? Where are MY papers to get part of that settlement??? Why is it, after 16 years of complaining of things WORSE than this, that NOW you finally seem to have done "something", but are ALL of US included in these settlements? Do you know they COST me my job, an unspeakable amount of time running myself to death to get them "money" they say I owed and has NEVER been reflected in my account? I have a list LONGER than this, so are there MORE lawsuits in the mix???

For a list of recent FTC cases involving refunds, go to FTC refunds.  You can check with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at

I hear you!! I was too busy surviving in 2012 to be watching news. Only recently heard of settlements. I lost EVERYTHING and then was still sued illegally for deficiency, even though Wells Fargo collected recollected, sold and resold my loan! They were paid 10 times over. I am trying to uncover reasons some of the most egregious and fraudulent loans were left out of the "database" for settlements. Just had to file complaint with the OCC because Fargo is concealing information. Like I wanted a trip down nightmare lane. Let's stay in touch:)

Robin, I know how you feel. After almost having a nervous breakdown and losing tens of thousands due to Greentree scamming me in my modification, I get a check for $20! They were evil. Now, Greentree was bought by DiTech. So far, no issues but I can't wait to get away from these scam artists,...

how file mortgage company the scam me in 2007

If you have been a victim of a mortgage scam, file a complaint with the FTC.  This article about mortgage and foreclosure rescue scams has more information for you.  You can also file a complaint online with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or call them at 855-411-2372.

I noticed that this was filed in federal court in Minnesota so does the judgement only apply to homeowners in that state?

Please, please look into Seterus, these jokers should not be allowed to f*& w/ other peoples livelihood. Day 1 after the servicer transfer I was greeted w/ a collections notice BEFORE their welcome packet. Their switch to all electronic billing w/o prior notice followed by a non-functioning website to access the account.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. We can't address complaints that come through the blog comments. Please go to to report this.

We (my husband, former Veteran) and myself are both 72, lost our jobs. We went on Social Security & after spending all our savings to pay the mortgage, we found our new (4th) Servicer is Ditech.

They gave us a GREAT trial modification but 4 months later & all our payments made on time, they sent us an awful permanent modification that states "There are no negotiations on a permanent modification."

The contract is poorly written, there are illegal/excessive fees for drive-by's to see if we live in our home ($9,210.11) & they want interest on top of interest payments, a balloon payment in yr. 18 & instead of 2% rate they increase it after 5 years. There is a contradiction re: principal balance "interest will accrue on the unpaid interest that is added to the principal balance". I need to find a legal representative in Ditech so request a more equitable mod. To date, I've not been able to find out who to talk with at this company. My SPOC keeps changing and my calls are not returned. They've refused to give me the phone # to Loss Mitigation or their legal counsel. Help!

You can file a complaint about your mortgage to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Go to the CFPB complaints page. The CFPB will send your complaint to the mortgage company, and the company will respond to the CFPB and you.

Some lawyers offer free services for veterans. The American Bar Association has more information.

Or, if you're looking for a lawyer, you could use this state-by-state list from the American Bar Association, or visit this site from the State Bar Associations.

ocwen was playing games for years for modification too and transferring to other financial collection

I pay my mortgage every month but not on time. I asked Ditech if they would change the due date in the same month so I can prevent late payment fees of $38.00 which they accrue each month: if paying after the 15th of month it's $38.00; if paying after the 15th of the next month it's $76.00. This is just another way of getting additional money.I collect Social Security and some part time work. What's the big deal as long as I pay my premium every month?


Question: Will the FTC help me with mortgage foreclosure fraud? I have verifiable reasons to believe I'm being defrauded by Caliber Home Loans and LSF9 Master Participation Trust. If the answer is yes, where do I file a Complaint with the FTC? Thanks --Dutch

You can file a complaint with the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The FTC doesn't give individual help to people. We collect reports of problems to build cases. To get individual help, call 1-888-995-HOPE for free personalized advice from housing counseling agencies certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Called HOPE,they would not help because I had not contributed to them .Explained to them a contribution would be made when money was recouped .

CFPB does not help, attorney generals do not help, letters, e-mails, phone calls do not help. I was ripped off by Greentree, given a $30 check and then continued to get robbed by Ditech. They bought insurance that I already had and continue to take escrow money from me. I'm refinancing to be free of them after 3 years of fighting.

Please report your experience to law enforcement. You can report to and to the CFPB.

Need to ck in to Bayview Funding LLC Complete liars and crooks!!!

It is 2018 and I have been filing complaints, writting letters, hours of phone calls and NOTHING not a dang thing has changed with OCWEN they have made the past 5yrs of my life a living hell, got payments never posted, sold my house in sheriff sale while I was paying modification payments for 3months already and even ahead a payment and added all those fees to my loan and the title or deed took me 2.5yrs to get back into my name. my original loan bal was 100k and is now 142,000 and i purchased in 2005 i get monthly inspection and certified mail fees added to my account and have never gotten a piece of mail certified or see anyone do an inspection then they send me more modification papers I DID NOT sign or agree to and they changed my loan anyway... they are so wrong so evil and there is not a damn thing being done and as a single mom of 3 i don't have the money for an attorney.. .how do they get away with these things??? who helps those getting abused by these large companies.. i am to the point that they can have my damn house i am sick of being screwed over every month for over 5yrs now...

You could contact your state Attorney General, or the state agency that regulates banks. You can also report your experience to the FTC at

WE NEED HELP NOWWWWWWWWWW. Northstar is stealing my home as we speak

You could contact a legal aid lawyer, another attorney, or your State Attorney General.

After Nationstar tried to foreclose on my home 4 times.They sold the servicing to SLS another predator.Who is setting me up to foreclose.

I'm coming for you Northstar. I have so much evidence of your outright lies and breach of law and ethics. I am disgusted by your shoddy notices and scare tactics. Now you can bully the big kid on the school yard. Look to CFPB for detailed horror show replete with recordings. I'm asking that you answer to criminal authorities for your willful wanton and malicious breach of law, particularly as it relates to targeting disadvantaged, elderly and disabled.

The new way to do business seems to be Lie Cheat and steal. and this So called Servicers are doing the Job for the banks that way this new Testaferros (Front Man) Do the Dirty Job and get away with Crime as we see every day. Once the criminal understand how the system works begins a new formula of work when profit its the only objective and the name SERVICER which is to provide a service between the bank and the mortgage its not longer a service and its relegated to the bottom or not exist for the customer. my experience its similar to the ones in this list.
I have used three different attorneys and HUD help to conclude in not change in my situation. I will plea for Gods help but there are really important things to pray for besides my personal wellbeing

Lets one by one change our ways and claim what its legitimate ours The respect for the law and the people that the law protect

Caliber home loan would not accept the offer I had from Keep Your Home (California) to pay $100,000 towards my home mortgage. They ended up taking my home from me. Do I have any right to go after them for this?

You could talk to a legal aid lawyer to see if they could answer that question for you. Or use this state-by-state list from the American Bar Association to find a private lawyer in your state. It also has information about your state court system and explains what you can do on your own.

The State Bar Associations website is another resource to help you find a lawyer. Use the State Bar Associations list to find the bar association in your county, and call them to ask about finding a lawyer.

As long as there is legal predatory lending, everything will be predatory. Kick your congressmen and senators to the curb. These criminals pay them off and make the politicians fat and happy, do they can do anything they want to you. A little bribe here a little bride there makes the political world go round. CRIME CANNOT PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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