Stand up to fake debt collectors

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The caller is irate, intimidating and — despite the foul language — sounds convincing. He says you must make good on a payday loan or your wages will be garnished. If you applied for a payday loan before, you might start questioning your memory: “Did I miss a payment? The caller has my information, so this must be legit…”

The last thing you need is a short paycheck — especially if you’re already in a bind. So you pay. Thing is, you don’t owe them a dime. It’s a scam.

The FTC’s and the Illinois Attorney General’s complaint against K.I.P., LLC, Charles Dickey and Chantelle Dickey is the latest effort to stop scammers from trying to collect fake debts from consumers. According to the complaint, callers threatened to garnish wages, and they offered to accept, or “settle the debt,” for significantly less than the amount allegedly owed.  In addition, the caller didn’t give the person any proof of the debt — even when asked. But the calls were so convincing that many consumers actually made payments — even though they didn’t owe.

Here are a few tips for standing up to these scammers:

  • Ask the caller for his name, company, street address, and telephone number. Tell the caller you won’t discuss any debt until you get a written "validation notice." If the caller refuses, don’t pay.
  • Put your request in writing. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires any debt collector to stop calling if you ask in writing. Of course, if the debt is real, sending such a letter does not get rid of the debt, but it should stop the contact.
  • Don’t give or confirm any personal, financial, or other sensitive information.
  • Contact your creditor.  If a debt is legitimate – but you think the collector isn’t — contact the company to which you owe the money.  
  • Report the call. File a complaint with the FTC and your state Attorney General's office with information about suspicious callers.

Learn more about protecting yourself from fake debt collectors and about your rights if you are facing debt collection.


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If someone is calling you about the loan, and you aren't sure they are the company you borrowed from, you can ask them to give you written proof of the debt. If you think the caller is not from your lender, read this article about Fake Debt Collectors. It has tips to help you handle calls from fake collectors.

You can report problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


I just got a call from 732-359-4744-a Mr. Milton-representing RMS company, saying that I owe on a payday loan. (BUT, I never got a payday loan.) I could settle for $587 or else they would send a subpoena out for me. Then I would end up going to court and paying $3000. He kept making threats about sending out a subpoena. He had all of my information. He then called my ex-husband and my mother. He didn't have my address but my email. I told him I thought it was a scam. He reply, "how would I have your email? Emails are sacred." I laughed at that one. If this is in some way legit, they can subpoena me. After I argued with him a little and asked more questions, he hung up on me. So, make sure you ask questions and don't give out or confirm your information.

Ive been getting calls from 732-359-4744 and they have been very rude and irate saying they are going to subpoena me about a payday loan. They allegedly said I took out a loan in 2010 and I owe 1800 but can settle for 500. They have also called my mother and sister, I finally made a police report and plan on reporting this company ASAP.

I got a call from the same company today with the same. They are saying the same thing. They wouldn't give me any information and they told me that the police were coming to my job to serve me. I told them to come on. I asked for proof and they couldn't tell me anything. The address and email address as well as the bank info was over 15 years old. I don't trust this company and I hope that they are exposed as the scammers i believe that they are.

got a call from 732-359-4744, rm processing, stating a complaint against name. will not provide information unless i verify ssn, address, etc. advised that i will not, lady got mad and hang up. sigh.

WHY can't these people be stopped???????? I've filed complaints with the police department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but the calls persist. I just got another recorded call from 205-558-5852 (Capital Risk Services?) about a fake debt. I don't understand how, in the 21st century, we can't stop these people.

WHY can't these people be stopped???????? I've filed complaints with the police department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but the calls persist. I just got another recorded call from 205-558-5852 (Capital Risk Services?) about a fake debt. I don't understand how, in the 21st century, we can't stop these people.

I got one from these people also. But i was stupid and gave them my info cuz they scared me saying I was going to have a criminal charge against me if I did not pay. I actually talked to them. They had all this info. So after i paid it clicked cuz i was finally thinking after they harrassed me. Saying i had a payday loan thru chase bank and i closed my account in 08-09 that I closed the closed the account on purpose so i will be getting charges against me and served papers by a police offercer. I then called chase bank I was never overdrawn never turned into collection, and didnt close my account till after 2011. I called my card to report it was a fraud and in the process to get my money back but was told it will take 30 days. I sure hope i get it back. They will not get a penny from me. i called the police. They even sent me an email and none of it is true.

Please file a complaint about this with the FTC at You can also contact your state Attorney General to report the call.

Getting multiple phone calls first from a 615 area code and now from a DC area code. Same message. They threatened garnishment and court proceedings and subpoenas if I don't cough up money for something I never took out. A payday loan from 2009! Then they call back a month later claiming another loan has surfaced. Bull**** They need to stop calling. RG Financial is the company and have been reported to FTC and BBB and TN State Attorney General as a SCAM!

Everyone writing here is being scammed. These people have called me at work, along with my supervisor, managing partner, and another supervisor in our main office. They tried to tell me I have an old payday loan that I didn't pay. They had a lot of my info. including my ss no. I even called them back and left a bunch of nasty messages knowing they were trying to scam me and then they took those messages and forwarded them to my supervisor. She knows about this so it didn't matter but can you believe this! I can't believe no one can stop these people! I have notified the FCC and police but not sure anything will be done. Therefore, I have put major blocks on my cell phone and am going to change my work extension. I even let them know I know they are scammers and they keep trying to call to threaten and scare me that they want to serve me papers. I wish they would! Process servers don't call you before they serve you! Insane scammers messing with people that work at law firms!!!!! Beware people!

You can also report problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office. Many states have their own debt collection laws that are different from the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your Attorney General’s office can help you determine your rights under your state’s law.

You can also report to the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Justice services contacted an ex husband of 25 years stating she was s compliance officer an I had 24 hours to contact her or charges would be filed against me. I called her an she said allegations had been made against me for larceny, bank fraud and one other charge, I asked by who an she said the name of the company I had years ago gotten a payday loan from. She said I was on video handing them a check,and if I did not pay the debt by end of the day charges would be filed so by now I'm scared to death, but I asked her what court system she was from she said pretrial, I asked with what court, she said I'm not with a court so I said well you say your an officer so what law enforcement agency again she said she's not with law enforcement. I realised that she was just a debt collector an scoled her for leading me to believe she was with the courts, she hung up...then her supervisor called back an explained that they were contracted with the state DA to collect the this time I'm like you can't threaten me with jail she said she has the authority to send it to the DA an they would file charges if I refused to pay. That the DA had given them the case to try an collect first. I ended up giving them my card number, with security code, an agreed for it to be taken out in 2 payments. I then started thinking wow I Dont know who they are called back demanding the deby in writing she refused so I demanded the number for the state agency to verify that she has the right to collect...she very hesitantly gave me a number which was a cell number an not with the state..the guy who answered was stammering by my defensive questioning I hung up...did some research an found the scam on payday loan collection...I called state attorney generals office an she looked up names an said it was a scam...I had to cancel my card...I called the original company I had debt with an was told nooooo its a scam an gave me the number of the agency my debt was at....beware!!!

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies detect patterns in fraud. ing

We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

You can also file a report about problems  with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I keep receiving automated calls from (844) 809-8786 regarding an unpaid debt for someone I don't know. The message always starts mid sentence and never provides a company name. Also, the messages are always threatening but since it doesn't involve me then I've never returned the call. Why doesn't the FCC have a bigger control over these scam artists?

I have been harassed for months from a company stating that I took a payday loan from EZLOANS, Payday loans, and a few other company names. It started as your late on the payday loan, to getting messages from a "MARSHALL" with a case number stating if I didn't contact them to make arrangement for payment, that I would be brought up on charges of bank fraud, check fraud and a few other "frauds". I have objected to this from day one. Gone back to the days around when they say I received the EFT. I can't find anything in my account. Now they're stating I will be arrested and serve at least 6 months and pay way more that the original fee, and my credit will be damaged forever. I did file with the FTC, but which state should I contact for the Attorney General's office. Mine or the state in which they say they are located. (California).
I'm very scared. I have a decent job and trying to get back on my feet from years of being behind the 8 ball (so to speak). I can't risk loosing this job, or being in jail.

You can contact the Attorney General in your home state and the state where the company is located.

The FTC’ s Debt Collection article has information about your rights when you deal with a legitmate debt collector.

A legitimate debt collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe within five days after it first contacts you. The notice has to include the name of the creditor you owe, and what to do if you think you don't owe the money.

A legitimate debt collector can't say that you will be arrested if you don’t pay your debt. A debt collector can't issue a warrant for your arrest for owing money.

The FTC has information about fake debt collectors.

I got a call this afternoon from a restricted number, said he was "marshall tillman" with Advocasy services and gave me a number 8443276986 with a "case number" stating I had 48 hours to call back or I will be served to either my home, place of employment or family, friends homes. "has given me every opportunity to clear this up with the company." All I ever done was dispute this. I'm really scared, I don't have the 4000+ that they say I owe. which I DON"T.

This is a stupid,rude, aggressive woman pretending to be a lawyer or arbitrator-but she is really with Capital Risk ( a debt buyer/ collection agency) called me today with a robo call for a different number 205-558-5852... these folks LOVE to pretend to be govt or court or lawyers and give you a BS case ID number and a bunch of made up charges they are about to summons you on and since we don't owe this ( payday loan his ex wife took out years and years ago) I tell them to sue us and this particular gem (who was lying and saying she an arbitrator which I doubt she can even spell) when I said I told them to mail us anything they had and not call already, she said did I want to be sued and I said YES and she yelled well have a nice day with your broke ass and hung up.

getting calls about a payday loan from 2010 and if I don't pay it then they will serve me with a warrant from their legal department and taken to court. I asked for their name of the company and address and they said they couldn't give out that information. I also said send me some documentation and stated that when i paid it then they would send something. I was given three different amount to pay. The number that keep calling is 615-369-8027. I was called on Friday and state that was last day and legal action would be taken against me. The lady said that her job was on the line. They wanted everything to be paid by prepaid credit card. I tried to find out who had this number but I had no luck. I hope you can locate these people and see what company they are operating under so I can spread the word.

I keep getting these emails stating I got a payday loan & will have to go to court if I don't send $1290 immediately or make arrangement. They have all my personal info but don't provide any of theirs. No address, no phone number, etc. Not any a person's name. Its says this is my final warning but it is the FIRST form of contact I received. When I asked who, what, where they emailed back a company name that I cannot find when I search for it. Says I took out an online payday loan June 4, 2013 for $300 which now I owe $1290. I know this is a scam and I want the harassment to stop.

They called my work looking for a supervisor and when I told them I (the person they were calling about) was about as close as they were going to get they called my priest!!
I filed a complaint, I think I identified them, but this is insane.

For the name of John Miller the company he is with is County Monetary Defensive org I cant find them on the internet the amount they claim I owe is $1245. This one has my ss# address, my name, and bank name.. The other one is Jack Morrison has nothing on me claims I owe $498.12 no company and he says their a warrant for my arrest.. I am sick of this nonsense.. I am a hard working person doing all the right things for something like this disrupt my day to day. I have a job to do every day.. Now I cant they got me double thinkimg I did something wrong!!! Help

You can ask the debt collector to send you a written "validation notice" of your debt. They have to send a notice that includes the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor you owe, and your rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

These FTC articles tell more about your rights when it comes to debt collectors.

Report any problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau .

Does an emailed letter of verification work? I have an agency calling me almost daily and they're offering to email me a letter, and when I say I want it in writing in the mail, they claim to be a paperless office. Am I within my rights to ask for a mailed letter?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is currently looking into this issue as a part of its Fair Debt Collection Pratices Act (FDCPA) rulemaking (see Q48 on page 52).  However, the CFPB hasn’t come out with a proposal yet, so we don’t know if they are considering treating email as “mail” for verification purposes.

In the meantime, the debt collector must send the consumer a “validation notice” within 5 days of first contact, detailing the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor, and certain information about the consumer’s rights.  Then, the consumer has 30 days to dispute the debt “in writing.”  If the consumer does that, the debt collector must stop collecting on the debt until the collector obtains verification and mails it to the consumer.

Learn more about your rights by reading the FTC article, Debt Collection.


john miller is asking me for the exact same amount 1245.00 thy also have my social and address did phone number did they stop contacting you? do you know if this is a scam ?

Country monetary defensive org - I have been getting Tons of calls from this country monetary defensive org they start at 6am and go on until about 5pm! Years ago I was online looking at payday loans and went in as far as seeing the amount I could borrow and how much I'd have to pay back and due date I'd have to repay it. I knew I wouldn't be able to do it so I clicked out without finishing it. Well they obviously got all my bank info somehow even though I myself didn't put it (account number touting etc) on there. So a few weeks later I overdrafts something and noticed they covered it and yet I knew I had no money for them to have collected the fee but saw that they did, so I went online and looked and it came from an account i had never yet even used! When I looked in it I saw deposits from Three different payday places!? And since I didn't know anything was in there I never looked in it and saw it was being used to cover my overdrafts instead of my usual account! By this time most the money had been used. When I started getting emails about it I wrote them all requesting paperwork and some kind of proof I had knowledge of said loans and I never got anything from any of them but for the incessant phone calls and emails some very ugly tactics are used by them all so I told them I'm not paying anything until I have paperwork or done kind of document showing I accepted this bs because although yes I did look at them but I never applied for and/or accepted any or e-signed agreements of any kind... Anyone have info to help me on this?

If you haven't already, tell your bank about the mis-use of your account.

You can check to see if the scammers have mis-used your personal and financial information for other transactions by reviewing your credit report.  Go to to get your credit report for free. is the only source for free credit reports, and it's authorized by federal law.

If you spot problems on your credit report, contact the credit reporting companies. You can also go to for tips on what to do if someone uses your personal information.

You can report the company to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I was just contacted by a John Martin from the county monetary defensive today via email. I thought it was legit at first, but then I noticed all the grammatical errors, misspelled words and inconcistencies. For example, he clearly writes he's with the "County Montetary Defensive Organisation", but the address to his email is countrymonetarydefensive. Notice it says "country" not "county". Also the way he spelled "organisation" suggests to me that he is either from England or learned English from the UK.

I have been harassed by multiple companies recently. It feels like I am talking to the same people. They all say they are mediation groups not collection agencies and that they do not fall under the law of having to send a validation of debt. The only thing they will send me is some email stating I owe money on a payday loan. There are two dates they use over and over again on a bank account that has been closed for over four years. They only have the routing number and a partial account number. I did go to the bank and have the statements pulled for the times they stated I took a payday loan and there are no deposits other than my paycheck. I tell them this and they say they have the proof and are going to take me to court, charging me with fraud and that I could serve jail time and have my wages garnished. Usually they are very rude and make me feel stupid. I have started asking if I can record them and a couple have refused, which I am not going to do anymore. My state is a one party consent state. I have no idea what state they are in because the calls all come from random numbers and they will not give me an address to send a cease and desist letter to. Yesterday I had two phone calls, one with the same song and dance and another that asked me for my attorneys' fax number. I asked what it was about and they said I had a payday that was deposited on a pre-paid card, like one you would get from Wal-Mart. They also said they sent me a certified letter stating I owed a debt and I should have received it on June 5th. I asked who signed for it, because it was only myself and three small children home that day, and he then told me he only called to get my attorney's info to fax an Affidavit and he had to get back to work. I'm exhausted and stressed. Nothing is on my credit report showing I have collections. How do I get this to stop. Since they say they are not collection agencies and are mediation agencies they state they do not have to quit calling me or my place of employment.

Report the call. File a complaint with the FTC and your state Attorney General's office with information about suspicious callers.

Stop answering the phone. Ignore

Got a call from a Wilson Marshal 720-501-5739 on July 27/2015 Stating that they have in process my court documents and if they don't hear from me or my attorney they will assume that I waive my rights and will proceed with the court processes

Missed a call from this number 1-844-416-7136. "United Mediation" They left a ROBO message with a case number and told me it would be in my " Best Interest" to have me or my council give them a call back. they also stated in the message that I have a "returned bank item"... whatever that is! Anyway, I called the number back and spoke with Kevin. he informed me that I took out a Payday Loan back in 2011 that I never paid back, and that he works as a mediator for the collection company to collect the debt. he said I took out a $400 loan and now with fees its over $900. he said that I would need to take care of this debt so I don't go to court. Luckily I'm not stupid and I asked if this debt were real I would have gotten collection notices and it would reflect on my credit report, of which both have not happened. He started trying to talk over me and tell me he has over 20year in the business and how dare I tell him how this all works. He said if I was going to continue to ask question that he would end the call, so I said see you in court and hung up.

This is BS people, they scare you because they have your prior address and SS# and other information they happen to get ahold of to scare you. Don't fall for it! always research a company and do your homework before you do any sort of payment options.

No need to worry because they cant do any of the things they threaten they say they will do. you just need to giggle and say "see you in court".

Always remember that a "Debt Collector" will ALWAYS tell you that " this is an attempt to collect a debt" because that is the LAW! also you all need to monitor your credit often, this is another reason I knew this was BS. anyone collecting a debt will report it on your Credit Report because that's what collection agencies do! they want to show any lender that you are HIGH RISK to lend to , that's what a Credit Report is for.

Stay safe!

Had a call from 844-593-1970 threatening legal action against a payday loan that we didn't take out. Problem is, they knew the last 4 of my husband's social. That bothers me. Of course we didn't fall for this but I think I know where it began after reading all these stories. It seems everyone who gets the calls about payday loans has taken one out before...we called about one once but didn't go through with it after giving out our information because it was going to take too long. I think the payday loan places are selling our information. This should be looked in to.

Never ever give out your personal info over the phone. There is no law requiring for you to that. Tell them to keep their business with you limited to recorded mail and stop all phone calls immediately. Tell them you will be keeping a phone log of the date and time that they call when you tell them not to call. In Texas, every time they call is a 1000.00 fine plus you can counter sue them. Each phone call is a separate count, also be sure to let them know at the end of the call, that you recorded the call to be used in court against them if need be. Debt collectors don't have the power they want you to believe they have. By no means use this as a way to avoid your debts. This is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, please seek legal council and be advised. Plenty of free info out there to deal with 3rd part leeches. Good luck.

Beware of calls from Litigation Support Group 678-433-0653 out of Mabelton, GA. They are fake payday loan scammers that threatened me with felony charges for a supposed $500 payday loan from 2010. I have no payday loans. The scary thing is they have my social and information for an old bank account of mine. Don't fall for it. Block the caller and report them to the local police.

Please report your experience at so it becomes part of the FTC database that's used by investigators nationwide. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We can't address complaints that you discuss in the blog comments.

I received a call from Iowa yesterday afternoon. Judith Crosby left me a voice-mail with pre-trial intervention stating I had a pending case in her office. She should said, I have up to 5:00pm to callback before my case would be submitted. I called back and Attorney Paul Davis from investigation picked up the phone. He started yelling at me, saying I did bank fraud, check fraud. It was a class 3 felony. He said I had either two options give a statement or pay 1100 of restitution. I asked him to send me verification of proof. He said he didn't have anything to prove then hung up on me. I called back asked him where he was located and he said Idaho then Iowa. I was threatened with having my case submitted to the attorney general office of NY and having arrest warrant issued and being picked up. Then I was told I can go and post bond to get out of jail and go in front of a Judge and try to prove myself. I'm very sad and disgusted. So I went researching through the Internet and did not come up with Goldstein & Associates. I could not find Attorney Paul Davis. I looked up the business number and it was a Verizon cellphone number. I'm very scared as a unhealthy woman this man put me through unnecessary stress yesterday. He had all my information. So I know for a fact my identity has been stolen. I wanted to put my story out there because this is completely wrong. You do not hurt people this way.

This PAUL Davis or John Anthony is a fake debt collector 512 212 1276 Report him to the Texas Attorney General

What if they say they are not debt collectors but are in arbitration? They say that they don't have to follow the debt collection rules. The company they claim to be with is MCO Financial. I do not owe a debt to them or anyone related to them. They're threatening a law suit. I've reported them to FTC already. They're website, which has many spelling and grammatical errors, says that they've "strangically" (I assume s/b strategically) formed a network of seasoned attorneys with track record of results in executing judgements. I know it's all a scam but is there anyone with information about actually getting such judgement?

If you know you do not owe a debt, you are in a different situation that someone who really has a debt. A fake debt collector might threaten you, but that doesn't mean you have to pay if you really don't owe a debt.

If you really had a debt and didn't pay it, the business you owed (the creditor) or a debt collector working for the creditor generally can sue you to collect the debt. If they sue you and if they win, the court will enter a judgment against you. The judgment states the amount of money you owe, and allows the creditor or collector to get a garnishment order against you, directing a third party, like your bank, to turn over funds from your account to pay the debt.


I have been receiving calls for the past month from several different companies regarding fake debts. They always leave the same case number and phone number to call back. However, they call from a different number every week. Every time they call, I add the number to my blocked list directly with my phone provider. Every time they call it is from 844 area code - a scamming area code. Every time they call they state a generic name and the company names changes. Sometimes it is First Recover. Sometimes it is National Recovery. I do not owe any outstanding monies. I am current on all of my bills. I have no collections. All verified by my credit report. These people are scammers. They want me to verify my personal information to them. They will never tell me what they have for me to confirm it. They call everyone I know or have known. I have even given them my attorney's number. My attorney also informed me this is a typical scam. They threaten illegal action, things a reliable debt collector would never do. My attorney keeps telling me to relax and ignore them It is hard to relax and ignore. I feel like I am living in fear and always looking over my shoulder. I feel like I am the criminal when really they are. I have reported them to the CFPB, BBB, AG, and call my attorney every time they call. Why is a scamming area code even allowed to exist? Why is the government not protecting us from these people. I even contacted my local sheriff's office and they said there is nothing they can do because any address or phone number they will give will be closed within a week and is likely untraceable. The only advice the sheriff's office gave me was to ignore them and block the numbers as they come in. I am sick about this. It is literally infiltrating my entire life. How, beyond reporting it, can you make it stop? These crooks are taking over my life. I hate it! I cannot change my number because I run a business with my phone. I cannot expect everyone I know to change their numbers. My attorney said he could send them a letter but they never call him like I have repeatedly asked them to do. He also said because it is an international we could sue $1500 each time they contacted me BUT it would likely do no good because they do not care about the law. Please, make this stop. We need laws and better systems to keep these crooks away from peaceful people.

I keep getting calls on my cell phone from different numbers, that when googled come back to Portfolio Recovery. I am 99.99% sure I do not owe anyone money. They never leave a message. Should I answer the phone when they call or am I opening myself up to more harassment and calls. I have done a credit report as of yesterday and all accounts are in excellent standing.

Bart, You might find the information in this recent FTC post helpful -- Don’t recognize that debt? Here’s what to do.

These scammers have an application called fake caller id that can be found on the internet and fake voice app that make it sound to you that they are from an attorney's office. These applications can be downloaded from the internet so these scammers are not being caught. What should be taken down are the developers of these applications.

I have been getting calls daily from different numbers about owing a payday loan from 2008. I can't get them to leave me alone. They call for me and my husband. I've notified the attorney general, but it is nonstop. They have somehow gotten info on our family members and are calling them to reach us now. This is definitely a scam, we don't owe any payday loans. They have info on who we bank with and my last 4 of my social. What do you do when they call your family and your workplace? I'm at a loss on how to stop them.

I received a call from a company scheduling a time to serve me a document so that a company called RCS Capital Services could serve with a civil claim in court for a collection on a past due credit card. I can't find anything on the company, it is not the name of the company the credit card that is past due gave me and they want to settle and take payments. I could not find anything on this Capital Services, I want to not have a civil claim but I don't want to pay a scammers either. Can you help?

If you have questions about your credit card debt, contact the company yourself. Use the number that is on your card on your billing statement. Ask them about your account. Ask if they are working with any other companies to collect debts.

If you got a call from a company you don't know, and isn't working with your credit card company, it could be a fake debt collector. Fake debt collectors may try to scare you into sending money. This FTC article about fake debt collectors has more information.


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