Stand up to fake debt collectors

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The caller is irate, intimidating and — despite the foul language — sounds convincing. He says you must make good on a payday loan or your wages will be garnished. If you applied for a payday loan before, you might start questioning your memory: “Did I miss a payment? The caller has my information, so this must be legit…”

The last thing you need is a short paycheck — especially if you’re already in a bind. So you pay. Thing is, you don’t owe them a dime. It’s a scam.

The FTC’s and the Illinois Attorney General’s complaint against K.I.P., LLC, Charles Dickey and Chantelle Dickey is the latest effort to stop scammers from trying to collect fake debts from consumers. According to the complaint, callers threatened to garnish wages, and they offered to accept, or “settle the debt,” for significantly less than the amount allegedly owed.  In addition, the caller didn’t give the person any proof of the debt — even when asked. But the calls were so convincing that many consumers actually made payments — even though they didn’t owe.

Here are a few tips for standing up to these scammers:

  • Ask the caller for his name, company, street address, and telephone number. Tell the caller you won’t discuss any debt until you get a written "validation notice." If the caller refuses, don’t pay.
  • Put your request in writing. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires any debt collector to stop calling if you ask in writing. Of course, if the debt is real, sending such a letter does not get rid of the debt, but it should stop the contact.
  • Don’t give or confirm any personal, financial, or other sensitive information.
  • Contact your creditor.  If a debt is legitimate – but you think the collector isn’t — contact the company to which you owe the money.  
  • Report the call. File a complaint with the FTC and your state Attorney General's office with information about suspicious callers.

Learn more about protecting yourself from fake debt collectors and about your rights if you are facing debt collection.


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I have been receiving a call from a company called Boudreau & Associates, they are located in Irvin, CA; I googled their number and nothing comes up, I googled the name and nothing comes up. they call threatening legal action if I don't respond within a certain timeframe. I've even had someone call them acting as my attorney to see if they could get any information, all the got was that I owed someone money; we did a three way call and spoke to someone that was not authorized to speak to me about the matter, I then spoke with someone else that supposedly could speak to me and before he would tell me what this was about he claims his computer crashed. They have also gone so far as to call my relatives looking for me. I know who and what I owe. I a suspicious since I can't even get an address to send a cease and desist letter. What can I do legally to get them to stop harassing me!

The FTC has tips on how to deal with fake debt collectors.

I asked them for their address and they didn't want to give it to me can they not release that information and they never show up to my home or work like everyone else they've been doing this for years calling my family too its crazy!

This is the second time these people have tried to get money from me that I have no idea what they are talking about. The lady was extremely rude in fact earlier in the morning when I told her I thought this was a scam she acted VERY offended and hung up on me. I realize this a scam, but it still makes me nervous.

how do i check to see if my social security # is being used by others than myself?

If you think someone is mis-using your Social Security number, you can report identity theft at

This list of clues can help you watch for signs of identity theft.

I have a little loan but Im behind for 2 months because one of my family passed away and they need money and they called me and said I need to make a payment for the 2 month I missed or I'm gonna be being sued so I made a payment about 160 of august cause they said I can make half payment on that day and they took the money and now I'm being sued and on the paper it says my last payment report is on June 17 but I just paid them on august 16. Please help me what I'm gonna do on my situations

You have rights if you when you deal with a debt collector. Read this FTC article about debt collection

Respond to the legal papers you receive, or have a lawyer respond for you. Pay attention to the deadlines on the legal documents. Keep copies of your checks and other payment records. Report problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office.

And still they continue to harrass, threaten, robocall, every single day of every week, month, and for years.
Even tho fined millions of dollars, forced by the courts to pay compensation to thousands of consumers in class action suits ($35.00) and ordered NOT to contact the plaintiffs again, they heed no lawful decree and carry on as tho the trial didn't involve them one whit.

And get this, despite over 1,400 complaints and 23 out of 24 negative responses from a survey of only 24 folks, the BBB gives them an A+ rating.
Unfathomable, incomprehensible, actually tragic.

I received a call from my mother and sister about CRS Lawfirm the number 832 307 3198 was left for me to call them back. I was told a summons will be issued by April 10th, 2018 if I don't pay the money. Now I don't believe this for one second. Portfolio Recovery sucker me in 2012. Has anyone gotten a call from CRS Lawfirm?

Crs Law Office located in Jamaica is calling and leaving me a mess.telling that i have a civil complaint against me. Im a stay at home momma who has no time to harass anybody else lol . So i call them bk and someone by the name of Gena Morgan tells me i have a lawsuit against me from wellsfargo about an over draft 8 years ago. I havnt been with wells fargo for decades . Shes demanding me to pay over 500 or i have to pay over 2,000 in court then she gave me another option that i can makes payments . Im surprised and confused. Phone # 8327531722

Anyone else get a call from 844-343-9957 from "Jennifer Russell"? She does not state what company she is calling from but says I am being notified of a claim in our office that is being filed against you. We will be verifying your current address as well as place of employment for delivery of the proper documentation. At this time it is your right to contact the office directly (phone # above) This will serve as an official and final notification by phone". No mention of the business name and when I called back they call themselves "Capital". Then proceed to tell me I took out a 750.00 loan in 2013 that I never paid back. She told me they were taking me to court. I haven't taken out a loan since 2008 and it was for a car. Someone is trying to scam me and it pisses me off.

If Portfolio Recovery Associates is a scam why is their website still active. SHUT IT DOWN!!!


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