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Attention Women Over 40: Claims may slim your wallet, not your waist

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Weight gain and stubborn belly fat: the bane of many middle-aged women. But what if there were a clinically-proven supplement that could help you lose substantial weight, reduce that pouch, and increase your metabolism? Well, one company claimed that’s just what they were offering. Only one problem, says the FTC: the company doesn’t have the evidence to support its claims.

The FTC alleges that Lunada Biomedical, Inc. used unsubstantiated claims, deceptive 30-day “risk-free” trial offers, and misleading endorsements to market Amberen to women over 40 for relief of the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause, especially weight gain.

Here’s an excerpt from a radio pitch:

“…Amberen, the revolutionary formula for women over 40 that balances hormones — naturally. The leading cause of weight gain over 40 is hormonal imbalance. Until you balance your hormones, losing weight can be practically impossible. But Amberen restores hormonal balance naturally, so the weight can just fall right off. Even that stubborn belly fat. Plus, Amberen eliminates other symptoms of hormonal aging, like hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, difficulty concentrating, and more.”

At a price of up to $149.97, plus shipping and handling, for a 90-day supply, the only slimming going on here was from consumers’ wallets.

The most effective way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories and exercise more. Claims that you’ll lose weight without changing your habits simply aren’t true.

If you’re looking for health and weight loss products, talk with your health care professional before you take any dietary supplement.

Visit our Health & Fitness page to learn how to evaluate weight loss and fitness claims before you buy products or services that claim to make it fast or easy to slim down or shape up. 


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If there was any pill to take the fat away, the person would be a billionaire and there would not be a problem with obesity in the US or in the world. Fitness and weight loss can only be achieved with a healthy diet and exercise - period. Stop hoping for a miracle and stop letting these companies scam your money.

What about this company "Team Beachbody 3357 Southpark Place Grove City, Ohio 43123.

They are selling "Shakeology" The Healthiest Meal of the Day. My daughter seems to be roped into this. She dropped a box off at my house. Is this another scam company? Thank You

This FTC article has information about dietary supplements.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't evaluate or review dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness. Even "natural" supplements can be risky depending on the medicines you take or the medical conditions you have. In recent years, hundreds of supplements also have been found to be tainted with drugs and other chemicals.

You can ask your state and local consumer protection if they have information about the product.

The US Department of Health & Human Services has more about dietary supplements.

I believe that Organo Gold products are misleading customers all around the world.I worked with the company as a self sales marketeer.I tried it and it did not did what it claimed to be I lost money and time.I'ts a pyramid scam.To all you who promotes Organo Gold,don't waite your money and time.

If you think a product or service hasn't lived up to its advertising, you can file a complaint with the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

Hi, Has Beachbody been further investigated for false and risky claims regarding their Shakeology product?

Has Beachbody been investigated? I have a friend that recruits "coaches" and has many layers of people above her called "up lines." All these coaches are only concerned about recruiting other coaches so they can earn higher status.

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