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Did you get a consumer complaint notification from the FTC? It’s a scam.

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Thanks to emails and calls from people who sensed something wasn’t right, we’ve heard that an FTC imposter scam we’ve written about before is back.

The email tells you there’s a complaint against your business, and wants you to click on a link. Here’s what one of the scammy emails said:

“This notification has been automatically sent to you because we have received a consumer complaint, claiming that your company is violating the CCPA (Consumer Credit Protection Act).
According to our policy, we have initiated a formal investigation before taking legal action. You can download the document containing the complaint and the plaintiff contact information, from…” followed by a link.

At first glance, it might look legitimate. It has the FTC seal, the email appears to come from an FTC email address, and the web address looks like it goes to an FTC site. But if you hover over the web address, you’ll see the link actually sends you somewhere else.

If you get an email like this, don’t open it. And most important: don’t click on the links. Don’t open any attachments, either. If you do, you could install malware on your computer, causing your device to crash, or allowing a scammer to monitor and control your online activity, steal your personal information, send spam, and commit fraud. You can forward the phony email to — but then delete it.

Government imposters aren’t just impersonating the FTC. If you get an unexpected email that says it’s from the government and asks you to click on links, open attachments, or share personal information, don’t do it. Even if you think it’s legitimate, it’s best to look up the number and contact the agency directly to check it out.




If the highest levels of information security experts in the U.S. Government can track down terrorist sources of emails, why can't they track down these back-alley scammers? ...Or, is there a hidden agenda here?

I think i been scammed

Most likely because "highest level experts" don't investigate mundane nigerian scams, that would be a waste of taxpayers money to have them do that. Also,it would be a pain to find those nigerians and prosecute them, since they are overseas, and there are tens of thousands of them, how are you going to find them all and deal with them all?

thank you

does our gov't ever prosecute these people? several yrs ago I was trying to get funding to go back to school,never dreaming any one would or could impersonate our federal gov't. was i ever in for a surprise

Thanks for catching them! Since multiple other criminals, like that, have constantly provided multiple thefts (& significany ID, Socal Security, DSHS, Medicare, Medicaid, lawyers & even Judge's Court Orders have simply done such crimes for significantly extensive years since I was correctly declared as permanently handicapped and disabled... I am so glad to read info which can finally there may be some info that can keep up my hope to eventually find help to correct all the extensive thefts, false stories about me, plus so many inappropriate claims and robberies of all my supposedly "permanent" records while all my bank accounts, medical, hospital & doctors' records, my family members (and my) abuse has been constantly ignored to benefit multiple thieves, break into my residences (and all my records) robbers & more! Thanks for providing such info to help us handicapped people who actually need help to find at least some steps are being taken to actually help us, for a change! Greatly appreciated! sonflowr

If someone took your personal information and misused it, say  to get medical benefits or new accounts, go to to find out what to do. It explains what reports to file right away, who to contact and how to repair the damage.

You can file a complaint at, or call 1-877-438-4338. You can also file a complaint about the theft with your local police department.

The "FTC"!called me too tryed to covince me i got a free 9000 grant and need to go to westurn union and send money to recive my winnings i was one out if fifteen ive been disabled since 2009 thank GD my parents told me to report and take all the precautions on the real FTC site to put my email and phone on on the DNC registry also complained and gave numbers snd names and I still have them thinking im fulled so if u want to take action or need my help the real FTC and grant commission treasury dept i left my nub to call

I had a scam on Facebook. A person said she was Danielle Lam of Publishers House Prize Central. That person asked questions that I should not have answered. I gave out to much info. I had to stop credit cards and get a different account at the bank.

You might want to check your credit report to be sure no one  misused your information to open new accounts in your name.

Get your free credit report at You can get one free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the three nationwide credit reporting bureaus.

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice.

i have gotten calls saying a complaint has been filed against you and call the number could be same scammers

Thanks & God bless. RS

I keep getting phone calls from a gentleman wan a strong accent from India who says he is from The IRS and today gave me his badge number and told me there was a lawsuit that was going on against us....this is about the 5th phone call we have received from him. He told me it was urgent I call back at this number ....202-738-1594. So I *67 then called him so it showed up to him a private number. He answered but just said hello--asked who I was right away. I asked who he was....he ended up hanging up on me.

All over the globe, this is practiced.

I have received 2 or 3 phone calls introducing themselves as the IRS and saying they had a law suit against us. We were told to call 392-6377 and put in #509. I was sure this was a scam but felt like I needed to report this to the FTC.

To file a complaint, go to

Blog comments are not part of the formal complaint system that law enforcement uses.


Keep in mind that no government agency will ever contact you via email or phone calls. If they have anything to say, they will do so in a certified letter. Anything else, will be a scam. Another thing is that none of the agency be it the FTC or any others, is that they will never ask for an upfront fee. I suggest that anyone who receives a call from someone pretending to be part of a government agency, police officer, utility worker, or even tech worker, call their bluff or just refuse to answer them. The less they know, the more they can't get you. Either way, I highly doubt that an imposter can have a bunch of cops or just shut off your utility just by refusing to give them money.

Do something about it FTC before everybody starts calling U instead of reporting it here they will call U directly EVERY SINGLE DAY till the law passes and there needs to be a law to make it illegal to spoof your number. Only the FBI and U should be able to spoof your number u can already make your numbers show up unknown by hitting #67.

I received an email from the ftc stating that I tool out a payday loan from cash america for $12,000 and now they are going to send me to jail for wire fraud. 1st it is illegal for cash loans on the state I live. 2nd if this was a true payday loan what kind of job do I have to qualify for a loan that large? I contacted my bank, and the attorney general and was told this is a scam. Also they said they could not find me via address or phone so sent an email.reading up on scams it is not legal to serve you with a warrant via email. If my ss is flagged by the irs why didn't you use the address on that sonce you say it is flagged? Please beware all.

You're right, the email wasn't from the FTC. It's good that you checked with your attorney general and bank and didn't send money.

Please report this imposter to us at

I got the same thing on Aug20 saying if found guilty i owe court cost of 13,000. They tried to attach a arrest warrant an summons. I know no court sends arresst warrants email. or summons. Not really right to scare people like that.

Thing is, people have to take a little responsibility themselves. The public in general has to get it out of their collective brains that email or social media sites or ANYTHING for that matter on the internet is private or what it seems. We don't go out of your house without locking the doors, or leave the keys in the ignition and the car doors unlocked...we have to start taking the same security precautions with what and where we post information and it needs to become second nature. Clicking on a link without checking to see where that link is going is like inviting a stranger into your house without questioning who it is. We would instinctively refuse to let some stranger into our home just because they rang our door bell; we have to start having that same instinctive reticence for all manner of these internet vulnerabilities. Time to shed our naivety about the way we view internet safety and take some personal responsibility. After all that has been said about the ease with which email links can be scammed, anyone who clicks on a link without first determining its legitimacy needs to have a reality check. We can no longer claim that we are innocent lambs when it comes to protecting ourselves from these scamming thugs. We need to develop knee-jerk reactions to potential email scams, most of which are so obvious as to be laughable, unless you are the careless one who clicked on it. The internet is a land filled with thieves con artists; we need to start acting accordingly.

Well said! Hopefully, it will also be well READ.

Thank you


Have I been scamed

I have been scammed!!

You can report that to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don’t go into the law enforcement database.

Can you file a complaint against a blog they will not allow you to delete your info?

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