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A friendly reminder

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Just a friendly reminder...if you haven’t changed your passwords in a while, today is a great day to do it. Why? Because it’s Password Day!

Need another reason? We’ve got three. Regularly updating your passwords can help prevent:

We’re not just talking about changing the password for your email account. Consider updating passwords for other important accounts, too — like your bank, credit card, utility, and social media accounts. If you use a password manager, select a unique, strong password for it, too.

Need tips on creating good passwords? Here’s what we suggest:

  • Use a different password for each account. That way, if it gets stolen — either from you or one of the sites where you use it — someone won’t be able to take over all of your accounts.
  • Get creative. Mix letters, numbers, and special characters. Never use your name or birthdate.
  • Use 12 characters if you can, but no less than 10. The longer the password, the tougher it is to crack.

Want to learn more about protecting your computer and personal information online? Check out our article on computer security. If you think your email account was hacked, watch this video on what to do.


Thank you, it's good to know this about passwords.

I need change my password can you help my

need to change password

I have been hacked and need to change pass word.

how do I reset my password

What good dose it do to ask a question since I never get an answer as to where to go to change it, such a run around is very frustrating . Is it a secret?

How do I change my password?

This is a great reminder to protect yourself online. My bank account was compromised more than once so I learned the hard way. Now my passwords are super secure, but it is a good idea to change them on a regular basis just to be safe!

thank you.

I want my account number keeped secret how

My bank, CreditOne, sent me an email saying my payment was past due today, May 10. I had reported to them that all of a sudden, my password stopped working, without my being able to change it myself. Then, when I tried to contact the bank by phone tonight, they said all the sysrems were down. They referred me to their webpage, but I still couldn't change my password.

My boyfriends hp15 notebook was comprimised and we both use it ! so i thought i better chande my p/w i am not a bot.


i no body to use my personal id

I want to change my password

Change password

How do I change my password

Thank you for your help

Please change my log in information

I want to change my password for personal reasons

Create strong password

Lots to read and good info. but actually changing password seems quite difficult.

Very good info about passwords THANKS

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