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Recovering from identity theft is easier with a plan

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Hollywood might have you believe that identity theft means a dozen maxed out credit cards, a warrant for your arrest, and a bill for a spa appointment 2,000 miles away. But in real life, identity theft can be sneakier.

It might start with a small credit card charge you don’t recognize. Or a strange new account that shows up on your credit report. Or a letter from the IRS that says you already filed taxes this year. Only you didn’t. If someone uses your information to make purchases, open new accounts, or get a tax refund, that’s identity theft.

Only in Hollywood would you fly across the country to track down and arrest the thief. In real life, it might take a while to figure out what’s happened, and how to recover. — a new resource from the FTC — can help. can help you determine which critical steps come first, and gives detailed advice and helpful resources — like easy-to-print checklists and sample letters. The site also connects you to organizations that are critical to the recovery process, like credit bureaus, the Social Security Administration, the IRS, and local consumer protection offices.

A recent Executive Order called for the FTC and other federal agencies to streamline and consolidate resources at by May 15, 2015. Future enhancements to the site will allow people to get customized help based on their specific experiences.

Looking for free identity theft resources to share in your community? To get free publications, videos, and tutorials, visit You’ll also find prevention tips and outreach ideas for community leaders, law enforcement, and businesses.



I have reported mine, been trying to get help, noone will listen. I am so tired and sick of having this going on it is affecting my health, family and friends. It has also reached my insurance and into my childs life..I don't know where to turn anymore. It seems the more you try to fix it, the worse it becomes!

Please look at  for more ideas. There's information about what reports to file right away, who to contact and how to repair the damage. There's information about what to do if a child's identity has been stolen, and other specific problems.

My kids father's ran up 2 cell phone bills that I know of and I proved they we're not mine but they are still on my credit report over4000is owed by them and my husband is getting doubled bill for doctor appointments va paid it I have the paid in full paperwork and showed them they we still had to pay them with paid in full paperwork from the va we're they paid it in full

This FTC article explains how to dispute errors on your credit report.

This info is helpful to thieves who leard id theft in america is lucrative and no agencies cross state lines...groups of thieves travel and communicate together and generally buy a victim with their same name...which makes it easier to pose as them being they have a real id. Every company I dealt with who opened accounts aids the criminals and refuses to release videos or info and threatened me with finding against me in the investigation if i continued to press for was ten grand used to buy laptops and safes...thanks office max for refusing to provide me the info used to openthe accounts and threatenng me with a debt that you provided with instant credit. I filed police reports in two states...others refused me. The whole system is set up for thieves. We are told that it is our fault some company released our social. Could be employers, drs, anywhere, anyone. I have to pay for expensive monitoring, it is difficult and clunky to check my cb, I developed anxiety, lost my job, I'm scared the thieves stalk me now and came to my city and house looking to get more since it was so easy the first times. I have strangers casing my home and calling me all the time, strange cars parked outside, mail stolen, I don't feel free or safe anymore. Im a good person who follows the law and has morals. I don't deserve this. I don't want to keep dealing with it looking over my shoulder every day...endless hours on hold which lead to hang ups with companies. Social security office after waiting four hours made me give my social outloud then told me I'm sol and have to go in once a year and check to make sure no crimes or filings. Every part of it is hell and interfering with pursuit of happiness and my ability to live in peace. I wait everyday in suspision and fear. It takes time away from pursuing work and my passions. It takes over like being robbed the police and say sol but you aren't alliwed to go tracking them...I did found them and they tell me sorry sol we don't deal with id theft noone apparently does.

When you report identity theft at you create a report to law enforcement that you can use to resolve problems. There are sample letters on that you can send with a copy of your Report to dispute new accounts opened in your name, or existing accounts that were misused. has information about how to get business records.

I followed all of above; including going to court against multiple scam debt collectors, winning every appearance, by myself. Now 3 years later, new Debt Coll. are calling, dating back to 2009 telling me the penalties, prison time for not paying. Never goes away, my ID sold many times, damage to my family 'last name'. I am a senior with IDT; big problem. If the Plan includes a private island for me, let me know.

GOOD LUCK in getting ID Theft resolved or anyone to take it SERIOUSLY! I have been a victim since 2001 and here it is 15yrs later still suffering from what someone did to me. I utilized ALL resources available with no positive results. In fact, this year when contacting the credit bureaus as I have done since my nightmare first began when asked questions regarding verification of my ID, I am unable to do so since the questions no longer pertain to me! I was overcome with much sorrow in knowing that I no longer exist in this world. Not only my credit had been stripped away from me but my Life was taken from me before my time! All I can do is keep trying and have hope that one day I get my ID back...

I have tried to contact the FTC to report that our tax return was filed by someone else. No luck!

Please visit to report this. Click on "Identity Theft" to get started. Then choose "Identity Theft" and then "Taxes or Other Government Documents." When you've completed your complaint, be sure to save and print your affidavit. Then, visit for next steps.

I've. Been frauded. On my bank accounts and unknown use of my social security.and threats of prosecution and 2 credit cards that AREN'T. Mine

I have recently lost my brief case with personal I'm formation have retraced my steps and cannot find it anywhere help!!

We have advice about what to do if your information is lost or stolen at

Identity theft which they use to buy computers and mobile phones or open up accounts with your credentials.

what's the best way to dispute identity theft? I think my tax return may have been filed by someone else. What do I do now ? Thank you,

Visit to find out what to do next. There's a section specifically about tax-related identity theft.

thanks for this helpful information! and thanks for !

I would love some help,I am all confused already. I have been pinballed around way to many times. Can you assist me?

Visit to find out what to do. It explains what reports to file right away, who to contact and how to repair the damage. You can file a complaint at, or call 1-877-438-4338.

Identity theft is also easier without the people sworn to protect you particiapate?cover up starts and nobody wants to help you are expected to prove your yourself while the victim suffers the thief gets all the advantages for being a Thief.? I had my entire life stolen and was given nothing but lies deceit and more lies.some of the people are awsome for in most part however color of law sucks.proud to blow the regrets.. the ones responsible eventually get karma back

Mine started with someone filing my federal taxes in 2012. Even with a CI from the IRS it's still going on. He said the ring of people are out of Nigeria. How about 650 hit on my ChexSystem report and everytime I validate it and get it cleared, within 2 months, there's 100 or so back on there. I couldn't get credit for a rusty set of rims from a salvage yard. Getting a new SS# is all but impossible and no matter how many time I change my password, the find a way to break it and delete all my files, take all my pictures and continue to ruin my life. The CI gave up and I haven't heard from him in over a year, but I am getting threats in the mail, email, phone, and being sued by places Ive never been. I was on a check for $70.00 and the judge place a lien on my for $800.00 and Ive never heard of the place, but since the thieves know me better than I do myself now, I can't convince the court. These guys are good too, they went to the 3 bureaus and knew me so well that they changed my challenge questions to the wrong answers, so now when I do the questions, I get them all wrong.

Visit to find out what to do about some of these problems. The site has sample letters you can use to contact businesses. It explains how to put a credit freeze on your credit report to make it harder for someone to misuse your information. It shows what to do if debt collectors are calling about debts that aren't yours. Please report your experience at

Good Morning, there is a girl that constantly uses my phone number for her applications. Its only my phone number. I have check all 3 credit reports and nothing new has opened. I have had debt collectors call me in the past looking for her (her first name is similar to mine and same last name) and when i insist that its not me, they have the wrong number they remmove my account. I have stopped recieving collector calls but within the past 2 months when i have gone to Petco i have found her using my phone number again under her profile. I change all the information.. what do I do? Is this Identity theft? My case seems so mild compared to all the other blogs I have unfortunately read.

Visit to find out what to do if someone is misusing your personal information. You can report the theft to the FTC and your local police explains how. Read about putting a fraud alert on your credit report, which makes it harder for someone to get new credit in your name.

In addition to my last comment my credit card # was stolen again last week again since the last time 10 years ago

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