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Wipes in pipes cause clogs and gripes

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For most people, plumbing problems rank right up there with root canals on the list of “experiences to avoid.” We’re careful about what we flush. We may rely on ads or product labels for information about what’s safe to put in the system, so it’s important those are accurate. According to the FTC, Nice-Pak Products lacked proof to support its claims that its wipes were safe for sewer and septic systems. Under a proposed settlement, the company can’t say the wipes are safe to flush unless it has new tests proving they are.

Nice-Pak marketed wipes under private labels at Costco, CVS, Target and BJ’s. It said the wipes would break down after flushing, and were safe for household and public systems. According to the FTC, Nice-Pak didn’t test the wipes under real-world conditions, and its ads were deceiving people. If wipes are flushed and don’t break down, they can cause big problems for homeowners and wastewater plant managers who must clean and repair clogged systems.

If you bought something that didn’t live up to its advertising, contact the manufacturer and the store where you bought the product, and file a complaint with the FTC.

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Please explain more about it... How can absorb rightly on this matter...I worried about to start a new business in new area...

Read the FTC's press release for more information about the case.

i need to know the steps i will be taken next thank you so much.

Ya know, you get to a certain age and thoroughness with hygiene is sometimes difficult and out if your control. The problem with wipes has been noted elsewhere, e.g., New York. If wipes pose a problem, well, lawfully wipe them out.

Will share info. Thank you.

We use the Kroger brand...are they suspect as well?

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