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1.5 minutes can save you…a heap of trouble!

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We’ve all heard the ads saying that 15 minutes can save you 15%. Some ads claim to save you more in even less time. Well, the FTC can save you lots of headaches in about a minute and a half. We recently released new short videos explaining the basics about three topics that affect millions of us:

Renting an apartment or a house

But wait, there’s more! For the low, low introductory price of…well…nothing, you can find even more videos and information at It’s just what you need to know – and what you need to do – about managing your money, protecting your credit, managing your debt, and dealing with identity theft.

We hope these resources are helpful – and if they are, feel free to share. You can grab and share the videos – post them on your own website or blog, share on social media. And order free materials, in English and Spanish, to hand out at work, school, club, or wherever else people might need consumer protection basics, plain and simple.


Now this is something I would be a part of.

Really funny!

I would like to find out more about Identity theft

You'll find article about identity theft at If you think you might be an identity theft victim, go to

The videos are short to the point and informative. I appreciate having them to review, they are loaded with valuable information. Thank You

This is a wonderful website. This is also some very important information, which I'll forward to my friends, as I do many of your postings. Thank you so much and keep up the great work.

Thank you for sharing; that's a great way to help others protect themselves from scams. 

Have you seen our Pass It On campaign material? It has ready-to-print fact sheets about charity fraud, health care scams, imposters, identity theft and more, all designed for active older adults, available at

Also, please let your friends know they can go to and subscribe to get the FTC’s Scam Alerts and other news.

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