FTC stops robocall scam

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Tired of robocalls? The FTC just shut down Payless Solutions, a scam using illegal robocalls to lie about lowering your credit card interest rate.

Here’s the scam: A robocall – often from “Card Services” – says that you qualify for a special program to lower your credit card interest rate, save thousands of dollars, and pay off debts sooner. If you press a number, a representative might tell you they work for your bank or credit card company. They don’t. 

It gets worse. Next, they ask for your credit card information and Social Security number. Then, they charge $300 to $3499 for their interest rate reduction services – often without your permission. Most of the time, you don’t get a lower interest rate. And you lose your money.

The FTC and the Florida Attorney General filed a lawsuit to shut down this scam. Why? Payless lied about lowering interest rates, lied about working for consumers’ banks, and unfairly charged consumers’ credit cards without authorization. And those annoying robocalls? They violated the Do Not Call rules.

How can you guard against phone scams like this one? Here are some suggestions: 

  • If you get a robocall, hang up the phone. Don't press 1 to speak to an operator or any other key to take your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.
  • Keep your credit card, checking account, or Social Security numbers to yourself. Don't tell them to callers you don't know – even if they ask you to “confirm” this information. That's a trick.
  • Sign up for the Do Not Call Registry. If you’re on the registry and get a sales call, it’s a scam.
  • You can also sign up for a service to block robocalls, like nomorobo.com, which won the FTC’s 2013 Robocall Challenge.
  • Report your experience to the FTC online or by calling 1-888-382-1222.

Looking for ways to lower your interest rate and pay debts? Consumer.gov has tips on managing debt and using credit. For example: when comparing credit cards, don’t just look at interest rates. Also ask about the annual fee, other fees, and the grace period for late payments. Want more help? Check out the FTC’s advice about choosing a credit counseling service.

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These people call me 20 times a day how can they be stopped Do not call registry doesn't help

Seriously? shut down...hahahahaha They just get a new phone # and BINGO...back up and running just like the call I got today.

I have been getting these calls from "Credit Card Services" or from "Visa Mastercard Services" saying that (roughly) "I qualify for a zero interest rate on all your credit card accounts." These calls used to be from a real person. Now they are recordings. They commonly use the same first 6 digits of my own phone number. I am signed up for do not call.

Please fix this. Thank you.

Guys, you're not doing nearly enough about this. It should be fairly simple to "Follow the money" and shut these clowns down.

3 years since Payless and I am sure it is these SAME people still at this CRAP!!. That action was COMPLETELY POINTLESS and a waste of time.
Let's simply GET RID of PHONE NUMBER SPOOFING. Kill that Software function into the phone system ALL TOGETHER.
DO NOT CALL is also useless since they ignore it.
Now I push 1 to get the person and insult them telling them: "if they got a decent education, they could have gotten a real job as a positive influence on society instead of bothering people."
STEP UP the pressure Folks. Kill Spoofing, PERIOD.

Constantly getting robo calls from Card Services on LOCAL NUMBERS here in Utah. So you haven't stopped anything.

Is it true these phone scam kings extort politicians with threat of tens of thousands of defamatory robocalls if legislators try to write laws to effectively stop this fraud and abuse?

Everyone is in bed together...the phone companies sell your number for profit. Then If u fall for the scam the interest rates go up on your account and the credit card company wins. Guess who lobbies the FTC. Guess who's influence weighs more. There is no relief in sight. Until the people of this country stand up to our government.

I get several robo callers on my cell phone, even though I am on the do not call registry. An aggressive one that calls at least once a day from a local exchange, but always from a different number, says: "Hello, this is Sarah. Are you suffering from back pain?"
Of course everyone has a little bit of back pain, so it's a scam.

Since there is still little or nothing that will shut them down:
1. Waste THEIR time with made-up nonsense.
2. Use an air horn, sport whistle, duck call, etc.
3. If you answered thinking it was someone you know, just hang up.
4. Try not to get mad. It isn't worth risking an anurism.

You say you have shut down robo calls? Why do I get 4/6 daily. Most are wanting to lower my interest rate. Please shut them down.

Just what I was looking for, regards for posting.

December 20 2018 still calling. if caught every person in the org mgr,owner,anyone in it, hr,accounting ,anyone who speaks to a customer needs to be charged. all know what they are doing is wrong so all need to be punished and of course the higher in company the higher charge. but its a criminal operation


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