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Is that work-at-home job going to pay?

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Are you looking for a job you can do from home?

Maybe you want something flexible to balance responsibilities like caring for kids or family members. Or maybe you haven’t been able to find a job, or you need extra income.

Whatever your reason, know this: many work-at-home ads that promise you can earn a great living, even in your spare time, are scams. They won’t deliver on the claims they make. 

Work-at-Home Businesses describes some common work-at-home scams. It also tells you how the Business Opportunity Rule requires people who promote legitimate opportunities to support their claims. Order copies of the revised booklet free, in English or Spanish, to share with friends and family, local businesses, the library — you name it — at

If you’re looking to work at home — whether it’s an internet business, mystery shopping job, direct selling through a multilevel marketing plan, or something else — do your homework first.

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I had the same thing happen to me. He cheated me out of 1500.00. Offer a "so-call" job and was sending a check for me to cash and send to some person that would release the equipment. We always talked through google chat. I can pressuring him to give me a number for the company and I will call them personally about the fake check. He finally admitted that it was a scam. He had the nerve to tell me "this is how they get food, they are starving." He also told me I was going to be blessed. I couldn't pay my rent and luckily my ex was there so he covered food and gas. I sent some pretty nasty emails about what I hope happens to him in prison. I figured, go turn me in and then we will also have you.

This soubds exactly what is happening to me right now but the guy is Brandon Morgan. There were already red flags but he seems a little antsy that I can't deposit his check today.

I got this email yesterday from someone calling herself Yasmeen Jenkins regarding the same Brandon Morgan. These people are trolling State job boards looking for victims.

“Dear Job Seeker Our recruitment team viewed your resume published on ( for the position Administrative Assistant Full Time/ Part Time) and we are pleased with your qualifications,we believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an online interview.

Your resume was shortlisted for an online interview with the personnel manager You are to set up a screen name with Google hangouts at https://hangouts. google. com/ and add up Mr Brandon Morgan via G-mail Hangouts send him an IM, via G-mail Hangout(brandonmorgan30hrm@ Add him to your buddy list and message him, He will be online waiting for you ASAP to conduct the interview for you.

Your verification code is ( SR-903 ), this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. Your timely response matters a lot. We are looking forward to having you on the team. Interview Scheduled : Online.Time: Monday, 22 January 2018 8am-5pm Venue: Online Via Google Hangout Training is Available Human Resources
Your swift and timely response matters a lot in this beneficial position”

I just went through that exact scenario. Someone claiming to be a recruiter for Merck. It was a Total scam. Rhankfully Fed Ex caught the package that it was charged to a known fraud acct. Very disappointing. The so called recruiter wad was named Fran Murphy.

In was just sent a check from someone that claims to be the owner of Merck

May I ask the name of the company? The same thing is happening to me! Thank you

I think these people have just scammed me. Have you had any justice with your experience?

The person who interviewed me his name is Peter lowy it's from a steel company so he says .is there anyone else w the same thing?

Someone just recently contacted me on Google Hangouts telling me he works from McCormick Corporation and his name is Quvarious Williams and a training supervisor by the name of Andrea Lee. They sent me a check for $2,450 asking me to deposit it to my account because its supposedly for my training materials and hardware. A few days later the bank game a negative balance because the check the "company" sent bounced. I am now researching McCormick Corporation to see if these people actually work there but no answer.

Yes. Then after the money transaction was completed. The person usin Erik Lance's name claiming to wirk as a recruiting manager for St. Jude Medical Equipment and using company letter heads etc. who interviewed and sent a job letter disappeared. Please be very careful! I am still trying to get justice.

I was just told to DL Hangout for my interview. Which was all online. Told me I was hired. Want to send me a check for the equipment they want to send me. What company may I ask wanted you to download Hangout? Thank you, I just don't want to get scammed!

I recently tried a work from home business with Vemma. I ended up $2000 in debt for my training and supplies. I received one check for only $4.00. I was forced out when I ran out of credit and could not afford the fees to stay and work. A big loss. I was foolish then, ignorant of the schemes, I have become informed. Never again will I listen to a work from home marketing call. NEVER AGAIN!

You can report this to your state Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission.

You can also contact the state Attorney General’s office in the state where the business is based.

Check the more recent articles, Vemma is listed as a pyramid scheme

yes, I am one of the person that was scam? I have all the documents, and I want to know where we reach our complain? I am not paid of my salary from March 17,2015 when I sign my employment contract -to may 2015. Please let me know?

You can report this to your state Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission.

You can also contact the state Attorney General’s office in the state where the business is based.

I have tried three online jobs and so far have spent a lot of money and made no money. I am very disappointed. How can I find an online job that is honest?

Read this article about Work at Home Businesses for tips about spotting work at home scams.

Before you sign up with a company, you could check it out with your local consumer protection agency, your state Attorney General, or the Better Business Bureau.   Check on what people say about the company in the company's home state and in your area.

But remember: even if there aren’t complaints about a company,  that doesn't mean it's legitimate. Some dishonest companies settle complaints or change business name or move to a new location so people can't track them.

Hey Linda do not trying to get money online I just got scammed and lost 300 dollars and they wanted more that's where I stopped. Its an e-loan it's number calls from Texas California, and Florida.

Key things to look out for:

1) Legit jobs won't ask you to pay anything out of pocket. Not anything. So if you have to pay for something to be shipped to you, or some other fees, it's likely a scam. And even if it's not, why would you want to spend money to make money? Real jobs don't ask their employees or contractors to pay for things.

2) Online or work from home jobs paying you via check or direct deposit. This is a no-no. There are secure ways to be paid for online/remote work. Request payment through a place like PayPal or similar service. This way the ONLY information you have to provide to receive payment is the email address associated with your PayPal account (Not the password! Don't ever give anyone your password for anything!). You don't need to give out bank info, tax info, address, or anything else that could be used to scam you. You will need to provide that info to PayPal - as they are required to report your income for tax purposes, but you won't need to give it to the person hiring you.

3) Just use common sense and go with your gut feelings. If something seems off, trust yourself and don't get involved.

Hi! I just started a couple weeks ago with a online company with shipping products, my way to get paid was direct deposit or pay pal. Of course I did pay pal and I am waiting until the first of the month to see what happens. I just wanted to make sure it was legit. I do have to pay anything out of pocket ,just inspect the merchandise and keep record of it and load the invoice on the company website.

The Scammer seeks assistant blog post tells about some scams that involve 'jobs' receiving and shipping packages.

This sounds just like the job i just got hired for. I email him regarding the company contact and he refuse to give it to me because of no contact with the work at home workers didnt make sense only way of contact was through emails. Whats information did you receive?

This is a scam! I started on August 31,2016 and was told I would get paid 30 days after my first package. I asked on Friday September 30,2016 as to when I get paid and they said Monday October 3,2016. Since than, I received no contact from my so called supervisor and have been locked out of the site. I contacted my local police because they had sent packages in my name and several were from ATT Verizon and Sprint. Stop what you are doo b and call the police. Refuse any packages you get from here on out. I did 23 packages in one month so they owe me at least $2300 before taxes are taken out.

Hi looks like I just received the same offer, is it a package handler position? From Emily brooks ? Reply to Fran Clarken? Also pay $1700.00 - 2700.00 monthly ? All they ask me for was my phone number & they will get back to me.... I want to know is this real & have you started? Thanks , savvy A

I was going to sign up with this company today to receive packages to reship and get paid through PayPal. did it work out for you

What company was it and were they legit , I've been making a lot of mistakes with the wrong companies

The company I worked for was TM company (Top Motion) reshipping packages since the end of Feb. and I was supposed to get yesterday and didn't and the company shut the website down. I didn't loose any money but I didn't make any money. Talking to my lawyer later on today.

The company I worked for was TM company (Top Motion) reshipping packages since the end of Feb. and I was supposed to get yesterday and didn't and the company shut the website down. I didn't loose any money but I didn't make any money. Talking to my lawyer later on today.

Is there truly jobs to do from home? If so, what are they. I know it is a lot of scams out there but would love to work from home if I could make decent money.

has anyone took a job that you didnt have to pay anything. they sent me packages all month and all i have was check the content and repack it and mail it. they paid the postal and all. it was going great. payday was the 31st of may and i havent been pai yet. its almost 900 they owe me.

This could be a scam. According to the FBI, some scammers hire people to be “correspondence managers” or “import/export specialists.” The scammers ask people to ship packages overseas. The items you shipped might have been purchased online with a stolen credit card and sent to your address.

If this happened to you, and you gave the scammers your bank account information so they could “pay” you, contact your bank. If a scammer has your bank account number, he can take your money. If you gave out personal information, go to for tips about what to do.

Please file a consumer complaint with the FTC at Information you provide can help law enforcement.

I have seen you post quite a few times, about how an employer can 'take your money' from having ones account number and routing, etc. Not doubting you, but wouldn't one have full recourse, if a fraudulent charge hit ? Would you be concerned about an ACH, or more of an EFT more? Also, would you be ok if you were using maybe direct deposit, but always kept a small balance in the account...wouldn't this eliminate most of the risk...or am I wrong? Any help to these questions much appreciated..Thanks.

If a scammer takes money from your account, you may not be able to get the money back. If someone stole your money, they probably won't cooperate and return it.

I have recently accepted a job as a quality controller in which I didn't have to pay anything to start. I receive packges in the mail I check the content repack and mail it out. I also fill out a report and send that to the person who hired me at the end of the day which states the persons name where the product came from tracking number how much it weights, day and time I received it and, day and time I shipped it out. they say its a w2 job but I have not received any of that paperwork that you would normally fill out with a w2 job. the place is based in Australia but can another country pay you for work if you live in the United states. what company did you work for.

 According to the FBI, some scammers hire people to be a “correspondence manager” or “import/export specialist.” The scammers ask people to ship products overseas. It might turn out that the items you shipped were purchased online with a stolen credit card and sent to your address so you could re-ship them. If this happened to you, and you gave the scammers your bank account information so they could “pay” you, contact your bank. If a scammer has your bank account number, he can take your money. If you gave out personal information, go to for tips about what to do.

I used to do this also. they trusted me with hundreds of dollar of equipment getting sent to me.after a month they said the company has shut down.

I just had that happen to me!!! I am so pissed about it. It is a huge scam. However they now have all my info because they hired me. So I had to fill out the w-4 and I-9 forms. So now they are using my info to get credit cards and so on....

You might want to watch it and keep all of your proof that you was scammed. I was 9 months pregnant in January and the police came knocking on my door charged me with a felony and misdemeanor for using credit cards and come to find out it was all from a scam that happened to me while I was doing the packaging thing... Thank God I showed my attorney all of the information and I wasn't prosecuted!

Is this with first delivery services ltd in lithuania?

YES..I'm currently employed by first delivery services ltd in lithuania and I just shipped out my first package 2days ago today I got e-mail informing me about new packages coming I'm getting concern that I have fallen into scam. Worry?


You can also report these scams to the FBI at

I was contacted by someone about a work at home job, they got my info from a resume/job sight. a week later I receive a cashier's check for "equipment" needed. Well long story short, the cashier's check was bad. I had filled out a W4 form, so now they have my SS#, name and address. Luckily I have saved every text, email, and piece of paper. And filed a police report.

Has anyone Gotten asked to going Vipassana? I've heard about how they asked you to give them $100 and you have to sell some supliment and what not someone from that group has to recruit you i think this should be looked more into because it sounds like a huge scam someone asking for money to work? uh that screams PYRAMID SCAM

You can file a complaint about this at Law enforcement uses information from complaints to investigate scams.

Blog comments don't go into the law enforcement database.

Stacia Crane from the Postal Inspector Office gave a speech and said the websites asking you to repackage items could be stolen merchandise. Then you can face criminal charges as you are an accomplice.

I never believed that anyone can make a fortune working from home from such businesses. This goes all the way back when I saw an infomercial for something called "The Internet Toolbox" featuring Richard Karn, who played Al Borelen in Home Improvement. From that, nobody mentioned what exactly was being sold, but kept making the claim that you can make a lot from whatever it is, which made me feel very suspicious. Overall, I never fell for this at all.

This is about an insurance company: After they issued to me a fraudulent check for $2,750.10 through FEDEX, I took it to the bank who confirmed my suspicions. But, the bank was quick to tell me that the best way to identify fraud is 1) paper stock - lightweight; 2) the way the date is printed - differs from the way the actual company would do so; 3) the check signature is feint; there is no check stub - this would be the best giveaway. Never send a scanned bank deposit slip to anyone you do not know. The response I got from the company when I told them that the check was fraudulent: "Well, I'll have to have the company send you cash to buy the software." Unreal...just unreal.

was the company called AmerisourceBergen? I did a interview today via Google Hangouts. I just sent them some personal information not my social and I am suppose to hear from them in the morning and I'm starting to get a suspicious feeling.


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