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Is that work-at-home job going to pay?

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Are you looking for a job you can do from home?

Maybe you want something flexible to balance responsibilities like caring for kids or family members. Or maybe you haven’t been able to find a job, or you need extra income.

Whatever your reason, know this: many work-at-home ads that promise you can earn a great living, even in your spare time, are scams. They won’t deliver on the claims they make. 

Work-at-Home Businesses describes some common work-at-home scams. It also tells you how the Business Opportunity Rule requires people who promote legitimate opportunities to support their claims. Order copies of the revised booklet free, in English or Spanish, to share with friends and family, local businesses, the library — you name it — at

If you’re looking to work at home — whether it’s an internet business, mystery shopping job, direct selling through a multilevel marketing plan, or something else — do your homework first.

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Was it a scam?? I had something similar and it was a scam.

What ends up happening is that you deposit the check and make the equipment purchase. The checks take several days to clear, but the EFT purchase are instantaneous (or near enough). By the time the check bounces and your bank account is in the negative, the entity you purchased from has your money. You will be responsible for the bad check they sent you. My advice is that you just assume anything like this is fallacious, particularly if they don't provide you with a website, legit email signature, etc. If you're curious anyway, wait for the check to clear before proceeding.

Interviewed by H.R. Mr. ROBERT Marc, company B.T.G.International. Interviewed me over Google hangouts for a company in Australia. Falcon Minerals. Any bad news on these two companies? Sending me a check tomorrow for $4,011.00 for equipment.

Interviewed with Paul Ricardo using Goodgle Hangout. Said he worked for Falcon Minerals. They asked me to do tasks then hurried up & sent me a check for $2300 & pressured me to hurry up & put the check in my account & notify him as soon as the check was deposited. I did not deposit the check. Do not deposit any check from any company trying to say that the money is for equipment. It is a scam. I played along with the guy & asked for his phone #. It is 530 763 2190 which is Marysville CA. I called him & he answered. He got defensive & asked me why I was asking so many questions when I explained that I needed to call Falcon & make sure that this check was legit before I deposited it. He said "I am a father & I would never pray on hard working people like you. ". What a bunch of crap & it is so sad how many evil people are in this world. They will call you & say that there was an accounting error & they need part of the money back, then it will bounce later & you are stuck with the debt. Just remember ...... If you work from home ..... The company will send you the equipment. Never trust a company that wants you to go out & buy it!

OMG the same thing happened to me within the last 3 days. I was actually offered a data entry job through a legit company. They are right down the street from me. I had applied for a job through them on Ziprecruiter. So when I got a response I was excited. I was asked to set Hangouts and add "James Harley" to my contacts He was eager to speak to me. I went through a very extensive conversation and Q and A session. He said I did very well and said I was qualified for the position. I even mentioned that this sounded too good to be true and that I was leery that this was a scam. He gave me a similar response to yours "I am 53 and a grandfather of four. The last thing I want is to spend my twilight years in jail when I want to enjoy what little time I have left on this earth with them. He made me feel bad for even saying anything. Very well spoken actually and very convincing. Then a few hours later they sent an offer letter and a very simple application. It asked for name, address, phone number, birthdate, and emergency contact, and my availability to work. I signed and sent back. Then I got a big welcome to the team, yadayada... Today was check day. I had to set up a mobile banking app for my bank and they emailed the check to me for $2400 to purchase a laptop, software, and other training materials. Once the check cleared, they would send me a list. So I did all that and did a screenshot on my phone showing the funds were submitted. Then I really started getting an uneasy feeling. So I decided to call the actual business, and the CFO got on the phone and told me to run, don't walk to your bank and stop the deposit. Which I did, thankfully. So somehow they are using the businesses that you applied to in order to start these scams. Or they are posting fake job listings to get unsuspecting victims. Lowest scum on earth IMO!!

hey what job was this?

What ended up happening with Robert Marc?

I too was interviewed but I think its somewhat scammish. Have u deposited the check?

I was just interviewed as well by this company from a paul ricardo @ paulricardo111 . Has anyone fond out if this is a scam?

I don't know why my comment was not posted but warning to everyone PLEASE Do Not accept a job offer from anyone @ TOPFULFILL. COM!!!! This is a complete scam job and it is very dangerous ATTENTION needs to be brought to this matter ASAP!

You can help law enforcement by reporting to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

The company in this scam that contacted me is called Synaspe. I received 4800 check today for equipment and software.

Don't cash it - it's a scam. Report it!!

I'm looking for information about this company JQE-LOGISTICS or this names MARIA JOHNSON AND ANN MEYER they tell me that they work for this company because is a WORK FROM HOME job.

They are the ones who scammed me. After I called the company and talked with a live person who is supposedly an assistant to Anne Meyer or Maria Johnson, I was locked out of the site. On Monday I refused a package that was in my name.

They scam my too.

Anyone heard of a scam with a company called HGS or Hinduja Global Solutions a subsidiary of Tecan. The vice-president is Andreas Wilhelm. I received the cashiers check and deposited it, but for some reason, I got up this morning and thought this may be a money laundering scam. As of now, I have not given any personal information and when they asked me to send them a copy of the deposit slip, I covered the part with the account number. So far all they have is my address which you can find online, but no personal information. Not sure at this time if the check cleared.

It's a scam. They reached out to me. Was the check legit

dathib since you cashed the check was it good? I heard from this company today, saying I was hired. They are paying $30.12 cents an hour 45 hours a week. They are sending me a Free HP Laptop and High-Speed Internet to do the job. A check to pay for all the software I will need, and a $150.00 hiring bonus? so far they have nothing but my address. I was wondering if you found them to be legit. I can't seem to find out anything else online. Their Websites etc seem to be very legit. Thanks

Yeah it is a scam. My brother just got "hired" by them today. He gave them his bank account number and last 4 of social. Then they asked for his password to the account and he realized it was a scam.
Don't give them anything.

Happened to me today - thank goodness I came across this feed while researching. This time the names involved were: ROBERT HEIDRICH, JAMES MARIA AND CINTAS CORPORATION with email: info@                         NOT a valid email, it auto corrects when googled and deletes the - .

Robert Marc is still doing this. His email is robertmarc23        . feel free to send him an email. He just tried to suck my husband into cashing a check for supplies so he can work for falcon minerals. This was today, Sept. 2016.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I received an email saying that I am going to receive a check and that I have to cash it and send some to soemone in France and that I can keep $130, i text them back and said to them to not send me anything that Indont want to received anything and they say its imposiblle cus its on its way, so I said well I am going to send it back to the person who send it to me. What can I do?

It's best not to cash or deposit the check. Tear it up and throw it away.

You are responsible for the checks you deposit, even if you don’t know they’re fake. It’s best not to rely on money from any type of check until the bank confirms that the check has cleared, and it can take weeks for a bank to discover that a check was a forgery. Until the bank confirms that the funds from the check were deposited into your account, you are responsible for any money you withdraw against that check. You can read more about Fake Checks in this FTC article.

Has the Libra Group Limited been reported.

Is the Libra group thing a scam? seeing by the posts I am assuming yes. I've tried to do my research but am not having a lot of luck finding out information. There are two websites - libra group and libra group limited with the same moto - found a few linked in pages but no information on indeed.

Had a Google Hangout interview today with Robert Lambart. His email address was a Gmail account. Said he represents Falcon Minerals. Online interview only, no application required. I supposedly got the job. Wouldn't discuss compensation, said that would be discussed on Monday when I'm supposed to start training. They're sending me a check via FedEx to use to buy all necessary supplies. Thought it was all a little strange. I'm going to refuse the FedEx package. I'm not taking a chance!

I recently offered a job from sunseap group pte limited through hangout interview and its almost the same they offeredme a job , asked for my address , sent me an offer letrer to be signed and return to them , its a job from home and they said they will send me details of check for the supplies.

I am confused its Gewin. Jhoson 200 who is doing allcorrespondance from.singapore

I just got offered a job from sunseap group pte ltd from a Gregory Qiang Azzo via Google Hangouts. They were going to send me a check to purchase software and wanted to know how I wanted my name on the company check. His email address was hrm.gregoryazzo . BEWARE!!

I got hired from sunseap also but mine I a little different I guess , mine has been with Jon O'Grady, they sent me checks in which I was suppose to deposit and buy material I needed , I've been given different question task to answer daily and when I told him my bank said the check was fraudulent he told me they were working on it and a representative will be coming tomorrow ?? I did deposit the checks , I was unaware of this , I found the job on ZipRecruiter so I didn't think it was fake now I am questioning everything.. I figured this was a great opportunity since I'm only 20 and can do this from home and finish school, they didn't ask for my bank info or ssn

Same exact thing happened to me except I was hired with sonafi and the check is supposed to arrive in the mail in the morning. Fortunately I found this site before anything could happen, sounds like such a hassle.

Mobe is the biggest internet scam on the internet today.

For the shipping scams: Export-controlled information or material is any information or material that cannot be released to foreign nationals or representatives of a foreign entity, without first obtaining approval or license from the Department of State for items controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). There's lists online of what can't be sent including computer equipment. Scammers may be asking you to ship illegal export shipments so you take the fall if caught.

Does anybody have any dealings with a website called home-job-source?

I've heard of them, no dealings

Hi, has anyone heard of Fidelity Healthcare Limited, they took me throw the online interview through google hangouts and told me salary info, etc. Sent me a fraud check, and it was kinda obvious because it was so flimsy, and was printed on paper that looked like computer paper with WELLS FARGO logo on it. I tried to write the person who interviewed me called, Ms Hope Hernandez but she has not emailed me back. Is it a scam. She just keeps asking me did I deposit it yet?

This is ridiculous, it's funny because a check is supposed to arrive in the mail in the morning for me to buy a computer, fax machine, etc. So glad I researched before doing it because it is way too sketchy. It's sad they prey upon people who are in need of jobs.

Got an interview through google handouts. They offered to send me a check for all the supplies. Said she would get back to me. She messaged me last night said 8am today. Claims there is a delay in the position I applied for and would like to know if I could take the payroll/dispatcher position instead.she was gonna sent me a check to give to a vendor for the accounting software. After a while I could choose to stay or go to the position I applied
For. Asked me to go buy check paper from staples , office max etc. and then let her know when I have it.

Has anyone heard of Is this legit before I fill out my W-2 Form.

I too was contacted by them and I am trying to research if its real.

I too was contacted by them. I'm going to call them & see if I speak to anyone.

Bemis company FRAUD!!!! Claim to be data entry job Ask for bank and personal info

Has anyone heard of Mastek Ltd.?

anyone heard of Greenheals Heaalthcare?????

They texted me for an online interview for tomorrow. I always do due diligence and they have no footprint on the internet or with my Secretary of State records. Their website is for sale. I think I may have to back out of this interview. It is work from home but "they are hoping to set up an office in the area soon." They are a ghost. What do they get out of hiring someone for a company that doesn't exist? I can't figure out the con.

Any heard of Top Motion Company they are supposed to be a logistics company but other than their website (which is very hard to find I might add) can't find anything on Google and apparently they been in business for ten years and they are located in Luxembourg.

If you are on a job search (CareerBuilder. com or any other) be aware of people posing as recruiters. Check the phone numbers they give you to see if they are valid. Ask for Websites and make sure the website actually works. Do NOT give them any of your personal information. The most recent one I have come across is from Horizon Web Group - Tasha Collins and ARC Recruiting Solutions - Cassey Houchins. I have no idea if these two people are their real names or host names but this is a complete scam.

I think I'm being scammed. I responded to a job offer by a company called JRP Group plc out of the U.K. I was interviewed and hired on Google Hangouts by Mr. Patterson Ray. They sent me a check for $4,870 to buy office equipment. I opened a new checking account and deposited the check. There's a 2 business day hold on the check and is't scheduled to release on 3/6/17. After reading some of these posts, I'm getting a little worried. I called my bank and asked them if there's a way to look into the check to see if it's fake. They said they can't but if it's fake, it won't release as scheduled. Not sure what to do.

Some people get involved in scams after they post their resumes on job sites. They might get a call saying ‘We saw your resume online and want to hire you." The company might say

  • the company is outside the U.S.
  • all work is done online
  • you’ll get great pay for little work

The scammer may interview you or send an online application. He does that to collect your personal information and make the job offer seem legitimate. At some point, the scammer will ask for your bank account number, or tell you to open a new account, and then send you instructions about transferring money.

The scammer might be trying to use you to transfer stolen money. If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

If you think you’re involved with a money transfer scam:

  • stop transferring money
  • close your bank account
  • notify your bank
  • report it to the FTC


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