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Is that work-at-home job going to pay?

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Are you looking for a job you can do from home?

Maybe you want something flexible to balance responsibilities like caring for kids or family members. Or maybe you haven’t been able to find a job, or you need extra income.

Whatever your reason, know this: many work-at-home ads that promise you can earn a great living, even in your spare time, are scams. They won’t deliver on the claims they make. 

Work-at-Home Businesses describes some common work-at-home scams. It also tells you how the Business Opportunity Rule requires people who promote legitimate opportunities to support their claims. Order copies of the revised booklet free, in English or Spanish, to share with friends and family, local businesses, the library — you name it — at

If you’re looking to work at home — whether it’s an internet business, mystery shopping job, direct selling through a multilevel marketing plan, or something else — do your homework first.

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This happened to me.

I believe these people are impersonating a company that is legit. The website looked real and the job offer letter they sent me did too. I had to sign it and signatures where on it. They even sent me a long code of conduct and basically sent me everything you must do, read, and sign before getting a job. They also sent me W-2' and I-9 Form. These people are getting smarter. I'm scared now because they have my information. What should I do? They said I'm suppose to get a check on Monday. I'm not going to cash it, because I know it's fraud now. Please help!

This just happened to me! I just got off Google Hangout with Mr. Patterson and they offered me a job as well, and I felt it was a little too good to be true so I've been doing some research and found your post. Has anything new happened with you since? They say they are sending me a check and I'm supposed to report to a supervisor tomorrow at 8am.

Was your job for an Admin Assistant? Just did the interview myself and I'm suspicious

I was also interviewed today, what happen with the check

They sent me the check but I told "Mr. Patterson" that i'm not going to move forward anymore. I told him to cancel the check. Did he tell you you scored a 93% on the test aka the interview?

Yes I got a 93% as well. Haven't heard back from him since

Did you end up working for them?

Oh and yes it was for the Admin Assistant job!

Fraud online work with guy named Brian Biggs stating HR with ASE Singapore. He sent me $9000.00 check ask me to deposit thru ATM immediately today. Then tomorrow go thru their vendor to buy equipment for online job.

Pan-Commerce GmbH job position of Procurement Manager. It is a hugh scam using your credit cards to make their so called "company" purchases of WalMart gift cards, and other gift cards. I was scammed for over 10 grand by these people. HEADS UP and steer clear of work at home job offers through your email, especially if they are unsolicited.

The best information I have heard here was, why they can't send the equipment installed on the computer? That is, why are they asking us to service their vendor. Another feedback that was really good here was they are getting really smarter. That is, they are using legit companies but they do not work for them. Another good advice was not to spend any money until the check clears. Hint: They are getting smart on this too, because now they are asking us to not do anything like purchase equipment until the check clears. So, I think this is to get our trust, and they probably are willing to send a little money to get our trust and into our bank accounts or more personal and financial information, thereafter. Listen: I was just offered a position with hinduja global solutions. They are a legit company but who knows who these people are offering me a position. Also, this legit company only pays 9.50, but these people are paying 26.50 for Administrative Assistant, smile. My work day suppose to start this Monday too with one week paid training, smile. I can imagine how much personal information they will try to seek in five days, smile. I am grateful for all your comments, because it seems they are using legit companies with similar tactics. I heard a lot of immigrants are doing this too. For real! Right from Mexico, truly. This is what I heard. Anyways, I believe what is too good to be true is just that my friends. I knew not to get them info for a direct deposit, but I was still hoping it was truly a good job; therefore, even though I am not going through with it, I was still excited. So, no telling what I could had sent as an email or communication for these people. GOOD ADVICE PEOPLE! That is, if they are so giving, why they can't install their own software? For real!

I recently received an email from Allina health was advised to open a gmail account to do an online interview. I did was advise to add Gewel Courtney then they mailed me a check for equipment for 3550.00 but name on FedEx and check don't coincide with Allina Health I called Allina Health they stated the don't have employee by that name.

Just had a two hour interview on Google Hangout. I thought it suspicious to be offered a job and no references was asked. They offered a good paying job. They advertised they would pay by check, direct deposit or Paypal. I never deposit company checks into my checking account. Too many scams, Received a $5000 check before out of the blue years ago. Bank said it was real but I took it to the Police and they had plenty of them that they were giving to other authorities. If it seems to good to be true, it is. It's a shame people do those things.

I had an interview on Hangout for a company called LAN Platform Ltd. Has anyone heard of them?

I was also contacted by a guy named Varun Razden to be an executive assistant. The company he's affiliated with is Epsilon Data Management LLC. Is this a scam? Has anyone heard of this guy or the company?


Same thing is happening to me right now, same company they even sent me 2 checks of 4000 dollars

lol they just offered me $59.75 an hour and they never even asked for my resume or credentials lol

My wife was on Hangouts. She was approached for a work at home job. They said they were Amcor Construction. Sent a check via FedEx for $4500 to purchase a computer. Its a scam!

Has anyone been contacted by a basf recruiter? Trying to determine legitamacy....

Just had a hangout chat with a Jim Laughlin from CSS Corporation. He did the interview, offered me a position and said that they will send me an Apple Macbook and W4. They then said they would send me a check to be deposited in my account to purchase the materials. I told him that I need a company debit/credit card to purchase materials for any company. They stopped the chat and went "idle".

Just want to add that a real company, COPE Health Solutions, is being used as a cover for these scammers.
They've been conducting "interviews" via Google Hangouts to hire Admin/Data Entry Clerks.

Here's some text used in a recent scam offer letter they created: APPOINTMENT LETTER FOR THE JOB OF AN ONLINE ADMIN ASSISTANT/ DATA ENTRY CLERK

I am pleased to offer you a position with COPE Healthcare Solutions® as its ADMIN/DATA ENTRY CLERK. If you decide to join us, you will receive pay by the hour at the rate of $30.75/hr, which will be paid bi-weekly in accordance with the Company's normal payroll procedures. As an employee, you will also be eligible to receive certain employee benefits after you work for 3months with us. The benefits include 401k, Childcare, Vision, Health, and Dental. You should note that the Company may modify job titles, salaries and benefits from time to time as it deems necessary.
You have been attached to an online supervisor who would take you through the start up process and training. You are required to add him ASAP on Google Hangouts the way the interview was conducted with the following address. Mr. Shreyas Patel Mba (Shreyasmbaunit @ ). (Shreyasmbaunit@ ) He will give instructions on how to sign and return the documents." Other emails used in the scam are edwandahriasisrep , mr.ken.roland@ , and coperecruitmentteam@

This company Amcor just tried to get me. I actually fell for it because it is a real company. They said they would send a check for the office equipment that I need and told me to go their vendor. I didn't feel right about it, so I googled company again this time I put Amcor Company Working from popped up saying it's a scam based out of New York.
This is messed up. Some people really need jobs

Is Motor Club of America ( MCA) a online job scam ?

I'm in a position where I've gotten a checked mailed to me and they want me to transfer the money via money gram idk im so scared... It was sent to me and on the check is rosenthal collins group have anyone experienced this

If a scammer sends you a check and tells you to deposit it, then withdraw some of the money and send it to them, you could lose money. By law, banks must give you some money soon after you deposit a check, even before the bank can verify that the check is legitimate.

If the bank gives you money, and finds out later that the check was a fraud, you will have to repay the bank. Read more about fake check scams.

Has anyone had a problem with HRA-PHARMA. I'm supposed to receive a check today for my equipment around 10 30 this morning?

HRA Pharma (fake one) contacted me by text msg. Made the offer and had me set u[ the Google Hangouts account. Long stupid interview and guess what?? I got hired as an Administrative Assistant. Two weeks training at $18/hr, then $25/hr salary. They wanted me to send them the signed contract and the W2 for HR department. Fortunately, the email was bounced by my Apple account as "Illegal address". I stopped communicating with them. So, the NEVER received the contract or the W2 but, yesterday a check arrived for $4,850 to cover setting up an office with laptop, printer, internet, etc. and have their vendor install software. I still don't understand how they are making their money. I know it's a scam but, I'm stupid about it. They really want me to get this check to the bank and I told them I have been sick and the weather has gotten very icy. They want to know when I will be able to deposit as my training starts next week. The email provided by Taurus Dutt, for the HR department did not match any type of email address from the actual HRA Pharma website from France. The other guy is Jamal Muller and my supposed "Trainer" is Rahm Mela. These are NOT Mexicans. Rahm left me a phone msg and it sounds middle eastern to me. Goofy header on the check is from some Construction Company. Routed to me from Jamaica, NY area but, Shipping envelope has a California address. Any way I can get away with actually keeping the money???? Just checking. We are all broke and desperate to make ends meet - they are pariah, bottom feeding low lifes.
I'm going to check out websites as to which government agency to report this check to. It is criminal to ship it across state lines so, maybe the USPS. I'm going to check because I am UNEMPLOYED, pissed and have extra time on my hands...

Hi, I have been recently contacted by HRA Pharma offering me a job of Administrative Assistant to work at home. I had an online interview via Skype and it was souspicious to me. The manager mentioned they reviewed my resume on ziprecruiter. The company is real but the job position is a scam.

I am currently in a conversation with an Elliot Chambers from Mayur Resources Ltd. based in Australia (a publicly traded company on the Australian stock exchange). I was initially contacted by a Ziprecruiter contact who had a gmail email address (Cheryl Jones <cheryljones036>). Red flag #1 (I should've ignored it, but I was curious about where this was going). It's for a work-from-home position, where they'll provide the equipment. Job pays about $62,000/yr. Red flag #2. That's way too much compensation for the type of admin/customer service work it supposedly is. I told Elliot that my house is too small for that equipment, and he said that the company will rent an apartment (yes, apartment, not an office) for me to work from. Red flag # 3, but still wanted to see if he'd slip up. However, all questions during the interview seemed legit and the equipment will be mailed to me, I wouldn't have to purchase it myself. Just to cover all my bases, I requested a reference or two that I could contact to ascertain the legitimacy of this position and he gave me (530)763-2190 as the number for their HR dept. It's a Google Voice # from Marysville, CA. It asked me to state my name so it could route me to the correct place, and when I did, it routed me to someone who immediately answered with "Mayur Resources". I hung up and called again from a different phone number a while later and gave a different name at the prompt. The person who answered just said hello, and when I asked where I was calling, he fumbled over his answer until he decided to go with Mayur Resources. Someone else in this comment thread cited the same phone number (DEM from Sept. 18, 2016), also regarding a minerals company in Australia. I have been offered the job and will supposedly begin tomorrow at 9am. I will absolutely not be doing accepting this job, especially after having seen this "coincidence" for the phone # and type of company/location.

I've emailed the real Mayur Resources company to see what they say about this person and job offer, as well as emailing Ziprecruiter about this Cheryl Jones. I haven't received any replies yet, but I feel it was my due diligence, even if I never get an answer from these two companies.

Also wanted to say thank you all for explicitly outlining what to look out for in these job scams.

This man is still working on scams Mr Elliot Chambers the same thing happened to me. He is now using <elliotchambers110 @gmail. com and howardsnow110@ gmail. com he is claiming Mayur Resources

HI, I've have recently run across the "One and Only, the man himself ELLIOT CHAMBERS". Luckily, I have only put in three hours, and a couple of emails. I was provided a Agreement with working terms online. Yes, he claims to be with Mayur Resources, but absolutely no connection anywhere online except what i have found here. This is my 4th scam in a row! It is so pitiful when decent people need and want a job, and they prey on the innocent. I am making complete files of all these scammers! I am so angry! I have $5000.00 worth of checks that are bad! Luckily the VP of my banking institution is confirming that these checks I have so far are bad, before I deposited them. I have two more on the line with the equipment ordeal, GEEZ! Thank you for providing me with your information. It's a mad world out there! Thank you!

You can help law enforcement by reporting this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don’t go into the law enforcement database.

This forum is very helpful. I just got “hired” yesterday and will soon start my “training” soon, but they’ll me the check first to buy the equipments needed. They used Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd which according to my reaserch is a legit company based in Switzerland. I’m having my cousin who lives in Switzerland to call the company to verify about the recruitment here, but I am thankful that I run across this website. I listed a couple of red flags during the interview and I am 100% sure that it was a scam.

Total scam. The person contacts you for a job working from home. They will send you a check so you can buy all the software from their vendor that you need. You go to the bank to deposit. Twenty four hours later the bank says the funds are there so they cash it. A few days later the bank says that check is a fraud and they want their money back. Meanwhile you already bought the software from their vendor. And you won’t be getting any software. I enjoyed my time wasting their time on me throughout this process at least it’s time away from them from scamming someone else

karlarnoldgoldandpreciousstones. com

Is another one of these scams that have you cash their check to buy supposed work material. Avoid them!

I just had a similar incident to happen to me.I was contacted from a so called recruiter from Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd after I posted my resume on zip recruiter. The recruiters name was Cassandra Perkins. She initially emailed me and wanted me to create a Hangout account in order to perform the interview. There were also a lot of red flags popping up during the interview. After doing some research, the only thing I could find was the company based out of Switzerland. The company is legit but the offer wasn't. They said the same thing, we'll send you a check so that you can purchase the equipment needed to do the job. Deposit the check in your account and the money will be available within 24 hours. They even sent the contract via email with the company's letter head. My question though; if they are sending us money, via check, how would they intern be able to get that money back plus whatever the scammers intended to get out of the transaction? Especially if they don't have your banking info. Must be above my pay grade.

Are you still in the company? What did you do after the offer letter?

MT PHARMAAMERICA. This is a real company but the recruiter ERIC KAUFMANN is a fake. Also the woman who emailed me the “offer letter” Regina Giampietri is also fake. Same story as the rest of you. Got a TEXT about a job interview happening over GOOGLE HANGOUTS went through this extensive interview. The position was ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT. training $18/hr. Startypay after that $25/hr. Got a message saying a check is coming today for “materials” through FEDEX at 1030am. I called the ACTUAL COMPANY this morning and spoke with someone who told me it’s a SCAM. And it’s been happening for months. Needless to say I feel like crap. I lost my job, car, and my home with three kids and I am so desperate to get my life back in order for my kids, that I didn’t wanna see this for what it was, A SCAM. the check is suppose to be coming but I’m just gonna rip it up and block it hear ppl and keep job searching.

I just received offer letter from Regina. I'm glad I googled her. Thanks for the info, I thought this was too good to be true.

Haveanyone of you had some say thrre from general mills looking for people to work at home

Watch out for Mr. Jenny Harry posing as a recruiter. Went righty “interview” and asked for basic personal info. Same as other stories, he says he will mail a check for office supplies and software. Thanks to this site, I will not be moving forward with this scam. First red flag was the male named Jenny!! Don’t waste your time.

I have a contract from NBC-Sales. I am supposedly the shipping agent. Is this for real? They gave me a 30 day trail period. Then, they will pay me 2500.00. They send ordered items to me and I label and send. Is this a legitmate business?

Here is one to look out for as I was scammed this last week.

Starts off with a Text message, stating they are following up on a job request. She represented herself as the Hiring manager for ORION HEALTH. This quickly changed to email exchanges asking for a copy of my drivers licenses and the name of the bank I use, just to name the more sensitive questions. I answered, not seeing much harm in this.

She stated they have full and part time positions, however I would have to purchase the software needed to enter the necessary information as a data entry/executive assistant.

Her name: Deborah Babb. Text came from: 618-***-7148 Email: deborahbabbhire @gmail. com
Her partner who wanted copies, Cynthia Moore. Email: job@ recruiterdesk. net Only had one exchange with this one. Most of the exchanges were with Deborah.

Deborah stated they would be sending me a check via FedEx. It did in fact arrive when she sent me the tracking number. I verified the tracking numbers, they matched. I opened the envelop and there was only a check for $4,850.99. (another red flag as some on this forum stated the same dollar amount). The check was to buy software such as; peachtree, MYOB, and more.

However, looking at the check a bit closer, it was check number 1187. Way too low for a company with over 400 people working online. Then, I noticed a huge error, the name of the party cutting the check.

THE HARVEY INSURANCE AENCY INC. (No, I didn't misspell it, they did)
Bank: BB&T Branch banking & Trust company.

Deborah was hurrying me to take the check to my bank and then send her a copy of the deposit slip. (another red flag, those validated slips show my banking numbers, now I am almost positive this is a scam) I called the BB&T bank 1 800 number, they helped me to confirm that something was wrong with this check, however they asked me to take it to a local branch, and I did. It was fraud.

Ok, so I have been looking for legitimate work at home jobs as well, anyone know if this actually exists or is everything a scam? Does anyone know how to find real work? 9 months I've been hit with crazy bs..I just want to work 15-20 hours a week at home, I have kids and daycare costs more than the pay received when you work outside of the home..

Anyone have any real dierection, I would be so appreciative for some real help

Ive Been contacted by Basilea pharm. as well, and after reading everyones comments i know its fake that really sucks im glad i decided to check online before i went any further . i been waking up every day at 8:00am for this lady for nothing smh when i can be out looking for jobs. Mines Name is Patricia Lane has anyone else spoke to her?

I’m actually talking to that same lady now!!! I’m so glad I did some research

Yes I just got the same email from her today !

SAME: Please read. It's ridiculous that they're preying on people looking for a job.

I applied for a job on Indeed for an Executive Administrative Assistant position, and was contacted by a woman claiming to work for Basilea Pharmaceutica named Patricia Lane. She asked me to do a text interview via the Hang outs app on Android. Something just didn't feel right. The so called interview lasted for over an hour, then i was offered the position, but they asked me to send my W-2 and I-9 info. Luckily my anti virus marked it as suspicious, and just as I thought, I did a scam alert search and found that these people are finding resumes on Indeed and ZipRecruiter and attempting to gather people's financial information, and send them fake checks to deposit, or unfortunately some people have actually provided their banking info, and ended up owing thousands of dollars. Please investigate this so that it stops. Luckily I didn't give them any personal information, but I saw that others have. It's sad that they are preying on people simply trying to find a job.

I recently started forking for a company called WK, where I ship packages to customers. Has anyone else heard of this company? I'm worried that it's a scam.


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