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Is that work-at-home job going to pay?

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Are you looking for a job you can do from home?

Maybe you want something flexible to balance responsibilities like caring for kids or family members. Or maybe you haven’t been able to find a job, or you need extra income.

Whatever your reason, know this: many work-at-home ads that promise you can earn a great living, even in your spare time, are scams. They won’t deliver on the claims they make. 

Work-at-Home Businesses describes some common work-at-home scams. It also tells you how the Business Opportunity Rule requires people who promote legitimate opportunities to support their claims. Order copies of the revised booklet free, in English or Spanish, to share with friends and family, local businesses, the library — you name it — at

If you’re looking to work at home — whether it’s an internet business, mystery shopping job, direct selling through a multilevel marketing plan, or something else — do your homework first.

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So yesterday 7/30/2018 I got a message Thur my phone saying I had an interview for a customer service job I did the interview Thur Skype they hired me on the spot saying they will send me a check to buy material I need that I need to deposit it Thur my account. The check came in today7/31/2018 for 4,810.00 but I work at a business department where there is banker's so I'm going to find out if the check is fraudulent because this is to good to be true.

I am a recent graduate of UCF and was desperate for a job. I put my resume out on Monster, ZipRecuriter, Indeed and other career sites. I received an email from a company called Fox Freight USA, Inc. offering me a job as a mail carrier and was offered $3000 a month. All I had to do was receive packages and repack them and then ship them off. After extensive research of the company my desperation for work over took my common sense and I applied and got accepted. For my first assignment I was to go to the Apple Store and pick up 2 Ipads that were paid for and bring them home take pictures upload it to their system and then ship the merchandise to the prepaid shipping address that was provided for me. Well the purchaser and shipper were 2 different names. I immediately stopped all correspondence and filed a complaint with the local Sheriff department and also with the FTC. These scammers had my DL information and attempted to open credit cards and fraudulent accounts under my name. I had to call all 3 credit bureaus and notify them of the identity theft, had to close all credit cards and open new bank accounts. It was a mess and I am still trying to recover from my stupidity. Moral of this lesson. When applying for a job go to the employers site and apply there or sign up with a staffing agency. Websites for career searches cannot be trusted anymore as scammers are going in as employers and stealing your name, resume, address, references and anything that will gain access to commit fraud. is a scam site. Do not accept anything from this company.

I was contacted supposedly by Rally Health. Ms. Deborah Barrett spotted me on Upwork's website and invited me for an interview through Gmail Hangout. We had an interview through chats which was odd. I expected a video conference interview and I was hired right after. Said they were sending me a check soon. I am going to report to Upwork and the company about this.

So I'm guessing this is a scam :( I had the interview as well.

Just finished an interview on Google Hangouts with Basilea Pharmaceuticals. Amelie.melliodas @gmail. com. Knew it was too good to be true. Wants me to log into GH tomorrow morning at 8am EST to get results from hiring manager. Tried to check them out before interview, but Basilea is a legitimate company, so I went through this unusual interview format. Even asked her to give me a way to verify her legitimacy, because of this very unusual interview process. She got angry, and told me I should have done my research prior to the interview. Afterwards is when I put the word scam after Basilea, and found this blog. Thank you so much for this information, and the time spent by all of you to let us in on the scam. Serious time wasted. Won't be logging in tomorrow.

Thank you for the blog comment.

You can add this to the FTC 's law enforcement database by going to The information you enter into the database is used by the FTC and other law enforcement agencies for investigations.

I have the same thing. They said their sending a check for equipment. I’m think It’s a scam now. But all that information given. I’m scared now

I call MLM = Making Less Money!


Thank You!

Thanks for the heads up, I'm in the middle of the very same thing. Luckily I came across your post. Received a text stating they saw my resume on Indeed. Went through an two hour hiring process and said I'd be paid $32 p/hr. They're in the process of sending me a check via FED EX today and I'm supposed to deposit it into my bank account. For anyone who's experienced this PLEASE BEWARE!!!

Hey, anyone who is going to do a 100% google hang out with you is a scammer. I reported this company to FTC.... luckley I did my home work. I got there check and called the bank to verify the funds, and sure enough, the check number did not exist. If a company is going to hire you, they are going to send you the equipment for one and two, they will talk to you over the phone as well. Plus, I keep a copy of all my history concerning employment. What they had stated is that I went to some government site that I had applied at. I checked my history and Bam, nothing. They did not exist. The company's are real, but the scammers are more real then anything. Beware folks!

I received an email from (Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd) "ameliemelliodas @basileaapharmaceutica. com" requesting for an interview session. Immediately I knew this was too good to be true. So, I did a search and found this site. Thanks everyone, for sharing! Here are some tip-offs to help identify job scam: - Email went into my spam folder - Work from home with $35 an hour - Google Hangouts interview - Email looked professional enough but has some grammar, spelling or punctuation errors

is a legit or not??

Has anyone heard of E-Commerce Consulting LLC.. Not sure if this is legit or not. They make it sound so believable. I did sign a contract, however my cc did not go through and I blocked it, can they still go after me? They claim they work with Ebay, Amazon, and Google.... Received a phone call and they left a voicemail a couple of weeks ago stating that amazon is hiring in my area and to go to and so it began.... Advice???

I have been asked to work for a company to print off checks emailed to me (already with account information, signatures, etc). The gentleman is James John Capti and says his company does ITO research on stores, banks, and other agencies on their activities as well as mining and selling of mineral resources. Is it fraudulent at all? Basically he emails me checks in a pdf form already completed to print out and mail via fedex express with fedex labels he sends. Anyone know if this is legit or not?

Another gentlemen also just asked to do the same thing to process payroll for his company doing the same thing.

Yes this company is still reaching out to people till this day there needs to be an investigation started I received an email stating I was offered a job and had the position before anyone could call or even text me to see if I'm a qualified candidate you can't just read a resume and say you're hired,basileaapharmaceutica should have this investigated if someone is faking to be their company. I also receive an invitation for interview in Hangouts 2-25-19

Mr George Brown did the same to me. Representative from pharmacist in Korea bit lives in NY. I asked for verification on what was my resume header. The chat went silent.

I also have been scammed by Basilea Pharmacutacle. Received an email from Christiana Johansenn whom had stated she found my resume through indeed. Did the whole hangout interview and also awaiting "my check" for the purchase of software and office equipment to start working from home until the office is built near my location. I have all documentation every email all documents including an offer letter of employment and w2, I9 paperwork that was emailed to me from this company. I will be reporting this company as well.

I just completed an interview with Christiana Johanson fron Basilea...just kept asking for my bank account information then finally said they would send cash...what a rip off.

Well, I was approached by Christiana Johansen from”Takeda” and interviewed by her on Google Hangouts app. I was “hired” and am waiting for my check to set up my home office. Looks like I will be staying at my job, it’s part time, but it’s legit. I will keep looking for a legitimate job.

I have been contacted by a company named HMS Handell AG US LLC. They saw they are an export/import company out of Germany but opening offices in the US. I just have a feeling this is a Scam. Has anyone heard of this company? They have sent me their IRS information with a letter, I asked them for the information. It all looks legal. Part of the information sounds legal, but for the salary they are offering, it all sounds too go to be true. Thank you for the help.

I've been receiving packages, uploading/printing shipping labels and driving to Fedex to ship out to various Amazon fulfillment centers. thought it was legit but didn't get paid yesterday so I've been wasting all of my time and they are still sending packages. I don't know what to do

I received a request for an interview with Basilea Phar as well, I am glad I found this site, they are still at with asking to interview you through GH or Skype . I tried contacting the actual company, Beware and please report so no one get scammed

This just happened to me yesterday and today. The company is real, and I was excited to work for them. The scammer replied to my application on ziprecruiter, so beware! I received a check before I even got my offer letter, I suspiciously googled about all this, and decided to call my bank about the check. They verified it was a real account number, but advised me to try and cash it first, to make sure it was real. That's where my hopes of new employment crashed down. The teller was apologetic, and helpful. So yeah, in google hangouts, it all fell apart when I told the "interviewer" that the bank teller rejected the check. Their response? "I told you to deposit via ATM" ...does that sound like an HR professional to you? :(

I have been offered a job at home which involves registering as a Merchant Processor. I have to contact the IRS to get an EIN number. I have to obtain a web domain and this will cost $100 I will be given a ! MA before starting. The company will send me a list of merchant accounts which I can apply to for approval. I can reconcile these accounts and email the results to the company. At the end of the week they will wire my account or ACH my account for $250 times the number of merchant accounts. Is this Legit?


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