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Adiós fake debt collectors

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“No hay mal, que por bien no venga,” as we say in Spanish. There’s nothing bad through which good doesn’t come.

It’s an appropriate phrase to describe the FTC’s settlement with Centro Natural – a telemarketing company that the FTC says deceived and harassed Spanish-speaking people into paying debts they didn’t owe. Thanks to the settlement, announced recently, the company is now banned from telemarketing and debt collecting. It’s an important case, because fraud really does affect every community. The case also aligns with the FTC’s work on how debt collection and credit reporting issues affect Latino consumers.

Among Centro Natural’s list of lures, lies and abuses, detailed in the FTC’s complaint:

  • Using Spanish-speaking telemarketers to call Latino consumers.
  • Pretending to be government officials, court officials, and lawyers on telemarketing calls to collect fake debts.
  • Threatening people with arrest, legal proceedings, and immigration investigations, unless they paid the fake debt, and using profane language.
  • Claiming that the people they called owed thousands of dollars for products. Then offering to settle debts if people paid $350 - $500 and accepted a box of unwanted products.

The easiest way to detect and avoid debt collection scams? Know your rights. Real debt collectors have rules they must follow by law. For more information, check out this video:

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Unless some one went to jail this scam will occur again and again.

I have been harassed by merick bank for two years with daily calls and threats for two years they do not quit or let up good luck to any one using them.

I received a call from out of country number 011546290600, person asked if I spoke Spanish, when I said no he hung up. Could be one of these fake debt collectors.

800 969 4523 ""Offices of ATT (or ADT/?) Credit/Debt Collectors Keeps calling my house asking for my son. I keep telling them I know this a scam ,stop calling my house. The guy actually said i'm going to keep calling until you put your son on

678-580-6947 has called me a couple times saying they are "debt collectors." I don't have any debt and wouldn't talk to them if I did.

912-229-9983 Leaving voicemails saying that they are taking me to court and I or my attorney needs to call them today to avoid being blind sided by whats going to happen to me. Looked up number and found several complaints saying the same thing & that it is a place collecting for pay day loans that are defaulted on. Harassing me at work, at home and on my cell.

A law firm called my work stating they were going to dispatch an officer to my job and needed to speak with HR to garnish my wages. Somehow I talked them out of it & they decided to "offer me a deal to settle my debt" the problem is the debt was real but it has surpassed my 7 years and has fallen off my credit report. They were really convincing and scary. Is this happening to anyone else? 80% sounds skam but there is some legit info from them I am assuming they can obtain my information somewhere off the internet.

There are debt collection agencies that buy old debt for pennies on the dollar, then try to collect on it. I will point out that just because it's been over 7 years and has fallen off your credit report, that doesn't mean you don't owe the debt. Google for a cease and desist letter, fill it out and mail it to the debt collection agency. DO NOT admit that the debt is yours, DO NOT make any payment towards it... This will start the 7 year old clock over again and the debt may end up back on your credit report.

Received a voicemail stating i needed to call them back because the lady had a court paper in front of her with my name on it and would serve it to me at my place of employment if i didnt settle it. And it was for 2 days after she made the call. I called back and as soon as the phone rang someone answered and said hi Kimberly and my last name. Let me direct you to the person you need ro speak with. This guy was truly convincing. And i fell for it. I took out a loan in 2009 but he said 2011. And paid my loan off already. But asked if i received a completed loan pay off in the mail. I said no. So he said without the proof od the letter we will have to continue with legal actions. He set up a payment plan. Said they would take the money out of my account bu 7am on the says we agreed on. Well its 4 days past that day now. And my money is still there. I think they tried to take money out the day he actually got my prepaid card number. Tomorrow i will be getting all of my money off and getting a new card.

Iam doubting myself now from reading some of these complaints? A man called last we on my husband's cell not mine for a bill that went to collections that I had completely forgotten due to the loss of our home and all of our belongings from a terrible flood in 2011...
Anyway I had a balance of $700.00 for the purchase of a mattress that I had bought! He wasn't sympathetic of course but I did owe it so I paid it using a credit card and he ask for my email address and said that I would get confirmation of the payment which I have yet to get!!! Also I would receive a letter of confirmation of payment etc. Haven't received that? Of course being me I asked all the proper? That I should of to protect myself especially being a person who has had her identity stolen 2 times (not sure why someone wants to be me so much) and yet I do believe the little Sh*t "MrRayLewis" has scamed me!!! And now has my credit card info! I'm so tired of this crap w/people being so deceiving and corrupted in this world! I'm a women on disability w/Mulitple Sclerosis among many other things! Did anyone else have a "Ray Lewis" call them?

If you think someone has misused your credit card number, contact your credit card company.

For help with identity theft, go to You'll find information that shows what to do right away and who to contact.

(801)738-8169 calling my work repeatedly at least 80 calls a day saying I owe for a cash advance (untrue)

This just happened to happen to me today. They literally called my work about 70 times and I'm not even there! I had to get a call from my work saying this Indian man keeps calling for me. Really embrassing and annoying. I spoke with him myself and just like others said I owed money for a loan I never even took out! Any suggestions how to make it stop??

have ben m. getting phonecalls on new number asking for m.eff. wich i am not and all from diffr. cities i never answer

I keep getting calls from someone at an 855 number attempting to collect an old debt on a company that has gone out of business. Threatening me at work and home. Can they do this?

The FTC’ s Debt Collection article has information about your rights. The law says a debt collector can't harass you or threaten you, or call you at work if your employer doesn't allow the calls. The article explains how to stop a debt collector from contacting you.

If you have old debts, a collector may not be able to sue you to collect. State law determines how long the debt collector has to sue you. Check with a legal aid lawyer, another attorney, or your State Attorney General's Office if you have an old debt.

I have received several calls from CRS Solutions along with threats about going to my employer and garnishment of wages. I would like to file a law suit! They even called my son which IS a totally UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

8152576455 harassed got an irs call identity theif

347 348 0611 called me trying to get someone's personal information a friend of mine i warned him about this fake debt collection agency they called tuesday @ 6:36 p.m. another friend of mine answered it said he had a indian accent trying to get personal information you fake debt collectors make me sick

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