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Advanced password tips and tricks

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Time to create another password? Make it a secure one. A little extra attention when you create a strong password can prevent an attacker from getting access to your account.

Your password should be long, complex, and unique. Here are additional steps you can take to help create strong passwords and secure your accounts: 

  • Avoid common words, phrases, or information. Don’t use information available to others like your birthday, phone number, or Social Security number. Attackers often use a dictionary of previously exposed passwords and information gathered from the internet to help them guess a password.
  • Change passwords quickly if there is a breach. Attackers who steal data from companies often obtain password information. If you receive a notification from a company about a possible breach, change that password and any account that uses a similar password immediately.
  • Consider a password manager. Most people have trouble keeping track of all their passwords. Consider storing your passwords and security questions in a password manager, an easy-to-access application that allows you store all your valuable password information in one place. Use a strong password to secure the information in your password manager. 

What about security questions? If you forget your password, many companies require you to answer security questions to regain access. Here are some tips to make sure an attacker can’t use your security questions as a way to get into your account: 

  • Select security questions where only you know the answer. Many security questions ask for answers to information available in public records or online, like your zip code, mother’s maiden name, birth place. That is information a motivated attacker can obtain.
  • Don’t use answers to security questions that can be guessed. An attacker can guess the answer to a security question that has a limited number of responses (dates, colors, states, countries). Avoid questions like “What state were you born in?” or “What color was your first car?” which allow an attacker to guess all possible answers.
  • Don’t give a generic answer to a security question. Find an answer to a security question that you will remember but is also more complicated than a generic word. For example, if the security question asks “What is your favorite childhood memory?” the answer “watching the Dodgers with my mom” is more secure than “baseball.”

Like these tips? Then check out more FTC information about computer security.


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I need to change password!!!!

All good info. I also keep my passwords written down in a small locked journal. It would he easily opened, if I was to be robbed. But, I think chances of that are slim compared to being havked.
I also give the wrong answer, for example:
Where were you born? Pepper
What was your first pets name? Holyoke MA

Etc and so on. Good luck to you all with scrambling answers. I will say that the written journal is safer in my opinion than a Password Manager.

I want to change my password

Want to change my pass word

Thank you

My computer has been hacked and I have received several emails that are being blocked which tell me that they hacked my computer and have gathered information from me they can use to send to all my friends on Facebook and other sites which can be used to make me look bad to them all. I do hope and pray that by having my password for my email being changed can help me avoid such hackings in the future so I will not be having identity theft to be used to either steal money from my banking account or credit card, or to actually spread false or incriminating things to my friends which could possibly make me look bad to them all. Thank you for giving me this advice.

Please add 2-step verification. All of my other financial accounts have 2-step... even my gmail account has 2-step!

My Android has fingerprint id.
Not just iPhones have it.
I prefer fingerprint id.

Are you going to add two factor authentication?

It was a very scary feeling knowing someone hacked into my email. That is something I never thought would happen to me. Luckily, I was advised right away and able to change my password. After reading the article on how to create a strong password, I see how easy I made it for the hacker. I now have very strong passwords that are completely unrelated to myself. Great information. Thank you!!!!

I would like to have the requirement of a third login step, that of requiring a randomly generated 6 digit or larger pin number sent to my cell phone, which would then have to be entered into the Discover login page to complete the login. I have other accounts that require this now and it is most gratifying to have the extra security on the account.

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