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Are you following the “leads”?

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Ever complete an online application to get the best rate on a loan? Or enter your email address on a website to learn more about colleges you’d like to attend? Getting products and information this way can be convenient and very fast. But the information you share may go through the hands of middlemen you may not know exist. 

These companies are called “lead generators.” They collect information on people who may be interested in a given product or service. Marketers pay them for specific lists of these “leads.” Many lead generators explain clearly what they do, and you might find their services helpful – for example, they might link you with the right seller or service provider. Other lead generators might not be so forthcoming – for instance, some make attractive offers that stretch the truth. And some may not do a good job protecting your sensitive information. 

Because lead generation can be a key, unseen aspect of online commerce, the FTC is interested in how these practices affect consumers. On October 30, 2015, we will host a public workshop to find out more about this industry. Stay tuned to hear more. In the meantime, learn more about how to protect yourself online.


Mr. Zylberglait,
I would appreciate if you could please convey my thoughts to your upcoming meeting in October. I do not like and do not want the "lead generators" companies in my life. I do not need them to link me to anyone, I do not want to be known. I do not want my shopping preferences to be known. I do not want to be approached by marketing companies or anyone else offering me anything. I am tired of their "offers". They do this for their own benefit, to make a profit at the cost of my information. If I want something, I will find it. I do not want anyone to come to me with any sort of offers. I do know what I like and that is enough. I really do not care how "honest" and open they say they are: my taste is a private matter and I do not authorize anyone to capture it. I do not care what sort of "noble" purpose they would use to justify what they do, in my opinion this is stealing my information and using it for their own benefit. I want them to stay away from me and I wish them to cease their existence for eternity.

Well said Fedup! I agree wholeheartedly!

we need help and secure for our documents

Amen FedUp, Very well said because I'm sick and tired of all the unwanted solicitor junk email's. I hate it

I am seeking information on what to report to FTC when I receive e-mails from out of the country offers on funds available?

You can forward emails to, and they'll go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

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