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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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The girl who is scamming my husband is going by Andrea duvane

He also sent his passport id and verification code for the process of my non-immigrant visa for me to sent in the consulate

Hello, Does anybody have came across Liutenant Erik Gowan? with 7 years old daughter Erica, widowed (wife died of asthma). Lost his parents when 7 years old. Now serving in Damascus Syria. Using yahoo email and messenger. He wants to send me some money in a package and then pick it up (I am located in europe).Can that e scam? thanks a lot for answering

Yes, that could be a scam. If you meet someone online, you really don't know who they are. Scammers tell you stories to make you feel sorry for them. They pretend to be soldiers, or widows, or say they have young children. They hope you will be kind. Then they ask you for money, or ask you to do a favor.

If you accept money or a package from someone you don't know, you are taking a big risk. You don't know what is in that package. You could get involved in a scam, or even get in legal trouble. It's best to stay away from that situation.

I have a man hiding from sea pierets, on an island, engineer of oil ship, with dtr, wife passed, wants to send pkg, of money, 80,000 from uk, and two cc. Showing lable of pkg. Wants to get married. I know its a scam, but, should i tell cops now, let them intercept pkg?

my grandmother about a month and a half two months ago somehow started talking to someone online who claims he is in the army stationed in west Africa (Nigeria). he claims he is a widow and the same stories I have read from a lot of you. as far as I know he hasn't asked for money but has told her that he will be coming to the united states soon to be with her. she constantly tells us that he has written her poetry and tells her that she is beautiful although she has no picture on her social media account and no way to see a picture of her. he goes by the name John Caldwell which I have found that he is an imposter of William B Caldwell iv that is according to the picture he uses

Hi. Do you have any pictures please.
A friend I believe is having this happen with someone with a similar name.

Has anyone ever been contact by this email address or phone number? gavinolsen9@ hotmail. com phone number 412-274-0077? He has contacted me twice now and I told him I was going to report him to be a scammer. He types the I in lower case which is a tall tell sign not from US. Any help would be great....

I got scam by they scam me about $800 and they are still asking me for more please don't ever order with them, you will never receive your products. fine below some of there other fake website which they use for scamming. I have write to their webhosting company. apvpresearchchemicals. com bathsaltsheadshop. com legitbathsaltsonline. com premiumglobalsuppliers. com roughdiamondguru. com bathsaltsguru. com

Yes beware it is a lot of it out there on darting sites but also Facebook that's where I met my so call girlfriend she wanted me to wire 20,000 dollars to nigeria right then I knew it was a scam

Beware of Nigeria Scammers. I had someone trying to get me to ship a MacBook laptop to their son who lived in Nigeria. The man who went by the name of Donald Brown,said he was a US Marine and wanted to send a gift to his son "Nelson Brown" as a Christmas present. He sent me a fake moneygram email stating that i need it to send the item in order to receive the money, which is understandable, but then asked him to sen me he's USA address, but he never did. He wanted me to put $150 out of my packet to pay for shipping fees hoping he will give me a confirmation number to receive the cash he send via money-gram. Then when I asked him more questions he stop replaying to my text. BEWARE OF NIGERIAN SCAMMERS.

same happened to's so sad... i met this guy in plenty of fish.he claimed to be an USA military officer,widowed with 2 kids from NY. After one month chatting on viber he asked me to talk with his son for his birthday. I had a video-call with a man pretending to be the teacher in UK and then with this kid, that of course wanted a present for his birthday, an iphone, laptop and money ... at some point i knew it was a scam but i wanted to see how far they would go and get more info. It was shocking to talk with a kid knowing that he was is unbelievable.. i have pictures and other info but i don't know where i can report this story... thank you very much for any help you can give me

Omg, this happened to me too. My guy’s name is “sergent mark davison smith” I noticed that he has a lot of spelling/ grammatical errors I knew that he’s a scammer. But i just wanna see how far he can go. Yesterday he asked me to video call with his kid and the teacher in the UK(because he told me he had a bad dream about his son is sick) . The teacher’s email is theheadteacher 35@ .. doesn’t seem legit to me. Total red flag right there.

I got this military guy from POF and his name is Randy Clark Jones I don’t know if he is a scammer

His name was Jay Adam, widow, son Jason

He is now lieutenant Jay Adam Ericsson, 45 years old, lives in Dallas Georgia, widowed, son Jayson, 10 years old in the UK now, his teacher's email is theheadteacher35@ , wife died (cancer), he was adapted in a orphanage home, his parents died. Hahaha. Now he began to write to Russian women.

A YEAR AND HALF...WAISTING MY PRECIOUS TIME, DAY AND NIGHT, NIGHT AND DAY, and completely convinced of "our relationship/deeply and "mutual in love" I LOST 300 THOUSAND DOLLARS.!! MY LIFE SAVINGS IS GONE ! IT TOOK ME THREE MONTHS TO ACCEPT AND REALIZED I'VE BEEN SCAMMED BY A " SOB ".... ANOTHER "GORILLA". I REPORTED TO POLICE, FBI, ETC...BUT NO HELP...NO CLUE...AS WHAT TO DO. IDENTITY THEFT FOR SURE, AS HE SAID TO BE "EARL PETRAS, (Nationality: Greece) Civil Pilot, working for Emirates Airlines, who has a teenager daughter (Miriam) attending UNIV. IN UK., widowed, who had invested all his savings (before getting retired) in gold bars in Lebanon, but run out of money to pay duties and taxes in Lebanon and USA. I thought "it would be a good investment" and "been in such a nice relationship with him"...little by little ....I was wiring money to Banks in Accra Ghana... to a 2 different "conmen" (his patners) . After 18 months on this.. I realized this was a "STUPID" situation...and a HORRIBLE !SCAM! Earl Petras picture and plane appeared still in Facebook ! BUT THE "REAL GUY"..MAYBE DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT.

I am a Canadian Citizen. This guy James William got connected with me on facebook in Oct 2016 and send me a small HI message on 6th Dec 2016 when I was bed ridden and depressed. I responded casually which led to light talk and then he almost stole my heart.

He asked me my whats up number and then we started talking on whatsup. He told me that he was from Sacramento California and he is basically a white from Africa, born in Canada but his parents were from Africa. He said his wife died 5 years ago from breast cancer and that he has two twin boys 7 years old who live with their aunt ( his wife's sister in France) He carries a very heavy African accent. I asked him that how come his number starts with 647 code because that is Ontario code and he told me that he was in Toronto first and then he moved to the US and he carried the same number there.We chatted..only voice calls as he would never appear on the camera in spite of my many requests...he would say he has an old phone and does not have an option for the camera He told me that he has gotten a contract in Berlin Soccer Stadium for electrical renovations for 5 million dollars and he moved from California to Berlin Germany.

Then suddenly when his machine broke down he wanted me to send him 15000 American. I always doubted him. I used to hear dogs barking in the background when he calling from Sacramento and again the dogs barking in the background when he was supposed to be talking from Berlin. I doubted but still the beautiful relationship that he HAS created would just let my heart rule over my brain and I would intentionally ignore my intelligence. I blocked him two or three times in this process but everytime unblocked and moved on. This happened yesterday too.

He pressurized me to give him 2000 US or he will walk away. I am ok now with his walking away. My mind is stable and I am in a better position to handle myself. I have told everything about him to my family which includes my husband and my kids. ( I hope you are not surprised). They are OK with my confession. I have a bunch of his pictures and Facebook id as well. 

he gave me the adress and name of a person he wants the money to be given. THANKGOD OKERIE. address 1601 UAE DUBAI MEDICAL CENTER ALNAHDA SHARJAH. He is asking money via Money Gram or Western Union.

obviously like your web-site but you need to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to inform the truth nevertheless I will certainly come back again.

Am trying to find out if anyone else has had contact with a man calling himself Bryan Steven Cole, aka Bryan Coleman, aka Morgan Tom Lee? I've been talking to this man Bryan Cole for a year now, and desperately need to know if he is for real or not, as I have completely lost my heart to him! He says he's a construction engineer with his own business; was born and raised in Germany and came to America when he was 25 to attend an engineering college in Alaska. his wife died of cancer 8 years ago, and has a daughter named Lisa, whose birthday is January 1, and she has just turned 14 today (January 1, 2017). They live in Seattle, Washington. He built a stadium in Istanbul,Turkey, and the job was completed in April of 2016 and he had to go to Istanbul to collect his $8.000.000 paycheck and got "stuck" there when he was informed that there would be documents needed to clear the check by the Dept. of Equalization and Urbanization, which required him to pay for the documentation to clear the check, and that it would take 21 days; and that because he had only planned to be there for 3-5 days, he didn't take much money with him. He says that he ended up spending the money he had to pay for his lodging on the documents, and needed a loan to pay his hotel bill so that the hotel manager would give his passport back to him. Then his plane ticket "expired" and he had to get a new one; then he got sick and had to go to hospital, which incurred another bill that the hotel manager paid for him, but he had to reimburse the H.M. for that, and his passport was again seized and is being held until that was done. He is still stuck there... He is professing his love for me in the sweetest ways; and has had all the answers, and is planning to come straight to me when he gets home and wants to marry me soon as he gets home. We have talked on the phone a few times, but mostly text via gmail. He has sent me many pictures of himself, and one of he and his daughter; even a picture of him holding a posterboard sign with my name on it telling me that he wants to prove to me that he's real. HELP! I have to know if he is who he says he is; everything sounds SO real, but after reading yall's stories, the simularities are making me wonder! Does this sound familiar to anyone? Again, does the name Bryan Steven Cole sound familiar to anyone? Or Bryan S. Coleman or Morgan Tom Lee?

2good2btrue ... ask yourself...would a guy who is an engineer be so ill prepared when traveling oversees? He doesn't even have a credit card for his hotel and he's an international businessman? Almost all scammers have the types of calamities you've well as similar life circumstances (as I've come to learn through my own experience). Ex: They are widowed, may or may not have children, are engineers working on an oversees project, have a series of calamities which require their new "love interest" to send them money. Now what would these guys ... who are almost all middle-aged, do if they hadn't met you? If this guy has a daughter and is traveling oversees, he must have someone looking after the he must have some connections in the states as well as funds in the states to take care of his daughter...yet he needs money from his new love interest and needs this new love interest to swoop in and save the day? Normal guys don't handle their life like this.

With my scammer, he had almost the same MO (had been talking with him for 6 weeks)...expect his driver had an accident when they went to go check on a piece of equipment ... and the driver lost a leg and he broke his arm and was in hospital for 1 week ... and when he got out, he was supposedly talking to me from his hotel room and he asked me if I knew what itunes cards were, I said yes, he asked if he could help me with one, I said do you want to know how to input the information into itunes from the card?, he said No can I go and buy some itunes cards for him is there a Walmart or something close by?, I said incredulously "You want me to buy you itunes cards! Why? A man doesn't ask a woman for money! He said "I'm very disappointed in you" ... Holy Hot Dog! "Really??? You're disappointed in me? You're a loser for even asking a woman...a single mom no less! for money."

I was dump founded for days just thinking "what the hell was that" ... then I got on some sites like this and feel for all those people who got involved with these loser scammers.

I'm lucky my experience was only 6 weeks ... there were a few red flags that in hind sight, I should have followed my intuition and seen the situation for what it was.

Sadly I missed out on a great local guy because this scammer guy seemed so great...lesson more involvement unless I can prove someone is real.

One last thing...I did question the guy about coming to see me weeks after first contact...he then pulled the "have to go to Singapore to do engineering project" then the accident...the same stringing along situation.

Let go now...for your heart's sake.

Wish you well.

Please, please get over this one. These are scammers...all have the same story. If any man tells you he is an engineer working overseas, he is lying! This scam will cost you more than your heart. They are patient, as they are talking to at least 100 women at a time. They take notes, the can repeat what they have said. They are getting really good at this. This man does not exist. If you want to be sure, tell him you must meet with him within the week, or it is over. Tell him that you want to skype with him to see his face! Take the area code of the phone # he gives you and google it along with the word scam, and see what comes up. The internet is a powerful weapon. Find out what company he works/worked for and contact them. Ask them if this man exists. If he won't give you any real information, he is scamming you. Be smart, please. Men know how to tug at your heart strings. I am hearing this everyday from women who are lonely, and have little to no self esteem. They won't marry you, they will not even meet with you. Please be smart and walk away. Block him on your phone and any means you have elsewhere. Go to local singles events and meet real people. The internet is full of scammers!

I met a man on Plenty of Fish. I am supposed to send money tomorrow for shipping of his work stuff from Iraq to my home. Some of what everyone is saying sounds familiar, but not all of it. Yes, he works on a oil rig. Yes, he has a deceased wife but has no children, has no other family. Had a brother but he was in to drugs very bad and hasn't seen him for many years. I have talked to him on the phone, he has a slight Swedish accent. I don't want to believe he is scamming me. His name is Steve Vig. Has anyone had contact with him. Please respond as soon as possible as I am supposed to be sending money to a shipping company tomorrow.

Why does he need "you" ... someone he met on a dating site and hasn't met, to save the day for him??! If he's working on an oil rig, FYI...those guys make a LOT of's a scam. Hopefully you didn't send money.

Call his bluff...tell him you'll send money after marrying him.

PLEASE do NOT send money, or do any favors. If you re-ship product for him, it is 99% stolen. Be smart. I know you are lonely, but when someone sounds too good to be true, they usually are!

any one here the name Ted Haggard from Africa

Anyone have dealings with a Johnson Williams? This guy started to text me out of the blue states I gave him my cell number but could be the same scammers just got the number.....he is supposedly a net work engineer... I know now he has one son.... no mention of the mother and I am assuming she is deceased...already has said his son would love a step mum....ok yeah NO....way too soon for talk like number comes up to a landline in Massachusetts claims he lives in Cox Creek Ky....any help would be great not enough time to deal with the scammers....

I mat a man from Dominican Republic saying that he love me and want to be with me we been talking for eight month he said he was coming in December of 2016 I sent him lot of money for his visa and his ticket to travel before December he sent me a chat n said his grandmother had pass away n January of this he chat again n said he could get a visa because he need a bank account here than I realize it was all a lie now he back ask for money for food and internat all lies

Been reading up on some of these stories and I been talking to this guy who added me on Facebook and he tells me he loves me and he wants to merry me and he calls and texts me all the time...but we been talking for about a month and here it comes he said he sent ten thousand dollars out but he didnt have the rest yo send so he ask me for help for two thousand dollars to send but I told him in couldn't help him out untill the end of the month..but I asked him point blank if it was a scam he said no and for me to trust him more...I fill its a scam...but not sure can someone. Please help..

I was on and a gentleman email me and said his friend saw me and thought I look like I had myself together and he was from GA and this friend was a widow and has a 14 year old daughter that is in London being raised by the Nanny and he is a Engineer and over in South Africa at this time working on a project and building Unit Flats for Koeberg in SA. I sent him money via money gram and I spoken with him and he is suppose to be a millionarie but can't get his money because SA airport stole his computer, etc. I received pictures but in my heart I know this man isn't who he said he is and one day he said under his breathe, I didn't mean to fall in love with the victim ... now what do I do ... I am not sending anymore money and his name is Kimble Tamara but called Kim and he is from Australian and Mauritius and 56 years of age... just horrible

Gerrard Hann Ulrich, also goes by Gerrard Car, is a lying scammer. Very handsome, claims to be European, 58. He uses on-line dating sites to catch women mostly 35-60. He will claim to love you within a few short weeks, wants to be married in Bora Bora. He claims to be a foreign investor, starts in your home town, has to go to Phoenix, then to Istanul. He will claim to have hundreds of millions. He will want to add you to ownership of the account. He will need money to pax taxes. Claims his father Hann is deceased, mother Rebecca is a seamstress. Wife and baby were killed. Claims he has not had a woman in more than 6 years. He will swear on his Father's life to be truthful. Has horses Beauty and Barry, drives a Bentley. Will start by asking for Western Union in smaller amounts to pay for food and electricity and Itunes cards. Then will ask for larger amounts to be wired to a bank, never to his name. He will ask you to send naked photos, he will later use these to blackmail you with. More than 10 women have come forward already. Search for Gerrard Ulrich and you will find more. Ignore the disturbed rants by Rachel. PLEASE SPEAK OUT TO WARN OTHERS.

I am being scam by a man I met on pof. His name is Steven Lee knight. Has anyone talk to him. I check him out didn't find anything about him. He suppose to be in tx stuck there. Can someone help me find out who he is

I have been reading the stories from the other ladies and it makes me so relieved that I haven't sent any money to a man who reached out in exactly the same way as he has to you. He is widowed, with a daughter that lives with his mother. I was suspicious at first but like the others he knows what to say to get your attention. Then he asked for money cause he was in an accident. Big red flag about that. Women have such big hearts that we want to help out. He goes by the name of Patrick Quimby and of course has a nice picture to go along. I couldn't understand him on a phone call. I feel he was trying to disguise his voice. Amazing that after a month one can fall into such a story but we want to believe that there actually are good people out there and these evil people are praying on that Please take care ladies

I met a guy named Desmond Williams on Badoo 3 years ago. Has anyone been speaking to him. Says he is anContract Engineer with Chevron in London. His contract was to pay $5.7million USD. Do Not Speak to this person. He never showe me his face only talked on the phone and text. Beware of this one. Oh and he is traveling with his friend another Engineer named Timothy Carter.

He was on Meetme last week, with photos of a gorgeous guy with an incredible physic and beautiful eyes. The guy is drop-dead gorgeous and someone previously used the same photos to scam me out of thousands. That guy went by the name of William Goodwin, and he was very sweet and did not sound Nigerian. Desmond Goodwin does sound Nigerian in his texts and isn't near as sweet. I asked him to send me a photo to prove he was the guy in the photos, and he did. Lo and behold--he was the guy in the photos! The gorgeous guy with the beautiful eyes. I have photos of that same guy in an army uniform with the name "Goodwin" on it. I can't figure it out. It was instant photo taken on Kik--not an uploaded one. Could it be a soldier gone rogue? I'll never know. They'll probably keep using the same photos and the last name "Goodwin" as it works!

Hello iblori,
I been talking to this the same guy you talking to. Is name go by is Michael Goodwin. Yes I have the same picture with him with his uniform with the name Goodwin too. Yes same here very gorgeous. I never talk to him on the phone but through kik. I been talking to him about 2 years. So now I know he a scammer. Because also he on military romance scam. So it another warning. Changing names. He don’t message me on Kik as much because he probably scamming someone else at the moment. Wow

Hello iblori,
I been talking to this the same guy you talking to. Is name go by is Michael Goodwin. Yes I have the same picture with him with his uniform with the name Goodwin too. Yes same here very gorgeous. I never talk to him on the phone but through kik. I been talking to him about 2 years. So now I know he a scammer. Because also he on military romance scam. So it another warning. Changing names. He don’t message me on Kik as much because he probably scamming someone else at the moment. Wow

Hello. Thank you ladies. I been talking to this guy Michael Gooswin too for two years. Trying get me to send him money for a ticket to come to see me. He think I am stupid because, I got two nephews in the military and I know for a fact you don't paid for leave. My dad in was in the military. So when I comfort him about it he tell me I don't know what I am talking. Yes, he on kik. Wow your right he is probably trying scam some one else. Since he can't get nothing out of me. This the lowest and discuss thing. Warn everybody about this scammer.

Has anyone in NJ recently been scammed by a Jack Palmer. Says he is a engineer working in Bahrain. Says he has a daughter in Australia who recently wed. This guy had pictures, but I am positive they were stolen. He is now trying to get $25,000 from a friend...she is totally gullible. She believes everything he says. Says he is being held captive by a guy named Ahmed, and needs the $25 to get free. In return, she will be given millions when he gets access to his money. Holy cow...can you even believe she could fall for this. We cannot talk any sense to her. She will lose her house! If anyone has any information, please, please write on here!

Would your friend read this blog, or some comments people have written about their experiences?

Sometimes, your perspective changes when you hear a person telling a story that's like your own.

I think I'm in the process of a potential scam! A guy (going by the name of ALVAN HERNANDEZ, Master Sargeant in the US Army) befriended me on FB, in the Army, picture of his on on FB. Cant see any of his friends list nor pictures. We start texting on Messenger. He says he is on deployment and on "top secret" mission. That he can't send/receive any type of voice messages (but messenger is ok?).

Within a few days he is talking love and marriage. He said that a few months ago, they found a terrorist hideout and he found gold and lost of valuable. After a few days, he said that he would send the items to me for safekeeping until his return, as proof of his love. (yeah right). Today, I received the tracking number.

The shipping company is laneexpress. net and it's a fake. It originates in Nigeriya yet the package is supposedly coming from Syria and is scheduled to be here in two days!! (Really?!! I can't even send a package within the US that fast!). I am just waiting for the call or e-mail from the fake shipping company asking for money for the package, then for the duty (as the package is supposedly worth over $3 million dollars). All red flags. Is there anywhere to report this now, as it is unfolding. I will be blocking the guy, but I wanted to check this first. Thank you. I've been scammed in different ways before, so hopefully, I learned by now.

Bridget, what happens to these people who do make the mistake of receiving & sending back the money as the scammer asks? Are they prosecuted for money laundering?

The man I spoke to for almost 2 years using the emails berryscott66      and berryscott26      is using a soldies photos named B    . I know that's not his name because first time I sent money to him he added that name to Berry Scott. Always wanted to use Western Union and ask wanted to use money gram. Did get 1500.00 from me. Thank God I was monitoring Pig Buster's and Google using his email and under the images area. There's several images associated w these two emails. He tried to get me to attach PayPal to my bank accounts,wanted my western union card info including the code. He did manage to get two boxes from me w some odds and ends, and a tablet worth 50.00. He wanted a laptop, jewelry, and another tablet. I kept saying I had to pay bills. I brokebthings off due to him lieng to be coming to be w me by Christmas, again changed dates at the last min. It's obviously he kept it going for as long as possible. I would send between 50-100 per themonth. Christmas of 2015 was 200. He/ used emails w the USA emblem on them to convince that it was official. I won't be surprised if my photos aren't being used to scam someone. I did send over 200 photos of myself to him in this time frame mentioned.

Obviously he kept saying security and how he would be in trouble was the reason we could not communicate on Skype, but did use hangouts where I could hear him but not see his face. I fell in love w him due to the photos, the way he would talk w me, and it was everyday. In the morning and evening. I didn't want to believe this person was doing this due to having confirming emails from the military of who he was, a general named Dunam, and his secretary using the email w the name of Jeffery Davis.I feel like a good, but I do realize that he's the fool for doing this, he's the one who will have me as his witness at judgement day, either here on earth or not. He has added the cupid and heart image from this cite to his image, Google his emails and look under images. You'll see.

Watch out for this names: Clive john, Fabien Peterson, Dennis Brown, they all say they have a big contract in Malaysia. Other guy named Earnest Williams, send me package but I have to pay handling fee in Chicago for $1850.00. I don't have money, but I send $ a girl name Albina Almita. A few minutes after she called, said she cannot get the money in Western Union because she don't have an account there, she wants me to send it to Ukraine. The next day, Thanksgiving I withdrewd back my money. Earnest Williams got angry because I didn't get the package with iPhone, laptop, diamond earrin gold bracelet and 450000 pnds. I didn't know that was he said on the package.

I told him get it himself back as a return to sender package. I block him on my fb, whatApp and messenger. Who in the right mind will put cash on a package? Another one, named Anthony Reynord, asking for money so he can get out at oil rig, he is asking ng for helicopter fee. Last one named Steve Mark Frank. He said he paid his plane ticket but needs $750.00 for the balance. He said he is stuck in Bangkok, Thailand now. Supposed to be his flight was on Feb 12, 2017 enroute to US to meet me. What they think of me? I have no money to send them. All scammers Oh almost forgot, a scammer named AmberEdens, Eden Warner, etc. He assumed the identity of the real colonel. He said his real name now "Jude David™ a retired military photographer. He was asking money for his keeps in Nigeria.

I was the victim of an online romance scam recently. I met this woman, Haley , through Craiglist. She asked for my phone number, so we started texting. We hit it off immediately. I live in Missouri, and she lives in Georgia, but she said she was born in my city and wanted to move back here. We talked a lot for a few days. She mentioned how she lived with her ex who treated her like crap. Since I had become so close to her, I suggested that I send her some gas money so she could come up here to stay with me. (I had just gotten a huge income tax refund). She was happy with the idea and said she would find a job up here. Shortly after this, she changed her number to hide from her ex. So, I sent her $200 through MoneyGram. She picked it up that night and said she was on her way to Missouri. Approximately 1 1/2 hours later, she sent me a text saying that she was having car trouble but found a mechanic who was working "under the table," and she got a motel room for the night. I said I could send money for repairs, so I sent $600 through Western Union. Later that evening, she found out that her car needed more repairs, so I sent another $500. However, things were not adding up. She would not give me the name of the motel where she was staying. I had requested a selfie while she was at the motel, but then I found a Facebook account that she supposedly did not use, and it had a picture that was taken in the same room, which made it more obvious that it was not a motel room. I also discovered that she had a young son. I canceled the Western Union payments immediately. She found out about this the next day, and I tried to play dumb for a while. She also had the "mechanic" call me. She called me herself from another number as well. (After downloading the Mr. Number app, I found that the second number was under her name, and not a borrowed phone like she had claimed). I contacted the police, but they couldn't do anything because I offered the money. Later on I admitted that I knew she was scamming me. She denied it, and she claimed that she didn't tell me about her son because she wasn't sure I would want to be with her if I knew she was a mother. (Actually, I love kids!) I told her that I didn't agree with her leaving her son with her abusive ex. She kept saying that she wanted to be with me, and that I didn't trust her. I pointed out the fact that she didn't trust me enough to tell me about her son. She said she'd have to go back to her ex if I didn't pay for her car repairs. I offered to go down there and get her, and we would pay for the car repairs later. She kept claiming that she couldn't do that. Then she said that her ex could only pay $600 for the repairs, and she wanted to know if I would pay the other $500 if he paid the %600. I told her that he wouldn't go for that, and she said, "He doesn't know I'm going to be with you and not with him." I told her that wouldn't work. Then she said that her ex was borrowing the whole amount from his boss, and that he would be picking her up. I kept offering to go get her, or to drive down there and give her the money. I was concerned because she never actually talked to me on the phone; she claimed that her ex had gotten her phone wet on purpose, and that she could only text. This ended up being a red flag for me! The next day (today) when I told her I was heartbroken, she demanded I give her the money or she wouldn't be with me. I told her that she only loved my money! I think the mechanic, "Jerry," is actually her boyfriend. She had sent 2 selfies from the mechanic's garage, but I'm guessing they were from a place near her home! It's an awful situation. In the beginning, she never asked for money, but she was probably hoping I would offer it! I'm glad I only lost $200 instead of $1,300!

Their is a man Jason Palmer from Albany NY, 2 kids wife passed. He says he's in the UK engineer work on pipeline. Was due back in states since November. he claimed he was on the way back in December. Got call from a Doctor. Stating they Mr Palmer was on the way back, attached by sea pirates in Falkland Island. And he is in a coma... And 6500.00 is needed for his care.. what a joke
the here he come few weeks later calling with his side of the sad story.
up until today he's still saying the Dr. needs 6500.00 in order for him to leave.
I told him he needs to go the US embassy or get a GO FUND ME page... he got upset.... Well I guess he'll be their.

I was the victim of an online scammer, by the name of Patrick Hruby. He came to see me here in Australia, as a supposed friend, and lied to me about a business opportunity i invested in, and later about his various visa problems i had to help him with. All in all, he has scammed me of more than $15.000AUD. To this day he still tries to scam people online, i`m sure. He lives in Chiang Mai/Thailand, and told me originally he comes from Czech Republic.
If you ever run into him. Do not give him any money.

I believe I am in the beginning stages of a scam with a Markson Stewart, who claims he is from Denver, but is in Nairobi. He contacted me through facebook and we started talking. He now says he has finished his 'last'engineering job in Nairobi and unfortunately he and his daughter were involved in a car accident going to the airport to leave. He needs $55,000 to pay the hospital for surgery on his leg. I have pictures if anyone is interested. Thanks.

His photo ,Send it

im on line talking to a us soldier he says his name is david jones he is in baghdad he says he is not allowed to use cash machines but i can send it to his diplomat


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