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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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Anyone ever been scammed by a gaming site? Man texted and sent pictures and was immediately in love with me. Lived in Minnesota and was currently in Gulf of Mexico on a oil rig. Wife passed away and has daughter in boarding school. Originally from UK. Full of compliments. 67 years old, name is Jeffrey Jones. Such nice texts every day. Also has a home in Florida near where I live. His contract is up in two weeks and was flying to Florida to sell his home here and we would meet. Today oil rig broke and needs money! I am broken-hearted to say the least!!! Of course I didn’t give him money so am now not important. Why do men do this to single women???? Has anyone had anything similar happen? The gaming site was word with friends

Has anyone heard of a Derrick Geraldo? Meet on words with friends. Says he is an only child, has a 7 year old son, and is retiring but needs funds sent to his agent to retire. Says he's coming home to me because he loves me so much. Is bald, with mustach and accent. Wants I tune cards.

Anyone been approached by a Derek Myles, supposed to be SSA, IN Iraq,

I’m talking to a Derrick Meyer who is supposed to the army at Syria and he is from Canada he is a scammer.

Similar story!
I have been chatting with a guy that random request me on Instagram. Says he is a military captain (army) stationed is ASIA working in a secret mission out in the desert, father of two children named Presley and Sandra mother passed away (4years ago of Leukemia in the blood) we have been chatting for over a month he’s never asked me for anything no money no nothing he tells me Darling, my love, sweetheart, you name it , LOL. I asked it will be awesome to meet his kids and him if he can come for the holidays.
His answer
CHATTING recent sent me,,,,,,,(Yes darling I will really love to be with you and the kids for the Xmas holidays, but it's not actually easy to get a leave permission from here, it has to go through process and if you are willing to help me get through it, I will be glad if you do my love) Cant' speak with him over the phone facetime because of the security of the mission.
He has sent me pictures of his kids, himself, the last picture he sent me It looks (Photoshop) with the beach background wearing a black shirt, I asked him thought you were in the desert till now he hasn't replied.

I feel the same comment from (glpblues) April 18, 2018, Wish I can attach his picture!

By a Franklin Martins. Claims to be on a offshore oil rig and is stuck. Needs to come back home to San Diego.

Has anyone had Williams Jackson smith who has had his kid kidnapped in Istanbul

Please help me. An American soldier is writing to me. It lasts three weeks and everything was ok, he wrote so beautifully about love ... that he is a widower with his wife died of cancer. I am almost sure that this is a scammer but ... he called me several times with I also saw him through the webcam and it really was him. I do not know what to think now. He says that he has to load the phone in order to talk with me and ask me to send money to the red cross ... and they flood him. Can he be a scammer? I saw his face on and talk to him...

Yes.. They do write about love beautifully and tell you anything they think you want to hear. I have had a few scammers who insist on video calling me but I never answer. I don't think they care too much if I see their face because once they get the money it is hard to do anything since they are out of the country. They must think I will fall harder for them if I can see their face and be more willing to do anything that they ask of me.

This woman I'm chatting with is in the army going by the name Barbara Sherlock currently stationed in belguim, she claims that she misplaced her credit card and needs me to open a checking account. Plus she is texting me from a 973 area code. She admin will send me the check and all I have to is deposit in a checking account. Nothing makes sense. Hoping I can play this out and catch them. Anyone else have a scenario similar to this.

All of these stories sounds so similar to the guy I met on social media. I'm not sure if he's real or not but I met a Guy that goes by the name of Alex Payne does that name sound similar to anyone? He says he's Deployed in Afghanistan on some kind of mission & just went through a Divorce with his now ex-wife & they have a 4yr old son which at 1st I swear he told me his son was 7yrs old but now he's 4yrs old & all of a sudden his ex wife died & his son is living with his aged Grandma & we've been chatting for about 8 months now & kind of formed a really attached Relationship to each other although we've never actually talked on the phone or video chatted or anything like that but I've come to really fall for this guy although my heart is really in love with him I still feel like I'm being scammed because he's been asking me to send him iTunes cards & I saw a similar story to where he transferred money into my bank Account to have it sent to an Agent so he claims that he will get it sent to him in an idiot I sent it & then he claims he dropped his iPhone & needed me to send him money so he can purchase a new iPhone & wanted me to send it through Western Union or Money Gram & all these months I've been so hooked on him it's been making me more to fall Stupid in love with him even if he drives me crazy I'm still doing things for him! He showed me a pix of a bank Account under the name Alex & it was Loaded with money but he told me he couldn't get access to it until he got home in the State because they had locked his Account due to Access from being out of the state & so they locked his account & I told him many times I'm deleting him & all social media & he begs me not to that if I do leave him he's gonna be dead & he says he's so in love with me & can't wait to be with me & my daughter so that we can be a happy family Forever! He's been asking me to try & open up an online Banking Account but I've been telling him I don't need or want another Account because I have my Account but he insists it's for us to have...The story goes on & on but if anyone has been messaged by this guy which I have pix of him please let me know...I mean I still chat with him but if he's also doing it to other people I am going to tell him off for good.

Azeez Babarinde..
He text me on facebook on the 12th.. Asked me which county I was from.. On the 25th he told me he needed a lover and also said that he loved me. He then asked me if I was a student and when I said no he asked me if I could help him with $2,000 for his schooling..
I have family and friends that could use some help.. not going to send it to someone I just met online a few weeks ago.. Sad how much money they can get from doing this to people..

Daniel Bobby on facebook..
Messaged me on fb on the 28th.. Asked me if I was married or had kids..told me how his ex broke his heart and he had loved her so much but now he hates her.. Asked me who I worked for and then told me he works for cellular companies. On the 29th he told me he was in his office and asked me who my cell provider is.. He told me this is great. He asked me if we could do a business together
and that to make things easier for him and to save him money, he wanted to ship some phones to me and I would ship them to him in Nigeria, he would then send me money when he has sold them. He wanted my cellular log in info.. He asked me for it about 8 times.
Not sure why he thinks I would give out this info to someone I don't know. And why I would be willing to go out of my way to make things easier and cheaper for someone I don't know.. Sad that people will believe these individuals..

I met this US Soldier on Facebook. We started chatting and developed a relationship. He sent me flowers and edible arrangements. He professed he was in love with me and even sent me a promise ring with our relationship. I have tried my hardest to find out if this soldier is being catfished. He is now asking me to send him money for food and wanted me to send it to another’s soldiers wife. I just want answers of this is the real things. I would talk to him on the phone but he told me he is not 100% American. Father was American and mother from India. When I couldn’t send because the receiver getting the money was blocked. More red flags went up. I just want answers. I think that if we are being scammed we need answers right away. Because sometimes it could be true. His name is Richard Clifford. Says he is from Austin, Texas and is in Kabul Afghanistan. I can post a picture but can someone please give me advice.

He is a scammer with no double. If a man is really in love with a woman, won't ask for her money.

A man named Benjamin Tom scammed me for iTunes gift card and then money gram. Always being sent to a man in Nigeria. Benjamin's picture is it a good looking man he is an American man but he speaks with an accent when I talked to him on the phone and I stupidly let him talk me into sending him a picture that I shouldn't have now he's blackmailing me for money or he's going to post pictures on the internet for my family to see he has already scammed me $3,000 promised he would ask for no more never ever and tonight he's asked for $100 iTunes card I'm so sick of fake men I wish they would all die and go to hell

I met a person on Instagram in May this year His name is called Patrickbillyjoe and his google email is called Patrickbillyjoe41 @gmail. com. He claimed to be an independent Contractor working on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. He professed to have a Check worth of 1.9millions. He is good at speaking sweet words to make you fall in love with him. He told me his bank account was closed for some reasons and need my help with money. I believed him and wired 28k dollars to two bank accounts that he provided me with. He is a horrible love scammer!!! I lost my money and my heart. Be careful ladies!!! Don’t send any money to these two bank accounts!!!One Account name is Chantel Bell in Wells Fargo ,the other is Cyrus kaine in Union Citizen.

Dr. Matt David, from San Francisco, a widower whose wife died in childbirth. They had a son, 9. Who is back east in a boarding school friended me on Messenger. Told me about Google Hangouts being the "safe place to text." Professed love, image of pictures of flowers every morning, along with an image of hot coffee. Sometimes music.
He then gave me a sob story about his kid needing Itunes cards despite me telling him I had no money, would reply "borrow it." I cut my losses at $350.00 after much research and heartache, plus loss of that money. Lol update: he asked me today after long silence to pay for his "container." Fool me once only.
Please do not be scammed like so many of us big-hearted, loving and believing people. You have been warned.

I'm speaking to a guy called colin wilson . meet him on fb joined him on hangout been sending him I tunes for a few months . his ask me for myuser name on my bank . he said his a segent in afagansan

Ok so I have been contacted by a Dr who claims to live in the USA but is now in Afghanistan. Widow, his wife passed 6 years ago and have a daughter that just turned 11 years 3 days ago. I know it's a scam but I am interested to see where this goes. These people go out of their way to scam others I figure I will take a moment of their time to waste each day. He is now at the point that he wants to send me a package containing personal belongings, jewelry and money. Of course for my love and dedication he is giving me 800,000.00 USD. Can someone explain to me how this is done? Because I have made it clear that I am aware of different scams, through Money Orders, Western Union, people being bribed to send money to release their loved one.......I have made it clear that under no circumstances would I ever give my banking information as well.

Any ideas?

He might promise to send you a package filled with money and treasure, and get you excited about the package. But then, you get a call or email from "customs" or the "tax authority" that says you must pay a lot of money to get the package. The scammer begs you to pay, so he won't lose his treasure. If this is a scam, there is really no package, and the "customs" or "tax authority" person is really another scammer. Don't pay into this scam.

Or maybe the scammer will promise to put money into your bank account. He will ask for your bank account number so he can make a deposit. But if you tell him your bank account number, he can take money out. Don't tell him your bank account number.

Has anyone talked to a Tom unerveth says he is in China and needs a million dollars to get his precious gems out of the country he said he found me on plenty of fish he is really rude and aggressive first he asked for a new phone then a I card then 500 to help with his sons medical bills then the big hit for a million anyone else heard of him

Hi i just had someone try to scam me using Tom Cruise profile. Was friendly then said he WAS Tom. Kept up the pretence for a week and then said he wanted to send me a gift. I played along to see what happened. Wanted email address to give Shipping company. I then got an email from a Timothy Ayers saying he had an iphone and cases from Tom Cruise for me but i had to pay $205.56 (£150) shipping and gave instructions to send by Western Union or Money Gram to a Keli Brown in Shippenville. PA Zip Code 16254. Told him i would not be paying any money and not to send package. My argument was that Tom Cruise is a millionaire and if he wanted to send me a gift he wouldn't ask for money. Also the Scammer said Tom was in Los Angeles but i know he sold that property and moved to Florida. The whole thing sickened me declaring his undying love for me when i never even met him. Just a nasty piece of work . He closed that messenger a/c and had the nerve to send me a new request the following day. What a scumbag

This is the same guy! 58 yea old widower from child birth with 10 year old daughter Cynthia in boarding school. he was originally from Latvia. Welding engineer on an oil rig in Texas but lives in Los Angeles. Asked for iTunes card. Very romantic. Never uses my name. Always, angel, my love, my[princess, my queen. I met him on Words With Friends. Great speller but his English doesn't match his scrabble abilities. wanted to text on What's App. When I told him I was uncomfortable with that, I received texts form phone numbers based out of different parts of the State of Florida so he either has a cloner , re- router, or many phones. I

This sounds familiar. Name is Mark d Jeff on Instagram. Instantly said I love on day 2, said he had a daughter but she died. Overly Christian, wife cheated 14 year old son at home named David. Overseas in the Black Sea on an oil rig. Shipping engineer. From Russia supposedly but accent sounds African. Won’t send current pics “against the rules of his contract”. Has zero idea of when he will be home to see his kid for bday and Christmas. Hasn’t asked for money but asked me to research good business ideas. Blonde hair with some gray. Age 53, his Instagram has pics of him and his “late daughter”. Wanted to send his 14 year old to me for Christmas. It’s against the rules to video chat or call. All messages are being monitored.

Has anyone ever heard of anyone that may of had one of these con men really fall in love with the woman he was trying to con. I’ve been talking to a man for over a month I know he is a con man he has asked me for money and iTune cards but I haven’t sent him anything. At first he even had me second guessing myself but I stood my ground, I’m sure he knows I’m onto him but he keeps talking to me. Like everyone else I have fallen for this man, does anyone think that maybe he may have feelings for me or is he just playing with me.

This sounds familiar.Is this a guy supposedly in Dubai or Abu Dhabi..."structural engineer"?

Watch out for Frank Cusack, says he’s an orphan, raised in Dublin, moved to LA 26 years ago. Wife died of cancer, has daughter Sarah in college in Dublin. Building contractor. All full of romance of course, had an accent but it didn’t sound quite Irish, more middle eastern. Had to go to NY to bid on a job. Said he got it, job was in Istanbul Turkey, $2.9 million. Couldn’t go home to pack, said I could send him things when he got there. Then asked me to buy iTunes gift card for his daughter. I said I would not. Never heard from him again.

Hi my mam keeps sending money to a guy called kelvin from sweeden any one hears of him

Kelvin’s last name

Has anyone heard of George Nicholas? 50 year old white male (in pics) says he’s an Engineering Geologist on a ship in the Mediterranean in Egypt. I know it’s a scam, just wondering if anyone else has crossed paths with him.

Mine is an orthopedic surgeon in Istanbul for a 6 month humanitarian work in conjunction with the UN, lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. Says he has a 5 year old son who’s birthday is coming up and he’s saddened because he can’t get him anything due to the inability to access his American account. We’re two weeks in and he loves me and wants to marry me. This far he’s asked for a phone, iPad, or Apple laptop for his son and even tried to get me to invest in bit coin. We’ve both video called and talked regularly . He’s a very attractive guy and his name is supposedly Fletcher Bryan .

Im in Fairbanks , Ak. Probably is the same guy that i have been talking eith, chatting, etc. what the @sons” name. Where does he stsy or who with? I will check it out for you. My “guy” is an orthopedic surgeon who does special knee cases. But working as a wet drilling engineer in Malaysia, from California. Accent, say is Swedish accent, but sounds German sometimes.
Texts the word Keen everytime he means knee. Spell check. Also says “slept off “ when he means falls asleep.
Any similarities to yoir guy with spelling errors or word usage? Calls real late at night

Hi everyone, I had started chatting with a man his name was Denise that I had met on POF. He send me the first message saying that my beauty catch his eye and that he really loved my profile so he had to send me a message then right away he asked me for my phone number then he said after I texted him that he knows that I'm struggling with my bills and he wants to help me and spoil me with good things but then he asked me for my bank user name and password to login to my account to deposit money into my checking account I fell for it and gave him the info but then I seen that 3,580.00 was deposit into my account but it was getting in and out guess that the bank was checking it but then my checking account was closed out without a warning and when I contacted the bank she said that my account was closed because of a fraud check that I deposit I said I didn't deposit it. It was someone else that did it she didn't want to hear it but then I didn't get my check I get each month it was direct deposit into my account, I almost gotten evicted from my apartment for not paying my rent but I couldn't pay it I didn't get my money to pay it but I was able to get help cause the manager didn't want to help me at all by taking the month of July and late and pay August a little later when I try to get my ex to help me with the rent so I had to get help from the church that way she can help me stay at my apartment. But then I had opened a second account to pay other bills online but I would deposit the amount of my bill and just 10 dollars more that way they won't close the account, but then I met someone else on POF he was named Paul Siek and he had asked me if I have kik and ask for my user name to chat there but then right away he said that he had to leave me a message cause I was so beautiful and that he loved my profile and that he was sorry for what I went through with false reports to CPS and my girls were temporary taken away that it might of been hard for me not having them with me, then said he wants to spoil me and help me again we never met just chat online but we never talked on the phone only chat on kik then he asked me for my bank account info saying that he was gonna deposit money into my account but to see if he can trust me to do something for him when he needs it with his money that this time he'said gonna deposit 1,500. And with that he wants me to go to a store and buy 2 gift cardshop and 3 iTunes cards but he wants it done right away in the morning to withdraw all the money he deposit and buy that after I do that only 200 will be left that's for you for whatever you have to pay I fell for it again like I didn't learned from the first time but this time I gave him the info from my second account not my actual bank account I get my direct deposit at, I seen the same thing happened to this account it was withdrawal and redeposit into the account but then the checking account was closed out but I didn't wake up early I slept in then he message me and treated me and said I'll find you for not doing what I asked you to do and that I had used 45 dollars from his money. I said I was not even out I had just woke up not that long ago and because I was not able to login to my account I called the bank and I was told that I can't login because my account was closed because of a fraud check I said I didn't deposit that check she said it was done through your app so you have to be the one that did it, because no one is supposed to have that info. Then I met someone else that message me on Google hangout and he gave me a long sad story that he lost his wife in a hit and run car accident and he has a 7 year old son that he needs a mother for his son, then after he would send me some beautiful romantic poems and he he said that he was in the army based over sea and he's son is going to a school and he lives on campus of this school. . And said that he loves me and wants to marry me then said that he was gonna be transferred to a different station based and he can't keep his stuff there that it's a lot of money and his important papers and that he's trusting me with this and that once I get these packages I won't be struggling with my bills that I can use his money for anything that I have to pay I thought he's a dream come true he didn't ask me for my bank account info he's sending me money through express mail but then I got a email saying that it was a company that was gonna delivery the packages to me. But I have to send 1,500. Through Western union to pay for the packages to get delivered right to my door, but then I message him back that I got this email saying that I have to pay 1,500 to get the packages delivered right to my door, then he said you have to pay it I have a lot of money in those packages and his very important papers that he can't lose it. But then I told him that I have cousins that are in the army and there wife didn't have to pay anything to get the packages. Then he mention that maybe he was told about a different way to send it and she didn't have to pay anything for them but here I wasn't told about that one. I said I don't have money to pay anything then he said that for me to find someone to give the money to pay the company and when you get the packages you can pay them back. But I felt something that this had to be a scam so I got the money to pay this.

I have recently been contacted/friended by a "Gen Agelina Porter" on Facebook. Immediately from the deeply personal 'in depth' questions and answers s/he offered, I suspect fraud.

Her(?) photo, -I checked it and it is of a English (UK) television producer... Agelina's age she tells me is "32 years" but her profile states a reference to "1976," making her 42 years old and only IF she joined on the day of her birth. Else, add another decade or more... Small lie, could still be legit... but still, a lie...

She is 'single,' from Washington, DC, and is a 'General' in the (US?) Army, stationed in Iran under the United Nations peacekeeping forces -another lie. Iran is a hostile nation to the USA and while we're not at war with Iran, the US has no personnel stationed in Iran under any military or peacekeeping presence.... 'She' portends to want to find love, marriage, ultimately to return to the US with her 'amassed' sum of money to invest in real estate with her new life partner... whatd'ya think? Scammer? Damn right s/he's scamming! Beware of "Gen Agelina Porter" on Facebook, its fake -a scammer...

I have been talking to soldier deployed to Iraq. Story is wife of 10 years passes away around the time of the birth of their daughter. He has two kids. Supposedly born in Paris stayed until he was 5 and they moved to Texas. Dad passed away mom moved back to Paris. She is watching his kids. Asked for Amazon gift card, I sent a 50 ecard but it was the first time sending one and I didnt scroll down to add a name. I didnt know to do that since it was my first time on a new amazon account and first time buying a card. It was redeemed but not by him. He kept asking saying the local food is making him sick. Van I just send a regular Amazon card and take a picture with the receipt. Things he has said i googled a few times and found matches online. I also just searched scams and there is a similar story on a scam site. He met me on instagram and I have reverse searches but no other matches were found. We have been chatting on Hangouts then WhatsApp. He said he lives in Texas and when he first got to Iraq which he didnt tell me where he was until I asked, he said they were bombed and he lost his bank card and phone. His friend got him another phone but the number is an East Coast number and if he lives in San Antonio, Texas why would he have an east coast number? We cant Skype, he cant send voice recordings. He has posted a video on ig of him in his uniform. In all the pictures he looks the same on Instagram and WhatsApp. He has sent more pictures on WhatsApp then is posted on instagram. He sent a video of him working out boxing. I just dont know what to believe.

The guy I met online supposedly is in the military stationed in West Africa, he also asked for Amazon gift cards to put his phone on, I did get (3) $25 gift cards on 3 separate times. He is now asking for $150 to get to the embassy to get access to his accounts to send me $5000 to my bank account. I know it is a scam so I haven't sent any personal information and will cut off all contact.

Does anyone know of a guy named Marcello mohan... He say he is a pilot.. He told he he was sending a package from Poland to me but it cud not reach Trinidad so he have to send it to India and den it will be shipped to me.. So some one called me from India say that it is a customs agent and I have to pay 10000 dollars to get the pakage cleared..

Im talking a scammer too He use anamae Simon Browne US military base in Syria asking money for his leave

i just want to point out to watch out for lesbian scammers as well..they are just as bad as any other scammers out there...

do you have names
i think i am scammed by carla williams texas

I have had conversations with guys asking me for my internet service provider. Why would they want to know that?

I have had conversations with guys asking me for my internet service provider. Why would they want to know that?

Be careful guys! I believe I met the same man. I just ended it yesterday, blocked him and reported him. I am from Europe. He said his name is Wesley Floyd. He works on an oil rig in Florida (I think). He is a widower, his wife died in a car crash. He has a son in a boarding school in the US. He was sweet and he said he loved me from the moment we first started writing. Because I am not into these kinds of romance things, I reacted angrily, so he apologised, but he was trying again and again. Then I got angry and said we were finished and I ignored him. He stopped writing for a month and on Saturday he wrote again, just to ask how I am (he said that). Then he started asking for money for his son's (David) school trip to West Africa. I asked him what school does his son attend, he told me (St. John's High School in Massachusetts). As I am overly careful, I told him that I will contact the headmaster to ask about this trip, because it was suspicious - school trip from the US to West Africa? (I was bluffing of course, I just wanted to see how he would react) He got angry, emotionally blackmailing me, that I am a horrible person, not wanting to help, bla, bla bla.... He even got "his son" to write me an email, that it's all true. But I said no and blocked him and reported him. Then today I found all of these comments and I feel lucky that I didn't fall for the scam. Pay attention and don't trust anyone on the internet, that you don't know!!!

I am having a problem with a man from Nigeria his name is David William Paul he says he's on a pipeline in Nigeria he keeps on asking my mother to send him money constantly iTune cards the whole nine yards and the only time they have ever talked is through chat can somebody please help me

Hi I need some help my mother is dealing with a guy his name is David William Paul he's from Nigeria he says he has a house in California he's always asking my mother to send him money she does it and I'm just going by what my wits and I need help please my mother is 76 years old and he is just making my life oh worst.

Does anyone think that they can hack your email and Facebook profile pic then get matched with their daughter and have a seemingly normal don’t tell your mom conversation with her? Is this a scammer or is scammer an excuse?

I met this guy on Facebook 2 months ago, immediately he started confessing his love for me, planning a wedding, I was very suspicious and told him about it, he told me that he was not fake. Eventually I started falling for him even though I knew the flags were there. He claimed he is in the military located in West Africa on a mission. He doesn't have access to his accounts, but needed money to get to the embassy and aviation office to get access to send me money. Each time I would question him about anything he began to play victim and say I am breaking his heart but he never provides information about his past or family life only that he has 2 sons who live with his mom in North Carolina. He wants me to wire the money via MoneyGram to an anonymous person because he says he cant go with his ID. He says he will send me a large lump sum of money in my bank account days later. I know it is a scam, I didn't give out any personal information.

I was scammed out of 17,000 by a guy named Tony James. VERY HANDSOME. He never got off the plane. I started the very next day looking for him. Everyone said I would never find him. I finally did after months and months. He is now Robert Benderk. Still living in Turkey but a totally different life than the one he told me. He did talk to me again and said he was sorry and would pay me my money back. I played along and was like I wasn't mad that was between him and God I was just so in love with him and blah blah blah. Before long he was asking me again for itune cards then more itune cards then money to come home.....These guys just don't stop. I finally had enough and told him I am not giving him a dime until he paid in debt....Judge Judy would kill He made excuse after excuse and was so angry. I am never going to see my money. He has no morals, no conscience and no fear of God. I am not sure what name he is using but either Tony James or Robert Benderk.

Aaron Nathan instagram picture / image look up approved the guy was a scammer. As soon as I confronted him he called me. Same story as the others guy he is working on an oil rig in Galway Ireland but he's from Houston he says he's a Spanish man which is why his English is not good but when he called me he sounded Nigerian/ African not spanish. Used a picture of a goid looking white guy with blue eyes, says his wife passed 9 years ago, talks about being God fearing says daughter Peggy is 14 and at boarding school and with nanny. SCAMMER!! Report this guy immediately


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