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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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Did anyone have chatted with this guy on Messenger? He uses the name Justice Wilson Huffman from Frankfurt, Germany but lives in San Francisco, CA , is widowed with a 8 yr old son. BeFore I reported him to FB he said he was leaving for Sudan, Africa and he said he works for the UN .

Hello I meet my own george 2 years ago .on Facebook and .a women .said .was my husband was scamming her but Scammer .Called rod hobbs Stole my Husband picture to scam women on website s

Can someone please tell me how long a scammer says with a victim

a year or more depends Tracy

I've been talking to this girl. She said she's coming here but wants me to accept a shipment but I need to send 127 to this shipping company thirdeye insurance in Africa for tariff tax fee in order to accept the package

It's a scam. Don't send money to or pay for anything for anyone on the internet.

My mom is being scammed with a guy who like everyone else can't meet up and all the other random excuses. He hasn't asked for money yet but he did have a car shipped to her home for someone else ( a buddy of his) to come pick up when he returns from China, working as an engineer like every other scam artist. Has anyone had this happen to them? I know he could be using her for stolen items etc. but a car is a pretty big deal. I'm also concerned because I don't know who this guy is that's picking up the car.

I met someone online who sounds like he is from Nigeria or somewhere like that but claims to be German. He goes by Stefan Ferdinard or Ferdinand. He has proclaimed his loved for me and wants to me hold some packages for him that contains millions of dollars and gold. He wants me to sent a money gram for $1000 IS THIS A SCAM? hE SAYS A US diplomat will pick up his packages and deliver them to me and I can take my money out of oneof the packages

You met someone online, and he wants you to send him $1,000. That sounds like a scam. If you send your money, you're probably going to lose it, and you won't get anything back.

It's a scam.

For some reason I am a beacon for these low lifes. Most claim to be in the military and it amazes me how low they can stoop. They look for someone to open a bank account, send them money and lately they want Itune gift cards or bitcoins. Thankfully I can tell the signs right away. Please if any of you have a scammer and they claim they are in the military and can't use the phone and/or internet they are lying to you.If they can't cam leave them.For some strange reason their laptop doesn't have a working cam nor their phones.That is a big red flag.Be safe people and don't send them your hard earned money

Well its not me being scammed its my idiot husband who put a comment on Ashley Campbell's FB page then he got a friend request and accepted, conversed back and forth for a few days before them asking for his phone number to keep it more private. He gave his number and the 10,000 is texts began along with a romantic online affair. After a couple of weeks the requests for money started. They said they had a very large some of money that they put aside in a case and sent off for safe keeping so she could get away from her family and start a new life. All he had to do was send a holding fee for her to a certain person and they would send him the case by courier then he could send a portion of the money to them for a plane ticket and she would come and retrieve it from him and they could start their new life together. He would also be compensated double of what he sent. Then the case needed to have a security fee clearance, now a courier fee. I can't make him understand its not a celebrity but a scammer. Oh and here's the best part, he's never spoken live on the phone only via texts. I said tell them to call or Skype to prove who it is, and they said she couldn't sgevwas being watched and would get caught. How can anyone fall for this stuff I don't get it. And now our life together is over I can never trust him again 40 years down the drain just because some older man thinks a woman half his age is interested in him. Any suggestions on how to make him understand hell never see a penny of that money back?

You could tell him about people who get caught up working as "money mules" for criminals. Sometimes when criminals want to send stolen money, they get someone else to do the dirty work. They develop an online relationships and ask their new sweetheart or friend to accept money or transfer funds for them. If he gets involved with one of these schemes, he could lose money and personal information, and get into legal trouble.

The FTC says these are warning signs that you're talking to a scammer:

  • the person wants to use private email, phone or text to talk
  • they quickly form a "relationship" with you
  • they ask for money within the first few conversations

You could talk about prize scams too, and the warning that you shouldn't send money to get money, no matter what story someone tells you.


Do you have any info or names of the people who were doing this? I have a family member who has been sucked in on this scam and it is destroying our family. He is convinced it’s the real
Ashley. I’m
Trying to figure who is conducting this scam

Anyone have contact with a man by name of James Stupplebeen? Says he is an engineer on a job in Lagos. Living in states but works international jobs. Has an estranged girlfriend and daughter too. He told me his wallet was stolen and needed money. Then he said his equipment broke down and needs several thousand to fix it. He is sweet and kind but obviously trying to swindle money from me and anyone that will believe his story.

Do you have a photo of him

Sounds so familiar. My guy is from Los Angeles supposedly he did have Calif license. Took a job in UK and needed extra money of 43,000 to finish job and come back to me. His name is Alex

My friend has been sending good money to a BENTLY FISHER Asupervisor is West Africa/Nigeria his wife died in a car wreck he has two kids David and Jessica living with his Sister Carolina email and they wanted iTunes so my friend sent money,Then Jessica needed emergency surgeryher appendex,Then Bently Fisher lost his wallet and his assistant name is John Smith and the company strutting site they're working at collapsed he needed money to fly back home Louisiana $1600

there is this guy that i met in messenger, he said that he is a military doctor deployed in afghanistan...he is divorced with one 7 year old son living with his nanny...he said that he loves me and promises to marry me then after a few weeks he isdeployed to west africa for a peacekeeping misssion...then he told me that he will make his son come to our country once he is here and stay with me....when he told me that their superior already talk to them that they will come home..then a problem arises since he needs to pay taxes so his benefits will be transferred to his account and he can leave Africa to meet me...I told him I can't help him and he said it is okay and dont worry...I ask him what will his colleagues will do..but he said they have the same about ask for help to his friends in the states but said he cant get in touch with them...he said he will find a wait he scamming me???

This could be a scam. You're smart to ask him questions, like "why don't you ask your friends in the states for help?"

Many scammers talk about love and marriage very soon after they "meet" you online. They claim to be soldiers, deployed far away, but promise to see you soon. Then, they have a sudden problem and want your money, or want to use your bank account. If you give money (or your bank account number) to someone you never met, and don't really know, you are taking a huge risk that you will lose money and personal information.

I've met a man on Match. com. He goes by the name of Robert Girard. He's an engineer and is supposed to live in Fairfax VA. We started chatting on match then went to email, then text. We've spoke on the phone several times. He is supposed to be in Johannesburg on business. A few weeks ago he sent me beautiful roses. They cost about $150.00. Then he asked me to purchase him an I-tunes gift card. I didn't. We were still chatting...and then yesterday he mentioned having trouble with his international calls and messages and banking trouble. He can't access his funds the bank needs some sort of physical evidence and he can't provide it until he returns to the states. He says he sent them his Identification but they need to see it in person. Then he asked what bank I used. Just told him a local credit union. He said they money he did have would only pay his workers for two weeks. He wanted to transfer money into my bank account. I suggested he ask his daughter. His daughter lives in Mexico. He wanted my acct and routing number. I didn't give it to him. I'm not stupid...but it's just sad. I thought at first I had found a nice guy and after what happened yesterday, this evening I will be reporting him and I've already blocked him. He has a Lee, VA phone number 703-687-6982. I tried searching his photos online and nothing comes up.

Lisa, So very sorry this happened to you and hope your heart is healing from the shock and trauma. Thank goodness you didn't go for the "small money" give aka the itunes gift card (my scammer asked for iTunes cards as well ... I told him point blank that a man doesn't ask a woman for money). If you had passed that test and given, you would be hounded to give more, substantial amounts ... for paying taxes, equipment failure, emergency medical care etc etc etc...all in the hopes your giving would bring your love interest to you in person...these fraudsters prey upon your hope. Good for you putting it back on him to "ask his daughter." I think a lot of women are afraid to offend their new love interest by confronting them with the fact that they should be asking close friends and family before someone they only know online. He may have been planning to set you up as a money mule ... several victims have gone to prison for this ... ck out youtube. Just an FYI ... if you had opened an email from this guy and clicked on an image etc, keylogger software may have been surreptitiously placed on your computer. That's something these guys do in hopes they can get passwords and bank/credit card info. They use stolen credit card info to buy those roses they send to their victims and to pay for their subscriptions. One of the "tells" of the scammers, is that there is no trace of them on the internet (except the pics they use may be on scammer websites). Almost all adults have some internet footprint ... I couldn't find my scammer no matter how in depth my search (name search). Funny that someone who is 50 yrs old and owns a house in PA has zero info about them on the net. Lastly, I got on last week thinking I'd give it a try. In the first hour, I found 4 scam profiles!! Google image search is a great tool. Look up Jason_Hoffman, Stephen_Good ...the other 2 I found have already been taken down. I reported all of these guys to a very popular romance scam website. Search for it ... it has a light green background on all their pages. It would be great if you posted your scammers picture there with his contact information ... so when he tries to scam someone else using the same photos, their new victim can find him via google image search. Helping others helps with the healing process. Wish you well.

Yesterday he actually texted me again. He asked me to check my cell phone and send him a code from google. He was using my email account and trying to reset my account. He even called me when I didn't respond to his text. I went online and googled this...and rest all my passwords. The nerve of some people. I told him that he didn't need access to my accounts and that I had reported him and was done! He responded that that was a very lame statement. This online dating thing just might not be for me.

Lisa ... glad you caught the scammers trying to take over your accounts and are protecting yourself. When scammers are confronted and called on their BS, they do one of several things:
- they blow up and go off on the victim
- they attempt to turn the victim into a money mule
- or they guilt trip them with some tripe response (like your guy did). When my scammer asked me if I would do a small favor for him, I said I'd try. He asked me to go and buy iTunes cards for him. When I confronted him and said men don't ask woman for money and his actions were disgraceful. His response (he used the guilt trip routine like yours): "I'm really disappointed in you" OMG!!! LMAO!! I lit into him and called him a loser and I was "disappointed in him and it's laughable that I would care what some guy thinks of me who I've only talked with and not met." blocked him everywhere.

You're doing the right thing Lisa. Be cautious and always check google image search or tineye for anyone you meet online. Also, meet them in person within 2 weeks or drop them. Then you won't get strung along. Find out who they are ASAP. Be safe.

This is for all those wondering if their new online love interest is real or not: Have them verify they are real using skype or another means ... taking a selfie doing a specific action. Also, ask questions about the person's city like their favorite restaurant, where they went to high school, their mother's maiden name. Don't accept excuses from the person ... anyone can skype. Almost everyone has the ability to take a cell phone picture. Also...facebook profiles are often built using other scammers as "friends" so don't rely on facebook to validate the person is real.

I started talking to a man who said he was a General in the Army. Our conversations increased and talked of love. He started asking for money for phone deposit then for early leave to come home to me. He sent nu erous pictures of himself I thought. He would call and said I could call anytime. I did send the deposit for the phone and some for his leave. All the emails seemed real they had the DOD seal. He did azvoid video chats but I still talk to he is suppose to video chat today. I have filed a complaint the military says its a scam. If it is a scam how can I find out who this person really is that I have pictures of.They should know they are being used.

Make sure when you video chat that the picture is very clear and you can see the face and the words are synchronized with lip movement. Tell the guy to turn on a light if it's dark. Also, google "romance scam" and you'll find a great website that has a light green background. They have thousands of military scam listings. Go to the forum and look under military. You can create an account and post the pix and ask the many moderators who really know all the pix of the recent scammers. You can also google image search or tineye for the pix sent to you. Sorry to say but 99.99% sure you have lost your money sent ...this surely sounds like the typical scam routine. The DOD seal is so easy to fake ... just like passports and drivers license images. There is no such thing as an "early leave deposit"

Just an FYI ... many of these scammers will start contacting you a lot ... their emotional givings almost turn into an addictive drug ... hitting the brain's reward mechanism again and again. That partially explains why victims keep sending money in the face of everyone around the victim telling them they are being scammed. Also, the scammers will start contacting their victims early in the morning and very very late at night...wearing the victims down. They become tired and can't think as clearly as they normally would.

Please realize that you are in a situation with a scammer. There's a quote by Nietzsche you might find illuminating: "People don't want to know the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed."

I know you're lonely and want love...but you will lose your heart and your money if you continue down this route. These scammers are pros at what they do. You're putty in their hands. They get you with the hope...hope of a many "coming home to you." All the best.

I am a widow living in Turkey. I went to onesingleperson. com to improve my English. He is a widow, came to Turkey for a project with a contractor in different city. His father is Norwegian and he is dead. In Germany, she has a 12-year-old son who lives with her mother. His wife is dead. Suddenly when he came to Istanbul he flew to chicago, for work. Now there. His name is Michael Scot. I felt in love with him. But the strange thing is; Last year, he was a friend of Norwegian midepedial surgeon, facebook da. His wife is dead. She said she lived in America with her mother of her 12-year-old son. He declared love and suddenly he had to go to Yemen. I met my son through the mail and said "mother" to me. My blood froze. His name was Luster Gerald. This analogy bothered me. I slowly finished the relationship. I am unemployed and a young retirement, so I need my job and my wife. There was no fraud with money. I still feel like an idiot myself. I searched for suspicion, I found this place. Marriage was offered in 15 days. Is loneliness and hunger? What a pity. I wrote this maili with translater. Tell me; Am I being deceived?

The story you tell is very similar to the story many women tell. Often, the man says he is American, but must travel to Africa or Europe for work. Then the man suddenly requires money for a health emergency or a family emergency. Often the man makes promises to visit you, or he makes promises to marry. But then he has more emergencies. The emergencies force him to travel or require money. Often the man is an orphan and has only one child, and the child lives far away with a nanny or caretaker. These facts appear in many, many stories that people tell about people they meet online. Also, the name Michael Scott is the name of a character in a popular TV series. The man might ask for money. Or he might ask to put his money into your bank account, so you can send the money to his friend. This could be dangerous. Maybe the money is stolen. Maybe he is a criminal. There can be danger if you give information to someone you find online.

hi, I was very angry about the question yesterday. The company that runs it is lorig construction and says it is also in chicago. I would love to be his queen, not a victim. There are photos of me that he sent me with his son. It is a very beautiful dream. What if it is true? Can not it be? How can i know? Will he come to me in 3 weeks? God what a great nightmare! what should I do?

I just posted a LONG comment. I have a request, can you ask your Tech support team to do something on the post dates by Newest on page one, instead, i spent 2 days finally read all the posts, and realized the newest was on page 30.
the scammer are using New techniques to scam people now, which i posted in my message. It would be helpful if you post new message first, on page one. so that someone like me, who recently discover this thread, wouldn't give up before reading the page 30. Thanks.

Lisa ... glad you caught the scammers trying to take over your accounts and are protecting yourself. When scammers are confronted and called on their BS, they do one of several things:
- they blow up and go off on the victim
- they attempt to turn the victim into a money mule
- or they guilt trip them with some tripe response (like your guy did). When my scammer asked me if I would do a small favor for him, I said I'd try. He asked me to go and buy iTunes cards for him. When I confronted him and said men don't ask woman for money and his actions were disgraceful. His response (he used the guilt trip routine like yours): "I'm really disappointed in you" OMG!!! LMAO!! I lit into him and called him a loser and I was "disappointed in him and it's laughable that I would care what some guy thinks of me who I've only talked with and not met." blocked him everywhere.

You're doing the right thing Lisa. Be cautious and always check google image search or tineye for anyone you meet online. Also, meet them in person within 2 weeks or drop them. Then you won't get strung along. Find out who they are ASAP. Be safe.

I am talking to a soldier in Syria. It has only been 2 weeks. He thinks of me a lot. Good looking. Annoyed when I didn't talk to him more on my day off. We met on meetme. We talk via whatsup. I think it is a scam. He hasn't asked for money but sweet talk. He said he gave his user account to his friend to use. Same name different home town and pictures. That is the story I got.

donna i had experiece also like this can we share info

Have a dear friend who friended a girl from Prescott, AZ. She said her father left her 900,000 but that in order for her to get ita "male" must send 770.00 and in return he will get a check for 7500.00. My friend fell for it once 6 mos. ago and now again. He trusts her. Her name (don't know if its her real name) is Grace. Hesitant to put surname. How can I convince him that it's a scam

I hear ya. I recently got scammed. These con artists were good and unfortunately they got me. It was an online dating site. Now I'm trying to do everything in my power to get my money back. I want these people caught

please i want to know if real or scam he ask for call card then i start doubt so i search internet and found out army scam. but when i tell i will borrow money from friend he told no dont do that i dont like you barrow money from others bcs of me, soo im confused and i ask him about army email add so he send me some letter and the email add ending 'mil' so now i dont know

Jud ... if you take the bait of the call card or itunes card, they'll go for more $ later... the scammer was gauging whether you're a sucker or not and your financial position. The scammer might come off as humble and not want you to put yourself out ... just to build your trust and turn off your internal alarm that he is out to scam you so later on... when the scammer wants you to do something, your alarm bells don't go off, because he didn't take advantage of you the first time. Stay in it and wait for the sociopath to work his tricks on you ... but it might hurt your heart if you get too attached. Military men get plenty of money to buy themselves things they need. Why does this guy need a "call card" from you? What is he going to do with the card? When our charity group sends care packages out to the troops, we send socks, peanut butter and jelly jars ... things that are difficult to obtain out in the field. We've never once been asked to send calling cards.

Also ask your guy what branch of the military he's in...what his rank is...what the name of his unit is...ask about his home town. Does this guy have a foreign accent? FYI ... lots of scammers set up emails that look like military. Google romance scam websites and look for the one that has a light green back ground color ... there is a forum just for military scammers ... post your guy's picture there and ask the excellent moderators if they know of the guy. Do your research before you get your heart hurt or lose money. What you have to offer is too valuable to be hurt by scammers. Protect yourself.

A loved one was scammed online via FB and then Hangout in which this "woman" advised him to download. The "relationship" escalated quickly and within a month, lets say he lost a lot of money sending ITunes gift cards via hangouts. Her name is Christiana Anabel and she has several different accounts and pretends to be a single mom and loosing her house to promising to give him more money, a baby and a place to live after she gets her house back from the bank.....Watch out, she will take you for everything you have

It is very easy to fall prey to some of these scammers. For them, this is their 'job', and many of them are very good at it. An easy way to tell is to make a local or cultural pop reference. One guy who claimed he was born and raised in Texas, didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned "The Yellow Rose of Texas".

I must be some type of magnet for the fake military scammers. They seem to be the most charming and down-to-earth. But I always play naive or very concerned when they ask for gift cards, or money for a sick child. Eventually they get the message and move on.

As difficult as it may seem, always trust your instincts, do your research, and never send money to someone you've met online.

Good luck to all of us.

Down-to-earth, and Too good to be true are exactly what I called person who started messaging me on Twitter. Never having been on a dating site, I had no idea I was being catfished. All the same lines, and no camera on phone, but pictures from iPad with daughters, even referenced his kids when I realized what was going on. I think they bait-and-switch, because first two weeks were such clean, normal conversations, possibly real person in pictures. Then, the foreign trip, which why would experienced traveler get into predicament, and elaborate lies. And then coming up with lies for me to tell Money Gram. I think different person then in Turkey, texting on Viber, no more pics and won't answer restricted phone. Trying to get over being had, and very very angry. Names Arnold Gifford, Rami Nigel, Josh Wilson. Uses locked Twitter account and starts with dm "hi". None of these names exist anywhere, and no facial recog.with pics so frustrating, no justice

Oregon ... did you send money then or when you say you've been had was it with your heart? Can you list phone number and email address.

FYI ... if anyone else is wondering about some online love interest ... if you can't find the person's name on search engines, big red flag!! Once someone is 30 ... we all have some online info.

Also .... if someone asks you for money ... tell them you can put them in touch with your lawyer to handle the legal paperwork ... and watch them back away or disappear. Please do not send your hard earned money to Nigerian scammers.

Oregon ... you're right ... REAL experienced travelers AND international businessmen do not get into such predicaments. That's how I knew my new Facebook friend (who professed his love for me after 3 weeks) was a scammer (this was late 2015 and I didn't know about Nigerian romance scammers ... I actually thought this was a foreign born American trying to take me for a ride while on an overseas business trip ... nope, he was Nigerian). I was a business woman who traveled internationally and had several credit cards. If my wallet was stolen ... my hotel was already paid on a credit card and I could eat in the hotel. Also ... even 20 years ago when I traveled Europe and in Spain when my wallet was stolen ... my visa sent me a new card 3 days later. Rough couple of days but in no way did I need thousands of dollars.

Please do not send money to anyone you've met on the internet ladies!! You'll never ever actually meet your "love" and you'll never see your $$ again.

I can't provide you an email or anything on this site, but I will admit I sent $200 originally via Western Union. I was thinking with my heart, not my head, and actually believed he had nobody else to turn to. Now I see he has 50 women following him on twitter and I feel so sorry for them. I have started an anti-scam twitter account to warn people, but when these worms work their profiling ways on someone, it is just a darn shame. Shame on them. I went through 2 months of heartbreak and am now still angry but trying to get over that, because there is NO TRACKING this monster and his partner in Turkey. And, still angry at myself because I was NOT looking for love at all - I was NOT on a dating website. I only signed up for Twitter for work updates, I work in public works.
These lying cheats, male or female, are the absolute scum of the earth grifters - even if they DO have kids! Scam artists, con men, whatever - the internet makes it EASY for them. It really was a sign to me, when MoneyGram called me to come and pick up the next $500 I almost lost to them - and (they) got really angry when I told them I picked up my money. Horrible, despicable, unscrupulous, filthy rotten scoundrels the lot of them.

My Scammer (he admitted him being a scammer after he scammed me huge amount of money), I think he is a MODERN Technology Scammer, and All you ladies should read this and pass along: HE sent me a link of Credit Union Bank Website, gave me his Username and password. asking me pay an invoice on his behalf. I logged in the credit union website, with his name and password, he had nearly 1 mil in the account, and asked me transfer out 55k to a cement company in Turkey. He provided me all detail info of the Turkey Cement Company's account #, routing #, etc. I clicked SEND, and the screen actually show a processing bar going, going, with indication of percentage completed..... after it says Completed, i check the account balance, the total amount was actually deducted from the total amount showing before the transaction was made.

So, remember, all this was his "money", i was simply helping him to do the transaction. That was Thursday, Feb 9, 2017.

So the following Early Monday morning, I got a long text from he, telling me that He needs to secure a job, worth $1.6 million. to do that, he needs to send $20k to the broken he sort out jobs for contractors. Since he stuck in Turkey (He claimed he is American born Indian, Lived in Texas and San Francisco before he won a job, helping Turkey Gov to build a bridge there in Istanbul. Turkey Gov took his Passport as soon as he got there, because he said it happened before that other contractors dissapears on the jobs as soon as they get paid, with the job half done. and he didn't want to access his Credit Union Bank account from Turkey to cause any suspition. So that was how he asked me to the transaction using his account user ID and password).
Now back to where i was. Monday Feb 13, he needed 20k to secure a FAT job, I said i can't give his money. He said why don't we do this: you go ahead and transfer $50k to your own account from my Credit Union bank. "You still have my ID and password, right? I didn't change, I trusted you, I noticed you didn't touch the account since last Thursday. You are a good woman". I said that was your money, you worked hard for it. I would never touch your account without your permission. That's criminal. So, i agreed his idea to transfer $50 to my account, with his permission, so that i can pay on his behalf to secure his FAT 1.6 Million dollar job. He rest of money, he said eventually, he needs my help to pay other stuff on behalf of him, since he stuck in Turkey.
I transfered $50k, the "Green" transfer bar going going, until indicating 100% completed. Since it takes 24 to 48 hours to be actually deposited to my account, I went to my bank, and using my own money, wire transfered first $10k to a Wells Fargo account that he provide to me (name and account # and routing #), who suppostly to be the broker who would secure the Fat Job for him.
I was checking my Chase bank, where i transfer the $50k to the whole day, it didn't show (of course). He even asked me a few times during the day if it went through, i said NO, he said it will, just take time, 24 to 48 hours. "You saw i have over 900 thousand dollar in the account yourself, right"
The next day, Feb 14, Valentines Days, when he supposedly be back in US to meet, he said the broker is asking for the rst of $10k (he need to give that person $20k to secure the FAT job). I went to bank, using my own money and send to another Wells Fargo account with a different person's name. I started getting suspitious, even on the way to the bank, joking with him "this completely sounded like ONLINE SCAM"!!! He even laugh, tell me no need to worry, he had dealt with these people before, this is how he gets Huge contracts.
I know my writing is so long, maybe you got bored. But hang on.
I came back and loggin in to his Credit Union bank account, OMG, the account status shows "BLOCKED" instead of "ACTIVE". The balance not showing my $50k was deducted.
I freak out, called him, He said NO WAY, He will check and get back to me. He called back, saying he contacted the bank, the reason he was given was that they got suspicious on the transaction i made of that large amount of $50k being transfer to an individual account, that the bank was not pre-knowledged of, and the bank autometically raised the Red Flag, and REVERSED the transfer!!!! So I lost $20k.

The Truth is, I LOST MORE THAN THAT. but the rest was because he promised to pay me back after the account is straightened out when he get back to America, and he even asked me to go with him to the bank, and as soon as he close the account, he would deposit the FULL amount of money to my WHatever personal account, because "I was his WIFE" in his mind for all this time!!!!!
Now Ladies, He didn't ask me to use WESTERN UNION, nor MONEY GRAM, like most of the other scammers did I read from here. HE CREATED A FXXKING BANK Website to scam money!!! Of course, the website is no longer exist now. But i did took pictures of it when it was still valid, with his NAME, account number, amount of balance (on 2/23, the last time i was able to logged on to the account, using his name and password, there was $911,265.06 in the account, and i have photo of it. but the status of the account is "BLOCKED"). Since then, he said he was advised to change the ID and password, and eventually the website is No Longer Exist - Invalid Web address!!!

I totally wired money to Four different US bank account for him, with 4 different account holder names. So my question is Since they are Wells Fargo and Chase banks, why Law enforcement authorities can't catch them? I did report to my local police and filed with FBI. The irritating part was, after i confronted him, after he told me he is a scammer, the whole thing is a scam, he is a fraudster. He was so arrogant, he even encouraged me to report to my back and my police, seem like he did this many times, and he knew he wouldn't get caught!!!

I have his photos, his email, his phone number. His claims his name is Steve Paresh Patel. Born in Ohio, Dad was a doctor, but when he was five, the whole family had to move back to India due to grandfather illness, and his father need to take over the family business. He return back to US, only a few years ago, thus he has accent, (but was not Indian-English, i even told him the first time I spoke him on the phone, he said he was raised be a nanny in Indian when he grew up, and he speak the accent like his nanny. I didn't realize that was mostly Nigerian accent, but was too late after everything had happened.) I even at a point, asked him if he needed a Green Card. He insisted he is a Citizen, no need Green Card. Maybe this guy is rooted in the US? since all the account he can access to are based in US? The way he created his SCHEME is too clever, he made almost $50k out of me in just a WEEK. He must be so rich, he sent me pics of him with his two luxury cars, wearing Rolex watch, live in a Compound (he said), in San Francisco, on Pacific Ave!!!! one of the most expensive area.....
the last text we exchanged with him was 5/19, 3 months after he scammed me, I believe if i kept texting him, he would still reply.

Thank you for sharing your story. These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.


Hi Bridget,

did you also get my message asking if you could do something of your format so that the newest postings show up first (on page 1), instead of appearing on the last page (page 31)?

Do you think this is a better idea? This way we can see the most recent scamming techniques the scammer invented. Also prevent the new victims from quit reading through because they only read comments, crimes occurred 2, 3 years ago, before they have the energy and time reading all through to the last page?


Yes, thanks for your comment. That's something we'll think about when we update the site.

Ladies, i just posted something a few minutes ago (on 6/10 7pm.)
I want to add that the reason i created my USER Name as "CouldBeWorse" is that i even bought a one way flight ticket to Istanbul intend to meet my scammer. He said he would go to the airport to meet.
I sent the copy of the confirmation, he then changed his mind, since he asked me to transfer more money before i leave, i said no, i would bring a large amount of cashier check with me, and give to his superior who is holding his passport. He then backed out, telling me to cancel the trip and get a refund.
My point is, afterwards, when i thought of it, WOW, i could get Kidnapped by this guy or his group for ransom!!! That could be Worse, hard to imagine!!!!
We all want to know the REAL Identity of the person we talk to behind the screen. Although we had their photos, i didn't even know the person who sent me the photos might not be the real person himself. - I believe til this day, my scammer is the same person on the photo he sent to me. Indian, wear and drive luxury things.

I think this happened to me ... does the name Craig Eaton ring a bell?


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