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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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I met a guy on Facebook as well. Sounds similar to a lot of these other stories. He said ihe is the military on special assignment. Talked for while and now he wants me to send him money for his birthday. Claims he has money but he can't make withdrawal while over seas. No I didnt give the money and don't plan too.

Sadie ifnyou don't mind sharing where and what branch of military and when was his birthday?

I have been dealing with my mom being scammed by a guy who says he is in the Navy, keeps asking her to send money to a supposed bank in Nigeria, also keeps asking her to send money to his supposed son in school in Africa. His supposed son that needs to get home from school in Africa back to the United States and the son will supposedly come to live with my mom.

I am so tired of telling her that she is getting scammed by this guy and other people telling that he is scamming her. She believes him over her own family. We do not even have our own place cause of her getting scammed. We live with my grandma and my Uncle in my grandma's house.

It is the point to where I can not even afford to pay all my bills and so I charge my mom half of the bills that are her responsibility but cause of this guy I do not get the money from her to help pay the bills. I have to rely on my grandma to let me use her credit card to pay the bills that I can not afford and it is ridiculous. I am at my wits end on what to do.

I know that she has sent over 2,000 or more dollars to him and his supposed son. She just sent 350 dollars yesterday to his supposed son.

My mom is 64 years-old, disabled and receives SSI for those disabilities. I, myself am a 42 year-old disabled single mother of a beautiful 15 year-old that is effected by this most of all because of my mother doing this I am not able to get the things that my daughter needs or wants and that makes me really upset and angry.

Any suggestions on what I can do would be helpful about this situation.

You can find resources for older adults and people with disabilities at or call 1-800-677-1116.  You can find local agencies that help people with housing, elder abuse prevention, financial assistance and other needs.

My friend is seeing someone. Met on POF. I believe it's a scammer it's only been two months and he's had her make two transfers but he's also made arrangements to meet her and he has. Can he still be a scam. Everything else doesn't seam real it's the meeting is what scares me.

My sister met someone sister was widowed 2 years ago and this person she is talking to states he is widowed. He stated he is from New Zealand his Wife unborn child and daughter were all killed in a car accident so he moved to OH. States he is an architect/interior designer and just left for Cyprus. Stated there was a bad accident at work place because he was in a rush to meet my sister and 2 people were killed and a man was injured. States it is a Muslim area and they are detaining him. He supposably able to make a call ....him and "lawyer" called my sister asking for 42k to release him....and then changing to 10k by this friday....she is believing this because his "lawyer" stated that he would be persuctured to the highest measures .... she also believes because this guy Greg Sylvester the "architect" had her sign into his bank account and transfer money over to himself because his computer got damaged. I am sick to my stomach about this does anyone else have this same type of story or names that match. Thank you!!

I hope your sister has since stopped communicating with this vile person. We started communicating via text and phone calls the end of July. I went back on Zoosk after breaking off a new, but uncomfortable relationship with another man who now looks like a Prince in comparison! "Greg" wanted me to text him off the site, so I did. At first I was elusive since I had so much going on in other areas of my life, and he seemed a little odd. Then I thought the difference was due to difference in cultures between US and New Zealand and the differences in our types of work. So I gave it another chance and because he was being so nice, not too pushy to meet, and patient with me, I started becoming more interested. Same story, though. From New Zealand, lost wife and daughter in accident, "escaped" to states. LA first, then Ohio. Same occupation, and same international contract with mall in Cyprus. He allegedly had to leave early because they moved contract up and was so disappointed we hadn't met in person first. Dummy me assured him I wasn't going anywhere and committed to meeting him when he returned in 6 weeks. He had not asked for anything yet, and that would definitely have been my showstopper anyway. I hadn't asked full name yet because we were moving very slowly. When he sent poem, it was nice, but frankly corny. Then soon thereafter he said he wanted to send me something, so asked for my email. I gave him my work email, and it was a long love story on "what he wants our future together forever to look like." It should have been written by a woman, it was so romantic, and resonated with me. Maybe it actually WAS written by a woman. Regardless, last night when he "called" from Cyprus in the middle of the night because he wanted to hear my voice before I went to bed, he asked my full name, I did the same, started to do research, and here I am! If nothing else it shows how stupid and naive he is for using the exact same name a few times and thinking it wouldn't catch up with him! I was going to send a nasty text or email, but he's not worth it. Instead I blocked his phone number: 740-462-5408 and his email address: gregdaniels199@ . I'm sure he got quite a surprise when he tried to reach me today as he normally does...everything would have kicked back as unsuccessful and undeliverable. I hope he does something that truly does put him in jail. I do feel sorry for him though, truly. He must have a great deal of self hatred to have to do this to kindhearted wonderful women looking for a true gentleman. I hope it gives him some solace, because that's all he will ever have in his life.

Alexander Freeman hibernia Oil Fjeld is he a scammer

Received E-mail from "friend" introducing this man stating that she was trying to convince him to go on dating site when he saw my profile and was attracted to my picture. She gave me his E-mail address after telling me what a honest man he was. She stated she was going off the dating sight as her new partner asked her to. Sent E-mail introducing myself to gentleman named Alex Fleming. After a week exchanged phone numbers. He claimed that wife had been killed in car crash 6 weeks ago and he had a daughter in Ireland. Stated he was a structural enguneer and was bidding on contract in Capetown South Africa. After he went to Capetown he asked me to buy I-tunes card and send him the code. When I told him I did not have money to send him, he sent messages that I had hurt him and he could not be with someone who had trust issues. Hsve not heard from him again. After one month I felt feelings of love for him and am very disappointed that he evidently was a scammer.

same man but went by another name... wow

What other name does he go by?

Who is this other man’s name besides Alex Fleming? I reported him to the FBI.

I met the same man in Feb 2017.gave him a lot of money. He wins the academy award for best actor. I was very vulnerable going thru a divorce. Spoke to him for a year and a half. Trust me he is no good. Definitely not worthy of you. I hope he rots in hell.what a low lying piece of scum!

I have never been to dating sites but one day I received a friend request from a man named Philip Gabriel on Instagram so I accepted it. This guy later on started writing to me through Instagram. I didn't want to be rude so I answered him back and he wanted to start chatting through Hangouts so I did and we became close through the chats to the point I fell for him. He says he lives in Jacksonville Florida. He says he is a Sgt. in the Army And works on the base there. He told me he is originally from Sweden but him and his mom moved to the states when he was just a little bit after his dad passed away. He says his wife passed away during child birth. He has 2 children. He has not asked for money. He wants me to come and visit him in Jacksonville. He sent me photos of himself and his children and photos of him, with donald trump and a photo of himself in Washington dc. And also a video of himself at one of the emergency conference on hurricane Harvey he was very convincing. I have talked to him twice and he talks very good English but he does have an accent. But we did get into an argument and we haven't wrote to each other since. I miss him so much! I want to write him and check to make sure he and his children are ok since hurricane Irma came through Florida but haven't yet. HAS ANYONE EVER SPOKE TO SOMEONE BY THE NAME PHILIP GABRIEL THROUGH INSTAGRAM AND GOTTEN A SIMILAR STORY?

My story isn't about a man but is about 5 women who found me in Facebook Messenger. They show up with a message reading HI. It's an accept or decline add me request When you accept a message window pops up with the woman talking about herself then within 2 hours of talk she tells you she is happy to have met you and she thinks you are the man of her dreams and she thinks she is in love. For the next 3 to 5 days she writes about her love for me. The storyline is so close to every message that it seems they are copy and paste situations. Most of their messages are 4 to 5 words many of which don't make sense to my talking points. On the 3 to 5 day mark they ask for a gift. They want an ITunes activation code card in the amount of $50. One woman even asked for an ITunes card in the amount of $250 for a program she needed for her gem buying business. She was in Asia and the cost of the card is more where she is located and of course she would repay me when she returned to the states in 3 days. I got rid of her by telling her that the software for her business would be a business expense that she could use at tax time. I then told her that if she went to sites like Walmart online she could buy it cheaper than either her or me bought it at a store Of course every woman had some issue as to why their cell phones had problems and they couldn't talk or video chat with the mark. The last one found ways to increase the amount of the $50 card to $200 card. I've been playing games with her for a month now and stretching it to 2 months. I got the woman's profile page and downloaded the three photos that she had on the site that she claimed was her. I was given more photos and they were all the same woman. About a week ago I did an image scan of a couple of the photos on google search. I found search pages for the same woman along with photo pages of the woman. Many photos were the same photos that the "woman" sent me. It turned out that the information and photos belong to a Columbian Model Porn Star along with links of her porn movies. I showed the information and some photos that I downloaded from the photo page to the person in a messenger chat window. Did the person freak out. They are so fun to play with because they aren't very smart.

@d1hm They think they are smart but they ain't. They always end up slipping up somewhere. I'm talking to someone now that I'm not to sure about so when he sends me photos In going to try to do the image search to see what happens.

This guy sends photos and says he has a house in New Brighton New Zealand.

I was recently scammed by someone named Greg Daniel Sylvester. Supposedly from New Zealand and his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident five years ago. I met him on Zoosk where he gave me his phone number and asked me to text him. His profile and pictures look good for me so I did. We started talking on the phone every day. About two weeks and he wrote me a love poem. I thought it was suspicious but he was so sweet. He told me at the beginning that he had a contract in Cyprus. He was an architect and interior designer and was going to be doing a shopping mall in October. A week before we were supposed to meet he called me visit very upset and said that his contract had been moved up and he had to fly to Cypress that night. he promised to call me every day from Cyprus until he could come back. For three weeks he called every day. He then needed to order some equipment but because his computer and never made it from the airport asked me to log into his bank account to wire money to pay for the equipment from Turkey. With him on the phone I logged into his bank account and set the suppose it wire he promised to call me every day from Cyprus until he could come back. For three weeks he called every day. He then needed to order some equipment but because his computer and never made it from the airport asked me to log into his bank account to wire money to pay for the equipment from Turkey. With him on the phone I logged into his bank account and sent the wire. He then asked if I could send him a MacBook and iPad since his suitcase never arrived and he needed them for the job. He said his credit card had been held because he was in a foreign country. Let's make this a test he said. I foolishly sent to Cyprus the MacBook and iPad. About a week before the job is to finish he told me there was an accident accident at the construction site With the equipment he had purchased. Two men died and three were injured. He was now in a prison I needed to pay off the families. Asked me to log into his bank account again and send a wire for him. When I tried to send a wire it would not go through and said his bank account has been frozen. He started to sob on the phone why is this happening to me? The next day his attorney called me to tell me the dire news That if he did not get the money he would go to High Court and because he was not a Muslim he would go to jail for the rest of his life. He then asked if I could send the money? I told him I did not have that much money. He then asked for $25,000. I said I did not have that either. The next day he ended up spending the night in jail and told me that he had not slept and not eaten and was weak and tired. He then said for $10,000 they would let him go back to his hotel until his bank account was on frozen. I foolishly sent the money via wire to a bank in Texas to his attorneys suppose it friend who was going to money gram it directly to him. It was later that day I started researching much more than I already had. I realized I have been scammed. I waited and the next day he was supposed to be getting out of the country. Instead at the end of the day I got a text asking for $5000 to bribe the border guards so he could leave the country. I told him there's no more money. He then called me I did not answer. He called again I pretended to be very upset that I didn't have the money and would send it if I could. He started to sob on the phone and said he did not know what he was going to do. He still continue to tell me he was for real. I did some research into the bank site. It was SBS and see I looked at the account settings and the name on the account was Darius Wojcik. So I am putting both of these names out there to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. He still insists he's not lying and that when he gets back to the states he will meet me. I know that he is mine but it still incredibly hard.

I am so glad you wrote this, as I have just met this same despicable man. There were a few red flags, but he was so sweet, I believed everything hook, line and sinker! He's allegedly in Cyprus now, so he can rot there! After reading your story and another one about the same darn pig, dated 9/7/17, I blocked his number. He hasn't gotten so far as to ask for anything yet...was still wooing me and I was falling for it! What a creep! Thank God for this site, and thank you for sharing your story! I wish you could have found out about him earlier before you lost your money. Good luck to you!

Oh my god scammers are everywhere. Actually its my 4th time since i've been scammed by most US Army and The last one is Seaman. They're all asking to send money to them, but good thing i never tried sending money for them. The last one is that someone sent me a package with luxury gadgets, jewelries, louis vuitton bag and money contents inside and then before u can claim the package, u have to pay the Administrative Charge first and then it will deliver to ur home address. How will be so sure that ur package will deliver right away in ur home address if u settled the payment first without seeing the package itself. That's kinda scam right. Only the customs and postal office can hold package before sending it to ur home address. I hope i'd never encountered like this again or to every single ladies who looking someone for love. Pls be aware and dont be fooled by them. God bless to everyone.

There is a person who sent me pictures of a dating site, a doctor who sent photos posed with his children and some were with doctors scubs clothing. I skyped with him and he always had the same clothing on. He says shortly after we met that he was headed to Yemen with doctors without out borders..and skyped me from there..soon after he needed money saying it was his daugthers birthday and from Yemen he coudn't get into his account. Shortly after that, there was another sad story, he claimed to me his accounts were hacked and they shut his accounts down until an investigation was complete so he could not access his money and needed to pay his mothers bill to hospice who is back in the states in a nursing home. Both times I told him i didn't have funds to send him..after his second try and a lot of put downs from him how i am not a caring person...he vanishes. The guy on skype i chatted with, was the same guy in the pictures, but it's obvious to me, there is something very sketchy going on because he tried to get money out of me twice. I met him on mingle under the name i needgoodloe. I hear there is so much of this going on...beware..never give a penny, no matter how much u think this person is real...good men dont ask for money weeks or a month into chatting with you online...seriously..don't be stupid. Good and decent men would NEVER ask for money from you so face up to this point and get rid of that person your chatting with who is just a huge scammer.

By the way, it doesn't matter what name they use, the docto, who said he went to Yemen i just posted about, said his name was Bruno Diego...but they can always use a different name with a new person they are talking to..the email i have for him is gomez1990@ , his facebook page was diego bruno.

Need help pls.. my grandma has totally fallen for a man named mark anderson, wife died from a car accident, has 2 kids. He said he is very rich with properties in new york. An engineer for shell company, currently assigned in the gulf of mexico drilling oil. He has been sending pictures but has not done face time. He asked my grandma for money and sadly, she sent him $500 a couple of times. He claims he is wealthy. Both kids in boarding school but he is asking for money. Grandma can't see this as scam because she has fallen hard for this guy. Pls pls. Has anyone encountered this man?

anyone talk to a guy named John Meyer, says he lives in Miami Florida and wife killed in accident. Makes all the right lovey dovey messages and then says his son Mark is going to a musical camp in Africa.. Then few days later while son is there and say OMG my son's hotel was robbed and son lost all his money!! He supposedly works for an off shore drilling company in Scotland. Asks for 3000.00 to be wired over to his son!! He's sick about it. only one that can help him is me and when I say no I can't. he asks me to get it from friends or people at work. I just didn't fall off the turnip truck and I just play him and says oh no hun can't do that.. if this is the end of our "romance" then that's it. He says oh no honey but keeps pestering me for the $$$$. RED FLAGS all over the place.

Do you have a picture to share? I might have been with the same person, different name.

I have been talking to Bryan Brochu who claimed to be a widower from California who has a Sony called Connor and a disabled sister named Trisha Giede
Heeley made so many promises said his sister had lost her ID card so could I said some money as he was in Dubai trying to get a 7 million dollar contract he has several profiles using bbpacker bryan packer brochu using the same photos please be aware of him he is very good at manipulating women I had sent money via Western union to him he also asked me to take out a loan for him sell all my belongings my car he is a thief be aware of this man

He is currently trying to scam a friend of mine

Also uses James Anderson, bryannbrochu, bryanphillip112

I think I am dealing with this same person. Is there anyway to talk private about this? I need to know. Thank you!

Dealt with the same guy. He asked for $5600...denied him, then asked for $1,000...denied, then asked for $400 in iTunes cards so his "Elder sister Rosemary Jackson" could sell them for cash. Again denied him. He sent me a photo of him in a hospital bed today with the caption, see what you did to me. I replied, sorry, found you on a scam alert today. Have a nice life. He goes by Bryan Patrick Brochu, Bryan Nathan Brochu, Brochu Bryan N, Galvin... Told me he's from South Carolina on a contract job in th UK, but initially said Germany...would be home in 2 months and was putting property in my name and bought me a car with $47,000 he had left over from the purchase of his Range Rover. Sent me a picture of the car and it had dealer tags in Portland, Oregon with his son Connor behind the wheel when he was probably 8 years old...supposedly his son is now 13. Sent me pictures of his bank account and then 3 days later he notified me his account had been frozen for high security threat and he needed urgent help to keep his work going...,that was when I started researching him and found quite a bit on him including on here. STAY AWAY!

A guy claims he's a sergeant for the US Army and he's deployed in Afghanistan but he wants me to send him money to a person in Nigeria. He said if I don't send it then the FBI will come and arrest me. I got 2 emails from somebody saying they are a FBI agent but the email is from gmail.

I am so close in getting scammed too but thank God I did not give in despite I'm so close to falling for him because of his kind words. This man name HARRIS JOHNSON, pretend to be a US soldier deployed in Syria, suspiciously pledging his love in a warp speed. He cannot send current pictures due to "security" reasons on his peace mission. Pretend to be a ranking officer. He had FB account and added me but taken down so fast. As he set me up at Whats up messenger so we can chat more. I got so many hints that its a scam like:
- Fb acct closed so fast after adding me
- pledging love and would marry me
-getting info like my bday so he can send me a gift, my favorite movie, color ( which he might use it on password recovery)
- studying my schedule at work; knowing exactly what I do or my routine
-sweet talk and messages with cut and paste type.
-cannot video or voice call due to security reasons
- divorced to woman who cheated him; with a house and owned cars in Texas
- Daughter died because of Asthma and negligence of her exwife
-will not read my messages thoroughly; not keeping up with my stories; but its all about his feelings for me.
I have to only TRUST and LOVE him and if its a true love, distance is not an issue
- he's starving at Syria because the helicopter carrying their food was bombed. The girl friends of his colleague has sent money so they can buy food and necessities while government is figuring out the issue. So he wants me to send money
- He gave the number 1-610-615-4665; showed pictures of the food left for them which is extremely running out and worried for number of days of starving---I checked the package lunch; the logo is CLean Eatz which is from N/S Carolina. How this military can send food out of take out packaging and coming from that area delivering to Syria???
With so much signs, I said that stop this scam!
I asked how much he needs for the week supply, he wont say it but rather he asked me how much money I can afford to send as his salary goes to Texas and cannot hold or withdraw money from Syria.
Then when I cursed him as this is a scam, he apologized and said will not bother me again.

A man by the name of Scott Flowers added me on Instagram, I didn't think anything of it. He then started sending me private messages. I thought he's just a lonely kid and wants people to talk to. So I also gave him my email. No big deal, he says he's a widow with a young son in the States, Texas. 2 or 3 days he's telling me he loves me, I told him no, etc., he writes like someone with broken English. I asked if I could call him, he said no, then I asked him to call me, he said he couldn't unless I sent him money, I said no, then he asked for itunes cards, so I sent him $200 in itunes cards, he immediately asked me for $300 more, that he couldn't do anything with only $200... I said not absolutely not. He tells me he loves me that his wife died, sends me pictures of her.... I still say no. Now he's saying his general came and he got rewarded with gold bars and money, and he wants to send something to me, for me to give him my address. Nope, not happening. Just to warn anyone else out there. He goes by the name Scott Jay Flowers, says he's in Kabul.

Yeah, some girl from Liberia or Liberia Monrovia in West Africa who calls herself Jessica Lawson has been talking to me on yahoo mail and gives me the sob-sob story that she lost her daddy and is in some "camp" and that she wants to transfer money and that but she "needs" my help to get her that stuff. So to stick it to her, to show that we Americans and them don't mess around, I sent her this article to teach her a lesson about why she's committing a crime. What I didn't tell her was that I was gonna share this on here. So I have her supposed "daddy's death certificate" and her "real" birth certificate, which I think it was photoshopped. So just sharing my experience with you guys and the FTC.

Daisyann74 | September 15, 2017 | reply
I have never been to dating sites but one day I received a friend request from a man named Philip Gabriel on Instagram so I accepted it. This guy later on started writing to me through Instagram. I didn't want to be rude so I answered him back and he wanted to start chatting through Hangouts so I did and we became close through the chats to the point I fell for him. He says he lives in Jacksonville Florida. He says he is a Sgt. in the Army And works on the base there. He told me he is originally from Sweden but him and his mom moved to the states when he was just a little bit after his dad passed away. He says his wife passed away during child birth. He has 2 children. He has not asked for money. He wants me to come and visit him in Jacksonville. He sent me photos of himself and his children and photos of him, with donald trump and a photo of himself in Washington dc. And also a video of himself at one of the emergency conference on hurricane Harvey he was very convincing. I have talked to him twice and he talks very good English but he does have an accent. But we did get into an argument and we haven't wrote to each other since. I miss him so much! I want to write him and check to make sure he and his children are ok since hurricane Irma came through Florida but haven't yet. HAS ANYONE EVER SPOKE TO SOMEONE BY THE NAME PHILIP GABRIEL THROUGH INSTAGRAM AND GOTTEN A SIMILAR STORY?

This is the 2nd time I am posting my story to let everyone one of you in this blog know that this guy Philip Gabriel I was talking to is a scammer. He lied to me but never got my money only thing is I sent pictures of me and my kids to him and wished I didn't do that. The photos he sent to me if him and his children belong to another name but I will not give that name because his wife is really alive and he and his family are very popular and famous in the US. I was so shocked when found out who those photos belong to. I was tempted to contact the person to let him know some was using his profile to get photos to scam women but I was afraid to do so.

Hi, Its a shame that I end up being a victim too. the person called himself as Leonard Fredrick from Fulham settle in Leicester. He portrayed as a gentleman and very god fearing nature and the worst part is, he'll ensure that he prays for you on the phone and ensure that you say grace morning and evening.He looks good and very innocent. How the hell can i even imagine that some God fearing man would do those cheap tricks. He said he came down from Leicester to meet me, unfortunately the Airport security and custom held him back because of the excess baggage and along with excess gold ornaments that he had brought. The agent called me to tell that he arrived but cannot get out of the airport because he need to pay those fine and charges and They actually made you panic with worry, Which i realized only few hours later. He even sent me a picture of him boarding the flight. I then felt something was wrong i called the U.K embassy and also check with the airport customer service if there is any passenger with that name. They could not find his name nor his matching date of birth and the embassy informed that no country can hold a passenger more than . I felt foolish but i was lucky i didn't sent the hours without notifying them. bingo!!! I then realized that Jack lied...

You will come to know if the person is fake, He/She gets very impatient and was more concern about you sending the money rather than the sob situation that they mentioned they were in. So please be judgemental and careful. I was surprised when a man asked for money but then i thought it was just someone who needed so bad than I do. He said he's from Leicester, he speaks an African accent and he will not be specific about the culture, knowledge and his personal life, but he will generalized all his details and information. He had a so called sister known as Matilda and mother as Elizabeth. Mom is very old and sister is disabled, very convincing story. You will definite fall for that kind of a man who's so stubborn to speak to your family so he can trusted. Be careful both women and men out their, This world has change, You can trust animal and other beings but very difficult to trust another fellow human. Humanity is diminishing day by day. Love is just a word not a promised nor a feeling, So USE it wisely if you still know the worth.

Hello. I recently received a friend request from a guy named Kelvin Eddie Mcclain. I accepted his request because we had several common friends. He started chatting with me and told me hi is from Germany residing in Portland. He called me one time and he didnt sound german nor american to me. I had a feeling i was talking to a jamaican accent man. I asked for a video call, he said he is not into that. I feel this is a scammer. Am i right? Please help me.
Thank you!

Hi I'm chatting with a woman who seems to be too good to be true, doesnt care about money, is a doctor, american (im norwegian), doing better in life than me in general, except she has cancer. She has never asked for money. She looks like (and has been) a model, looks 23 even tho she's 30+. I'm 23. We've talked a lot, but she never wants to go on cam, because of her arm being broken thus she does not want to show herself when not looking great. She's sent a ton of photos, but I can find none of them on google using the image search. She also wants me to get braces for my teeth (my teeth are more or less fine) so I can experience pain with her, and she refuses to do chemo unless I do it. What the hell am I dealing with.

I got to know the person. He claims to be a US soldier. He was stationed in Aleppo, Syria. His name is David Rooney,I met him on the website. www. Interpals. net He uses the email address : rooneydavid02@  And he sent me photos of his wife and daughter. 

He told me that. He and his friends earned money from the support of the Syrian government. They were divided and deposited in a bank. I have attached the bank link. He forced me to open an account with this bank and transfer money into a $ 3 million in account. After that, he forced me to transfer money from a foreign account come on my account in Thailand. When I transfer money The foreign bank charges a fee from me. I paid $ 8,750. But the bank still does not allow me to transfer money. And I have to pay more taxes. $ 14,800.

I told him I had no money. He refuses and forces me to threaten. He will post my picture inappropriate condition. I'm being threatened every day. I want you to help me check him. And let the other person know about his deception. I have pictures of him wearing a military uniform. Including the picture he married his wife. If you They will introduce themselves this way.

Hello Friend, Thanks for given me your email, i appreciate it so much. thanks for giving me such privilege. How are you, how is life, hope life is treating you fairly? first of all I want to assure you that Age,color, Race, Religion, or Nationality makes no difference to me. What I see in people are their Personality and character. Meanwhile,Let me not take much of your time because i believe you have a lot to do with your precious time, as you already know my name is David Rooney, I am from Crestview Florida USA, I'm a US military man stationed in Aleppo Syria under the NATO assignment for peace keeping.I am divorced and currently single with a daughter. Can i know a little more about you if you don't mind? Thanks and am waiting for your reply soon... Warmest Regards..

This sounds like a scam. American soldiers do not take millions of dollars from foreign governments for themselves. The person who sent email is using your personal information and bank account and taking your money.

If he knows your bank account number, close your account so he can't take your money. You could block his email and texts. You don't have to send more money. You can report him to the website where you found his account.

scammed from John E Powell states he is trauma dr. in Un Peacekeepers in Syria needs money to get to the states romance scam claims love and marriage and has money will repay when gets to states never gets here sent money to other people in his name WU/Moneygram own money also received fraud check check out by Federal Reserve Check bounced after sending money back now am facing banckruptcy and Civil Suit by Bank but thank God not being prosecuted for this I can fix my heart,my health, and money it will take time but I will survive

Has anyone heard the name DAVID Jobe? Solar energy, wife died 5 years ago and 3 weeks had to go to Dubai and then west Africa now for another week?

I was chatting with him and have now stopped after reading this and receiving an email of him professing his love. Something didn't feel right and I was correct. Scum.

I have been speaking to him from Plenty of fish. He says his wife died 5 yrs ago and he is currently in Dubai on a $400,000.00 work project. I researched him from 6 hours and found this helpful information and he calls me to tell me he is on govt witness protection and I cannot find his address or nothing about him. POF Scammer Beware!!

I have been in connection with Alexander Freeman for about 9 moths now. I met him on Facebook, I felt really hard for this man. He worked on an oil rig in Canada, I felt so lonely and wanted a man I could trust and love, but no I understand I did a big mistake. He says he is in Cape Town now, because he was supposed to pick up his son Anthony there, and they were going to visit me. He was caught by the police and is in housearrest in Cape Town, because he didnt pay his sons hospital bill. I know understand its all a big lie, he never intent to meet me, he just made up the whole story to get money from me. watch up ladies, dont let this man break your heart

It's really sad that the moderator isn't stepping in to offer advice to the victims who are unsure and suffering. It's been a month and a half since anyone has helped.

All you ladies that play Words with Friends please be aware that there are a lot of men on there who want to play the game only to get you talking on hangout or whatsapp and then scam you....I played along with one for a while (I worked in law enforcement and know their little scams). Of course he professed his love for me and talked so sweet and that he was in love with me, blah, blah, blah but when I refused to open an account for his oil rig contract payment he wasn't too happy with me!!! :D He goes by the name of Joe Federick from San Antonio. Beware of all those on Words with Friends, they are using it as a dating/scam site!

Yes love101 that guy is a scammer too. People don't meet you and start asking for money. Join a local singles group in your area. If someone you met on FB or anywhere else on the internet asks for money unfriend them, block them & move on!

but not all of this people are scams and how can you get to know that, someone will surely be in need of help one day, think before you act please

I was on mingel2 and i have communicated with about 10 different women. They all did pretty much the same thing as far as a sob story and needing money.


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