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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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You could contact the moderator of the website to file a complaint, and ask how to get a refund. You could file a complaint with the payment system you used.

Here are the three or 4 that have contacted me
Fred Harris - Oil Rig Guy
Harris Cattely - Army Staff Sergeant (E6) lost his wife and son in a car wreck. All he has left is his grandson.
Steve Wailey 404 - did not get his story but from the same group.
Jamie Gregory - Contacted me on Words with Friends. Did a reverse image search and found out about him. Cant even play games on your phone safely.
Sneakers2929 ... dating sight
I have their pictures as I was smart enough to download them b4 I chewed them out and blocked them.
Jamie Harris and Harris Callety both use Hangouts as a way to communicate. Hmm just now noticed the names of these characters....probably the same person using the two identies. Harris Cattely likes to use pet names on his victums such as always calling me "Dear" Babe, beautiful, and has a dry sense of humor. Blasting me with pics of the car accident, his wife and son and his only grandchild. BOO HOO
Fred Harris claims to be on an oil rig and has two children that he misses desperately and liked to carry on conversations around midnight. Oh and tends to have long pauses between responses claiming to have fallen asleep. Oh and he is a Marine Engineers who has people who work under him.

I have pics of three of them and possible one more, also saved screen shots so if anything happened to me, I could at least show the pic they were using. Was going to post them here, but no option to download pics

Lately, both my instagram & OKC accounts were hacked. My email too. About a month ago a charge of $ 350.00 was declined through a credit card, for a transaction in Miami. I live in California, and haven't been in Miami in many years.
I met a woman on Match, we exchanged a few e mails, then she went off site. We resumed the conversation through our e mail accounts.
She said she was from Sweden, moved here about 17 years ago, and lives less than 20 mi. from me.
I invited her to one of my music shows, but said she had to fly to South Africa to do business related to her late father's estate.
A couple days later , she said she & her taxi driver were robbed, is stranded, can I send her an Amazon gift card.
I attributed her oddly worded e mails as a result of her foreign upbringing. I asked for a selfie from South Africa, but never got one (probably would not match the pic from Match anyway).
After a few lengthy e mails, she said she wanted a serious relationship with me. Then started addressing me as "babe", "sweets" etc.
The gift card request happened today, while I was performing at an all day show. I was non committal, but will now decline.
Thank you for the posts on this site, helped me a lot.

Can someone get your name from your email alone?

Liberhimdouglasslucky12 @gmail. com or liberhim douglass.
Lives in Cleveland but works on oil rig in alaska. Been chatting for 3 months. Has a son. Wife left himy to bring up his son. Says was on oil rig when he lost his phone in the sea and now uses his laptop to chat. Asked me to send 300 for a new phone. He loves me dearly and is coming to fetch me and maray me. First in 3 week then 6 weeks now Xmas. Ain't sent him money but keeps asking when I am going to send it. I gave photos of him and his son. All look slightly different. Anyone heard of him

Same guy wanted the itunes then i told him i was poor he said no love for poverty then i said your loss im well off then he has nerve to ask for $1000 not stupid say you love me after talking a few times . Scam

Not just men. I'm on lesbian dating sites and the same thing happens. Very creepy for either gender.

Adam Zurn?In Syria now?

Anybody contacted by one Joseph Bougeant or Joey Bougeant from France and Italy?

So glad to know I'm not alone on this. My scammer sounds pretty much like everyone else's, but he's from Cuba. He's a contract engineer on a ship at sea in Turkey. He has two boys, one in boarding school in Atlanta, his ex wife ran off with her boyfriend. He's handsome and has a gray goatee beard. His name is Sebastian Diego. He fell in love with me within a couple of days. He sent me love poems, videos, and was a typical Latin Lover. I needed to connect with him on Google Hangout. The location icon said Nigeria, but he said it was wrong, he was at sea in Turkey. He had a quick answer for every question I asked him. Do these people sit in the same classroom and have a script? I had no idea! Anyway, he didn't ask for an ITunes card till about 3 weeks in. I refused and refused,but finally gave in when he sounded so desperate. Asked for another card a few days later and I really fought it. He knew I lived on Social Security. But with many promises and begging, I gave in again, but started investigating some of his stories. Saidhe owned his own home and even gave me the address. I looked it up on Zillow. It was a $700.000 farm owned by someone else and had been for sale over a year. I kept that to myself. Then came the bigger demands; a $500 wire transfer. He became very hostile when I told him I knew he was a scammer and called me all kind of names. I told him he needed to go back to Facebook and look for another poor old lady. His last words to me were "just hope I don't meet a stingy woman like you in my next search". So, I guess I was lucky to lose only $200. But I learned my lesson and he definitely had to work for that $200 for over two months!

If a person friends you on social media claiming to be a military personnel in another country, and asks you two days later for a 100.00 to -300.00 iTunes card is it sure to be a scam? Does anyone know Wilfredo Ascate Villalva?

Hi there... i'm just looking for similarities in my moms case.

Has anyone had their scammer ask them to log onto their net banking via " internetbanking/ login "

I experienced the same. Met this person on instagram, he seems very nice and introducing himself as a person who works at Nickeleodeon and earns £4000 a month. He came to knew my birthday and been insisting to send gifts to me and the next day he said that the courier company will be sending the package to me yet on the next messages on HangOuts they are asking me to deposit an amount to a certain bank in order to process the delivery of my package. The cost they are asking me is about Php83,000!!!! So that is when i knew that they are scammers. So i told the person i am talking to that i dont have the money to pay for it and will not pay for it.
Then this “Henry Wong” still tries to convince me to talk to the courier company if they can lessed the amount. Then i told him that i am in contact with my lawyer already about the matter.
Then the following day he said he is asking the courier company to return the goods he’s suppose to send me.
Then i informed my friends whom he also added on instagram.
I would want to attach the photo that they are using.

Dean Robinson 45 pof US military? Widowed 1 daughter with his mother in MA? Anyone?

Met a Logan Robinson, 48 pof military. Widowed, 1 daughter in tx with mother. Asked for bitcoin. Blocked immediately

Similar story I think. Contacted on POF by a military guy serving in Syria. Told me he’s from Texas but Home is now Birmingham UK! Apparently his wife died from cancer and both parents dead too. His 12 year old son lives in Wales with a guardian until he’s home.
Wanted me to send him an iTune card. Yeah, dream on ‘Daniel ‘ I’m no gullible fool.
Be very very careful ladies

I am a lesbian and met a girl on POF. She said her name was Isabella Sanchez. Said she was in the US Army stationed in Ft Ruckers Alabama. She sent me pictures of herself in her uniform. She even called me, sounded very foreign and caller Id came up in California. She said the military was sending her overseas and the only way we could have contact with each other was if I gave her access to my phone. I ran all the pictures she gave me through an image search and they came back to a married woman in Florida. I confronted her in this and she never contacted me again. Beware people. These people need to get a real job. They are nothing but losers and scammers.

IG Account name : Clark Becker aka Tony Johonson Becker. Photo in military uniform (that has been used by scammers.)
Starts by following my account.( Already has 250 followers - all women.) Uses poor English grammar. Claims wife died of cancer and has 14 year old son. Asked for email address. No go. Started calling me ‘dear’. I am 20 years his senior. No go. Claims I am his only friend. (Military man with zero friends? ) No go. Asked me to text him. Gave a Scenetady NY phone number. Gave him the news the photo is a scammer user photo. No response. Delete delete delete.

These are terrible incidents happening. I just got scammed by
a beautiful Russian woman. She contacted me. Her name was
Ksenia Hormuzake. She wrote letters every day. Sent me pictures with each letter. I'm 75 in good shape. I told her this and she said doesn't matter how old I was. She was only 29. looking for a honest man. Ksenia told me all sorts of stuff I liked
hearing. She changed her level of conversation into a more serious dialogue. for about one month I was really falling for her. I could hardly believe this but wanted to see where this would take me. I enjoyed the letters. I answered her letters every day also. She told me she was in Dallas one time with her
firm. She mentioned she still has her Visa and Passport. She wanted to come see me here in Phoenix. She said she would pay half the flight ticket. I even looked up the cost of a round trip ticket fm Moscow to Phoenix and return. 930usd. I wrote and asked her for a copy of her Passport so I can arrange for the flight on my side. She sent me a copy of her passport with her picture and everything looked legal. Her birthday and dates of her passport when it was purchased. I should've asked her for the stamp of her trip to Dallas Tx. She had her own bank account in a city outside of Moscow. I changed my mind about
buying the ticket on my end even though she agreed to it. So, She sent me a copy of this itinerary from Moscow to Phoenix with confirmation of her flight with all the necessary info. Looked pretty legit. She was all set to fly over when in a letter she said she had problem with proving she had enough money to come to phoenix as a tourist. I didn't see a copy of her visa. anyway. She gave me all the addresses of her apartment and her bank in Russia. She said she needed 3600usd in her account to prove her resources to pay for her food, and other expenses, for 3 months. I told her I don't have it. I was then concerned by this. She then said she had an idea to get a loan from her bank and put it in her account. She said she told her bank the loan was for a refrigerator a trip to Egpyt and other various stuff. But she could only get 1600usd because she didn't have a job. She was laid off for 3 mo for renovation of her off. bldg. She could only get that much. So she asked me if I could pick up the difference. Like fool I believed her. She was very clever in all her documents and explanation of the loan. I wired the money through my bank to her bank account. I figured why would she give me all that info about where her bank was and had a legit account. I had everything but her phone nr. She didn't have a phone. I asked her to call me somehow to talk at least verbally because I wanted to hear her voice and not a guys voice. She called from a public phone. I spoke with her. She Ksenia, spoke with very broken English. I believed she said she used a translator . I asked her to give me more info on the departure date of the flight. It was to depart on Sept 8 on British airways at 0800 to London Heathrow. Then flight 289 bound for Phoenix at 1440 departure. arr Phoenix at 1726. abt 5:26pm. She wrote to me from a internet café in Moscow Friday Morning waiting for the money. She said as soon as she gets the money she would let me know and go to the airport. Well, She never made contact with me that day or the next. I knew then that I was really scammed. I looked up British Airways for flights to Phoenix az. It did arrive at the designated time. From London. Flight 289. I figured she bought the ticket probably then cancelled in time to get a refund. I have all her pictures and address to her apt. and bank. Will any of that do me any good to locate her. Not for my sake but for others who may get scammed by her. I don't even know if those pictures were hers. The pictures where not all professionally taken. Some were of her at the mall or with a girlfriend. So, I didn't think much of it. I was out about 2800 bucks. I never thought I could fall for it. It was done so clever. What a snake. Will pictures help at all to find out if she is on a list of scammers? I even tried to locate her with email address on google but to no avail. I even went through Scopo for further checking. They didn't find it either. If she is from Russia. Which I believe she was. It would probably be almost impossible to locate her email address. it was Ksormik @mail. ru Ever see that one? How can these email address not be found? She also had 2 others with addresses. I'm sorry, I just told you the basics. But, It seems the same format as everyone else. I learned my lesson.

Beware of a man going by Josh George, Joshua George, or Joshua Beard. He contacts via messenger.Tells you he loves you very quickly.Will spend a lot of time and effort to message,chat, make you feel special.He is supposedly 33 years old and from Texas.But had lived in NY. The way the scam goes is he tries to get close to you.Then supposedly he gets sent to Dubai as part of his civil engineering job.But internet service there is not good.So he really needs " a 100$ or $200 amazon card.To help him out.First he will drop hints.Then it will come up constantly.All the while questioning your activities as if he cares.Or is jealous.Don't fall for it ladies! The pictures he uses are very nice too.

Mile is dr steve hondason sent luggage clean the luggage he in Syria he 4 year.girl Nancy

I was scammed recently and unfortunately I sent a lot of money to the scammer whose name is patrickbillyjoe. He professed to love me and wanted to marry me. If I could find this website early that would be great. This scammer has a google email Patrickbillyjoe41 @gmail. com. Be wary of this man. He claimed to work on a oil platform and had a Check worth millions. He said he needed money to pay administration for certificates of safety and completion .

Read part of this fake story
All the money we got from the bank was in that briefcase . That's not even what got me mad most, all of my vital documents for the project has been taken away .I don't know how to get them back , I've been crying all day and the government has paid me, now I have no excuse not to complete the project in time or else legal actions might be taken against me.I thank God they didn't kidnap me babe, cause there has been a high rate of kidnapping white men down here be, you could google it.. I'm glad that thought never came to their mind, this would have been completely worse.All of my documents are gone ! I'm in some trouble, I gave the police my report, how everything happened and how the men looks.. Its a shame they don’t have highway cameras down here
This guy david Richards he said he worked in a oil company he was working in Emirates he was robbed! He said before beautiful sentences for almost two weeks I knew was a fake I was waiting until he sent the sad story to finish with him . His facebook disappeared I dont put the photo I quite sure he used photo of another person I caught him when he said he lived in a condominium near the beach I know the place is far from the beach his voice he used something to change the real voice he said he was from NJ descent from Ireland very handsome and lie take care if you see someone similar

Martin Gregory
Gregory Martin
Said he owns Julie Interiors

Please write more. I am dealing with this person as we speak. Is there a way to contact you??????? There is an investigation over thousands of dollars...

I have a friend who has fallen for a guy claiming to be a dentist from Italy currently serving with UN Peace Keeping forces in Iraq. He wants money to "buy" his vacation and come see her. He is already talking marriage with her and I am afraid he is going to hurt her deeply. Anyone else experience someone claiming to be a dentist with UN?

I have a friend who has fallen for a guy claiming to be a dentist from Italy currently serving with UN Peace Keeping forces in Iraq. He wants money to "buy" his vacation and come see her. He is already talking marriage with her and I am afraid he is going to hurt her deeply. Anyone else experience someone claiming to be a dentist with UN?

I hsd this guy latley using jeff wilson idenity and stolen pics claiming hes a widower from germany w 2 kids and now lives n cleveland ohio i started searching the cell ph numb when the scammer started asking for money the number is an landline number from California that goes to a Googlevm, and he claims hes working on the oil rig on the gulf of Mexico well hes been reported and numb is blocked

Mine David Richards when I wrote for last time I knew he was scam his facebook disappeared I kept a photo he sent in case of any threats I dont believe because he didn't have time to ask for money since at beginning I knew he was a scam i talked once by phone his accent was not American neither British looked like from Africa he said he was widower for five years and worked with oil companies in Dubai oi other countries he said he was working a project and was robbed I can described his story took 10k from bank was in the car with his driver a car stopped his car robbed him with all his project and the money bingo I got him he said he was in love with me he never saw me he wants to live with me I am not a teenager to believe in fairy tales I made on purpose he wanted his time with me I knew he was fake I have all proof against him of necessary I send to fbi

I have an elderly friend who recently lost her husband and is very lonely. She has met a guy on some website in August that she has fallen madly in love with. He says hes a liutent in the army but is retiring in nov. After only a couple of weeks hes telling her he loves her and wants to marry her. Hes convinced her not to tell her children about him yet and she hasnt which to me is a red flag. She said he came home on leave and took her to Georgia to met his 15 yr old son who has been staying with a nanny. He told her he was 72 but i saw the one picture she vould find and he looks like a 30 yr old model. Now he wants to set up a bank acct for him and her to use. Ive tried to talk to her but she is so wrapped up in him she wont listen. Hecalls her baby and honey and they talk at all hourd of the night. She says his name is Don Frank and hes spanish. Please has anyone els heard of this guy. Iam to the point of breaking her trust and telling her daughter.

I think my brother in law is being scammed by a lady called mia mallory tony. She claims to be an orphan with a 8 year old son. Shes lives in. Michigan. Both her parents have passed away her father left her millions of dollars as well as many properties and cars. She has an estate lawyer contacting my brother in law asked for his bank account number which he provided and now hes waiting for money 1.2 Million to be transfered in his bank account this week. Mia Mallory Toni has a estate lawyer by the name of John Smith woorking for her and she has advised this lawyer to deposit all of her inheritance into my brother in laws account. I know its a scam but he is convinced this person is real.

Hello, My mother is being scammed by someone who uses the name David Mark (oil rig engineer, widowed, 14yo daughter Karen) who found my mother on words with friends and then asked her to chat on hangouts. When she attempted to end the relationship he guilted her and has made attempts to turn her against her family. She saw him again on wwf under a new assumed name, Erol Emin. He told her that Erol Emin was his birth name in Turkey and that he was forced to use an American name in order to get a contract trying to compete against other contractors. He tells her he loves her, proposed marriage and calls her wife. They have never met, he will not give her an address but does say he lives in Texas. He only calls her through hangouts...says his cell phone is broken. I don't know what or how else to convince my mother that this guy is scamming her and that his story is not that much of a coincidence. He has even asked her for iTunes gift cards. (fortunately she said no to him), but I know it is just a matter of time that he will have her so emotionally tied up in him that she will say yes to one of his ploys.....please help, any information using these names specifically would be a great help. He uses the email address DavidMark1661 @gmail. com Thanks everyone, anyone!

Look out for James Kurst. A 59 yo man from Germany but lives in North Carolina. Has a home in Germany, too, with a 15 year old daughter, Teresa, who goes to school in Germany. He is owner of a "ship" and is in the Cook Islands. He can't leave until he has $5000 for his agent to pick up his "treasure". I've sent him 2 iTunes cards and WU'd $190 to his "agent" in Germany. He's been trying to get Iphones from a friend in Dubai who owes him money. I was supposed to pick up the phones, then mail to his agent in Germany, but the order was cancelled for some unknown reason. I am so angry at myself for falling for what I knew was probably a scammer, but I wanted to believe so badly that I allowed myself to fall. But now he no longer says any words of endearment. He's keeping me around until the phones come through. No more online dating for me. Guess I'll have to be alone til I die unless I meet someone elsewhere. These people are criminals and cause a lot of pain and loss. They are blight on this planet. They will pay for what they have done. I do believe that.

I was contacted on facebook by a Norwegian working in Syria. Name of Bjoern Peterson. I think it is the same guy. Pretty handsome, with a goatee. Has a daughter of 11 who is staying with a nanny. Writing in Norwegian to me, since I responded to his initial"Hello" in Swedish. Slightly odd phrasing, even for a non-norwegian, so probably translation program is used. And yes, he is also a widower. Blocked him, but reversed it to see if he gets back to me! Just curious.

Anyone heard of Patrick Morris and and co called source services?

Has anyone talked to a “David Collins” or David Walsh”? I met him on a dating website. Said he is a Petro Engineer, Self Employed Widower with a 20yo daughter who is in college. Awarded a contract from BP, could not get his machines released to finish the job. He never asked for a specific dollar amount. Claims to be Norwegian, but voice and name did not match. Sends lots of pics of him and his daughter....

Was recently contacted by a Dave Collins on POF - geologist I work as an Engineer with an Oil company here in Canada on oil rig of Nova Scotia, 59 will be 60 on 16 May - has 11 yr old son John who will be 12 on 10 May. Who lives in London with a nanny. Says he is from Brussels Belgium but moved to Canada Last Year December
Hasn’t asked for money or anything. So probably should watch out I guess.

Was contacted by a David Collins on Zoosk, said he was a geologist. He was from Norway. He was widowed with a five year old son, who stayed with his sister in law. Made me start chatting with him on Viber. And told me to get off Zoosk. He was in Texas waiting on an oil contract with BP. I called him a fake, because I couldn’t locate anything about him online. He left me alone, then started emailing me a week later, I played along. And I gave it three days, and finally sent him a link to his previous scams, and said I wasn’t playing his game. I hurt his feelings.

I think I’m being scammed his name is Paul Wilson, a marine engineer, is Italian, wife died in car accident, has 15 year old daughter, lives in Ohio, says he loves me and calls me babe. Yes, he has asked for money. He is on a rig in the gulf and they needed jackets & blankets. Now he is worried about losing millions because he needs money for the machine oil or he will default on his Exxon contract. He calls, texts and plays Words with Friends. Has anyone met him?

I've been talking to my guy for four months. I met him on a dating site, claimed to live about four hours away. After about 5 weeks of not being able to meet due to work schedules, he had to fly back to Belgium to help his daughter who was in the hospital from alcohol poisoning. English is clearly not his first language, says that he speaks Dutch and is from Brussels. I checked the accent and that is pretty accurate. Sounds French, unique to Brussels. From Belgium, he had to go to China for a gold mining contract and has been there ever since mid-July (it's now mid-September). When he first got here, he asked me to send him a laptop. I refused. Then, I discovered some text on a scammer website that was unique to an email he sent me. Called him out on it, said that he used to be a scammer once, but no more! and he still wants to communicate. I have many pictures of him, so I'm pretty sure it's him. He did send me a video via Vimo that has expired early on, but we have never skyped. Just a few weeks ago, he tried pulling the broken equipment scam on me with the gold mining equipment. He wanted to make me a partner on his gold mining project and promised to send documents if I sent money! I should have let him send them, but I got scared and I once again told him that I would never send him money and threatened to turn him into the FBI. About a week later, he messaged me again! So, we're talking again, he claims that he will be "home" to meet me in person next week. I'm bracing myself for the next money hit. Maybe I'll ask for an address this time before I fly off the handle at him again! I really feel like he is in love with me, but I'm skeptical. Also, I don't really think I could ever trust a man who has tried to scam me twice. But, oh! The house and the trips he has promised with his gold mining money! LOL! I'm just having fun with it now...

Hello can you describe what this guy looks like? I have been talking to a guy who I also met on a dating site and he recently also request me to send him a laptop and I told him no too. He also promises me the house of my dreams and the trips we are going to take.

Please post pictures. Thanks

I am chatting with a guy. He claims to be from Pennsylvania. I am at whatsapp with him. I found him at FB but there it says that he lives in Vancouver BC. He told me that he used to live there before and that he is not at FB anymore. He is an geologist working on a rig in Turkey. He is divorced and have a son off 14 year. The machine is broken and he will order a new one and come and visit me while he is waiting for the new machine. Not been asked for money yet. His name is Ryan and his very romantic. Calls me his love, babe, queen and so on. I mean the world to him. Met him on Tinder. Anyone know him?

Good day Bitten,
Can you describe what Ryan looks like.

Ok so I have met a scammer, this is so weird because I did meet him, he travelled to see me several times and when I was gonna go see him he just vanished. I searched him, and I found he had an account with a guy thats not him on social media!
So this guy probably scam other women but showed me his him. But he is nowhere to find on searchengines, no adress, its like he doesnt exist. He changed number and he got several e-mail accounts I found out, several skype account atleast 4.
Maybe he does scam women on money so he can live a fancy life.
I got scammed on my heart.

Good day,
Can you describe what he looks like?

That is crazy that you actually met him and he just disappeared. I know how hard it is on the heartstring without meeting them. I am sorry this happened to you. I find that I don’t trust anyone anymore. If their profile says widowed and they look good... I think to myself... must be a scammer. I hate feeling that way.

Okay. I can’t get catfish to help me and I guess after reading these comments I think I was scammed. But I would really like to know. 13 months ago I fell for “john ralph”. We meant everything to each other. We texted. Phone calls. But of course no video calls. We planned to meet on my birthday. But a legal battle came up. Kept him busy. We then planned for thanksgiving. And his mother fell and went to hospital. I drove three times to VA to meet him but he never showed. I planned on proposing to him on New Year’s Eve. That’s how close we became online. Yes I sent money. And the excuses keep coming that family are keeping him from me. He wants me to hangon even with no more money. If someone knows this name or can share anything. I can share pictures.

I'm communicating with James Ralph. I believe hes a scammer. What does your James Ralph look like?

I think my identity has compromised I feel incredibly foolish. Dude says wife died in a ghastly motorcycle accident has two kids 3 and 6. Within a week says he loves me yadda yadda. Got me through Instagram oil rig dude. Unfortunately for him girl here is broke. But I know he may use information for illegal laundering. Goes by Ernest Dempsey or Depmsey? His writing is NOT like a person from the UK sounds more Portuguese. He claims there’s no video on his rig needs to get leave has you write an email.


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