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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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Anyone had dealings with Erik from Baltimore ?

This is a new take on getting money. Fortunately, I don’t have Any extra money at the end of the check, nor do I have credit cards or credit to be able to be scammed. This guy has been saying all the right things, even sent me a large bouquet of red roses, a box of Lindt candies and a large Teddybear to prove his love. He also gave me access to see his offshore account to see his legitimacy of his income. He’s widowed with a daughter that lives with her son in another country. So the scam is that he landed a huge construction contract in another country. He took a couple of weeks to finalize matters and was finally going to fly here to meet me. Wouldn’t you know, this multi rich guy, Just the day before he was going to fly here to meet me, someone Hacked his bank account for a huge sum. The bank, in CA, put a lock on his account and because he had extra security on it, he’s needing to fly to CA to unlock it with his fingerprint, he needs 650 towards Bitcoins to purchase the ticket and he’ll pay me back in 2 days. How does that even work? He tells me he operates strictly on cash so he doesn’t have his own credit cards. So I wonder how did I get these gifts? Intimidates me by saying, I trusted you and shared my bank information with you. Hmmm. Oh, and he can’t access his offshore account until he can prove he’s married. It was a beautiful feeling to feel like I could be loved, truly. But it’s a better feeling to know I can’t be scammed AND end up with a broken heart.
Another red flag, he can text and call me, but my calls receive a recorded message saying, “The text carrier you are trying to reach...” And when he does call, the reception is terribly broken up. How does someone with a multimillion dollar contract communicate with his client with such lousy phone service?

I think I'm talking to same person. The same situation. His name is Bryan Bravo, but from Nashville, TN, widower with 4 years old daughter currently lives in Foster home because he is out of USA for a huge contract work. He also gave me his bank details to help him to do few transactions. But with the last transaction something went wrong and his bank frozed his millions... Anyway. He lost his wallet month ago and he couldn't even want to go to American embassy where he is right now. He hasn't friends or family who can help him. His wife had a orphan and he hasn't any one else except me to help.
Be aware because he can be very romantic talker. He use this number, email, Instagram :
+ 1 (615) 861 7843 /

Anyone corresponding with mining engineer in Pretoria?

I have been romanced since September to Miner from South Africa, he hasn’t asked for anything but love and future, all of a sudden there is mining accident and he is trouble. Haven’t heard anything since Saturday, big red flag, supposed to be retiring in December, he broke my heart

Hi, has anyone talked to a Michael Miller? He’s 49 lives in NY has two twin kids boy and girl? Says he’s an Architect and has a French accent?!

I was contacted in Tinder by Clavin Baldin.He said only has Hangouts,then I asked him about Telegram( was very strange a bussiness man has not this secure plataform)As I asked this,he download(!!!!!).Then I have several alerts,but he continue on talking.He sent me a ticket ( he would go for a business trip),he sent me the contract ( tooooooo strange) and finally he ´flyed´to Turkey.When he arrived that city,he phoned me louding that he was robbed and he had all 10K and cards into his brief(mmhhhh).So I wait and ten minutes after he told me he needed cash (I asked him I could phone to the company Solar Tech... ,advertised he could send a mail,whatever...) Of course,I didn t believe him and I cut him off.Is a scamer ,not so intelligent but he appeals at common resources.Of course I did the police report in my city and I phoned to the real company.

Have anyone dealt with an Engineer by name John Heinz , lives in Australia , has multiple projects on a go and needs money for fix some issues, so he can get 20 mln funds ? He always talks about God and how he brought me into his life, and how blessed he is, calls me his wife and claims he will come to Canada soon to meet me. I did send him money already, stupid me, don't even ask how much...Just want to know, if anyone else had the same experience and if you have his photos to share...

I've had a similar one but goes by the name of Morgan Pearls

Do you have his pictures ? What was his story ? Multimillionaire Engineer, who needs money asap since he has all his money tied up in projects and needed to fix the damage to be able to get 20 mln ? Please get back to me, I am super worried now, cuz I was stupid enough to send him all my savings...

Block him ASAP. The more you talk with him, the higher his chances of getting more from you

Do you know this person or just saying it out of concern ? I am not sending him more money, that's for sure, simply because I have none left, but was wondering if you know him or had an experience with someone like him with same story...

I have been talking with an independent contractor, on an oil rig, up in the waters of Canada, who lives in Houston, with two daughters, who I get emails from, for two months, everything was fine, but the drill bil broke, and he needed help, he had all his friends help, but wanted my help, He knows I live alone, gets upset if I say that I want to get a roommate.Gets mad when I question his intentions, His name is Harris Robinson, has anyone heard of him

He from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but currently stationed at Al Asad Airbase Iraq on a peace keeping mission,so we been talking about a month and didn’t ask for money have a daughter name Katie wife died two years ago from a Cancer and parents died from a car accident road trip to Alaska,he said he’s coming back on Dec 21 and he have a house pay off it’s he’s really sweet and send me lovely email and ask me to download hangouts app coz he hardly go on Instagram so we talk on hangouts now and 2 weeks ago he said he’s going out with his colleagues and we talk the next day and he told me something happens at the night they went out and some man try to touch the girl they went out with and the girl call for his help so he punch the man and the man didn’t get up and blah blah blah,so the man died and the family told him to pay $38000 since that’s the only income they have is the husband he kill if not he will go to court so I ask him did your commander knows and he said no way because it’s gonna ruin his retirement he work hard to get there so he said he give $15500 to the family so they can shut their mouth,so cut the story short he said he needs help coz he send $1350 to his daughter and the nanny weekly and he wants me to go to my bank citi Bank to send the money and give me the name is stefano Chicchiri so I told him no Citibank to where I am and I ask him a lot of questions about why is the person I’m sending money different name and live in Miami not Pittsburgh and he told me why I ask too much questions he already explained everything so I told him just give me your email or phone I’ll just zelle easy for me and he give me another name Maria he said is stefano cousin they will get the money to his daughter and nanny safely so I go to my bank do a money transfer to this people $1350 and last week he ask me for $1350 because he have to pay the family weekly because the family’s know his mission is almost over so he have to pay the whole amount before he come back so I told him no way I’m gonna keep sending you $1350 every week when I didn’t even FaceTime or talk to u on the phone or face to face and he said if I don’t have a heart for his daughter that’s all he have and tell me all this sad story and said he’s gonna pay me back when he come back and have his retirement,I try to search his name of fb never found that name with the picture he send,and he can’t FaceTime me coz he don’t want to in trouble Nd get track from the enemy it’s a long story so when I search this page and read all the comment and I’m like I think I’ve been scam I have doubts but I block him at hangouts and Instagram,and hes sweet talk he will make your hearts melt it’s so funny I told him hey I get pay every two week not every week and he said try my best if I love his daughter and here I am keep thinking so 2 years ago you wife died same as your parents weird ummmmm

Just been receiving many emails from this scammer!
He calls himself Frank Nakasone , a five star general in the Army and the Director of the NSA!
His daughter Nancy Nakasone!
These two are good! But I’m better! None of my devices are connected to anything! I just sent them both the scam and deleted all communications from them both!

Anybody talking with a guy claiming to work on an oil rig in Saudi Arabia..goes by the name Dominic to be Christian..says he's got heart problems..needs medicine and surgery.

There is a guy called himself Oscar jack ,says he comes from Bristol Uk he called himself a civil engineer and constructor ,half Chinese , we started on an app called soul , after that he told me to download hangouts, we kept talking for a month , he was so sweet , wrote to me everyday , but after one month he told me he won a contract in Malaysia need help for opening a bank account to crash the cheque,but he did not have enough money, he was embarrassed to ask help from his friends, he gave me a western union account to send him money, I almost did but my bank didn’t let me do it , he was so mad said I didn’t love him , then asked me to send amazon gift card, I did send $300, number was not big but after that I knew something wrong , he still tried to get more money from me but I refused, after that he stopped talking to me . I am sure this everything about this guy is fake , wish no other women get cheated , remember his name Oscar jack from uk 41 years old , divorced has a 8year old daughter,

Just a quick post to alert everyone to a scammer that contacted me on Instagram.
He goes by the name of Mierallas Fransisco. He says he's Portuguese, living in Lisbon temporarily, until he gets work as an IE designer (which he found on a oil rig in United Arab Emirates, within 2 weeks of texting). He says he was married to an American women, whom he met on tinder, had a son, Lucas, who is 10. Wife ran off with all his money and left the child too, who has had a brain tumor since he was 5. Child now needs urgent operation which will cost $35,000. Obviously I never gave him anything, as I actually had a bit feeling from the beginning that something was up. He was very full on and persistant from the beginning.
Literally the whole thing is text book romance scam, it's actually laughable.
Just stay clear!!

Does anyone know of Michael Rodriguez aged around 60 supposedly lives in Edinburgh and supposed to gave an automobile export import buisness

How about the rock star scammers

I am also being scammed by a woman in France she is using her daughter of 7 to ask me to buy her a gift for her birthday ..her photos does not look like her when I video chat the video chat looks weird. Iv had such a bad year. My mom passed away from being sick over 13 years and now my daughter is gone living on a sailboat with her mother. And now I get this woman's who says her name is Michelle Angela 659 I don't know what to do she is so kind by know it's not really I wish I can find the really one on the photo and tell her that someone is using her name and photos.

My husband was scammed by an Eva Bruce who claimed to be an Italian surgeon training in the U.S. Anyone seen this name?

Talking to a guy from Bronx .... name is Benjamin stoller he has a 4 year old daughter civil engineer madly in love with me After a month! Romantic calls me his queen asked me to marry him!! hasn’t asked for money but sends me text of undying love

I'm looking for anyone that has been involved with a man name Hammond clark

Hi all,
I've met a guy name Thompson thru online dating. At first he didnt ask me money until last month he asked me to wire him money thru moneygram.
He claimed he was a painter from LA working in turkey and want to visit and marry me in my home town. I have wire him thru moneygram 3,200usd. Short story he told me he was in my country and asked me to wire 1500 usd because his atm activation code is expired from standardfinancialtrust. Google that bank seem to be scam. He told me my custom held him and asked him to pay 4500usd because he bring 6 consigment box from turkey. Please advice what is next step I do want him to be arrested if he is a scammer. The only contact is via whatsapp and email

I met very similar man said he lived in Rochester civil engineer widow with 8 year old son. Sent pics of everybody including mother. Went to turkey to build a bridge. Sent pics of worksite but one of the pictures was taken in Colorado. The pictures of himself he claims to have just taken. Some have grey in beard and some do not. Some look older than others etc. Always in a crisis for money and when you say no he wants to know why you hate him so much. Such a drama queen. Every week something else. When I called it to his attention he went on with a long tyraid that he would give me anything wawawawa. Not worth my time and certainly isn’t worth any money.

Met a man named Frankie Milner. Has no family. Wife and son died in car wreck. Lives in Greenwich. Went to work in Dubai. Got sick and had to have surgery. Couldn't finish job and now is stuck in Dubai. I send I tunes for him to eat. Needs 2,000$ to fly home. Hospital sent me bill for 7,000$. Very sweet. Been talking for a year and a half. Anyone know him?

How about Thomas Allesandro/Thomas Dillon?

I know this one

Can u tell me what your experience was? Thank you

Anyone dealing with a woman named Joy Wilson claiming to be in Berlin Germany..Absolutely beautiful The old my cell phone was smashed by violent x husband..has sick 3 year old daughter who needs mediation for Asama Uses Hangouts, claims no home address but very willing to send pictures through her computer..No requests yet for big money but i feel it coming Wants to visit America if I can pay her way. Loves me so much wants to get married next year. All pf her friends on FB are from Nigeria

Dear all, Stephanie Arie, is this name fimiliar to anyone , because I am getting msg from her, saying posted in Iraq found some money want to send me & asking me to give details of account , is this scam , give advice

Mark William Fitzhugh was his name. He works as an engineer in an oil company Zenith in Gulf of Mexico . Very good charmer, sings, sends email and text messages every single day. Loving and caring but watch he scammed me big time. Report him right away. He said he is from Fort Wayne Indiana . Very good manipulator. Can’t made up his mind if he is 58, 60 or 61 years old. He cries and whines when he is asking money. He wants everything you owned, asked for cel phones, any apple product or android lastest model phones. Romantic and will love you until you fall for him. Have an accent and loves spaghetti and shredded meat! Obviously he is an African cAnt even pronounce his last name. Be ware of this person . He is a big time scammer

Like many people on this thread, I have been recently scammed. His name (if real) is Gabriel Allen. He pretends to be a civil engineer in Spain, travelling often to Mexico, and coming from Austria (with an Austrian phone number). He also has a daughter called Emily, around 16 years old, leaving in the US. He said he had to pay for her exams and his money was blocked on his US account. He pressured me to give him money, but it was a nominal amount (I had the good sense to have a mental cap on this number). Please beware! He is very charming. Of course he told me he loved me, wanted to live with me, have babies, etc. Do not give him any money! He told me I was stupid to have believed him. Hopefully that will help someone...

Has anyone spoke to someone in the coast guard who has a Swedish accent. Have not sent him anything but pressuring me for gift cards

Anyone heard of a guy name Wilson Donald???

I met two men on Match, a “Bulgarian architect “ calling himself Dexter Aleksander (broke his laptop in Cyprus), and Allen Henry Walter “Texan oil rig worker, dropped his tools into his “machine” and needs $26,000.00 to fix). I was born on a Sunday but not last Sunday! Not sending money to either of them. I have to admit I was suspicious of Allen from go; too effusive too quickly, but Dexter had me feeling for him. He’s good.

Never fall for Dexter.
Some kind of charms might be working for him

Anyone been contacted from a Alexandra Kaufman from Canada working on an oil rig in Ireland. Has a 10 year son. Wife been dead for 6 years. Please let me know

Ok. I've been talking to this man that goes by Stuart Prater aka James Stuart. Says hes in military in Afghanistan. He contacted me thru Facebook at first but then says he was hacked and then wanted to chat on Hangouts. We've chatted several times daily for months and he has professed love and marriage. Says hes from Ohio and has a 16 year old son that lives with his mom. He is divorced. Nothing out of the ordinary until he claimed he had to pay restitution to a family there. Said he needed to come up with 6000.00 before he could come home. When I offered to help save money for him he was all love. Then when he decided that he could show that he had half the money he ask me to wire the money thru my bank and thru a US bank account number. Does anyone else know this man?? I have put off and put off sending anything so far. Should I feel it is a scammer??

I have been chatting with a Thomas Herman Henz, he's telling me that he is going off shore to Cambodia and upon his return he wants me to purchase a home with his investments. He's given me a City Bank Of London care support agent that wants to wire me 700,000 dollars so that I can purchase a home upon his arrival to the US, naturally they need all my personal info. I'm not giving this fraudulent bank my info! Please reach out if you hear from him.

Hello I feel like I'm being conned into a romantic relationship with many women ones goes by the name Belinda walker living in UK asking me for bit coin to send money for her daughter I never responded because I'm thinking with my mind it's tough but I'm trying fight it I called them a scammer I Know your not real because I looked at the Belinda walker and it says she lives in Houston and they tell I'm wrong they play dumb now this person is using wwe diva Pamela rose Martinez aka ring name Bailey asking me for Amazon card for hospital bills for the doctor

Johnhlavin608@ Avoid at all costs Scammer .Abusive text messages when his requests for Steam Cards was rejected

Just happened I blocked him- Greg Ferguson !!

Thomas Allesandro anyone?

I'll give the short story bc HE'S not worth my words but I don't want anyone with a too kind heart to be scammed by him. My heart has been put thru too much to be weak. *James Bickel, Edward Bickel James, Bickel James *Says he's in the Marines
*Met on POF *Supposedly has daughter named Linda *Linda mom left and she's with nanny *From North Carolina, Waldorf MD *Sends lots of pictures! He even sent pictures of himself on Halloween *All the I'm a good guy comments, Usually if you keep saying something it's not true *Asked for $2,000 to get father's inheritance (This wasn't even a good scam! I would have been more likely to believe he was a Nigerian prince lol) *He's was an orphan, no family I think that's the gist of it! There's other women on Pinterest that he's either scammed or tried to scam Be safe out here protect your hearts AND wallets

I have been on line for the past 3 months with a person. Friendly conversation, turning into romantic, poetic conversation. Into the second month, he says he's leaving for S. Africa to work on an oil rig. Asks me to purchase Google, Amazon cards so we can communicate. Next asks me to send money through Western Union or Moneygram because he has to order more material to meet target date to get the job done. Up until asking for money, very sweet. I refused to send money and he kept with sad stories,practically begging in a nice way. Don't let these guys fool you!!

Chatcafe online is a scam. I used it once. It's guarantee contacts for a certain cost. The cost is based on the number of credits you buy.
Each credit you purchase means cost for each contact you make. After several contacts depending on the number of credits you buy, you are asked to pay more to maintain the connections you made. The scam is fake pictures and fake people asking you to buy more credits as you make more contacts.

I'm currently chatting with this claimed US Army named SIMON HOBBS CANTU, 33. With 2 kids (son is 6yrs old and daughter 4yrs old). Both parents died when he was 11 years old and raised by his late Uncle which was a priest. He is now in Syria for peace keeping missions. Had conned me for $1000 thru western union and received by a certain CEMALETTIN TOP in Istanbul Turkey. I filed already in FTC. Waiting for any feedback from my complaint.

Linda Chapman. Definitely fake and tried to get me to send her money to come visit me. She is on Hinge so watch out


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