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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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Any body heard of the name kelvin pual from uk? He is a scammer

I'm sorry that all of us are getting scamed ive been taking to a catfish name is Phillip stefan carlos very good looking photo but I definitely believe he has hacked this guy's photos and video and using them as bait , he asks for money and to help him get a iTunes card and also help pay to aent a box to me ot to his nanny claiming he has military records and jewelry over 3000.00 or more i have not given him any money to help him with this but he is certainly very persistent , he is very manipulative, always aent chesse i love sticks and photos suck ! I dont know how to reveal his true identity all i have is his supid email address

We need to find a way to stop these scammers from taking innocent people's hard earned money and in some cases their entire life's savings and then some.

There's got to be a way to stop them, we just have to figure it out.

I just need to know who to get someone to stop texting but this person is on hangout app and she wont leave me alone but he number is blocked on hangout and I dont want to talk to her anymore .

i am talking with a soldier who says his name is Benjamin Feller Fernández. He ask me for money but he told me to buy steam cards and I did he told that his credit on the phone was almost empty I believe it and bought the cards. That was the first week the second week he ask me for another steam card for his son becaise he couldn't get him anything on his birthday. He said he is from Connecticut his dad is British his mom is Peruvian his wife passed away 4 years ago, his son is in a place for army families that they don't have a place where to go. He is bold good looking he has tattoos al over his arms. Is almost the same story as the other women i read in the blog. How can we know who is doing this and why nobody can do anything to stop it.

I been scammed and gave money to this guy name Tony Kennedy Ulrich. I met him on dating site First met. He insisted me take off on that site immediately. He described himself as a Navy Petty Officer. He told me he lost both of his parents when he was seven and his grandma from Colorado picked him up from Italy who is now suffering from amnesia. His uncle helped him to get in the navy whom he hasn’t spoke with for long because he’s went back to Europe. And that he is also a jeweller apart from being in the military, buy and sell gold and diamonds. He is very cunning. I knew something fishy but for some reason I fell on him and ended up losing some money. And then I met another one named Troy Marcus Damato from Stockton as he introduced himself and is in the army deployed in Hama Syria His profile can be found in a dating site Edate ( mate 1) . He has 3 photos,1 with a girl both standing , one is sitting on a table on a checkered blue long sleeves shirt, and one is holding a puppy. He asked me to get him a steam wallet card. I sensed he is a scammer so I stopped talking to him. Be ware of them. I advice all women don’t date military men on dating sites they are scammers. They will tell you they’ve been in the military for 20 or 19 years and will retire soon or be back home in a month or before the end of the month and they will ask you for Vanilla card or steam wallet card. They will also tell you that their birthday is in 3 days and ask you to send them gifts. And that’s how I got scammed. Yes scammers use military profiles because it is very convincing and so natural but they are scammers.I hope and pray they will get their reward and get punished. Ladies be smart on dating sites. Do some investigations if you can.! Did but it was too late when I realised Tony Kennedy Ulrich doesn’t even exist. Troy Damato didn’t get any from me. But him and Tony has the same strategy.

Herbert Gregory? Anyone been scammed by him?

watch out for Derick Compo, Jeff Anderson, John Mark Saunders, David Osomas Turner, George Santos,

I didn't no any thing about scammers scammers can take your bank account change the way they they look and put another person's Emails to get into you're acount and steel all you're info to me that's what a scammer is to me

Anyone meet a guy named Liam Oliver on Scrabble? Super cute. Works in insurance. Mexican but lives in California. HRM degree from Spain. Very well spoken.

Weeks of conversation only to have him claim Grandma was sick and needed surgery. Got pretty demanding for money. Shut him down there.

Hi! I am talking to an Oliver Liam. Do you have photos???

Has anyone had contact with Dora Williams.

Can I have an opinion if I have been scammed or what? I have been exchanging message with an engineer, he said he is an contract engineer from US and planning to expand his work in Hongkong. Buying cheaper steel from China for the construction works, due to the customs new law, they need to pay first before releasing, more days in the port, the more they have to pay. If he wired the money here in Hongkong, it would take about 4 to 5 days. That is why he said I was his last resort, and I need to pay first to his agent. Then, he assured me first by wiring the money to my bank account, but it will arrive 6 days later. I have already transfer the money to his agent now. Do you guys think it is a scam or not?


what is his name ? I think we might be meet the same scammer.

It is a scam. I work in Customs and this is not a normal practice.

Anyone talk to a guy named Liam Oliver. Mexican that lives in California. Well spoken. Claims to work in insurance.

Spent weeks talking to him only to have him claim he had a sick grandma and needed money.

I didn't send him anything.

I am worried about a gal friend of mine. She thinks this guy , supposedly in the military out at San Diego (not Navy), is going to give her a free house. He keeps putting off meeting her. 1) Got in trouble in the military and was admonished. 2) No planes from North Carolina (once again, NOT NAVY) were not flying, due to COVID, 3) Got dizzy and was in the hospital. Was not cleared to travel by the doctor. This gal met this catfisher on POF or MeetMe. I did a reverse search, only to find the catfisher's pics on gay "love" sites (with dirty words with them). She is in deep denial. I also saw the guy's picture on a woman's Pinterest account. She says they are all fake accounts, yet forgot to mention the female's Pinterest. She thinks he is going to give her a free house this weekend, after they meet and drive truck to San Diego. She is going to her storage unit on Saturday. Wonder what excuse will be used for this weekend's not moving. No idea where her money is going, in the meantime. She is not talking about that at all. She just wants away from NW Ohio and wants the free house.

Please answer me anyone hear of James Grimmett claims to be in Yemen orthopedic surgeon I contacted real person to let them know ... their in Turkey the real one now he’s monitoring his accounts and making real videos of himself on a blue checked account showing where he really is
James Grimmettt is mean and awful when you refuse
I didn’t know they can get your locstion

I also have another one Coca K talked since Feb
He found me on Yelp
Calls me talks like a. Angel
He uses Thomas Languarrd Maddean not spelled right pictures.. he told me he was going to tell me who he really is ... never asked for money now yesterday a steam card story talks on what’s app but voice cards
Said forget it just take care of yourself geez I’m so stupid

Does anyone know of a John Grage. claims he is 6' tall with white hair and a gostee real handsome claims to be in qatar and needs money to come home. message me if you know of someone like that we exchange photos

Anyone talk to GUNTER MULLER? Says he has a house in California and is working on an oil rig in Norway. Says he has a 12 year-old daughter.

Warning: Jeffrey Forsberg on POF beware! Handsome project manager, claims going to Turkey for his last big project before he retires. Called me every day and claims he lives in Paradise Valley/Scottsdale, says his wife passed away. Warning he has a fake bank account that looks real. He said they were going to put him in jail because of unpaid fines and to please send him $30,000. Remember, if a guy is wealthy and affluent he will not need to borrow money from you! Please anyone who has a similar story of a Swedish contractor named Jeffrey Forsberg beware!

On July 31 Burgan Missick texted me in offering to help me learn English. He said he is an army major and presently in Kabul, Afghanistan. To be in touch he asked for my email and what’s app number. After some 7 days of communication he said he loves me and wants to marry as he found the right woman. Said his wife died 3yrs ago, parents passed away, no kids, born on March 23, 1971 Dallas, Texas.
On August 17 he wrote that his name was in the list of those who are coming back on September 18, 2020. Said he would fly to US to arrange his papers and on 22nd he will fly to meet me. On August 19th he sent message saying they were told to send half of their staff home, since he has none waiting for him at home he asked for my address to send the box to. I shared, felt I must help and it's only to get the box, so must be no problems. He also said he paid everything but there might be custom clearance tax but the sum won't be big. Same day on August 19th I got what's app message and an email from the asking to confirm my details and later they sent a receipt that the box is sent to me. On August 20th 5:53am I got a message from the diplomatic agent Guenette Luc Frederick saying I have to pay $1,850 for custom clearance in Turkey and must do it fast as his flight is in 5hrs. I borrowed money from friends and paid the sum via Western Union on the name of Dolly Mael, Istanbul Turkey. Same day at 2pm agent Frederick informed that he arrived to my country but there is a custom clearance of $8,000 and for every day of vault protection there is a charge of $1211.10 He was pushing to do it fast not to pay those extra money. I did my best to borrow $8,000 and paid the sum on Friday August 21st. I was feeling stressed and depressed that now I owe a big sum when I myself have dependents and live in the rented flat. I shared worries wz Burgan to what he replied he has put $5,000 into the box to cover expenses of the customs clearance. He said there is a safe box with $303,000 and i can take the rest of the sum from it and cover the debt. He said he sent it to me as its for our future. He will buy a flat, a car and we will live happily together. I still was tensed, couldn't sleep and decided to check company’s receipt in Google images and found identical! Company name was different rest up to the position of the tick marks, signatures and numbers was the same. I sent msg to Burgan and the agent that I doubt if company is not fake. They both assured it was not. But on Monday I went to bank and cancelled $8,000 money transfer to the account in Malaysia which was given by the agent. Burgan was angry, said all his career is in that box, was crying in messages and begging to resend the sum. I didn't. The agent was angry too. On Friday August 28th I texted to their company that I cancel the delivery of the box asking to address the sender if any other questions. Burgan again was crying, agent was sending messages showing his anger. I asked Burgan to arrange those $1,850+$27,75 of the bank commission to which he replied he has no money and none to lend him. Since then there are no messages from him either. I’m left on my own in a tough situation to cover the money debt and to manage both ends meet.
I was searching for the surname Missick and Guenette in different sites and found several profiles in several sources. Same surname, same pictures only names are different.

Burgan: 1(707)404-8114
Bluewave agent: 1(914)650-8632
Bluewave company: 1(717)562-0883

Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register - you will not REGRET it [url=][/url]

Watch out for an instagram user named isabella sophia her pic is of a nice looking older woman. She will message saying she is a ceo of instagram and that mark zuckerberg from facebook and the guy that founded instagram have chosen me at random to win 500,000.00. Thank god im not naieve and didnt fall for this but my heart hurts knowing there are people out there so desperate to get out of financial hardships that they would fall for it. Please be careful if this woman messages you. I am currently trying to catch her in her lies and will be posting about it on reddit as well once i have enough against this woman. Be careful out there all. Scammers are everywhere and they will play on your heart to try to string you in. Dont let them dont ever accept or send any information to anyone without getting legal documents and having a lawyer look them over. If anyone won that sum of money there would be legal documents that go along with it. Stay safe everyone.

Report any online crime now. A lot of people have been hurt on the internet and kept mute about it, if you don't report the crime, how do we deal with that crime? and put an end to it. Feel free to report today to the email provided below.

Accessibility eRulemaking Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Legal Notices Legal Policies and Disclaimers Links Privacy Policy White House No FEAR Act is an official site of the U.S. government, U.S. Department of Justice


She have my kitsune for freee i need it back i told give back then she told no its my legendry plzz i need it back cries i gave my neon fly ride dog for the kit sune now she stolen it plzz i need i back

She have my kitsune for freee i need it back i told give back then she told no its my legendry plzz i need it back cries i gave my neon fly ride dog for the kit sune now she stolen it plzz i need i back

She have my kitsune for freee i need it back i told give back she told no plzz i need it back im crying

She have my kitsune by mistakly i accent it i goth nothing i told her to give me back plzz she told no way plzz i need back

I am talking to a Terry Blacksmith who claims to be from LA but currently works as a contractor for Emaar properties in Dubai. The pics he send me shows a muscular guy in his late 30s with tattoos. Really nice looking guy. So far I couldnt find out what exactly he wants from me. I tried image search to find the real guy in the pics but no luck.


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George Scott powell. From Arlington, tx. Met him while he was in navy. They didn’t let him reinlist, but not dishonorable discharge. Has a criminal record. Scammed me! In person! All the symptoms of a con.. alienated me from family and friends. . He stole my life, money, family. He scammed most of his friends too! DO NOT TRUST HIM! He’s probably stealing from u as ur reading!

Scammer is asking for money I said no I want to send a birthday card but he said no he wanted a eBay card I said no he is a scammer

Scammer is asking for money I said no I want to send a birthday card but he said no he wanted a eBay card I said no he is a scammer never asked for money for two weeks he said he works in Calf construction for 28 yrs lives in a motel and needs money for his day back in Ohio lol I said well you have money you work doesn’t have enough he said I need to put some on a eBay card I said no way

I have been talking for almost 2 months with a guy named Glenn Darrel...He is supposedly in Idaho working at a cobalt mine as a general contractor geologist. Is supervising with a team at the mine..He seems very knowledgeable about cobalt and the mining situation, one point there was an equipment breakdown and he assisted in fixing it...He mentioned the part and I looked it is actually used in cobalt mining...He really seems liget actually..there is just a couple things that bother me and i am not sure if its just because I am aware of all things that scammers do. I could really like this guy as we seem to have a good connection...he talks normal, meaning his responses are very American, gets the humor from here..we talk every night and I still am not sure what to think...he does say we will meet when this job is over..who knows yet..he lost his son in a way he wont talk about, does not talk of family here except a 12yr old grandaughter...he is divorced due to situation of loss of son. Has a house in Philladelphia, drives a red Toyota Tundra, etc. We have talked of all aspects of life and we have very similar humor. The first real thing that sent the red flag was at the beginning of Sept. he wished me a Happy New Month....I checked on that and it is a typical greeting in Nigeria...He may have just heard that and liked the greeting or he is from there. I just don't know what to think. I am still being very cautious and hope I am wrong about some of my feelings that could raise little red flags. Anyone meet a similar guy with similar job etc..."

Any body heard of Chris McHarry offshore drilling rig

Met a guy through IG about 2 months ago. Immediately asked me to chat through hangout. His name is F Coleman claims to live in Virginia and former military personnel. Beautiful blue eyes and smile. Says hes 40 with a young daughter. Asked for a Steamcard for his daughter followed up by a google play card. I gave birth in smaller amounts than requested. He wont facetime claiming his camera doesnt work. When I speak with him I hear an accent that doesn't seem compatible to where he lives. I believe the poor guy in the picture is being used as bait and has no idea.

Yes, William Steven,
Widower, he works on a platform in the golf of mexico, pepper and salt hair, a 12 year old child calls Franck !!!!
I felt the scam very quickly! poor guy
Use to speak with hangouts, be careful ! he asked me 2000 in Appli Scrabble

They tried to scam me, using the name Jude Scott. Started on a business app, figured that's pretty secure. Wanted me to invest in bitcoin. I didn't of course, but kept texting in which I replied. Photos they used was a handsome guy with teenagers and looked so happy. Some red flags came up and told him we needed to talk. Once I heard the voice I knew, so asked for a video chat. Attempted half a dozen times with no success. Told him that he couldn't verify he was the man in the picture or who he was portraying himself to be I would report him, which I did immediately. Looked the name on other social media, found the same man, but on Facebook I looked at who liked his few pictures on there, all where from Nigeria. Took screen shots of most everything to show that not only I'm being victimized, but so are these other people in the photos.

Anyone get one of these , He text me from my phone number that does not exist, he has a nice Instagram account. I can’t find him on and intellius . James Tuttle , but sign by Jim cares ?? Weird. And wants me to move to Appleton Wisconsin. Weird weird weird anyone get one of these??

Laura how was your day going today . I want to know you more because My heart goes to you . I’m a successful Civil Engineer. I have been involved in various construction works ranging from private jobs to working on government projects local and overseas. I have been to Germany, China and dubai, Egpyt and also Australia . My work has provided me many opportunities to see different parts of this beautiful world. There are good times and some bad times. I am at the point in my life where I want to start slowing down my work and begin enjoying time with my special woman. I believe in working hard but also playing hard, if you know what I mean, It’s the playing part that I need attention to and want to, of course, pay attention to the love of my life. You sound good to me since I have been talking to you . I have been hurt twice my last relationship stolen $1 millionaire away I couldn’t found her up to now ...

This time around, I am planning on settling down fully with a woman, a happy one though. I am looking for a woman who is ready to start something Serious and Real. I am looking for something Real and i am ready to make things work for us Only if we try. I am smart, strong, sensible, insightful and willing to share my most intimate feelings. I want to find out all about you, what you love about life and what makes you happy. I want to know your interests. I catch myself daydreaming about this beautiful soul and I know she is there for me. I think some times life takes you down a road and you must learn something from that experience. I am a one woman man, I really want you to Know you Have My Full attention.

If I may bore you with a little more detail about myself it is to say I stay active. I like body fitness, walking or lifting weights. I am proud of my physical body. I have strong arms to hold you near me and give you special back rubs. I enjoy feeling the right woman’s body. I want her to give to me what I want to give back. I am a romantic and I enjoy giving my special woman surprises. Being spontaneous would be great.

I would love to spend weekends on short trips having dinner and wine over a quiet, intimate dinner. I love dancing or sitting in front of a fire listening to mellow music. I love cuddling and talking about life’s day. Seeing a sunset over water or laying on the beach at night kissing. Having a great cup of coffee or an ice cold juice It doesn’t matter as long as we are together. Now I don’t want to smother you because I believe life should have its balance. I do enjoy playing golf, biking, hiking, swimming, football, soccer and tennis. I love to read, travel and discover new ideas and places. I don't Smoke!!!

I like to stay active and exercise regularly, I am a big fan of music and sport, playing and watching. I'm not adverse to getting my culture fix and am always up for a trip to the theater / museum, and am always looking for an excuse to get away for the weekend. Sometimes it is just as nice to curl up on the couch in front of the fire with a good book or with that special someone! I love a romantic candlelight dinner for two with a bottle of wine. I prefer hot to cold, evening to morning, giving to receiving. As far as movies go, I enjoy romantic comedies, off-beat / foreign films (a little touchy feely kind) and some thrillers,

I'll watch a chick-flick with you even though they are 'chick-flicks. lol . I am easy going, masculine and dependable, being creative and artistic are a few words that describe me. Exploring excites me as well. I feel it is important to be active intellectually as well as physically. I have many diverse interests and passions - politics, art, music, philosophy and the human condition. Patience is my most obvious virtue. This time around the next woman ( hopefully you) I would love in my life would be open-minded. Someone who would allow me to spoil her and maybe spoil me too. I would like for us to get to know each other first and lets see where it takes us. I am willing to be patient to find out more about you now and lets share how much common interests we have. I just know by reading your profile that we could have a lot to share. Would you be willing to take a chance in getting to know me even more?

You’re a beautiful woman and I feel you deserve the best out of life otherwise I would not have spent all of this time talking about myself if I didn’t have an interest in you. I love what I see and I want to find out more about who you are, if you will let me. Exploring each other with emails and IM would be my preferred way to begin. I am at your speed. We can take it slow and discover our thoughts and feelings. Perhaps our words can touch each other in a way that we captivate our emotions. I believe in looking into the window of our souls and seeing the beauty we have.

I guess you could say I am a man that is in touch with his feelings. I like to express how I feel and I enjoy making my woman feel an important part of my life. If you feel this is a daydream, let me assure you its not. It’s just that I want to begin this time in the right direction by finding someone who is close to what I have been looking for. I am a man that is confident and goes after what he is interested when he sees potential. Why let an opportunity fade away when I can just reach out?

Be good and I hope to read from you soon

Jim cares

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FED Cell on Viber : Supposed Military SAS soldier - Nigerian jobless person Viber +12256204486
Adam Gonzalez + 447738434098 email Adamgonzalesface@ personnel legit but works with Nigerian scammers (on many dating websites). Confesssion by Nigerian whom I pretended to be in love with to get the information. He works with David fake name on FB David Steve Kelvin (Veteran soldier - injured in 2018, has 2 teenage sons, wife is a nurse (legit) but part of romance scams too. Owns several properties but was on pension for 2 years for injury (Viber number : +447723526978 (fake Viber number) from USA (Maryland)
Co- conspirator - Melissa Dawn Cannon Cassis from Baton Rouge Louisiana. Beware. Money stolen with lies

Hello I met this man name Frank and he is a lieutenant of the German navy, we been talking over a month, he started calling me babe and cute stuff a week after we met, and 3days after he ask if I can get him an amazon card or steam card because he forgot his Data card at home. I told him I was uncomfortable but he kept pushing, I stop talking but everyday he is apologizing and wants to know if I'm ok. So I told him how I feel and he ask again bout the cards. Is he scamming me

I had a guy ask to follow me on Instagram and like an idiot, I added him. He kept asking for my phone number but I wouldn’t give it. He asked me to download the app Telegram! I checked into him and found many different accounts, but they were all with the same name, “Tommy.” This man is gorgeous, has an 8 year old boy who lives with his sister in Missouri while he is overseas. He apparently lives in Graham Washington and his brother stays there while he is away. He states within a week that he cares for me and then shoots out of his mouth, I Love You? Not happening. He has never asked me for anything and it’s been a few weeks so I’m playing along with it for a bit longer. He also proceeded to tell me that he is in the Military, so I asked, “your in the Marine Corps. correct? He replies, no I’m in the Army and he acts as a Marine once in a while. Well, don’t ya know, I’ve been Military my entire life, I’m far from stupid, but I wanted to put this out here just in case someone has come across the same man.

I have lost everything because I am older and I was very unhappy! She came along and swept off my feet! I couldn’t wait until to speak to her(texting!) no calling or Facebook! I kind of new that she was taking me but it cost me about $100,000 over 2+ years until I finally gave up! But believe it or not I still miss texting to her (him)??

Hi I'm just curious, has anyone heard from a James Tedd who is a Commodity Trader and Engineer working on a contract in Ghana?


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