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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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I been preyed on by a so called RUSSIAN woman I met online.I haven't sent no money yet, but am being pressured to send for a tourist visa. She says she has no phone or computer I guess I'm being scammed???

I was married to a legitimate Russian woman that I met. I have been through the visa process for a K1 visa and I dont think I ever sent her money for that. But I had met her in person flying over there previous. You do not need someone if they cannot find a way to even pay for basic filing fees. Do not let yourself get sucked in. I have these people try and scam me all the time and I just play with them till the inevitable comes. Be careful...there are real people out there but a lot of scammers.

I agree in that there's scammers,but yet not every man or woman is.Sad to have to say that Ive so far already been approached by 2 different men that contacted me by using Facebook-both sending "friend requests"&messaging me.1st one went by the name Hilary-though I cant recall the full name unfortunately.The 2nd &most recent one is Wilson Joshua Charles who showed on his profile that he is from Arlington,TX which w/just sticking to chatting, he'd also said he was from Texas,but w/work he's currently in W.Africa.Then came the jump to saying things like hopes to see me in person,quickly saying words of love&being together.Followed by the same general things the 1st guy Hilary said.Asking if there's either a Money Gram or Western Union near me because if his Uncle could send me the money he's needing.Because of course his Debit Credit Card has a limit on how many times he can pull money out,or use!So if I could just give him my information to have his Uncle send me the money,&then I send it to him using either Money Gram or Western Union if I could.I of course told him that neither one is something Im able to do.He definitely is looking for any way possible to get me to do this,because he asked if I have a PayPal account.I write this,in hoping that others read this &recognizes the names,maybe remembers them & is of some help.I feel bad for those of which had unfortunately gotten scammed of your money,along w/got your heart involved as well:(...

its a scam

Be careful, if they ask for money right away, they are scamming you, I just went through it my self and wished that I would have been more thorough. Check ip addresses, I had one from mountain view California that claimed to be from Russia. She sent beautiful pictures and professed her love within a week, she then proceeded to ask for money for a visa, sent 300, then she asked for airfare, 760, she did not plan on visiting she just wanted the money wired to her in Russia, she went by the name Ekaterina Bybina. From Salsk, there is no person with that name when searched, she uses the email address menlysena it's a gmail account as well as a yahoo account. I went through this site and had seen there was another user on here also scammed by her. Never send money! They are looking for people to prey upon, do your research, I wish I had.

Can you handle this website this blog because my friend my best friend she is being skinny see how he has been for the last month he did not bring it to my attention for approximately 3 weeks she started saying that she would need to help the family the family needed help they were little and she started asking for money collecting money and stuff and I kept saying okay I can't help thinking it was your family thenIt started escalating further were two weeks later she comes to me and tells me she needs $10,000 I'm like what's wrong so she starts telling me and being honest about it she met a man named Henry Clement. Off of FacebookHe befriended her and offered her a job first looking for homes saying that you to buy homes in the town that she lives in so she said all I got a job and as a friend on Facebook alright I know this person was a recommendation from somebody else so that she started looking around next thing you know he started going out on a romantic all even though my best friend is married he started saying things about helping her family giving her family lots of money and stuff like that she's started feeling like maybe this guy really careObviously he does not and that was the skin okay so we found a way to get to her and then he started feeling well I sent you a package the package is in Malia got all your information stuff and she said she told him don't send me anything I don't want anything from you I don't know you I'm married and he said he's too late is too late it's already on its way I need your information because I spent all my all the stuff in a jewelry iPad money he didn't tell her Money at first when he told her earlier so she got panicky and she sent over all the information her birth records or passport driversLicense ID the whole shebang little bit you know that they were getting information so they could run the scan on herThen a few days later a company called euro British global courier service based out of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia said they received the package in customs took itWhen they scanned it through the scanner they found money in the package so they said that it was against the law of course it's against the law and my friend does not did not know that there was money she didn't even know about the what was in the package they emailed her a true blue looking contract and they have a website the whole works they have it all set up for it to look it up OK and they said this is your tracking number this is where its at butThe customer says you need to pay so much such and such amount of money and you need to pay it now they said this is how you do it and she started panicking because they told her that she could get in trouble the police international police to custom the whole world of course they're going to work on things like that especially when you're not even you don't understand what's going on in OKSo of course she started panicking animals a lot of money she did not have the money she could not tell her husband because her husband would just basically disowned her we do not want that guy she's happily married okay but now this is the thing that she said they said one of mouth so she sends at him out and they say okay I will give it to customs now the Customs has the package will take the money to the package in the package will be released to an agent and the agent will bring the package to you in the United StatesThat seems very fishy already She did not tell me any of this because she was scared and embarrassed okay so finally they started extorting more money from her he said that he sent his drivers license his credit card in the package so she has to pay for it she he's working on her and she's like okay okay okay well I do hes like here's my friends you can call see if they can help out of course they're all the same group of people it's a big scam she didn't know when she finally told me I'm like oh my god what have you done we have got to find it I investigated and new was a scam my shoulder everything about what was going on she still didn't believe me she wanted to believe this person online did not even know the person never seen his face he said they Skype but she never seen what I look like ok the picture and in the website does not look like him his name is Henry Clement locate on skype it's Henry Clement when I put him in Skype he has over 20 different Skype addressOn facebook it is Henry Clement 9256 / 52 or Facebook / 9256 what is Henry Clement he says he's from New York City he is not okay I'm telling you its not the same people.I am sorry because I am very angry because she has spent over $15,000 and they still keep harassing her to this day I have reported it to the IC 3 international crime for the FBI that's got a report we're waiting on something we've got so much evidence and they still keep calling me that so many phone numbers I've tracked this guy all over the place. Sometimes they truly think that they are above everybody else and they think they're smarter than everybody else because they can keep harassing and keep forcing the way they do it is they force you to get mad and and and beat on you a little bit then all the sudden a nice and then they beat on you all the text in the emails that my friend has is really bad and it makes me upset that people go through thisI just want to say watch out they're out there international fraud parcel package. Thank you I'm sorry for I talk so much.

Scottyspd, what a similar story I got from you. I man befriended me on FB named Adam Joe. He is from UK. After a few weeks he told me to send a gift but I refused. He insisted sending a gift. He sent pictures of the items he put in a brown traveling bag...all items were expensive...rolex watch,jewelries, MK purses. perfumes, ipad, iphones. He got my address and I gave him too.He said that I will receive in 4 days because it is express. Yes, after 4 days , a custom agent called my office that there is a parcel for me and will deliver to my place in 45 minutes but I need to pay tax of $700. I send the tax to the bank account indicated because I was promised to receive the parcel...but to my surprise the custom agent called me up telling that there is a money inside the parcel in the amount of 45,000 pounds and plaved inside red bos which is a violation. So I asked what shall I do. I was demanded to send tax of $5,000 so that the parcel will be delivered. Adams Joe sent the receipt of the parcel sent to thru OVERNIGHT NEXT DAY DELIVERY. It looked so real and weighed over 30.11 and content of the parcel indicated as shown on the picture sent by this person whose address at UK. I called him of what is happening and said I cant find $5,000 additional tax and he got so mad. I lost $700. OMG ! Is this a scam or real package? Pleas , I need answer. Thanks

This sounds like a scam to get your money. The scammer said he would send expensive gifts, but only showed you a picture. He pretended to send you expensive gifts, but he made you pay before you could get the gift!

It sounds like he was trying to get you excited, and then take your money.

Bridget Small-FTC, it really looks real. Is there a way for me to get back my money I sent to the bank account? The name of the account holder and The location of the bank branch is indicated in my deposit slip. When I called the sender of the parcel that I am asked to pay additional $5,000 tax because of the money inside the parcel found by the custom, he got mad at me when I told him I cant raise the tax. As I am reading all blogs on here I realized it's a scam but it is too late. At first, he pleaded that I need to pay the $750 so that his gift wont be lost so I paid...but I was not able to pay the additional $5,000.

If you sent money to an individual person, you could start by contacting that person. Or you could ask someone at your bank for ideas, or contact the bank you sent the money to. If someone tricked you into giving them money, it might be something to report to law enforcement.

Bridget, if I transferred money from a Wells Fargo account to someone else's Wells Fargo account, and later found out I was scammed, is there anything I can do? I filed a complaint on the ic3 site, but haven't heard back. I provided the bank checking account information for the person who the money went to. Do I have any recourse?

If that person knows your account number, they can take money from your account. Talk to your bank about protecting your account.

Depending on the details of what happened, you could make a report to local law enforcement, or to the online site where the person contacted you. If the person used the US mail, you can give envelopes to your local post office.  You can also report to the FTC at The information you give the FTC goes into a database that the FTC and other law enforcement use for investigations.

The FAQ on the iC3 website explains that you get an immediate notification that they have received your complaint and to save a copy of it right then, because that is the only chance you will have to copy it. Keep everything that will document your claim incase they ever ask for it. But you will not hear from them. It says they review it in a timely manner and will notify and government office in the uS or Internationally as appropriate.

MaCing, It started on February 20 my story is exactly like yours! This person also befriended me on FB by the name David Warren (single father with an 8 year old daughter ,wife died of cancer 2 years ago ) saying he is a marine engineer from U.K but works on a cargo ship going to Finland. Few days later he tells me he wants to buy me gifts when he reaches the seaport which I refused because I didn't know him. He kept insisting he wanted to shop for me. ( I have no romantic feelings for this guy, only accepted him as a sincere friend) Stupid me, I gave in and told him just send me a scarf and gave him my address. Next day images of Gucci watch, Rado watches, Coach bags were sent to me along with what looks like a legitimate air way bill and information on a shipping details. Express delivery of the package total of $1,500USD shipped via route Finland-India-USA. I don't know much about shipping routings but with expensive images that he sent me I didn't have a good feeling about via India and express delivery? The package was sent out on February 25, expected delivery was 27 February by 11:43am indicated on the air bill. Today February 27 at 10:00am he texts me to say hi, at 10:04am I get a phone call from India not thinking about the package, I automatically thought about all the telephone scams that's been going around I ended the call twice on them. I then tell David, my so call friend about getting a call from India and told him I just blocked the number. He insisted that I gave him the number which I did, no more than a minute later he text me back and says "there is a little problem"
His exact words were,"They said it took a transit to India and they are requesting for Customs clearance and diplomatic hand over charges" I asked how much do they want? He said "We have to pay 500 dollars" i was silenced for a minute and the next text he send is," are you going to pay for it ?" I told him "I need to think about this first, $500 is a lot of money. I immediately looked online to see what I could find out about online scamming that's when I came across this website. As I looked back and try to compare the scam warning signs it was all there . Meeting on FB then asking to talk via WhatsApp, sending expensive gifts, single father with a daughter or a son. Says he makes 70,000Euro a month but can't get to a bank because they don't have banks at seaports. So I have to pay the $500 first and he said there is money in the package he sent me. Who sends money in a package?? On the air way bill there was a box that said X-RAY SCAN RESULT: Non- harmful Content (negative). Wouldn't you think they saw they money?? I then went back to look at a picture he sent me this morning he said he was eating breakfast on the cargo ship with his friend. In the picture he was eating his breakfast and someone did take a picture of him or supposedly of him, but I guess he must have forgotten to tell the camera man or woman not to include the female maitre d' because as I am staring at the picture, she is staring right into the camera! In the background. Must be a luxury cargo ship. Please everyone be careful! I might not have lost any money as many of you have, but through my acceptance as friend via FB he might also be trying to scam other friends as well.

MeeT2, I wish Ive found this site before I accepted that gift. All sounds legitimate...air way bill, items listed what's inside the box were all sent to me. I did not fall in love with Adams Joe...just a friend and because I accepted his friendship he sent me gift. He is fromManchester ,UK as indicated inthe waybill receipt. I was dumb really. Now this is a learned lesson. I need not to look back but move forward. I pray these scammers will be caught. God bless us all.

Hi Georgia,
I was too a victim of these dating online fraud. I met this girl from on December 2015 name Brittney Retorick, (she's in the Army) and she said she's in Nigeria. She sent me picture of her couple of I google her name and came up on Facebook with same picture (looks pretty legit to me). We exchange private email as we chatted. To make the story short, she started saying she's a single mom and her daughter is being taking care of by her Aunt in New York. Things are not doing so well on her end she said and telling me sad stories like how her dad died in Army and her mom died of cancer. And she started asking me for money this and that....So, on December 23 2015, she ask me to send her money of $2,000 to help her fly back to the US from Nigeria as she was stuck there. She as if I could send it to her Aunt in New York name Christine Kara and send the money through Western Union which I have never done before in my life sending money thru those means. As I tried to send money to her with WU....Western Union keeps rejecting the money I was trying to send as they told me I never met this woman. So she asked me to try MoneyGram...with MoneyGram it went throuh....I decided to email Brittney Retorick on Facebook and not through personal turns out that the real Brittney Retorick was being used by this fraudster. The real Brittney doesn't know she was being impersonated by someone from Nigeria. A day later my bank called me about fraud that my $2,000 was taken away.Please beware of sending money to this person: Christine Kara 65 Lincoln Blvd East Moriches, NY 11940

Hi Georgia, I agree this is our time to fight back, I was almost a victim of this, I met a man online and he has has asked me for for money more than 3 times, his story is that he lives and works in dubai, he is Nigerian, and he has filed a complaint against the company he works for because of bad conditions they have let him go because of this and now he is running out of money, he has a Facebook page but only a few pics I have not and will not send him any money, I want others to aware of him his name is Moses ganfo or Moses Ebikepiri Ganfo

U can tell they are fake a man named Dennis veiri freinded me an after a week he loves me an wants to come to my hometown hes in the middle of the sea for two weeks an of course he can't get to his bank account so he wants me to send his nanny in north Carolina three Hundred for his daughters party its really sad people can't tell when they are fake they always use am here am going to work thisan has called me I called the number. Back an of course he doesn't answer he is an American but has a very solid accent his excuse he's been over seas for years but is ready to retire an marry me so me an my cousin are playing along just to see how many times he falls for my excuse of not sending the money

I have a David that is in love with me after a few weeks, and is in the middle of the sea. He cant get to his account and wants me to send $700 to his daughter for a school trip she needs. I said I couldnt, he just keeps insisting I try!

Please dont let yourself get scammed , it took 3 times before I relized what was going after getting a man passwords that he gave me minus. Some numbers I logged onto his account there was a number of women he is scamming he meets them on Facebook, I was scammed for thousands of dollars , they prey on women who are down,it took Finding the letters he was sending to other woman and pictures for me to turn away they learn your soft spot and play it , there are to many eeal men out there

please tell me his last name isn't Gillespie

Am chatting to a man on FB who claims to love me and keeps telling me am the missing piece of his heart he goes by the name Jack H Gillespie could we have the same guy

Debbie Am still in chatting to Jack H Gillespie and he tells me he loves me and is coming to see me I have spoken to him on the phone and he has a very strong accent and sounds younger than he is suppose to be I have pictures would be interesting to compare

I met a guy name Delroy Jack in 2014 whow started off asking me for money. For his son for a school trip. He claims he was a widow and work for Exxon Mobile I said no then he started out asking for small amounts. He always claim it the last time and he was coming to marry me. I was ready to give up everything and live this fabulous life with him. It never happened I quit my job and got my retirement out and gave him 8000 dollars and after that he ask for even more for this that and the other. I finally decided after giving him 16,000 total that he was scamming me. After he didn't show up this year. He ask me for money last December. That was the final straw with him. All the talk of a business deal,marriage, I love you and I coming to the US, was just a pipe dream he.sold me. He ask me to ask my family members I would never do that. I did borow from a loan company once for.him $5000 and again he ask me when I first met him people tried to tell me that is.all he wanted which turned out to be true. We talked for.2 years. I would call him. He changed numbers frequently. He was supposed to have retired and living in London until he return to Albany NY. He.claimed his son.was sick one time. They will they you anything to get money except the truth.

I meet a man very similar story but he was a ships engineer who was from Dubai. Widower with a son. I feel your pain. Almost lost my home over the whole situation trying to help him. Needless to say lessons learned. Never send money to you have never meet face to face. He and I did video chat and call each other so I know he was a real person. Now I see him on google with the same name looking for new women to scam. He has blocked me cause I posted that he was a scammer and I Contacted a few of the people on his contact list

I met man online through Match he had a local phone # however was working "out of the country" in Malaysia, an engineer. Spoke with him daily, he texted...proclaiming love etc. I was a recent widow.Guess I do not have to tell you the rest. Name used is Joseph Rupert. Stolen photographs, fake passport, DL and social security number. Not only did I learn to care about him, he managed to take almost 200,000. from me. You think it cannot happen to you. I did all of my due diligence. He is currently on OurTime it is impossible to keep these vile people off the internet. I hired a private detective and filed a complaint with the FBI. Not one call or email from the FBI. Be VERY careful.They are always widowers with children. I worked in fiancé, I knew the signs of what to look for. These people are highly skilled at their trade.

Don't send him anything. I just ended a "relationship" with a Freddy who was madly in love with me before ever meeting, said he was in a military mission, asked for money. I denied, and he tried to manipulate me. I looked up his IP address and his pictures, and found out he is a scammer. Thank God I never sent anything to him. He broke my heart ...

How do you look up the ip address and image search?

How do you find IP

need to know IP

I don't know but I think it has something to do with their email address. Maybe you could go into a website that does email searches and that should show the IP address I think.

I'm getting similar from someone called Stephen who asked for 700 dollars as his daughter was burgled in college in Canada - he is New York - gold broker currently in Qatar - you any pics

Please tell me is he name David harris cropt from Liverpool and he is from instanbul turkey he has his own company he is strangle in Ghana with his son

I met the same guy, the same story... He broke with me when I didn't send him money to can fly back in England from Ghana. That was 2 years ago..

I was contacted through FB on Jan 27, 2016 by a David and he has been messaging me since. He claims to be an Stuff Sergeant stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, widowed and has 6 year old son in Indiana staying with maid from Canada and he has no family. Claims account has been frozen by US due to terrorist and I believed him. Now he has been needing money for son. I have been stupid and wired money through Western Union to Ghana and to Indiana and now he is requesting more which I will not send, I keep making excuses. I have requested a military eemail address and he says he will get in trouble if he gives it out and I have read up and this is a lie. I ask him to call so I could hear voice and have asked Jim to take selfie in his camp to send me and every time an excuse as to why he cannot. I asked why would money go to Ghana and he bad other reasons for this such as diplomats take care of this. We may be dealing with same guy. Funny how you were contacted same day by a David. I am not sending anymore money but still playing all g with his game. He has even ask me to marry him when he comes home in May when he is retired. I am not holding my breath. I K ow he has to be a scanner.

I met guy online dating site 3month ago before xmas2015. I totally crush him so much loving but several time ask him APO yes he told me deployment since last on summer(he said Augast) and he been to there almost 5,6 month when I stared chat time. He said he in Iraq but and sent me pic too .

He had divorced and has one daughter whom take care caregiver in long beach CA. Last month he asked me suddenly" my mom jewelry designer have shop but she went in Germany. But she want to take jewelry stone but something trouble Germany charge her before left Germany. But I'm in base outside USA I can't use money here help me send her money which she gonna use buy fright ticket back to state" when I hard first I after became suspicious then asked him mil email and his hometown his mom name. All he answered but but something I felt whatever I was stupid so I wired transfer then sent $1400 but when currency higher than £they recived might be less than it.

after he told me when he was night patrol got shot then winded few days ago he wasn't come to talked me he said he was coma.during time his Capt talked me what's happened there. I felt so nice and kind to act for me even I felt something .when he woke up he told me what's happened his mom denuded couldn't on board so if she can't comeback state she can't sign on his name and contact mil then he want leave there that he said.

After asked me against need money when his mom at airport she fought with his stepdad he said mom pay to him take carring him his stepdad can't do anything even their. That's so strange stories for me.after fought their mom damaged something German autolitize charge her pay this all damage before she leave. That's cost about$10000. That's he asked me help again. This is too big money for me. I'm single mom have one son and not full time job so nobody can't rent me money like state women.

Only dark dangerous money shop will help me if I tell him he said agree. Each despise send me he said like $3000, $4000. $3000. I couldn't belived he speaks big money number then ok to rent money kind dangerous loan shop? Then I realized this is something behind .last night I asked him tell me APO or BPO. Usually we chatting by skype he never tell me mil address. But he told me BPO. Then soon delete cause told me if use skype then leave any ID another ISIS trace this.... He works ISAF in Iraq somewhere. Wesley that his name. Well I can't make kind big money so I just thinking how he show me up next attitude.

My mother has been scammed over a 2 year period.I have recently seen how much he has scammed out of her(Tens of Thousands of Pounds). I had to make her see sense (The Lie sounds far better than the truth which has broken her heart).It was a supposed USA soldier named David.She is devastated when confronted with the truth & I wish I had sorted this ages ago ..She was brainwashed & in denial.It hurt's so much to see someone take advantage of her on a "Nuclear Level).Now I have proven to her it's all a scam it hurts to see her so unhappy.She feels Ashamed,Gullible, Stupid Etc but I suppose you can't help who you fall in love with..The authorities who deal with fraud have explained there zero chance of getting any cash back,as all done thru Western Union. I have her corresponding with Action Fraud UK at the moment.So Hopefully they can help her see sense

Hi,I believe that we have encountered the same David. He's working as an architect out in the sea in Texas but he lives in Florida and his son lives in North Carolina & his needs $2000 to get his car fixed. And like you he does take no for an answer & he keeps insisting that I try to get the money. So, instead of going in circles I blocked him from all means of conversing with me.

Sounds like the same David that calls me! His daughter always needs something.

Dennis who? Do you have a middle name and last name?

Geez,now I don't feel like such an idiot. My scammer goes but the name of Bryan Raygoza. He is from Jackson Mississippi and has a jewelry business. His father bought stocks through Coca-Cola while on a peace keeping mission in Africa. Parents are dead,only child, wife died,has an 8 year old son named Jason. Supposedly, he left Jason with neighbors over 8 months ago to go to Lagos Nigeria to receive his inheritance from Coca-Cola as he was named the beneficiary. Pledges his love daily. Ask for iTunes for Jason twice. Needs money for internet so we can communicate. Needs plane ticket to come home to spend the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams, yeah right! I have told this man from day one that I don't have any money. He asked me to send moneygram and western union each time to different people. I did this and saved all copies until I felt like I was doing something wrong. He then sent a personal check for $800 from a "client" that owed him money. I cashed the check and sent the money. Naturally, it was no good, so I had to take out a personal loan to cover that check and am currently paying monthly payments. Next, I received two cashiers checks in the amount of $2500.00. I was suspicious because they were identical. I called the bank they were issued on and was advised that the check was worthless and if I had cashed it I would have been liable. When I told "Bryan" this he said that wasn't possible and got defensive. Started putting the blame on me. Of course, we are no longer on POF but chatting on the hangouts app because "it's more personal" and through emails. Hey would come and go, especially after he figured out that I was done with his money games. When I started giving him Hell about everything and basically treating him as if I knew he was a fraud, he caught a nasty attitude and things started going downhill. Today, he blocked me from the hangouts app and after reading this blog, I suppose I should be thankful that I am only out about $1200, and that he is history. I must confess that he's very good at what he does, very convincing and I even told him that multiple times. He is also very good about making you feel like the only woman in the world. Full of unfulfilled promises. It hurts and at the same time,it's a valuable lesson and I hope that my story can help open eyes to others. I'm a widow. My children are grown and sure I get lonesome and this guy tells you exactly what you want to hear and in return he feeds off your emotions and reactions. I'm sick to my stomach when I think about it, however, after reading all this, I realize it could have been much worse. Deep down in my heart I knew if it sounds to good to be true, it's Is! I hope he gets caught and added to the list. Bryan Patrick Raygoza aka Romeo

I also got scammed from a Man in Dabai I met him on a dating site 12 months later and a lot of lies I have found out to late. I sent money gram to him money he said he had caught malaria over there and was really sick. He needed money to get back to the states for medical treatment

I just told this guy (James ) I had no money and would not send him any so don't ask. He said he was from USA and was In Nigeria watching over his crew mine jewels then he could not cash this check yesterday I said well it's a holiday being American he should have known this. Then the day goes on he said he just got out of customs and he needed money now. I told him no I'd never send out money so he replies bye I replied liar and erased all communication with him if he was even a man.

Ann, I met the same man with the same story. That was 3 years ago. I just thought about wondering if he was still there or did he get home. He's a scammer. He lives in Texas. He has 2 boys and a daughter. He must have a computer that will alarm when any of his women he preys on. He sent me a picture of supposedly his family. You never really know who you are talking to online. Hope this helps you to know someone else was scammed to.

I'd bet you anything he didn't live in Texas. Never trust caller ID. They use a phone app called Spoofcard. They can make it look like they are calling from anywhere. His Texas pictures are all probably lifted off someone's Facebook.

Was his name James Odom?

Wondering if this the same idiot I'm talking to now. Every time I tell him I'm not sending money he says "okay bye"

hi ann, i think he is stuck in Nigeria. He is still using the name James Brian. He said he went to Nigeria for a mining contract; he said his wallet was stolen and could not encash the check that he have.

this is the website Rodney White uses and he wants money from me to get his passport to come see me. I am not dumb he is on facebook. No friends works supposedly on exxon oil rig

Ok, now I'm awake.. I am at the end of a lengthy divorce and been chatting with a girl in Ghana, South Africa, and she wants to move here to be with me. Great, she is gorgeous but there have been some money things come up in terms of buying her an iPhone and medical expenses for her mother etc... Many photos have followed but haven't sent a dime. Probably is a fake but would like to think differently. Probably cause I'm coming out of a really bad divorce. She texts me even after I say I have no money to give. Every day it's just seeing how I am. Told her I wouldn't send anything and she appears to be ok with it. Any advice is appreciated..


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