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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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Not all people who need financial help are scammers. It isn't fair to judge everyone by the actions of a few.

It is not a few. And if you are really in need there are organizations that help the people in real need. Not the ones that want to accumulate riches taking the money for older and sick women that probably send the money they have for treatments. If you are in real trouble there are organizations that help you. When you request for 3,000 dollars that's no money for food unless you are hosting a party.

Scammed by a super handsome man called Clark Godfrey on FB. Ladies beware he is very sweet, has a super sexy accent sounds like he could be black or something (which he said was scottish but didn't sound it) it's very mixed and scratchy but sexy none the less, says he is a Marine Drilling Superindentant who works for Marine Drilling Corporation. Perhaps he really is but it's very doubtful and I had tons of red flags coming up after it became very vague, he never wanted to commit to any real information, nothing at all, he wanted me to TRUST him and he said TRUST again and again and wanted me to leave my husband with the element of SURPRISE since hubby and I were having issues. He has two profiles on FB, very new. Wanted to suck me in fast, mentioning he made 56K a month plus bonuses (like who tells people that). Said his wife died and he has two children Jennifer and Mark who live with Nanny in Miami, Florida. The children sounded like a man pretending to be a child which was a huge red flag for me. He said kids took a trip to Africa with Nanny alone for a singing trip for his daughter supposedly, and then supposedly their cell phone broke at the airport. He tried to suck me in for $2000 to send to Africa via western union so they could have money while there. He said he cannot get western union to work and he would pay me back later. Its a very good story. He executed it very well and was fast to get me on Viber to have sexting and to get dirty pictures from me. He mentioned he had a large penis, wanted to have marriage and a big home in Miami. Cell number led to a small house in FL in Tallahassee. Sent me lots of nice pictures of him in nice clothes, driving a nice car, making himself look rich, etc. Said he works off shore in the UK. I saw him in video once or twice but it was dark and I could not confirm it was the same guy. His face was completely dark. He promised we would meet in January 2016. I am pretty sure he is a scammer and he stole these pictures from someone else. Or this is his real pictures but it's doubtful, most likely this is some nice guy who is for real whose pictures he stole. He also had his supposed kids texting me right away. They were calling me mum and mom and they did not sound real. As soon as I told him no he stopped talking to me almost instantly. I did a lot of research and this guy is not for real. He does not exist.

BEWARE LADIES this one is soooo smooth. He had me eating out of his hand, even making picture of him and I saying he loved me forever. He had me believing it hook, line and sinker...BEWARE....BEWARE!

Hi , I've been chatted to this guy called Frank Ben but he's sounds exactly the same guy as he's wife's passed in the car accident, he's had 2 kids twin Jenny and Mark they are 12years old lived with nanny in Miami Florida while he's working in uk as petroleum engineering. I must say he's very sweet and passionated I did feels for him but my head telling me he Isn't real and my heart said what if he's real , so I ended and same things he's stopped talking to me instantly, do you have a pic of him , he's fb is Frank Ben , and he's Skype is Frank.ben35 please ladies be aware

Kimberly, what cell number did he use and what was the supposed nanny's phone number? I think this same guy is trying to scam my 82 yr old Mom.

Reading these comments is like reading names out of Fb messenger. Don't send money people. Don't let the constant messages etc become a distraction in your life. I get lonely too, there are plenty of people to chat with but please beware of sad stories, the military fake profiles seem to be extremely common along with the recently widowed man with son/daughter. Beware, be on guard always. If you want to help people, help those you know in real life, or go through a legit agency. These *love* scams are happening everwhere, trust nobody. Lately it seems everyone is asking for phone numbers to contact me, since I don't know what they might do with that info I don't share.

What I don't understand is that we can tell who the scammers are but the dating sites pretend that they don't? They take their money and then post their profile. How is it that they can get away with this?

Add me for me details about millitary cos all are fakes

I have been contact by a lovely guy, he says he is an Orthopaedic Doctor in the Military but based in Syria, he says his wife died 5 years ago and he has a 9 yr old son.. i am married and yet i have fallen for him he uses the na\me Gary Deric Ferdinand he has not asked for any money but has asked for my address and prood of ID he says to register me as his next of kin? he offers me love and a life that i have always wanted, he gets so upset and hurt if i challenge him, tells me he retires in November and hopes i will the go to Miami to be with him, what do you think is it a scam..please say no ?

This could be a scam. Ifyou meet someone online, you don't know who he really is. You don't know if the pictures he sends are true. You don't know if the story he tells is true.

Many, many people write comments about hearing stories from men they meet online. The stories are similar to yours: the man is a professional, he lost his wife, he has a child who needs school fees or money, he is outside the US on business and will come to the US soon.

If you give this person your address and show your ID, like your drivers's license or Social Security number, he can use that for fraud. He knows your name and email, and maybe phone number. If you tell your address and ID, he has a lot of personal information about you. He could commit identity theft and use your information to open a new account with your name.

United states1These is a scam ! Do not believe him please! I am a nurse and he scammed me for 5 figure thousand of dollars. He is very sweet and uses words like sweet sweet my love, sweetheart, darling all the love words you can hear but his name is Wilhelm Krumwiede he uses several names. He told me he is on his way to
United states but do not believe him waiting for him since June 11,2016.Please please do not send him money a learned my lesson.Same with you I have fallen in love with him please do not divorce your husband for him!Please do not send him money he will ask you pretty soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, yes men too, these people are professionals. The go to the best dating sites including OurTime, Plenty of Fish,EHarmoney, etc. The prey on widows, singles, divorcees. They will have front men to make the calls, send the pictures, and then the front man will tell you to send the money to their "agent". Military men are photographed, video taped, and then someone else uses their identity to portray them as the soldier fighting oversees. They will go through MoneyGram,Western Union, or anyway so you'll send them money. You'll hear stories of a pending inheritance that they need to get but don't have the money to pay for the documents to be filed. You will hear stories of sympathy, the desire to come home to you, etc. They will tell you they love you so much,and will until the day they die.
Ask them to SKYPE,face-to-face, or better yet met in a public place. They won't! They will come up with a million excuses. They will find your weakness. They will ask you your address to send flowers. Please don't fall for these romantic scammers.They prey on the vunerable and all they want is your money. Not love. If he or she is too good to be true, then know it is not true. Instead become a volunteer, go to church, or meet through a trust worthy friend who knows your date. Believe happened to me.

I am this person Sorry dude i scammed hem for money in facebook hahaha its me i cant believe it

Well that's something to be proud of - isn't it - are you in Africa? Does your father rule a village? I just want to know if you are one of the two I know.

Just like nobody would say supposable, they would say (supposably from California).

I was scammed by a woman with perfect english from Botswana. All the signs were there but I didn't want to see it. She is a professional scammer, cheat, lies, and builds a web around you. Her name is Elizabeth , she uses AKA's, Lilly, Liz, Elizabeth K, Kayliz, kayliz13 ====TOTAL SCAMMER======

Site coming from zorphia..real american online talks, was convinced it was real and used christianity in family. Very convincing trap. Used sweet nothings words and phrases. Then after 3 days he sents these 'good to be true' packages and used a legit courier company. Then email came from the national airport with the legit courier company; and package arrived and be delivered at once to mailing address but have to follow instructions before delivery of parcel. Have to pay first $400 before delivery and send money to this bank account via the express delivery money send out. The online mate burst out when I said will then have to RETURN ADDRESS the parcel. He asked me to bargain and email the person. Then there's this text that followed, follow ups if money had been sent. I replied the Police Office will attend to your texts. They stopped and I learned these were all fraud..hoax..PLEASE BE AWARE

I had one guy Micheal scott miller, he said that he has a son, that he micheal was in Nigeria and that his son stays at grandparents place, i meet him on line about a year ago i was one of them that fell for his bs, i did send him money via Western union, more then one time, then I told him that I was not going to do it no longer because I didn't have the money, he played the if you don't then that means you don't love me card, so i broke it off, did not talk to him for a really long time,

i have the kik, hangout apps on my phone for my family, and he found me again first on hangout i blocked him, then he just found me on kik, he began to tell me that he still love me and that he hasn't been with anyone else or even talked to anyone else because he only loves me, he said he had great news i ask what was it he said that he was going to get his retirement and is coming home, all he didn't was my address and my phone number, so i gave him my old address but told him that i was not giving him my number, told him that im not going though that again and that i will not be helping him anymore,

so he was black meilling me by telling me that all of my pictures my information that i sent him in the past, if i didn't send him 1000.00 tomorrow morning that he was going to make my life miserable and that no one would want me after he does that, so i told him that he'll get the money, and that I knew all along tgat he was a scammer, that by him threading me was only making mader and that i didn't believe a word he said, that was the last time I heard from him, but he did say he had to get off the computer and that i better be sending the money tomorrow morning,

Burdetty Mark do not accept any friend request from this man.I was told he's in Iraq of course he's wife passed away n he's parents he does have a daughter but other than that is all alone .I put out there to him: look if you're looking for money you picked the wrong woman. A few hours later he deleted FB N HAVEN'T heard from him again ...Lady's please be careful its very easy to fall in love .I'm not ready to give my money to some bum n shame on them using our service men ..

There's a guy who contacted me via Facebook and his name is Antonio Giampaolo. He has 9 other FB accounts under Pa Olo, Giam Pao, Antonio Gi, etc. claims to be a FIBA agent currently stuck in Cambodia due to unpaid bills and has outstanding taxes in UK and needs money to clear his tax liability in exchange for contract payment from Surrey Basketball Club

Murray Corrado and Veroni Basketballl agencies- scammers

I was almost scammed... I met a man in Ourtime. Successfull architect, I'm an interior designer. His pictures 2 were head shots only. After a few days he won a big 16 million dollar government contract in Accra, Ghana. Needed me to send iPhones and iPads for the Chief's approval of the land use for affordable housing. I did research on the project and the guy general info checked out, however what successful business man would ask someone he just talked, never met to do this. I played along and as I asked him more and more about his upbringing, family, work etc...he was inconsistent or using the same story over.

Beware...this guy had a German accent, said his mother was born in Germany, but he was born in San Fransisco. He got his masters in Germany, however he did not speak German??? How can you have a German accent if you do not speak German?!! Bottom line Ghana had a heavy German influence at one time. So the possibility of a scammer having an accent is likely. I asked for him to text me a realtime snap shot.. He did it was a shot of a picture. Also, there is an app called can download into your phone and get a phone number from another country you use your phone but the number that shows up is a chosen number from wherever you choose. For example this scammer had a Colorado number. He contacted me on the dating site, I believe they study profiles and then create a person around your profile. They know just enough. Don't send anything....I played around with this guy and he became edgy when I told him my brother was a fraud investigator.....LOL! Report them and block them. I suggest if you choose to continue using dating sites get a seperate phone and email address.

Beware of Antonio Giampaolo, connected with Veroni Basketball Agency, Giampaolo Basketball Agency. Scammer fake FIBA agent.

What is the guy talks to you on the pohne for many days and tell you he loves you. He did ask for money but is it possible they fall in love, These scammers. He talks to me on the phone every day

Was he 33, sexy? Mine is Espinosa. I asked for 200 bucks, doesn't care how I send it. I paid for a site called catfish ed can search by picture. If a picture comes back w multiple's a scam. Obviously he copy and pasted. Mr. Espinose text me non stop on kik sends a bunch of photos. Tonight he wants to download viber so we can talk. I've done research, lots, I've called the reserve, talked to other soldiers, searched his name finding instagram, facebook, and I believe tumblr. Lots of email adresses.half his story is very lagit, he claims to be in Cairo Egypt. It's all possible.....but why no skype? Army regulations he says! Ladies the newest popular thing soldiers are doing is acting single to have u pay, sleep with them and he returns. His wife would never know! Jose should be home in October....I will update asap. I want him, I don't need him, and I don't need the questions I feel in my gut...

I had a man name Joshua Gallagher birth date Sept 24 1962 he suppose to be working in the army as an engineer along with Nato. he lost his wife five years ago has a daughter mary who is 12. He got me off of a post I had replied to on facebook and he read it. we got to talk he did talk some sweet things. I feel for everyone until his daughter's birthday I was going to send a gift card and he got mad said no send her money through money gram I said no I told him I was told by my FBI friend and Police friends never use that or western union. He told me not to listen to them and wanted me to make his daughter happy to give her what she wants.

I said I would send a gift card and that was not good he got mad he would not give me an address at all. red flag- then he told me she wants an iphone and some electronic game I said well i sure hope your able to get it for her. Then he asked me to tell him how much I get monthly I said I make enough for me and that I am not asking him for anything. so then I got on hear read all the stories and it all sounded the same. I called him a scammer and he said I hurt his feelings I said I am not the scammer. oh another red flag he took and left facebook the next day after getting together no picture no nothing well I had already saved his picture the day we got together just in case then I asked for another one and he was much older that the face book picture, his daughter looked more 15-16 then 11-12 he had three numbers never answered any of flag.there is nothing I can do as no money was given I don't believe thats his real name and not even sure if that is his picture or did he get into stolen id's as well. My mistake he has a picture of me, what will he do with it. any help on it,

Hi, samething happened to me. I commented on Tom Hardy's instagram page and this scammer saw and started messaging me. His name Josh Gallagher, I even added him on Facebook.The pics used was of a hispanic guy very very good looking with chin dimple and beauty mark above the lip. He claimed to have a 6 year old daughter. His story was that his wife left him and sent divorce papers then got married 2 months after and hehas full custody of his daughter who stays with his mom because he is in the milatry. First time I caught him lyingit was 7am in the morning and he asked me how was my night going when I asked why he said night he said he was deployed in Korea 3rd time chatting I asked what time it was in Korea he said 1hr behind upon googling the time i found Korea was about 12hrs in front US time. He asked me to start online datinf and I agreed less than a week he started saying I love you, anpther fed flag. Almost a month into chatting with him he claims his daughter's birthday is the ending of March and he needs $400 because he is behind on getting her presents and his mom needs upkeep and maintenance. I cussed him out and I blocked him on instagram and facebook. He got offended when I called him an online scammer. After searching the Gallagher (on Facebook) which was on his uniform in the pics I found another account Carlos J Gallagher. I messaged him thinking I could warn him that someone stole his pics, his reply was ok baby!I blocked him and reported him as well. I thank God I didn't send money for them. At the beginning I also got the impression that he was copying and pasting like are you single? married? live alone? The same ques over and over.He used to send me pics everyday and I even sent him one of myself but Thank God it wasn't a sexy pic or anything. My guess is that they can use it to create their fake profiles but I am not too worried. They are very evil but they will get what is coming to them. His birthday was September 28th and he was 34yrs can't remember the year but sounds close. My mom even checked out his Facebook and his pics didn't evenlook the same he looked different in all some he looked very tall some he looked average height. When I asked his height hesaif 5'4. I googled celebs that were 5'4 and Kevin Hart came up another red flag because he didnt look that short in the pics. Also when I asked about family he would avoid the ques and go offline for the rest of the day and then apologise the next day that he fell asleep. What young man goes to sleep at 6pm or 7pm.Smh!

How to know if they are real of fake, I have been chatting with this guys that says he in the Army deployed in Afghanistan. Procceing leave for 6 months, has send me a lot of pictures of him self. Said the his leave has been a approved, but need to pay a donation before he comes back. Said he getting money from His Mom, he has not ask me for money, said he will take care of the problem, or just borrowed from friends. Does this happens to soldiers? Is he taking his time, to try to get me more in old in his live, or is true that if a soldiery pledges a donations it becomes a responsibility before they have to pay before they are granted leave. Please help

No, that is not true. Members of the United States military do not have to pay money to get leave papers, or to get leave papers approved. If someone says he is in the US military and he asks you for money for leave papers, or for money to travel home, that is a scam.

This article from the United States Army has warnings about people who pretend to be soldiers.

i met a guy on line. suspose to be in the army stationed in Ghana. started out just friends,wasn't long before he was saying that he loved me.had two different facebook profiles. he explained that right away.then i started to care for him. to make a long story short , he ask me to send him 1,800.00 .because he had lost something very important and if the army found out he would be in real trouble.And by this time i'm really thinking. sounded like a lie to me. But, i like to give everyone a chance.I tryed to get him to describe this item that he'd lost and or had stolen.He kept saying you'll see it when i come home to you.I contacted a military lawyer , and without giving names , i ask him about this item. SCAM!!!!!! OK, still trying to be nice. still lied to me. So, just to make myself feel better, i talked to a private agent. This guy was x-military. anyway the U.S.Army has no such item.this guy had the nerve to say , you don't trust me.I guess it takes all kinds to make this world go round. But, i really hate the fact that he's using the U.S.Army to try and scam people.

I had been scamped personally 6 times by so called military personnel. I catch onto them pretty quickly though. I've never sent any of them a single penny. As a matterrible of fact, I play the game right back with them. The first dead give away is their lack of correct verbal and English grammar. Then thru will either involve their so called children and the kids will askr things like expensive computer parts or some type of gifts as if they are testing you to see if you'll bite. Also when you ask for their military i.d. and a picre of their dog tags, they will either send you a fake i.d. or they will make ip an excuse about their dog tags. All I can say is go onto the US ARMY CIC UNIT website and read "Romance Dating Scams" their article was released Sept 2015 after people reortedly lost approx $82M in 2014 to these scammers. If you do your homework, you'll save your heart and your money. Do not ever send anybody you don't personally know money or gifts of any type. Ladies guard your hearts and your wallets, save yourself the heartache and headaches and beware of who's really behind the profile. May God bless all of you.

Recently, I'm facing a scam too!
United bank for Africa wants to send me $30000 but first I've to send $888 to receive those money. $888 is the charge for sending through DHL. Is this true?

Barry Nelson from Ohio ( not really) just scammed an elderly woman out of 1250 dollars. It was her Social Security, I didn't find out till it was too late. Is there anyway to get any money back or is this poor woman screwed? He said all the right things did all the right things she lied to her friends for love.. Now she's just behind on rent and brokenhearted

I'm sorry that's has happened to you!! I pray for your safety!!

I agree with you 100%. It is unfortunate that we are looking for love and these are the issues we have to deal with.

I met this woman online on a site called mingle2. After we talked for a few days she gave me her Kik profile name. We talked on there and I asked her do she have a phone so she can call me. She said she can only use her phone for texting.

Within the 6 months I known her I helped her out by sending money via money gram because she swore she was going to pay me pack. I still have the receipts. I helped her out with her school things and also her gas and internet bill which she needed 250$ for. I even sent her aunt money 150$ one time for her to send back to her for a flight to Virginia.

She says she from Iowa but lives in Ohio currently for school. Her dad past some years back and she was going through a process with her lawyer with whom I talked to via email. Back in August I sent her 300$ to help her with the hotel costs because she had to fly out to California to meet a man name Mack then goto DC to meet her lawyer. She never went to DC and came back to Ohio.

She kept saying I swear to God my money will be refunded back to me. Her excuse was that the day her lawyer wanted to me up with her she didn't make it in time because she was still in California waiting for some documents to be released. After all that I still believed her until recently as of Friday 10/14/2016 she told me she had 160$ and told me to give her 180$ for she can book the flight. She said the flight was already booked and she was suppose to be at Richmond international airport on 10/17/16 at 9 pm.

She never showed up I waited there for 2 hours almost. I confronted her on kik tonight about it still waiting for a response. All she said was sound good when I told her she lied to me and I told her don't text me again. But messages prior to that as well. So I don't know what she was replying too, but I called her out and told her I hate her for lying and doing to this me. I am going to email her lawyer as well. What should I do, please help me. Her name is Susan Bill and we been talking to each other only through Kik profile since around April. I don't have her email address just Kik profile. She attends Winnepeg University.

I didn't want to file a complaint just yet, but she didn't say why she never shown up. I don't want to believe I've been getting scammed this whole time. And when I do send her money its to her friend name Maria her information for money gram is Maria Bright Arizona. I don't understand why is it going to Arizona and not Ohio. She told me that's how she gets her money. She mentioned the money gets send there first and then sent to her friend that lives there.

And she also stated that since she is a student they are not allowed to pick money up by them living in a dorm. I never heard of that but she told me to Google it. The flight tonight was from 17-24th but every time I asked for flight details and airline she never gave me kept saying she will send it to me she hasn't forgot. In all to it I invested over a thousand dollars to this person now I don't know if she is real or anonymous.

All her pictures seem like the same girl. She was begging me for a last chance after she kept letting me down. So this is why I'm here. I don't know if this the right way to file a complaint? But I am giving it a shot. I hope she still shows up as promise so nothing will happen and everything will be okay, but I have lost trust. She claims she loves me but way too many times problems occurred and I have got nothing but lies.

I'm sorry this happened. It sounds like it could be a scam to get your money.

You can report it to law enforcement at You can give details about the woman, and other people you talked to and wired money to. You can copy what you wrote here in the blog, and paste it into the complaint.

You could call MoneyGram and tell them you think fraud is going on. Call 1‑800‑926‑9400.

That's very sad and i have also been though all that and i sent that guy 40000 dollars and i also end up gating nothing but lies and u can text me on

We don't post personal information on the blog. See our Comment Policy for more details.

The guy I like goes by Smith Jackson. Supposedly he's in Nigeria working for a construction company, but there's some sort of business mix-up so he's having a friend wire $5,000 from a bank in Texas, but asked me to set up an account as well. I want to believe he's sincere - this is the first guy I've met in 9 1/2 years.

If you let someone put money in your bank account, and it turns out the money is stolen or involved in fraud, then you're involved too.

Unfortunately, your situation sounds a lot like the story in the blog. You meet someone online, you form a relationship, and then because of some emergency in his business, he asks you to send money or help him out and set up a new bank account.

Then he, or his associates, transfer stolen money into the new account (the account with your name and information on it) and they ask you to send that money out of the country. You think you're helping him out, but you're aiding and abetting a crime.

Don’t send money to someone you met online, or become his banker. If an online sweetheart asks for money help, you can expect it’s a scam.

Scammer Marie Smith on Hpoz dating app. Says she's American and in Redwood City Ca. She's not. I flipped her con on her and she or probably he immediately tried to get me to help here in the US. SMITHMARIE is the name. Also on hangouts app as 1Mariesmith

Who is Major General James Rainey? He wants me to send money to set up a phone so we could talk .

mine is very different and difficult to track, shes not across seas and shes wanting me to purchase iTunes card with 150$ to 200$ to transfer money into my account, shes from Houston texas and her lawyer is confirming shes needing help with the divorce payout , idk she s a scam and the lawyer as well, she said she gonna transfer 30000 into my bank account weird transaction for that kind of money to need help with

I have one name is Steve Cowell, he tried to deposit into my retirement account $80,000 but my thank god stopped it. ☺

I was scammed by a man I met on a dating site. Hindsight is wonderful after the fact. The sole reason I believed his ruse is because he had an 'official' military email. firstname. lastname @us. army. mil. He did a lovely job of pulling the wool over my eyes. I don't understand how banks allow people to set up fake accounts (there were about 8+ accounts I sent money to). It was a complex ruse involving shipping a package, the Federal Reserve, a foreign exchange company, Amazon, a bank in Hong Kong, a travel agent and of course me, the victim. I lost a massive amount of money. When I asked the Federal Reserve about it, asked if they wanted info, they ignored me. Local cops here thought it was a new scam.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

Hello, some of your stories sound like what I've encountered. I was lucky. I reverse searched his photo after only a few messages and it turns out he's using a Ukrainian journalist Kostiantyn Petrovich Stogniy's photos. Mr. Stogniy has a facebook page which lead me to all the photos the scammer sent. It is similar to some of what I'm reading here. I met him on eharmony. He was supposedly from Los Angeles California and grew up in Florida. Widowed, daughter in boarding school. No family.Wife died from cancer. There are stories about the wife dying in a car accident also. Works as a drilling engineer in the UK. I've already found some of his other victims. He has had profiles in the US on several dating sites. There are victims in the UK, one I know about in Austria. HIs english writing is very good.You need to reverse search all of the photos your sent and no one will profess love immediately online with someone they've never met before. Ifi t sounds far different from all the other correspondences you're getting then you can bet something isn't right. And you need to tread lightly.

My friend is also having this story... we suspected that shes being scammed... she dont want to believe us.. shes so into him.. The guy is David Scott.. a military, widow and with kids. He's from US but doesnt even sounds like American. He is currently in Nigeria and said that he is being shot. And that they need money for the operation.. He put my friends name as his direct family members (he said he no longer have family). And thats why the doctor contacted him for money for operation.. also the general ask her money.. and they also have wired money transfer before... to japan then nigeria..

American soldiers get medical care from the US military. They do not need money to pay for operations. A doctor working for real US soldiers will not call and ask for money for an operation. A real US general will not call and ask for money.


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