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Getting calls from your own number?

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It’s like a scene out of a strange sci-fi movie. You get a call, look at the caller ID, and see that your own number is calling. Weird! No, this isn’t an alternate reality where your future self is calling the present you. It’s a scammer making an illegal robocall

Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information. They can make it look like they’re calling from a different place or phone number. Even your number. Scammers use this trick as a way to get around call-blocking and hide from law enforcement. They hope you’ll be curious enough to pick up. Don’t fall for it.

The real callers could be calling from anywhere in the world. We’ve written about these kinds of tricks before — like when scammers pretended to be the IRS and faked caller ID so people thought it really was the IRS calling.

Bottom line? These calls from your own number are illegal. Don’t pick up — or press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. It’s best to ignore them, and move on with your day. Maybe watch a really good sci-fi movie.

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But please, when is enforcement of existing laws going to happen? These calls arrive at phones owned by older people. When are protections going to extend to them? Please put an end to this nonsense, warnings are not action.

There are but one doesn't know how to go about it and if it is hidden it is harder to persue

We have call display on our main phone but not on extensions and sometimes I have to answer on them; later when I check the main phone I see it is our own #. Very frustrating!


I got 4 missed calls from (956) 240-2682 (972) 302-1936 (215) 219-2327 and (814) 329-2327 i want to found out why 4 phone numbers called me

maybe a lot of ppl want to talk to you!

THIS is not a joke!!! These folks start calling me every year! After they call, I NEVER ANSWER THEM AGAIN, I GUESS THEY BECOME SICK OF IT! I ONLY Y ANSWERS FAMILY AND FRIENDS. THEY TRY FOR A while then go away, A total waste of time and energy!,

Google the #, if others have received same calls there is a database where you can file complaint, found if they are scammers, etc...

If you suddenly get calls from random numbers when you are expecting none then it is almost always spammers or hackers. Never answer them, if it is real then they will leave a message. No message means spammer or scammer. Also, do not answer blocked id calls.

Google or put the number into the search on Facebook or Twitter as well. Not sure about Instagram. I run a business and sometimes I want to see who called me before I decide to return the call.

My full name showed up but not with my number. My name with 0000000000 is what shows up???

My name shows up with my phone number!

Actually, I've gotten messages from scammers before. At least, I hope they are scammers and I'm not going to be arrested for SS fraud...

I've gotten a bunch of random calls before like New York, California, Russia, etc. Since I had no idea who they were I never answered.

I don't know why but, my cell phone called my home phone like 4 times so I answered it the last time and it was talking about I have an expired account for Microsoft and i don't even use Microsoft!

That is a known scam and Microsoft is aware of it. My mom just got one of those calls yesterday. I used to get calls from fake Dell tech support once a month saying my computer had a virus. I stopped answering.

Yes, I got this call from my own number today 3 times. With my name and the correct number showing. I finally answered one and it was a robocall from "Microsoft". I hung up and haven't answered again.

I got that same call 4 times in one day,yesterday,to be exact. I got mad as hell because this person kept calling me saying that he was from microsoft and that my license was going to be stopped and that my computer address was compromised,first -I never had a licenses with microsoft...second...I want them to leave me alone and quit using my number to call me or anyone else..

same exact thing happened to me today. 5 calls from microsoft spoofing my own number! Nor do I have anything Microsoft!

OMG I just received three calls using my number. I was curious so the first time I answered. They said the same thing about my license being cancelled or whatever then said something about my IP address. I hung up then within the hour I received two more. I went into my contacts and blocked my own number. Will see. Of course I will have to unblock my number at some point so if I need to I can call myself to locate my phone lol.

I just received the same call today. So frustrating.

I received the exact call today, stupidly answered out of curiosity I guess. It started the spiel about my license (that I don't have) I hung up without listening any more and never said a word. Then I received one that said my phone number two times with no name , they don't give up but I will NEVER answer again. Should have known better.

With most telephone system that allow call blocking, you can block your own number from calling. That will not effect outgoing calls, and you will never call your own number from your own number.

Good, but what I want to know is: If I get a call from a number that appears to be my number (but isn't), then if I block "my number," am I truly blocking my own number? Or am I blocking the real phone number that is masked as my number?

But what if your voicemail access number is your own number?

Same thing happened to me today (showing my number and my name) pretending to be Microsoft saying my IP is about to expire and to press 1. I ended that call and knew I was not supposed to answer in the first place.

Just started getting these robo Microsoft calls from my own phone number two days ago. Grrrrr!

Guess this same scam organization is continuing with this... I have never received a call from my own spoofed number until yesterday. I answered the first time and got the recording from "Microsoft" so I hung up. They proceeded to call 12 more times throughout the day and evening. I've already received 2 more today. If I don't answer will it stop? If I block my number, will they start from another number? My mobile phone gets very few scam calls (my home phone gets 2-15 per day). I hope this is not the start of it!

Calls started from our own number yesterday morning. We did not answer. They continued to call throughout the day. After the 6th call, I blocked my own number. Calls continued (blocked) for a total of 10 times. This morning, they started up again. Tends to be hourly. We continue to ignore them but it’s so annoying. We’re assuming it’s Microsoft scam based on other’s experience.

When I get one from Microsoft I just laugh in their face and tell them I used to work for Microsoft. They hang up right away.

I got a call from my home number the screen had my husband's name on it but he recently died.
I have been getting calls about getting a Microsoft refund or that I owe Microsoft 300.00.
There is nothing I can do about it. I registered for the do not call list in 2006. I think they need to update the list. 13 years these crooks have found everyway around it.
I received 27 phone calls in 10 days. They are starting to call after 8pm lately.
This agency does nothing. My phone company does nothing except to tell me to change my phone number.
I have close to one hundred numbers blocked on my phone.
I am at the end of my rope. The call from my dead husband was not funny. I cried again because I have no protection and feel very vulnerable.
So thanks for nothing

Got this same call today from myself... I got a phone call, looked down and my own face and name stared back at me. I picked up and they tried this saying in 4 hours my account would automatically renew at 499. If I wanted to cancel to press 1 I pressed 1 then some idiot gets on and tries telling me he needs my computer info he already has my computer id. I said what is it then so I know it’s the correct one he hung up.

They have phone numbers on a Robo list. So even if you block a call they just use the next number on their Robo.

Omg. You guys have no idea. I have been dealing with the with these disturbing chain of events that began over a year ago. And I have witnessed events I previously thought only God can do. Going insane, yet I know who it was since it involved a chain of events and a personal relationship, yet strange, to a rivalry, and a timeline of when everything occurs, it still took significant research and 24 hours of my time connect what's going on, and why I became a target, what I did to deserve the causation, to who was behind all of it. Unfortunately I was underestimated his capability, and angered this person. I have lost access to all five of my email accounts, all forwarded to one, so I couldn't tell which was and when. I just requested my phone carrier to send me a year of my phone records and found hundreds of these phone messages, some of which I had 50 minute conversations with, I don't ever recall. I would know and be suspicious having a 50 minute conversation with my own number. His had control over MY entire phone, email, and recently my entire America in my laptop vanished, overnight. And, I lost my administrative right, could not make any changes to my computer. One time, because law enforcement refuse to listen, I called a disability advocate and every time I was to leave a message, the phone shut off. Then I used my landline, the same thing. I went insane, even a week later, from that device or location could not call to disability advocate. Finally I went to another location, and used a new device. Got through. I think I even shut off the old device and got through. So it's your router too. I have screen shots of 5000 of these events, and my screenshots started missing, I implemented insignificant external means , because my iCloud was compromised, and all deleted, my apple oF was suspended. Ucla confirmed email compromised, Microsoft suspended my gmail account, I notice unusual emails and what are the odds, that an email he opened up for me under the company age-international, cause he assumed I would work with them scam artists, and sent me a 200 page brochure to read vansihes. I opened it, but wasn't interested in working with it, I was interested in a possible job offer, Im. dubai, and he got Jelouse and Wierd and tried all hard to say IT was a lie and immediately opened up that email. My emails all save for years. When I noticed this, I searched for IT, gone. And I blocked him for several months, so that explains the numbers. Again would never talk to myself for 50 min, so that must be someone else. And it's scary, because I knew something was wrong, I suddenly haven't been getting calls. How sad. I noticed I was blacklisted, so my I DO provided is establishing an entire new ip, modem everything. I told her the story for like an hour. She was laughing and so was I. It's scary..

Oh my god i had same thing! Still happening. Nobody believes me. Police ... do nothing . Tonite i was calling my credit card company and i have never had to verify everything for years. They have my cell phone as my main number. When i asked the customer service rep why i had to verify it all, she said cause i am calling from a different number than what i usually do. Huh? Yes i was. She said im calling from a whole different area code. Near me but not mine. . So she checked it out and so did 3 managers. Noone has ever seen it before. So i called t mobile my carrier of 15 yrs. the couldnt explain this one either. Or my own cell phone calling me last yr.. they are having tech just it out and call me back and go from there. Im scared. Ive also been locked out of my computers and email password just changed 3 weeks ago. Had this email for yrs. what do i do?

Oh my god I been Going through this for the last three years my husband had an affair with a girl Kelly Stubblefield that works in telecommunications oh my God she was on everything of mine they were clowning my phones it was so bad I finally got a detective to listen but now I have to give him all the credit card information because this woman use my credit cards and I never seen the bills because my has been was pain I can tell you stories about all the telecommunications Friday went through

I am having a similar problem with TMobile. I believe there has been a breach, but they wont admit it. My old number is calling my contacts asking for money. I called Tmobile who I no longer have service with and they basically told me there is nothing they can do.

That happens to me occasionally and I just change my password. That has worked so far.

Oh wow! I've noticed and suspected so many things for a couple years now. I have not been able to pin point it all and neither has my carrier. My ex purchased the phones. And ever since that, all weird. So frustrating

Have you resolved this issue? Been dealing with this for almost a year now and it has ruined my company and everything I had.....could really use some positive insight!!!!


Sorry bro

Reading your message!! Wow, I thought I was going crazy.. I wouldnt even dare tell all of the experiances ive had. And same thing. Pissed off the wrong person. Its almost impossible to find someone who believes me. Everyone looks at me like i'm a weirdo. I started wondering myself. Little things happen.Its like just enough for me to know but not enough to prove it. It can be scary. Like someone has invaded and taken over my life. I have never posted in a forum before but after reading the comments here, I felt like I needed to reply.

Sickofit! it just started happening to me today. I've had 3 different people call my cell phone saying my number showed up as calling them. I called AT&T (my carrier) and they know about it but there's nothing they can do at this time.

This has just happened to me twice this week already. We looked on the internet and it is a scam. Don't answer it, hopefully it will stop. People are so pathetic and useless.

I did answer it not realizing it was a call coming from my own number. I didn't press anything and just hung up after I realized the caller ID said it was calling from my own number. Should I be worried?

I just had two phone calls from my own number. I picked up, no one answered.

Are you getting the phone call on the same phone? My elderly mother got a phone call from her landline to her cell phone this evening. Very weird.

I just got back-to-back calls from myself too (on iPhone)... Didn't answer. Have never seen that before. Seemed pretty weird.

It just happened to me and I thought I was in the twilight zone lol I picked up and stayed silent. Didn’t hear anything and they hung up.


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