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Getting calls from your own number?

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It’s like a scene out of a strange sci-fi movie. You get a call, look at the caller ID, and see that your own number is calling. Weird! No, this isn’t an alternate reality where your future self is calling the present you. It’s a scammer making an illegal robocall

Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information. They can make it look like they’re calling from a different place or phone number. Even your number. Scammers use this trick as a way to get around call-blocking and hide from law enforcement. They hope you’ll be curious enough to pick up. Don’t fall for it.

The real callers could be calling from anywhere in the world. We’ve written about these kinds of tricks before — like when scammers pretended to be the IRS and faked caller ID so people thought it really was the IRS calling.

Bottom line? These calls from your own number are illegal. Don’t pick up — or press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. It’s best to ignore them, and move on with your day. Maybe watch a really good sci-fi movie.


Same thing happened to me. I've been getting a ton of calls from the same area code. The phone number itself is always different. This time though, it was my own phone calling me. It's a pain because it's always a variable number. There REALLY needs to be a way to block all AREA codes. This way you can selectively allow numbers, and block all others within that area code (which for me again, is always the same)

I did answer mine from my own number...didn't have my glasses on to see it was me calling, seriously? I even pressed #1 like asked...then music on hold and I hung up immediately. I hope there are no repercussions. Who and what kind of people do crap like this??? I'm sick of it.

same here, Jennylynn. We got calls from our own phone number so many times in a row that we actually lost count. The calls were maybe 2 minutes apart. This was 2 days ago. I mean the phone was ringing off the hook for HOURS. And we didn't answer any of the calls yet our phone line was tied up for hours with repeated calls from own own number

I've had at least 10 or 12 such calls in the past 4 after another after another. And when I first picked up the phone I heard a lady say "Goodby". Before I remembered that these are robo-calls, I picked up the phone again a few calls later, and got the instruction about changing my IP number. When I told my daughter about it, she reminded me that she checked this online the last time it happened, and that I shouldn't pick up the phone again. So now I have to hear the ringing over and over...guess I'll go out for a long walk!

Have you noticed anything wrong since this happened? I pressed 1 as well cause I was ready to cuss the person out but then it hangs up.

This happened to me today as well..I was getting many calls yesterday so today I did the same pushed 1 to start cussing someone out but it just hung up..Very frustrating and just not cool..

You say that you've gotten a call from yourself twice this week? I got two calls "from myself" this afternoon in the space of 15 minutes!

They were robocalls from "Microsoft" that said that my IP address, technology key (whatever that is) and business licence have been hacked or compromised or something like that.

I only listened that long because it verified itself as BS when it mentioned my nonexistent business. I don't know what the "technology" thing is and I honestly don't really know what an IP address is other than having something to do with the internet (and it's working just fine). So I don't know how it ultimately was trying to screw me over (by pushing some button or entering some kind of number or calling some number).

I started getting the same calls every hour or so today. How do you stop it???

I received two calls today from my landline to my landline. The first one woke me up and immediately plunged me into a deep sadness, because it's still listed under my Dad's name, but he died... So I almost woke up in shock, you know!?!? That was this morning. Then I received the call again just a little while ago; I answered and said, "Hello."

Of course, it was a robocall... Telling me that my ISP had been hacked by people in multiple countries and that it needed to be shut down, etc. I hung up so fast and almost threw the phone away from me because my first thought was that it ACTUALLY could've happened. I received a breach attempt alert a couple of weekends ago, but then I took a deep breath and searched here, like I usually do.

Oh, and it broke my heart to do it because I felt like I was blocking my Dad, but I blocked our phone number so that no one else could answer it and fall into those sleazy scanners' trap.

This has been happening to me for weeks. It's the "Your Microsoft is being hacked" scheme.

The phone company said they can't do anything about it. This morning the call came at 6 a.m.!! The ID showed my name and number. I didn't answer, as usual. But since then, this has been happening nearly every half hour!!

So, I put my own phone number on my call block list and will see if that works. I don't know if it will work because the call block system may simply read the actual number the call is coming from, rather than the fake ID and number that's being shown on my screen. But I don't know what else to try!

I received a call today from "myself" and was told by my phone carrier to report it to the FTC and FCC. Well they are closed due to the government shut down but if anyone did report this did anything help? This is a business phone and now my number and name are being used to call who knows who about who knows what and honestly this is 2019 can't someone do something about this? If this isn't the worst kind of identity theft I don't know what is as people everywhere now have my name and phone number.

Yes, I reported it, by phone, to both organizations after "I called myself" four times in an hour yesterday. Both organizations are "aware of the problem." Neither organization is actively doing anything to try to stop it. Both organizations suggested I call my provider. I'd already called my provider. Their suggestion? Call the FTC and the FCC. sigh.....

Today I've received 7 calls so far and it's only 3:30p from my phone number. <---not good English, sorry. I finally blocked it. But it still rings once. Makes me crazy.

What happened when you blocked your own number? That’s how I deal with robocalls and telemarketers, but wondered if it would mess up my phone.

Spectrum will not allow me to bloick my own number. Next step...ditch landline!

Please omg same exact thing happened to me. Im awaiting a new phone. My question is did you change your phone number? HELP Im frightened this nightmare may happen agian. Thank GJ

My cell phone company told me to report it to That was my only option. The rest say to not answer and eventually they will stop calling.

Hey I just had a phone call from my own number and I answered and said hello. Please tell me if I am in for the same situations I see here

i just received a call from my own phone number. When i look at call details, the the area code and phone number is preceded by "001" and is listed twice in a long string, i.e., 001xxx-xxxx001xxx-xxxx.

We had the weirdest thing happen. My husband gets a call and it shows my caller I'd. When he answers, it's a male voice that says they have kidnapped his wife,knew my name too, he wanted $ or they were going to kill me. Husband sent the $ as instructed. I didn't know anything about this. We filed a police report. We haven't seen anything about the case.

I wonder.. are any of you politically involved? I ask because this just happened to myself and my husband, this morning. I also noticed some things on my computer have either come up missing or moved. We are politically involved.

One of the problems is that the Do Not Call list, which works beautifully for legally operated phone centres, isn't something illegal scammers care about. You're right about the elderly. They are prime targets. We have my mother-in-law on the DNC list and that has cut down on a lot of calls but has had no effect on the scammers. It sucks...

1. Never give out your phone number to any business unless you need them to call you. Do not text them. That gives them your number automatically. 2. Only give your phone number to family and friends with instructions to not give it out to anyone else without your permission. And treat their numbers the same way. 3. Do not post your number on Facebook or any other site unless you are clearly using it as a business number. 4. Tell everyone about your experience so they can tell everyone they know about this. Tell them to Google this website.

What about all the legitimate places that have your name, address and phone number that then turn around and sell lists of such data to whomever wants them? That's been going on for years. Stores, agencies and what have you have been doing it and now you're telling people to be careful who they give that information to? Are you for real? It's too late already. This is what major corporations get hacked. Their information is already out there for anyone willing to buy it. It's why my parents (both deceased) still get mail addressed to them hawking junk. Those lists are still out there in circulation and no one ever asked if they could go ahead and sell it for a buck.

Ok, you got a weird call... Move on people. Your witness protection strategy about giving out your phone number is meaningless. There is always a way and a system will stumble on to your number. Stop being the guy that attacks a cashier for doing their job when they ask you for your number.

are u a telemarketer of some sort? People have a right to be concerned about this. With all the scams today & spoofing that goes on, people would like to know who a call is actually coming from.

Sounds like it

That's ExActLy Right! It's Our Right to find a Solution to these problems.

What an idiot when you get multiple,calls,text, and messages daily multiple times a day from telemarketers or the same scammers how do you just "move on" when you're being harassed.Not to mention as time goes by they get more elaborate and convincing, that prevention is better than risking being too naive.

I did telemarketing one summer. I knew it was the devils work then, but didn't want to live in debt ;) anyway, at least at that time (about the year 2000) if we called people and they asked us to remove them from the list we were supposed to do it or the company could be sued (plan on 4-6 weeks for it to go into effect and then if they call again turn them in to the better business bureau, and the ftc. Often people weren't removed because were had to call a supervisor over to enter a password... so, perhaps asking for a supervisor the second call would help. Maybe. Good luck all.

I get that we have a new world of dishonesty, but I am tired of people calling me see why I called them when I have been no where near my phone. The next heinous crime that takes place can spoof your mug on the wanted poster. Let people call you out for your transgression regardless of where you were. No difference, a faked/stolen identity.

I do not appreciate being abruptly woken up at 5:30am by a telemarketer! The government needs to stop this illegal behavior and not just pass it on to the citizens to handle on their own. That phone call this morning scared me! My sleeping hours are only allowed to be interrupted by family members or an emergency!

set your "do not disturb" hours on your phone & mark family #'s as favorites so those calls will go thru no matter what time it is. This option has been a God send to me

It's phenomenally more complex than you seem to comprehend. It isn't "just getting a weird call". Wait until it scares the holy crap outta you and alters your entire life.

I guess you're a cashier.

When a cashier asks for my number or e-mail, I just politey say I'd rather not give that information. And then we moved on. It's never caused a problem - they've always seemed to understand and never pressed me on it. It's always been a regular, polite exchange. However, if they did press me on the issue, that would likely change.

If you haven't anything to contribute, DON'T.

My family is on all 3 national do not call registeries, as well as phone provider's (att) list. This past year, the number of robo call has increased by a million fold. Where as prior we would get maybe a dozen spam calls a year, now that is how many we get in a day. Not answering doesn't help. With as many calls as we're getting on both our cells and land line, you'd think we owed someone money, but we don't.

My favorite thing to do now is pick up the phone, and just not say anything.

the problem is that many of these scanners are using voi services which means they can not be traced and they can not be blocked. also many of them originate in other countries so passing a law in Canada would do nothing for those places.

You would think a governing body like the CRTC would get a little more involved with coming up with a solution to all this.

Something like if the caller ID number is not blocked and does not match the source number then the network should reject the call. Or if the caller ID contains an area code and/or prefix of the destination network when originating from outside the network. In other words set up some spam filters on the network.

I just got a call, I called Comcast to find out what to do. They said press *57 and it will have them trace the number, then you call your local police department and they can contact your phone carrier and start an investigation. Comcast can not give me the info, they can only deal with the Police department to catch these people. I'm going to contact my local PD and see just what they do and how serious they take it. If they do not take it serious then I will find a way to get someone who will. The caller was an heavy accent Indian, he said he was from a credit company trying to help lower my rates. This was after it was a recorded message. I clicked to talk to them so I could get info and tell them that this is highly illegal. He told me it was not but Comcast said it is a highly illegal but has to be dealt with the local police authority to have anything done.

When I answered they started on their spiel. I told them that they were a scam if they couldn't even identify themselves on caller ID. He hung up on me.

Whats creepy is that they called my cell phone from my "house" and then my work number while I was at work. Doesnt make me feel safe at all and very vulnerable. Why cant politicians make laws that protect citizens from this invasion of privacy?

Why do we always want "Big Brother" to handle every little nuisance in our lives? Don't we have enough laws and regulations that allow THEM to invade our privacy? Get a loud whistle and blow it their ears or better yet...just don't answer the phone! There is no law that requires you to!

Spot on! I do not answer any number that I do not recognize. Very occasionally it is actually a person I need to talk to but they leave a voicemail and I return the call at MY convenience. Some people, seems older people especially, feel compelled to answer every call.

Let's hope dear old mom isn't in some emergency and someone calls you to alert you on a number you don't recognize.

I am tired of getting about 10 spam calls per day on my business line. World wide company, so every call gets answered.

Oh, please stop with the right-wing too much regulation bull. I don't answer the phone when I see the number. That's not the point. When I'm eating dinner and have to get up to see it's a scammer, it's a nuisance. Or when I have to come in from outside....or when I have to interrupt my music practice....get it now?

Just because a phone is ringing doesn't mean you have to answer it. I know it's very compelling, but just ignore it. Everyone's got voicemail these days, let it be your shield.

Sounds so simple, but many of us have elderly parents & get legitimate URGENT calls from unknown local numbers frequently. In my case, it can be a nurse, paramedic, EMT, etc. I do not publish my cell phone number & only give it to family or care providers. Yet somehow scammers get it. Probably bought it from a Credit Bureau. You know those disgusting places that have all sorts if info about us & DO sell it to others! That SHOULD be illegal!

So when I see an unknown local number, I wonder if my father has fallen again. Is it a stroke? Is he bleeding from a fall. Last week's local mystery umber WAS a paramedic assisting Dad after a fall.

VOIP has opened a whole new can a worms. Now these disgusting scammers can easily hide behind spoofed numbers & it seems NO ONE can identify them!

These scammers are getting worse. I just got a call with a friend's contact info so I would answer the phone and after I said hi it was a recorded telemarketer. I looked at my phone and it said no caller ID. How do you block or report that?


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