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Getting calls from your own number?

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It’s like a scene out of a strange sci-fi movie. You get a call, look at the caller ID, and see that your own number is calling. Weird! No, this isn’t an alternate reality where your future self is calling the present you. It’s a scammer making an illegal robocall

Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information. They can make it look like they’re calling from a different place or phone number. Even your number. Scammers use this trick as a way to get around call-blocking and hide from law enforcement. They hope you’ll be curious enough to pick up. Don’t fall for it.

The real callers could be calling from anywhere in the world. We’ve written about these kinds of tricks before — like when scammers pretended to be the IRS and faked caller ID so people thought it really was the IRS calling.

Bottom line? These calls from your own number are illegal. Don’t pick up — or press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. It’s best to ignore them, and move on with your day. Maybe watch a really good sci-fi movie.


We used to get these calls a few month ago, about 5 to 10 a day. Never answered any. After that it was quiet, until last week. Now we get daily calls from our number again about 5 a day. Just a few seconds ago another call. I had contacted my provider and they told me, there is nothing they can do. It's so annoying.

In the last four hours, I have received 5 calls from my own number and name. I am about ready to have my phone disconnected!!! You would think with what we pay AT&T that they could come up with a solution.

Thanks for the advice. Now go push for a regulation to penalize companies that do not adequately test and design their software which leads to spoofed calls. If e-mail can figure out spam filtering and protection from faking email addresses 99% of the time, so can phone companies.

Just got one of these calls today! Now I have to spend another hour of my life calling TELUS to see what I can do. When is the government going to crack down on these scammers?

I just received a call from my own number. I didn’t answer. I don’t understand why Verizon & the other major networks can’t stop this spamming. I’m on the do not call list which is a joke. These scammers don’t get caught because they use internet phone numbers that can’t be traced back or even called back.

When will the telephone companies be responsible and help!They have to be able to do something. I had at least 15 unknown numbers again today. I had signed up with the FCC again...finding I was already signed, which I knew. That does absolutely nothing on cell or landline. HELP!

If you dont notice it being your number and answer it but no one answers and you hang up after a few seconds and then see it was from you number then what should you do ?? Any thing ??

I’ve received 6 phone calls today that the ID shows as my phone number. Annoying!!!! Can I block my number?

Yes you can block you own number, that will not affect any calls coming in from other numbers.

I received a phone call from myself yesterday at 6:36 pacific standard time. What can I do to protect myself from scammers?

i also received 2 calls telling me my social security number was suspended.

The punishment for scammers like this needs to be so severe that no one in their right mind will ever do it again.

Just got a phone call from myself. I did pick up to answer and said hello. Silence and then click. I was so unreal. I wish I'd have never answered as now I immediately came to the site and found this happens and of course you are not calling yourself from your own phone. I wanted to report it but apparently it cannot be reported.

I didn't get a call from my phone number I got an email from it.

I had NINE CALLS today with my phone number showing on caller ID. No message was left.........they hung up before my voice message ended.

Just got a call from my own number. It was the microsoft scam. I asked how they called from my number and she said it was some computer reverse thing they can do to contact me if I have problems with my computer.
I told her I don't use microsoft, she proceeded to tell me what brand of computer I use. I lied and said, no. She asked, You don't have a computer?" I said no & she hung up.

This just started happening to me earlier this week. I picked it up the first time and heard nothing on the other line. Since then I no longer pick it up.

They are calling every 10 min using my name and #.

I am so angry! Yesterday I received a total of 21 calls from MY land line number stating I had an issue with my Microsoft account and in 48 hours the account would be deleted. Same scam like so many others here have stated. The calls have already started today, but so far only five. I called my land line carrier asking what I could do; response was I could change my number which I have had for 31 years. It is true~ misery does love company, and it is nice to know that I am not the only one receiving these calls. Sigh

me land line is less then useless these days...rings ever five mins with about 50 or 60 messages a day

I too received a call from my own number on my cell the ID had my name. I didn't answer I blocked it like I've blocked thousands of numbers that call my cell on a daily basis, nothing seems to help

In the past two days I have received 5 calls with my name and number on the caller I.D.. I am registered with but i view that as a number of people who if not employed by the government would otherwise be unemployable. It is useless.

After more then 10 calls over 2 days, I decided to add my own # to my Verizon Call Block feature. It worked, the call stopped.

Can they call my friends from my spoofed number?

What??? They are calling 20x's a day.

It's illegal DO YOUR JOBS and prosecute!

To date, the Commission has brought 141 enforcement actions against companies and telemarketers for Do Not Call, abandoned call, robocall, spoofing, and Registry violations. To date, 127 of these FTC enforcement actions have been resolved, and in those cases the agency has recovered over $52 million in civil penalties and $72 million in redress or disgorgement. Read more at

Congratulations! 141 out of all the multiple calls we get per day. Many of us have landlines through ATT which will do nothing to stop these calls. They want us to drop our landlines so they can make more money on voip or cell phones. At least there are some apps or services available for cell phones. It seems an internet provider can see if a person or company is doing this and shut it down. But, with so much coming from other countries, it would be impossible. The answer must be through the phone company. There must be some technology available that is useful.

When I have my ansering machine on my daughter gets the calls too and she lives over a hundred miles from me.she does not have the same number. I live in queens and she lives up in the mountains in new york state

I just received my seventh call from my own number and it's only 2:00! Help! How do I stop this!!

These calls come 5-7 times pet day. I. never pick up. Pure scammers.

I get business calls on my phone so I have to pick up in case it might be a client.

I'm on the "do not call list" and receive at least 8 spam calls EVERY DAY! The list is a joke. Our government needs to spend less time posturing in partisan politics and more time dealing with REAL LIFE situations that involve the people of the United States! When it comes to tech issues, you guys are pre-internet. Get out of the past and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

I 100% agree that the list is a joke.

My phone has rang about 20 times today, with my number. When will it end??? Phones are now literally useless items, due to the fact that 99% of the calls i get are Spoofed numbers from scammers.

What ticks me off the most is, I was on the house phone talking to someone about getting a hang up call from my own number, & I looked down at my cell phone, & this message came up on my phone, & this is not the first or even the second time it's happened, it happens all the time. Which means some is listening to my conversation, & I'm fed up, & I want to know what I can do about it.

My phone is ringing before 8am and waking me up. The number displayed is my own.They are calling all day long! Is there no way to stop them?


the same thing calls coming in saying IP address comprised by multiple countries, information is at risk, our computers will be shut down, etc. I answered the calls and pressed buttons, my wife said stop its a scam do not answer the calls. 4 calls so far not going to answer any more

They have called me from my own # 9 times so far. How can I stop them. Results please.

This just started “robocall from my own #” just today. 5 calls so far. Made the mistake of answering 1st time, and getting the start of the “This is Microsoft calling” immediately hung up. Service is Verizon cellular.

Usually got a few robocalls a week but this year snfirst time for this scam. Always were from the area code I picked. Lesson learned: when activating a new #, pick a far-away area code so you know if you get a call from there You know it’s bogus. My next number will be Alaska if carrier lets me do it.

How do I stop these calls. I made the mistake of pressing one to talk to a person, I wanted to chew them out. Please help! Is there a way to stop this?

Better yet, use a call blocker. I simply blocked my own number. Problem solved.

doesnt phone company wont let you block your own number.and im recieving calls from myself and a number i had 10 years ago.

I have received 5 calls today showing they were from my name and phone number. When I finally answered an obviously recorded voice said "Goodbye".

I received 20 calls from my own cell number today. Seems like Verizon/AT&T/Sprint could readily identify & block this type of robo-calling, or be fined. $1B sounds good to me.

No one answers when I pick up. They call several times in a day. Why?

recently I am receiving multiple calls a day from "my own number with my own name as the caller ID" what is this and how do I stop it?

Keep getting calls from my own number. Can't this be stopped. It is increasing where we get 10-15 per day!!

Why is everyone so upset? When you get these calls talk to them. Keep them on the line and take up their time so they are not calling some old person and stealing from them. For example, if they tell you about a problem with Windows that they can fix, play like you are going along (give no valuable information) and they will start to become frustrated then let them know you are glad they called because you house needs new windows! They will explode over the phone, cuss you out and hang up on you. Sometimes they will not call back for several days! Great fun!


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