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Getting calls from your own number?

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It’s like a scene out of a strange sci-fi movie. You get a call, look at the caller ID, and see that your own number is calling. Weird! No, this isn’t an alternate reality where your future self is calling the present you. It’s a scammer making an illegal robocall

Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information. They can make it look like they’re calling from a different place or phone number. Even your number. Scammers use this trick as a way to get around call-blocking and hide from law enforcement. They hope you’ll be curious enough to pick up. Don’t fall for it.

The real callers could be calling from anywhere in the world. We’ve written about these kinds of tricks before — like when scammers pretended to be the IRS and faked caller ID so people thought it really was the IRS calling.

Bottom line? These calls from your own number are illegal. Don’t pick up — or press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. It’s best to ignore them, and move on with your day. Maybe watch a really good sci-fi movie.




You are either sick... Are you have no elderly people in your house that you have to worry about

** From the info you posted It sounds like you are highly at risk of identity theft, you should consider locking your credit file with all three credit reporting agencies.

Jen....what did you find out if anything?????

They can be both traced and blocked. VoIP is actually easier to track than a mobile phone.

And yet the government seems to be quite willing and able to collect personal information and gather data.

If they wanted to stop it they could.

I think you are right. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Absolutely, I'm just surprised the government doesn't mind these scammers muscling in on their territory.

Received a call as well. Ignore and if available add to your phone's blocked call list.

I just received one if these calls from my own number supposedly, It was something about credit, I pressed 9 and got a live person. I gave the loser a good cussing and threatened him. He proceeded to cuss back at me and then hung up. I can guarantee that if I ever get another call like this and can find out who it is, I will put that person in the hospital for a very long time! Enough of this BS!

Bad idea! If these criminals get pissed off they can use YOUR NUMBER for all the illegal calls they make. Then you will get NON-STOP harrassing calls from other people asking why you are calling them and trying to scam them.
Best advice - DO NOT ANSWER these calls.

Yah I got one of those calls too, did not answer but did call my provider and they said it was internet generated for scammer's, marketer's and so on. Asked her if I needed to be concerned she said probably not. Well when my July bill came out I had $2300 bill for international calls, 9 of them, when I wasn't even home during the time the calls were made. But my provider AT&T says the calls were made from my house. No they weren't so now they took my feature's off my phone, which was unlimited calling and all them extra feature's. I have been paying my regular each month like I always do, I have been with AT&T for almost 20 years they took over Southern bell which I was with for several years also. I told them to look up my history and doesn't seem to matter to them. They want their money. This is consumer fraud and they seem to be in Ka hoot's with the international company

You can contact your state and local consumer protection agencies to see if they can help you resolve this dispute with the phone carrier.

Give me a break, you expect politicians to help when they are most often the abuser when running for office?

You are so on the money. Have been getting hit by campaign recordings for two months. Man up and let me tell you I don't appreciate your invasion of my privacy and no I'm not voting for you!

The DCNR specifically exempts political calls. So under thew law, that is not abuse.

This happened to me years ago when I had dial-up on my computer. Had about 15 charges for porn websites (some out the country) all in the middle of the night. I know it wasn't my kids because I had parental controls set, my husband doesn't know how to use a computer and it sure as heck wasn't me. Called Verizon and they said the charges were from outside billing so I had to contact them directly. All but two were taken off with no problem. The two from a different biller were a problem even though I emailed them a story about how this could be done. Luckily never happened again but did get a call from my own number recently. Keeping a close eye on my phone bill.

That's actually a different scam. Back when your computer was actually connected to a phone line, there were viruses that were distributed specifically to call 900 toll charge numbers in the middle of the night without you knowing it. The calls would be made from your phone, using your modem, to a toll charged number. Most people were usually embarrassed and would usually just pay their bill. The scammers made millions off this one. I realized I was infected when I heard my modem dialing out one night - I immediately pulled the line from the modem and scanned my PC.
There was actually alerts from AOL and CompuServe to unplug your phone line from your PC when not in use. Must have been pretty widespread.

I agree with you completely, and the government and phone companies know everything else so why can't they do something? Maybe they are not smart enough

I got a fraud credit call too. I pressed 9 and asked them to take me off their list, and they just responded with asking how old I was. I preceded to tell them to take me off their list, this dialogue repeated about 5 times. I was speaking with someone who claimed to be Max Ross and another person appeared on the line who claimed to be Raymond Verbodi.

If you respond to an unwanted call by pressing buttons to be taken off the list, or talking with the person, that can lead to more unwanted calls. When you respond, that tells the caller the phone number is working, so they may keep calling you.

The worst part about all of this is I have been looking for my "big girl job" now that I have graduated. So I HAVE to answer the random numbers because they could be people calling about a job. So it's this catch 22 or missing an opportunity or being put on yet another list to be harassed.

I answered my own number out of pure confusion, and the guy started yelling and talking over me when I asked him why my own number showed up. He said because he was calling from an "automatic dialer," I'm sorry bro, that's not how those work.

They need to figure out a way to make these stop. There are days I get 10-15 calls a day from spammers. I've also gotten text messages! It's insane!

Just a bit of advice. Let future prospect employers leave a message. You can then listen to them, find the job description that you applied to and then call them back so you know what you are talking about and not sound lost. The scammers won't leave a message.

I just received one of those from my own number too, and it's not the first time. So I just added my own number to my block list. I don't know if it will work but I can't see why it wouldn't. And I can't think of anything it would mess up. It's definitely worth a try.

What happens when someone has used your cell phone to call others using a robocall. I have received a call back from someone receiving a call (not from me) telling me this happened. is there action I can take other than changing numbers?

If someone stole your cell phone and used it to make calls, contact your service provider.

If someone used your phone number to make scam calls, people might call you after they see your number come up on their caller ID.

There's no way to know how many calls a scammer will make using your number and how many return calls you'll get. If you continue to get calls and want to change your number, contact your service provider.

All the provider can do is change your network ID or phone number sadly. They can't see anything else I worked these type of calls for nearly 7 years on the cellular side for two different carriers...

I have received a few phone calls/voice mails from people I don't know upset that my phone number has called them (not me) when they are on the do not call list. I didn't call them. What should I do?

You can file a complaint with the FTC at under “Scams and Rip-offs” and then “Imposter Scams.”

A.T.T. Told me to call FTC and they couldn't help because caller number and my number were the same. They said FTC could look up number and handle the situation. Now the FTC is saying do not answer call? Is didn't need the FTC to tell me that!!! No help at all

I need to send my calls to another number.

3/4 of the calls I receive are either "cardholder services" or "microsoft repair". We need laws passed to require phone providers to institute a code that can be entered into a phone immediately after receiving one of these calls, which will cause it to store the call information into a database that is automatically passed to the law enforcement agencies. Additionally, the phone companies could automatically block these calls after enough are flagged, or pass them to a fake phone that would eat up as much time as possible, limiting how many other people they could bother.

I receive those same two calls and when I tell them not to call or ask fo a supervisor they tell me to go F myself, call me the B word then just call back. The one with Microsoft I ask about which computer has the problem and they say the one I'm on. However I don't have one lol. Go figure. I have called the police because they used a number that belonged to an older couple because I called it back. I felt bad for the couple, hoping they didn't give them info or money. And if they were using their number they can use mine. So I did file a report but nothing ever came of it as they could have called from anywhere in the world.

I've recently been a victim of something similar to this the only difference was that I called my college from my grandmother's phone number and it told me I was dialing from another number other then my grandma's. I wrote the phone number down and when I called it it was e colleges phone number. So be careful of that too because sometimes hackers will do this in order to gain access to pertinent info about you like account numbers and things. I think this is called tapping someone's phone, but unsure. Would KY police or FBI committ a crime like that for no reason?

I've tried so many things to stop the calls but nothing has worked. It's like a certain time of the month they just start rolling in. I've already received eight (8) calls the past 5 days, the last being from my own number. I'm going to start answering by repeating the message you get when a number has been disconnected to see if that will stop them; i.e. "Sorry, the number you have reached is no longer in service. If you feel you have received this message in error, please check the number and try your call again." This probably won't stop them either but I'm going to try it.

Because the scammers are keeping ahead of the authorities. It's a cat and mouse game.

But thank you, from an elderly person, for your concern. God bless you.

Received one of these calls. Did not answer. Put it in call block. Does not affect your sending or receiving calls. Simple fix until they use a different number, then will block it. Have stopped 99% of these scam calls. There are times I just love having fun with these A H...S Makes my day to tick them off... then block them. Forget any agency ever doing anything to stop them... Do Not Call List is a big joke.. do not waste your time.

You are seriously mistaken if you think ANY kind of officials can stop these threats. The only way to make sure they don't scam you is to educate yourself. They cannot be stopped. You must protect your assets.

The communication companies make money off these spam artist. And they don't care if the elderly gets ripped off, just as long as they get the bill payments. Technology has improved that they know who is calling without a 3 min. trace of olden days. Computers kick out a card of who is calling and they know the numbers by the main number on the billing.

It's illegal. The laws prevent criminals from calling. And if the laws don't stop the really tough criminals then all we need are really tough laws. We'll let the gun control idiots handle it because nothing stops a criminal like a REALLY stern paragraph.

A big part of this problem is due to the fact that Apple and Android market these fake call / text apps at NO cost!!! They are available for anyone at anytime. ANYONE can decide to hack, scam, threaten and harass at any time. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!! It makes no sense that two of the biggest players in the market promote scam apps like such.

Geez, I am so glad that we have the Federal Trade Commission out there providing us valuable information on how to get rid of annoying robocalls like this by not answering them. I feel so much better now knowing that we spend billions every year on the FTC doing such a great job for the consumer!

You'll find a list of FTC enforcement actions against entities that don't abide by the Do Not Call Registry on

the same thing happened to me again and frustrating and totally annoying....

How can they possibly call my cell phone from my cell phone? How can we get this to stop!!!

I got them so I blocked my own number and now I do they calls from my own number that someone is spoofing. Hope this will help

I agree.... Seniors and the special needs people are the most vulnerable...lets not forget our teens! This kind of crap has to stop!

The problem is that these scamming pathetic scums of the earth are usually doing this OUTSIDE the US where the laws are different, in countries where spoofing is legal or there's just nothing about or against it. So there's absolutely nothing that can be done about it except to be aware that it happens and not to fall for it.
It sucks, yeah. But what do you expect the US government or law enforcement to do to someone in say Pakistan or something?

Most scammers of every kind are making calls from a country where there is no extradition tray between that country and the US. Law enor cement knows or can find out who and where the calls are being made, but can't act!!!!


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